By Raymond D.

My foot fetish was beginning to rule my life. Whenever I saw a sexy female foot I just couldnít help but admire it secretly. When I saw sexy women barefoot on the TV I couldnít change channel until their feet were out of sight; I would check-out any woman who passed me in the street wearing shoes which revealed her toes, or even just the top of her feet; I was totally obsessed with female feet.

The degree to which womenís feet turned me on could not be expressed in words alone. Since realising that I had a foot fetish my interest had grown beyond all expectations. I recall when I was eighteen and I had not yet had the opportunity to indulge in my fantasy, every sexy woman I came into contact with sent erotic thoughts of what I would like to do to her feet racing through my brain; I would have sold my soul for just a taste of those gorgeous feet and toes.

The following experience occurred when I was twenty and at university. Myself and a group of about five guys, and eight girls used to hang-out in the afternoons after our lectures, we would talk and flirt with one-another casually until the evening came, at which point we would usually find a bar or club to go to. There was one girl in particular who stood-out from the crowd, her name was Vicki and she was very sexy. Her legs were amongst the most shapely I had ever seen, and her breasts were firm and well sculpted. These however were not her most attractive features; her feet were by far the most arousing part of her body. Her feet would automatically catch my attention whenever she walked into the room, I would find myself stealing glimpses at them constantly, trying to imagine what it would be like to kiss those soft soles, and suck on those tender toes.

Myself and Vicki were quite close and discussed most of our likes and dislikes concerning the opposite sex, however, I had never told her about my foot fetish as I feared that she would find it too weird.

One day Vicki and I were sitting in the students coffee bar slowly sipping our drinks. We sat opposite each other on separate sofas and extensively discussed our plans for this evening. Vicki wore a pair of black leather shoes, they were open-heeled, and open-toes shoes. I loved it when she wore these as it gave me a good opportunity to admire those sexy feet. She playfully shook her foot from side to side as we talked, totally unaware that my attentions were firmly fixed on her beautiful foot as it swayed from side to side. I continued to glance at her foot whenever I though she wasnít looking, wondering how those delicate toes tasted and whether she would ever let me find out.

We sat talking for some time before she said, "Iím sorry to ask this but do you keep looking at my foot for any particular reason?". I was taken aback by her question; I didnít know what to say. I thought that I at least owed her the truth, whether she liked it or not.

"The thing isÖ" I began nervously. "I have this thing for womenís feet". "What sort of thing?" Vicki inquired carefully. "Well, I find womenís feet really attractive" I replied, not looking her in the eyes due to the discomfort that filled my body. "Really?" Vicki said in a somewhat surprised tone of voice, "Yes" I replied uncomfortably.

I think Vicki could sense my unease with the whole situation and tried to reassure me, "Itís OK" she said comfortingly, "thereís nothing wrong with that". I was surprised by her openness to talk about the subject. "You donít think itís weird?" I asked her, trying to ease my obvious embarrassment. "No.. not at all" Vicki replied rapidly, "thereís loads of guys who feel the same wayÖ in fact, I think itís kind of sexy". This statement startled me a little, and forced me to look up at her, she was smiling at me.

"SoÖ do you think Iíve got attractive feet?" she inquired. "I think youíve got the most beautiful feet Iíve ever seen" I replied with conviction. Vicki looked away momentarily showing her appreciation of my complement; there was a momentís silence before she said, "perhaps you could show me some time", "What?" I replied, slightly unsure what she had meant by this, "You know, show me what you like to do to womenís feet". I was absolutely astonished that she had even suggested this, and my wildest dreams of what I wanted to do to her feet surfaced in my mind as she sat there waiting for a reply. "umm, sure" I responded, "When do you want me to show you?". Vicki looked at her watch and pondered for a while before suggesting that now was as good as any other time, I naturally agreed with her, and after we had finished our drinks we beat a hasty retreat to my place.

I escorted Vicki up to my room, my heart was pounding as I imagined tasting her feet for the first time. I unlocked my room and led her in, closing the door behind us.

Vicki sat on the edge of my bed crossing one leg over the other and grinning playfully at me.

"So.. what do we do now?" she asked. "Well, I can show you if you like" I proposed, "OK" replied Vicki. With that I got down on my knees and slowly removed the shoe from her right foot; It slid-off revealing her beautifully tanned and shapely foot. My heart increased itís speed as I lowered my lips to kiss the top of her foot, and for the first time I experienced that amazing sensation of soft female skin pressing gently against me. I repeatedly kissed the top of her foot and around her ankle, savouring the lovely odour that her feet had.

"What else do you like to do?" inquired Vicki. I did not respond verbally, but traced my lips down towards her toes before placing her big toe in my mouth, and proceeding to caress it with my tongue. The taste was sensational, it was very mildly salty which excited me greatly as I directed my tongue along the underside of her toe.

Vicki giggled as I did this, I looked up at her to see her smiling at me, and she beckoned me to continue, which I did. I moved onto her second toe, once again teasing it with my tongue as I experienced itís unique flavour that drove me wild. My attentions were committed to each of her toes individually before raising my head to look at her.

"Ohh, that feels really good!" Vicki said, sounding almost surprised, "You like that do you?" I responded, "DefinitelyÖ go on, donít stop now, keep going" said Vicki.

I was a little more comfortable with the situation now, and this allowed me to be a bit more adventurous. I took her right foot between both my hands, raising it so that it was just below the level of my head; I slowly moved my lips towards it, kissing her sole as they reached it. My kisses increased in speed and passion as I became overwhelmed by the whole experience; eventually I began to run my tongue along the sole of her foot. Vicki made little hums and groans of appreciation as I did this. My tongue travelled across her silky arches and over the balls of her feet as I remained on the floor.

My fully engorged cock pushed hard against the inside of my pants as it strained to be released. The taste of her foot combined with the psychological excitement was very arousing.

I ran my tongue between her toes for the first time; this was heavenly. I loved doing this when I played with a womanís feet, it really turned me on, and they usually seemed to like it as well. The taste was sensational as I did this; the slightly salty taste was prominent as my tongue glided between her other toes, and removed any toejam that was there.

I completely bathed the bottom of her right foot using my tongue, and when this was done I proceeded to lick the top of her foot. The mile-wide grin on her face implied she was enjoying this greatly, as was I.

"My god!" exclaimed Vicki, "You really do have a foot fetish donít you?". I smiled at her and slid the shoe from her left foot as it rested on the floor. Vicki crossed her left leg over her right so as to enable me easier access. I took her left foot in my hands and examined it.

"Does that one need cleaning as well?" asked Vicki. Inevitably, the answer from me was yes. "Well thenÖ. I suppose you had better lick it then, hadnít you?". I couldnít disagree with her, and so I began to passionately lick the sole of her foot, sucking her toes, running my tongue between her toes, before finally licking the top of her now saturated foot. She smiled at me before standing up in-front of me, and slipping both of her shoes back-on. She offered me her hand to help me get-up from the floor.

As we left my room Vicki said, "We must do this again some time", I agreed with her and walked her back to her room where we departed for the rest of the afternoon.

We have done this sort of thing many times subsequent to this one, and every time is better than the last. This girl makes my wildest fantasies come true; what more could I wish for?

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