"Watching Her Feet"
By Jim

I wanted to share a story with my fellow readers. This is not a story, but 100% fact. Like most of you I have had a huge foot fetish ever since I can remember. Nothing is sexier to me than the pretty bare feet of an attractive woman. My fetish has one strange twist that I haven't heard too many people express interest in. The twist is that I want to watch my girlfriend get her feet worshiped by another man. I confessed that part of my foot fetish to several girlfriends in the past and met with very limited results. That is to say that they were not into it. I was grateful for what I had and didn't push it any further.

All that changed two weeks ago. I had been dating this girl for about three months. We started as roommates and it progressed into a sexual relationship. A relationship in which all my fantasies were expressed and accepted. She agreed to let another man have her feet. I got busy looking for interested people on the net and found a few. Each man I told her about, got rejected for one silly reason or another. I began to realize that she was just telling me what I wanted to hear and wasn't really serious.

Well things between us didn't work out and we decided to go back to being roommates. We started dating other people again.

Now for the part I know your all waiting to read! One weekend she was away with some guys she works with. On Sunday she came home with a big smile on her face and told me she had something to tell me. We sat down and she told me about him. He was coming on to her all night and she found him attractive. Who wouldn't! She is 5'6" 117 lbs. 34B, 25, 36. Shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her feet are size seven and they are amazing! That night she was wearing her jeans and Keds w/o socks. As they left the bar in a rented van he was in the front seat and she behind him in the back seat. She told me she put her right foot up on the center console and he grabbed her ankle and pulled her shoe off. "Pretty toes" he said. Then she told me he started sucking on her big toe and the one next to it. Right in front of everybody! I was in shock. My cock was hard as a rock and my mouth went completely dry. She said he held her foot there for the remaining trip and took turns massaging it and sucking her toes off and on.

"Do you think he has a foot fetish?" she said with a smirk. Silly question! Well, a week later I came home from work and she told me that he was coming over to take her to dinner. When he came to the door I met a man that was huge. He towered over her and was still in his work clothes. She and I had worked out an arrangement where I was going to watch the two of them without him knowing. Her bedroom door faces mine and the two doors are about four feet apart. I excused myself and when to my room and closed the door. I turned off my light and pulled a chair up to my door and sat down. From my position I could see thru the keyhole in my door. I watched him scoop her up in his arms and carry her to her bedroom. Her bed faces the door and I could see everything. My heart was racing and my palms were very sweaty. How was I really going to sit here and watch all this. I can't do it I thought to myself. It was like a drug, I couldn't tare myself away from the keyhole. That night she was wearing jeans again and slide on mules. They talked for what seemed like hours. They were both sitting on her bed. He sat upright with his back to her wall and she sat Indian style facing my door. Finally he reached over and pulled her feet into his lap. Slowly he slid her mules off her feet. Her beautiful soles were facing my door. I saw her laughing, she was enjoying the ability to please two men at once. He massaged her feet slowly and with great care. Her little feet looked so small compared to his hands. He was giving her what looked like a great massage. He paid a lot of attention to her toes and heels. I knew she was loving all of this. I watched as his thumbs rubbed up and down her soles. He held each foot tightly as he massaged it. His fingers pushed between each of her toes and pulled on them too. The massage lasted for about twenty minutes. I wish I had more of a story to tell, but that was basically it. I wanted to write one story that was based on 100% fact.

Of course I wish I could have told you that he smelled her feet and sucked on her toes as I watched, but he didn't. I think he was more interested in having sex with her. I watched for a second as they kissed each other and rolled around on the bed. I was spent. I had came so hard watching her get a foot massage that I thought I was going to pass out. That is how intense my orgasm was. She didn't have sex with him that night.

He is coming back over to the house tonight. She and I have already worked out positions for them to be in and where I'll be. I don't think anything will happen tonight because she is getting tired of him. I guess we'll see tonight. If anything happens that I think you would like to read, it'll be my next paragraph. In case nothing happens let me ask you this. Has anyone else ever had these fantasies of watching another guy with your girl's feet? I have been into the foot fetish "scene" for years and I have never come across any stories about this subject. If you are interested in this subject, please feel free to e-mail me at jim_4559@yahoo.com. Any central Florida guys who might be interested in meeting her can contact me as well.

Oh well, I'm sorry to report that she cancelled her date with him tonight. There is a possibility of her getting together with him this week sometime. If anybody is interested in what happens, let me know!

Thank you letting me share this with you. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Have a great day!

©2000 by Jim and may not be reposted without his written permission.

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