"Wrinkled Sole Tickle Torture"
By Fred

One of my recurring fantasies is to be teased for hours by the wrinkled soles of a very sexy woman who knows the power her soles have over me. I meet Cory on the beach and keep-stealing glances at her oiled soft wrinkled soles. I don't think she sees me but of course, she does and is mentally calculating how she will torture me on our first date. I pick her up that evening and she is wearing a classy sundress and elegant strappy sandals. Her legs and feet are tan and glistening with baby oil and her toes are freshly painted fuchsia. She smiles knowingly as my eyes wander and we head out.

After a gourmet lobster dinner with fruit and cheese for desert we go dancing. After a while we sit down, I hear the distinct sound of shoes hitting the floor and to my surprise her feet are propped up on the table giving me a perfect view of her soles! She apologizes for placing her feet on the table and asks if I mind. She is staring at me and at the same time flexing those sculpted soles for me. My cock jumps to attention and I try not to stare, attempting to play it cool. As I begin to answer- she lights up cigarette and asks, "You're not one of those foot guys are you?" Catching me off guard I blurt out "No" She smiles and says "Hmmm." and proceeds to tell me stories of how she has caught so many men looking at her feet that she has become an expert in foot fetishism, particularly on the subject of wrinkled soles! As I hang on every word I am mesmerized by her voice and her soles and finally say well I guess you do have nice soles. She says "I know but I guess they don't do any thing for you huh?" Abruptly she removes her feet from the table and asks me to take her home.

Giddy with evening's conversation on soles, foot aroma, and taste and why footmen are attracted to her soles, I accept Cory's invitation to come inside for nightcap. That's the last thing I remember before waking up and finding myself naked and tied to her four-poster bed!!

I call out and there she is a dress that looks like it's been poured on her and some classy black pumps. There is a chair next to the bed and on the nightstand are feathers, a toothbrush and chopsticks. My mind races- I look at Cory who now looks as if she has caught her prey and she slowly sits down and I notice for the first time that she has extremely long fingernails! Oh my god I think. "She wouldn't tickle me -how could she know about my tickle torture fantasy?"

Cory says that she thinks I am lying about my foot fetish- and that all I have to do is not get hard while staring at her wrinkled soles and sniffing the aroma and she'll untie me and suck me off. But If I do get hard, then I will endure tickle torture till my cock softens!! My god I'm in trouble I think and begin pleading to let me go. She smiles and as if in slow motion I see the instruments of torture come within inches of my nose. Flexing soles, shoe leather combined with sweat, - I try to fight off the urge but it's no use. My cock has grown to gargantuan proportions. All of a sudden he soles are gone- She smiles wickedly and wiggles her talons before- "I thought you were a foot guy!" she slowly rakes her nails over my body causing convulsive fits as I struggle to beg for mercy. Then the soles are back! This time with hot oil on them running over my face and body with wild abandon. Her hands each have a tickling device (feather and toothbrush as she tickles my feet and under arms. The tickling continues while one sole is placed an inch from my face and the other begins to masturbate me. I am going crazy and as I reach the edge of no return she stops and commands me to declare my love for wrinkled soles. As I do the wrinkled sole tickle torture continues and my cock turns into a bubbling cum shaft.

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