By GeorgeH

I have had a foot fetish since before puberty. I fantasized about footjobs before I really new what they were. Well, when I was 18 years old, I found out what it was.

I was spending the night at a friend's house. It was about 11:00 at night and everyone had gone to bed except my friend's 18 year old sister, Toni, and me. We were on the couch watching TV, both of us in our pajamas. I am pretty sure Toni was a virgin, and I was pretty much one, myself. It was cold that night so she was sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket. Her bare feet were on the floor, peeking out from under the blanket. She was curling her toes in such a sexy way that I couldn't keep from staring at them. I slid off the couch and laid on the floor right beside her sexy bare feet. I inched closer and closer to Toni's feet until my face was within inches of those beautiful toes. They were perfect feet, about size 7, tan, and a little on the narrow side. She had long, thin toes, with pink nail polish. I though they were the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. I would "accidentally" touch them, apologizing to her when I did. She would just giggle innocently, but made no effort to move them away. In fact, she moved them a little closer to me. Then I started massaging her feet very lightly. I expected her to move away, but she didn't. She must have been aware of what I was doing, as I began massaging them with a firmer touch. They were so soft and felt wonderful in my hands. She mentioned that her feet were getting cold and pulled them under the blanket. Sitting on the floor, next to her lovely feet, I pulled part of the blanket around me so that I could still massage them. As I rubbed her sensitive soles and gently squeezed her sensuous toes, the sexual excitement within me was overwhelming.

Toni was sitting on the couch with her legs and feet under the blanket, with me sitting on the floor at her feet, and also under the blanket. As my foot massage became more vigorous, I looked up at her face and noticed that she was no longer watching TV. She was leaning back on the couch with her eyes closed. Her deep breathing told me that she was really enjoying the massage. I massaged each of her toes individually, then pressed my thumbs firmly into her arches as I rubbed them. To my surprise and delight, I noticed a rhythmic movement under the blanket in the area of her lap. The moist squishing sounds let me know that she was masturbating. I couldn't believe it! This beautiful girl was getting herself off while I was massaging her feet. I bent down and began kissing her feet under the blanket. I went wild, licking her feet and sucking her toes. Sucking her toes was especially stimulating to her, because she made little moaning noises every time I did it. My cock was bursting from my pajamas. I slid my whole body under the blanket, pulled my burgeoning cock out of my pajamas, and rubbed it slowly over the soles of her feet. I started with one foot, but quickly got both involved, as I ran the head of my dick up and down her arches and between her toes. I was ecstatic! Though I had some experiences with other girls' feet, this was the first time that I had ever felt bare feet on my naked cock. It was a sensation that I will never forget, the cool softness of her arches, the titillation of her sexy toes over the sensitive head of my cock. I shoved my rigid shaft in and out between her two arches, using my hands to press them tightly around it. My pre-cum juices coated her arches, allowing my throbbing cock to glide easily between them. Her eyes were still closed and the motion under the blanket was becoming much more noticeable as she fondled herself more intensely. The moaning was getting louder and I was afraid someone would hear. As I lifted the blanket to see her feet, my eyes became fixed on one of the most erotic sights that I had ever seen. Her beautifully sexy feet were covered in my pre-cum juices. It was smeared over her arches, and little strands of it could be seen stretching between her toes. I bent down and sucked her toes, tasting my own pre-cum (a first for me). When I sat up and returned her feet to my swollen cock, I squeezed it between both feet and began sliding them up and down the shaft. Holding her feet tightly together around my cock, I pumped it in and out between her arches. Then, I let her toes grasp the head as I massaged her feet vigorously with my hands. Her toes flexed and curled sensually, letting me know that she was enjoying the sensations. As she started masturbating more vigorously, her moans turned into gasps that let me know that she was having an orgasm. I massaged her feet sensually, as the climax overtook her. The grasp of her toes tightened around my swollen cock head. Her masturbation became frenzied, and her toes tightened around my cock head as each wave of orgasmic ecstasy coursed through her young body.

After her orgasm had passed, she opened her eyes for the first time since this started. By this time, I had removed the blanket from her feet, exposing them and my engorged cock She gave me a strange smile, something between devilish and embarrassed, and looked down at my cock, still being caressed by her wonderful feet. With her toes covering the tip of my cock, I began stroking the shaft with my hand. She began squeezing the sensitive head with her toes, alternately curling and flexing them over the tip. Up until then, her feet had passively allowed me my pleasure, but now she had begun to actively stimulate my cock by massaging the head with her wiggling toes, as I continued stroking the shaft. The pleasure she was giving me was excruciating. Her expression indicated that she knew that she was exciting me with her feet, and enjoyed doing it. Feeling the churning in my loins, I knew that I was ready to explode. The first orgasmic wave hit me so hard that it caused my balls to ache, flooding me with ecstasy. I stroked the shaft wildly, as she grasped the pulsating head with her toes. I thought the feel of my cum would make her move her feet away, but to my surprise, she kept her toes firmly around the head of my spurting cock. The second wave hit with almost as much force as the first. This is when I first noticed a pale, thick, creamy substance, oozing between her flexing toes. I still have vivid memories of seeing my cum, bubbling up between her toes and slowly running over the tops of her feet. She watched it, wide-eyed with amazement, as she continued manipulating the head of my cock with her toes. The intense stimulation of her toes on my, now very sensitive cock head forced me to pull my cock away from her toes. I firmly held her feet together around the shaft and pumped it between her arches as the next waves came. My cock squirted cum all over her arches, ankles and the tops of her feet. I must have squirted five or six times. When I finally subsided, there was cum everywhere. It was all over her toes from the first two spurts. Thick strings of it bridged across her toes and there was a big puddle of it on top of her feet, where it had bubbled up between her toes from underneath. The arches were soaked with it and there were stands of it from her ankle half way up her lower leg.

Even though I was drained, I was still mentally charged with the whole idea of what had happened. Her cum-soaked toes and feet looked sooooo good; I bent down and began kissing her feet. The taste of my own juices excited me more as I sucked her cum-covered toes and licked her soaked arches. A different kind of moan came from her lips, one of pleasant surprise. I continued orally worshipping her feet until most of the cum was gone. She uttered the only words that were said during this whole encounter: "That was weird, but I liked it a lot." We looked at each other with a mixture of feelings, some embarrassment, a little fear, and a lot of satisfaction.

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