"Suzanne pt. 3"
By Raymond D

Myself and Suzanne had been having our foot-sex encounters for quite some time, however, we had recently had several arguments over work related topics and this had ultimately led to a halt in our sexual activities. Working at the school with Suzanne had put unnecessary stain on our ‘agreement’, and had ultimately led to the situation that was in existence.

Of late, Suzanne had assumed a certain level of superiority over me, in the sense that she felt superior to me having made me kiss her feet so many times. I didn’t admit it, but not having sex with Suzanne was like a prison sentence, it was sheer hell, every time I saw her I just wanted to kiss those soft gorgeous soles of hers, and have her bring me to sweet satisfying climax. I’m sure if I’d ‘begged’ her she would have done this, but it was a matter of principles, and I couldn’t let her think that she could control me to that degree simply with sex.

Not having sex with Suzanne for several weeks had meant I had been looking elsewhere for my satisfaction. It is thus that I spotted a rather attractive Chemistry teacher who had the most gorgeous feet. Her name was Bridgett, she was about 5"8’, had short brown hair. She was about 36, and when on show she usually painted her toenails red. This woman was a committed feminist, much like Suzanne, frequently passing remarks about how superior women were compared to men. It’s not that I agreed with her comments, but I absolutely loved women who were assertive, and almost dominant; the sort of women who gave the impression that they knew what their feet were for, and weren’t afraid to use them.

Suzanne and Bridgett were quite friendly, and talked much as most women do. Although I didn’t know this for certain I suspect that at some point Suzanne had told Bridgett about her antics with me, and how she made me ‘beg’ for sex. If she hadn’t told her in the past, then she soon would, considering how our little agreement had seemed to come to an end.

I went into school on Monday morning much as usual; I hated Mondays because I had to teach Chemistry to class 10V who were not the brightest bunch of kids you could ever hope to meet.

I drove into the school, and parked the car opposite the bike sheds, I thought about how long it had been since I last had sex with Suzanne; three weeks to the day I said in my head. I wondered what having sex with Bridgett would be like; if she would ever be as good as Suzanne, and if she could ever use her feet to such good effect as Suzanne did. I decided that today was the day to move on from Suzanne, and find someone else, and that someone else (I thought to myself) would be Bridgett.

The lunch-bell arrived sooner than expected, I had obviously spent most of my morning lessons fantasising over Bridgett, and what I wanted to do to those pretty feet of hers. I made my way to the staff-room and to my delight saw Bridgett sitting down in the centrally placed chairs. I walked over to join her and she smiled invitingly as I sat down. "How have you been?" she asked politely, "Fine" I said; in all truth I was not; but that was nothing that a couple of hours with you couldn’t fix I thought to myself.

Myself and Bridgett exchanged small-talk for several minutes before she said, "I’ve just got to know this……. Is it true that Suzanne made you lick her feet for sex?". I was surprised by her bluntness; part of me said that I should lie here and deny this, I didn’t want to give Suzanne the satisfaction of other people knowing that she had me totally under her control, but at the same time I thought that I should admit this; it seemed to be a good way to bring-up the fascination I had for Bridgett’s feet. "That’s not exactly how it was" I said factually, "the truth is that I have a thing about women’s feet". "What sort of thing" Bridgett enquired, "Well… I really get turned-on by kissing or sucking women’s toes". There was a moment of silence; Bridgett sipped her coffee and looked at me once again, "That sounds interesting; maybe you could show me that sometime". I couldn’t believe my luck, this woman was all but inviting me to suck her toes and who knows what else. "Well, I’m free for the next lesson" I said, "If you’re not doing anything I could show you then", "that would be most interesting" said Bridgett.

As lunch-break neared its end, myself and Bridgett made our way down to the car park. "Your house or mine?" I enquired. "We’ll use my house.. it’s empty at the moment" replied Bridgett. With that we both climbed into my car, and following her directions I made my way to Bridgett’s house.

Upon arriving at her house we rapidly entered and Bridgett led me to her bedroom. It was a large room, and the bed looked to be a king-size. Bridgett made her way over to the bed and stood before it. "OK" she said, "lets get this foot-thing underway….. get on your knees!". This was almost too good to believe; this woman used the same dominant tone of voice that Suzanne used to, but with Bridgett it was even more exciting. I dropped to my knees, Bridgett smiled at me, she was already enjoying her dominance over me. "Now take my shoes off… I want you to kiss my feet". Slowly I removed Bridgett’s shoes; they were leather loafers and covered the greater part of her foot, as I slid the shoes off I was treated to my first sight of her feet in quite some time, they were beautiful, about size 7, and her toenails were painted a sexy shade of red. "Kiss them!" Bridgett reiterated in a firm tone of voice, I did not disobey her and lowered my lips to her feet and kissed the tops of them. Her feet were warm and soft, they were tanned slightly which made them even sexier.

