"The Idea"

The idea first came to me on a hot spring afternoon. It was a Sunday and I was standing in the checkout line at my local grocery store. An attractive woman waited in front of me. She was young, well tanned, and wore her brown hair at shoulder length.

What attracted me to the woman was her feet. She wore sports sandals; the black kind with lots of straps. Her feet were well tanned like her shapely legs. The woman's nails were carefully painted in a rich brownish red. Her toes were long, slender, and blemish free. She wore a toe ring on the middle toe of her right foot. How understated I thought.

I glanced through a magazine catching careful glimpses of her feet as we waited. Never staring long enough to become the target of attention. Once the woman looked back at me and smiled. It was then I realized something.

She knew! She knew that I, Mark Clayton, a 29 year old male with a raging foot fetish was staring at her feet. She knew! But she didn't care. She had taken 30 minutes that afternoon to soak and pamper those beautiful feet. She had trimmed her nails. Brushed them carefully with lacquer. And picked that toe ring out of a drawer full of similar rings. Just so I could have the pleasure of stealing quick glimpses of her magnificent feet over a well worn copy of People Magazine in a crowded grocery store on a Sunday afternoon.

And that little event sparked the idea. An absolute win-win situation for a 29 year old, reasonably attractive male with a passion for female feet. And a world full of beautiful sandal clad temptresses.

My first target was a young socialite. Maddy Gibbons was rich, well to do, and quite beautiful. Her husband, 20 years her senior, ran a group of auto dealerships in the area. I had seen Maddy once a local shopping mall. She was easily recognizable since her picture appears constantly in the social section of the paper. I knew little about Maddy's background except that her family was rich and she had married rich; a good combination.

I had many times dreamed of Maddy after that mall sighting. Maddy wore black slacks and a white blouse. Her body was long and shapely. But it was vision of Maddy's feet that was forever etched in my mind. Long and slender feet. Wrapped in delicate silver sandals. And metallic silver nail polish on cute, adorable toes.

Fortunately, my job as a manufacturer's rep gave me a comfortable income with quite flexible hours. This caper was going to involve an investment in both time and money.

I first had the local telephone company install a second line in my apartment. In short order, I engaged an answering service for that phone line and rented a post office box. I used an office store to print 100 invitations with matching envelopes. The girl who handled my print order seemed un-phased by the nature of the invitation. It read simply:

Free In-House Pedicure
$45 Value
By ToeRing Inc.
World's Leaders In Foot Care

The invitation to Maddy went in the mail on a Monday afternoon. My faith in the success of this little plan was not high. What well to do woman in her right mind would invite a total stranger into her house for any purpose; much less to give her a pedicure? Even so, I figured my investment of $135 so far was, in my opinion, worth the financial risk even if my odds to touch Maddy Gibson's feet were less than 1000:1

Thursday, I received the shock of my life. The answering service called to let me know I had received my first message. Maddy Gibson had called wondering if she could schedule her free appointment for the following Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 pm.

Not wanting to appear anxious, I returned Mrs. Gibson's call the following morning. I left word on her machine that ToeRing, Inc. would have a representative at her house at the appointed time.

Over the weekend, I visited several web sites striving to become a nail care expert. After all, I had never actually given a pedicure to anyone before. In a few hours, I learned enough to think I could handle the job passably.

On Sunday, I invested $170 on a variety of clippers, files, brushes, scissors, and other implements required to turn even the most grungy toes into things of beauty.. My collection of nail polishes included over 50 colors. I produced a color chart using my color inkjet printer. The whole collection of pedicure equipment fit nicely in an oversized traveling case. A second trip to the office supply store resulted in a business cards identifying me as a 'Nail Technician'.

ToeRing, Inc. was now in business!

Maddy Gibson lived in a gated community on a lake north of town. The house was a light stucco and impressive in size. I parked my modest Toyota Camry in the turn around drive and approached the massive front door with some measure of fear.

I half expected the door to be opened by a butler. But Maddy answered it herself. She was exquisitely dressed in white cotton slacks and a blouse. Her blonde hair was long and draped casually over her shoulder. I made certain not to stare at the woman's feet although I could tell she wore sandals.

"Is everything alright?" I asked seeing the look of bewilderment in Maddy's face.

"Of course." She smiled recovering quickly. "I was just surprised to see a man. I had expected a female."

I returned her smile. "Well, we have a mix of male and female technicians." I pulled a business card from my pocket and handed it to her. "If you would prefer, we could re-schedule and have a female technician visit." My poker playing skills were good but I hoped like hell she wouldn't accept the offer.

"Of course not." Maddy now appeared at ease. She opened the door and waved me in.

I followed Maddy into the depths of her mansion. Through the massive living room into a paneled library. Every room dripped of money. Finally we arrived at a small sitting room adjacent to the master bedroom. The room contained a single lounge chair looking out over a lagoon.

"Will this do?" Maddy asked settling into the chair and slipping the sandals from her beautiful feet.

"Absolutely," I said laying my case on the floor and settling in next to her feet.

Like a practiced alchemist, I assembled the tools of my new trade. First I placed a towel on the floor at Maddy's feet. I removed a large silver bowl from the case and filled it with a solution of soapy water I carried in a plastic bottle. My case contained a small foot rest which would be my work surface. Finally, I laid out my impressive assortment of metal clippers and files.

"That's quite an impressive collection." Maddy remarked with some degree of awe.

"Thanks." I said taking Maddy's right foot in my hand. As expected, her foot was beautiful. Tanned, well formed, and delicate. I used a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to removed the old polish from her nails. I repeated the process on her left foot.

I began the pedicure process by soaking Maddy's feet in the soapy water which would soften the cuticles. After a two minute soak, I trimmed her nails carefully and showed her my color chart . Maddy picked metallic green.

I used a toe spacer to separate Maddy's toes and applied two coats of the green polish. I was very proud that not a single drop touched skin. As I worked, I felt a huge erection develop in my pants. I was touching the feet of the most beautiful and rich women in the city. And she appeared to be enjoying herself. We talked about sports and finance. Kids (she had none) and cars (she drove a Lexus).

While the polish dried, I busied myself by returning my equipment to the case. I returned the spent soaking fluid to the plaster container, dried the bowl, and filed everything in its proper place.

"You seem very good at this." Maddy said as I removed the spacers from her toes.

"Practice makes perfect." I said looking up at her. "Do you give foot massages too?" Maddy asked with a serious face. I hesitated. "Of course." I said as if I rubbed women's feet every day. Maddy extended her right foot toward me. I felt my erection leap. I took her foot and began to massage it. Feeling the delicate warm flesh. Rubbing her sole and heel. Working my fingers between her toes. I looked up and was stunned to see the look on Maddy's face. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be breathing hard.

"Do you give more than foot massages?" She asked in a low voice. I was stunned but continued rubbing her foot.

"What about Mr. Gibson?" I asked.

"Mr. Gibson is in Las Vegas at a convention." She gave me a lecherous smile. Foot massages are so erotic. You wouldn't get a girl hot and leave her would you?"

"I didn't answer. She pulled her foot from my hand. My cock was close to erupting. She took me by the hand and led me to the bed room. "Don't worry." She said stripping off her slacks. You will get a nice tip."

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