"Wading in Deep"
By Randi

"I'm going to get barefoot," said Becky as she kicked off her shoes.

"Mind if I join you?" asked Tanya.

"Of course not," laughed Becky. "Sit down and relax and I'll pour us a glass of wine."

Tanya sat on the sofa, unlaced her sneakers and peeled off her socks. Her feet were hot and tired.She was glad that her car was in the shop and that Becky had taken her to work. Her husband would be working late this evening and she was in no hurry to get home. The stopover at Becky's house was welcome. Becky brought the wine and sat down beside her. They propped their tired, bare feet on the coffee table as they sipped it.

"What I need is a good cold wade in a creek," sighed Tanya.

"There's one within walking distance if you're not too tired," said Becky.

They changed from their business attire into shorts and T-shirts and headed for the creek. The grass under their naked soles as refreshing, as was the thought of the cold running stream. It was a lovely shaded spot and the water was chrystal clear. They sat on the bank and slipped their feet into the water. It was heavenly. Then Becky inadvertantly brushed her toes across Tanya's petite foot. Tanya laughed and began to brush against Becky's feet. In no time, they were giggling and splashing each other.

"We're playing footsie underwater!" remarked Becky. "Isn't this kind of kinky?"

"Oh, we're just two barefoot girls dangling our toes in the water," replied Tanya. "It does feel kind of good though."

When they got back to the house, they sank back on the sofa. Becky looked at Tanya and asked, "Would you like me to rub your feet?"

"Oh, you don't have to do that," said Tanya.

"No, I want to," she replied. She sat on the floor and took Tanya's feet in her hands. "Just lie back and relax. I'm good at this."

Tanya closed her eyes and sighed as she felt Becky's fingers run between her toes and massage her instep, sole and ankles. Then she felt something wet. She looked up and giggled. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm nibbling your toes," said Becky.


"They just looked like they would good to nibble on. Want to try mine?"

"I can't believe wer're doing this!" said Tanya. She and Becky were lying opposite each other on Becky's bed with their toes in each other's mouths..

"It does feel good, though. And I know something that would feel better. Let's put our toes on our tits."

"Becky! Do you do this all the time?"

"I've never done it with a woman before, but playing with your feet while we were wading really got me turned on. "

"That's kind of les, isn't it?"

"This isn't sex. We're just playing with each other's tootsies...and tities."

They both sat up on the bed and took off their T-shirts. Neither was wearing a bra. Soon, they were teasing each other's nipples with their toes. and moaning with pleasure.

"You want to try it?" asked Becky.

"Try what?..... Oh, you can't be serious!"

"We've gone this far. Let's get barefoot all over."

They stripped off their shorts and their panties.They began gently touching their pussies with their their freshly-licked toes. In no time, both were in the heat of passion. "I don't believe this!" cried Tanya. "I'm coming!"

"So am I. I'm coming hard. Stick your toe in my pussy."

They couldn't go in deep, but the thought of even doing it made for an awesome, unreal orgasm. They screamed in pleasure, than fell back on the bed."

"You're right," said Tanya. "That wasn't sex. It was ecstasy."

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