"That’s what I like to see" stated Bridgett, "I like to see men worshipping my feet, it gives me total control of you… doesn’t it!". This wasn’t really a question in the sense that I obviously had only one answer, "Yes" I replied to her from my submissive position. This whole experience was getting me hard, and I could tell that Bridgett was loving every minute of this, she enjoyed watching as I relentlessly kissed her feet. Much like Suzanne, Bridgett obviously enjoyed the symbolic control she had over me, she enjoyed being able to ‘make’ me kiss her feet, and evidently wanted to see me humiliated before making me cum.

Bridgett sat on the edge of her bed, crossing her legs and looking at me still on my knees. "Hmmmm…. What shall I do with you now?" pondered Bridgett, "oh… I’ll tell you what I really want; I want to have you on your knees sucking my toes…. do it now!". The firmness of her tone excited me even more, she was clearly a very dominant, very persuasive woman who knew how to get what she wanted. It’s true to say that I love a woman who’ll be assertive with me, I enjoy having a woman telling me what to do and being helpless to resist her.

My pants bulged as I lowered my lips to Bridgett’s toes and placed them in my mouth, one at a time to begin with. The taste was divine, noticeably salty but very pleasant. Bridgett studied my position as I caressed her toes with my tongue, she occasionally made comments such as:- "Oh yes, that’s very good", and "come on baby.. keep begging, you know I’ll make it worth your while". I knew that when Bridgett did eventually make me cum that it would be fantastic; I’ve always appreciated slightly older women as they understand a man’s needs better, and they sure know how to make you cum hard.

Bridgett observed my bulging pants and was noticeably pleased with herself, she grinned as I continued to suck her toes, relishing every taste and odour as I did so.

"OK" she said abruptly; "I think it’s time for you to lick my feet… don’t you?". I totally agreed with her, and she instructed me to lay on the floor parallel to the bed, I did so and she rested her feet on my chest. Bridgett slowly raised her right foot and suspended it over my face, looking down on me as I lay at her feet she instructed me to lick her foot, I proceeded to do this, and Bridgett’s grin grew wider still. "Ohh yes that’s very good, that’s very good indeed" the words were said in an obviously sarcastic tone.

I licked the sole of Bridgett’s foot wildly, its taste was delightful too. She watched me intensely as I ran my tongue across her arches, followed by the balls of her foot. "Now lick in-between my toes" instructed Bridgett. I obliged, removing any toe-jam that resided there before returning to her arches.

Once Bridgett was content that I had cleaned her right foot, she offered me her left foot for similar attentions. I repeated my actions on this foot, the second time was more enjoyable than the first; the toe-jam tasted even better, and my cock throbbed as I continued my investigations.

Eventually Bridgett told me to stand-up and remove all of my clothes; I did this willingly, hoping that she would make me cum soon. I stood before her naked as she admired my solid cock, stroking it with her hand. "If I make you cum now, would you be willing to do this again sometime?" Bridgett asked. "Anything you want, I’ll do whatever you want me to" I replied. Bridgett looked pleased by my response, "That’s what I like to hear" Bridgett said, "A man who knows his place; a man who’s willing to beg me for sex".

If I wasn’t turned-on already Bridgett’s comment certainly did. The thought of having to beg Bridgett for sex was very erotic to me, she was fulfilling my absolute fantasy.

Bridgett demanded that I lay on the bed which I did, she then climbed over me, placing one leg either side of me, effectively pinning me to the bed. She slid her trousers down revealing her sexy black knickers, which she also slid down, showing me her cunt briefly before I penetrated her.

She slid up and down my cock with precision, her 36 years of age revealed all her years of experience at this. She began slowly, gradually quickening the pace of her movements as I was brought closer to climax. She continued, increasing her speed further still; sensing that I was soon to cum Bridgett began to rapidly caress my cock, "I want to make you cum real hard" Bridgett stated. This she did, and as I came the feeling was very intense.

I erupted inside her, but Bridgett continued her actions, showing no sign of relenting as I came. One spasm followed another, pushing more and more cum out from within me. Bridgett continued her movements until my did became too flaccid to continue, at which point she looked at my orgasm stricken body and said, "You came pretty hard there, didn’t you?". She wasn’t wrong, it was without a doubt the hardest orgasm I had ever experienced, "You have no idea" I replied, still breathless from the whole experience.

Bridgett assured me that was only a taster of what she could do, and the next time I would cum even harder. Indeed she wasn’t wrong, we met again the following week and she was even better.

We are due to have another ‘encounter’ at the end of the week, and I can’t wait.

©2000 by Ray D and may not be reposted without his written permission.

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