"Suzanne pt. 2"
By Raymond D.

Suzanne was the greatest foot-lover I had ever met, she was a very dominant woman, using her feet as a weapon to totally humiliate, control, and dominate every inch of my body. Suzanne knew that I loved tasting every part; every crevasse of her beautiful feet, and knew that there was nothing I loved to do more than bow down in front of her and worship her feet until I was totally at her mercy.

Suzanne loved to be able to ‘force’ me to do things, she loved being able to make me drop to my knees and worship her gorgeous feet whenever she chose to, she loved seeing me in a submissive position, and loved making me ‘suffer’.

Suzanne still remained happily married with her husband, and although she was totally satisfied with her sexual relationship with him, I think she still yearned for greater control. Luckily for me I was in the right place at the right time to provide Suzanne with the sort of control she wished to have over someone.

Myself and Suzanne stilled worked together at the school, and since we had started our little ‘escapades’, she had become increasingly short tempered with me, meaning that if I didn’t do something she had told me to, then I would be made to ‘suffer’ at our next ‘session’. I didn’t purposely forget to do things she had told me to, but secretly I loved her attitude of ‘If you disobey me, I shall make you beg’, I loved being dominated by her, and I loved the way she controlled me, constantly reminding me that if I disobeyed her, then I would have to grovel unreservedly at her feet, and if I did this well enough then she might consider bringing me off. Neither of us were sadists or masochists, her control over me was more symbolic than physical, still I loved to be her slave, and loved being made to obey every word she said while she sat there almighty, and in total control of me as I worshipped her feet.

I was very excited this week because Suzanne had told me that her husband was going away on a business trip, and the entire house would be empty for a whole week. This opportunity was far too good to miss, and we agreed to several meetings during this time. Our first meeting had been scheduled for the coming Monday, and I could hardly wait.

Monday came and I arrived at Suzanne’s house promptly, she wore a black trouser suit, she usually wore something that made her look very dominating and authoritative. Suzanne held my hand as she led me upstairs to her bedroom, and slammed the door behind us as she entered. She stood there looking at me. Suzanne was quite petite, about 5"3’, I on the other hand was around 5"11’, and so had a noticeable height advantage over her.

Suzanne began in her usual intimidating manner. "Take your clothes off now", I did as she said, quickly removing all my clothes and standing fully naked in-front of her. She examined me momentarily, paying particular attention to my slightly erect manhood that hung between my legs. "OK baby" she said seductively, with a slight hint of pre-attained dominance, "Get on your hands and knees, I want you where I can control you". Instantly I dropped to my hands and knees, and bowed my head down to admire her gorgeous feet. She was wearing a pair of black mules; they looked so sexy, encasing her beautiful feet as I knelt there before her, totally helpless and at her disposal.

"My feet ache from my hard day’s work" Suzanne exclaimed, "Take them off now". I did as she commanded, slowly removing each of her shoes; her feet were so attractive I just wanted to devour them straight away, but Suzanne had other ideas. "Now darling… beg !, I want to see you begging for mercy", this was my cue to begin kissing her feet, I lowered my head to Suzanne’s right foot and started to kiss the top of it. Suzanne never made any attempt to bring her foot closer to my face, I always had to bend right down to the floor. The feeling of my lips on the top of her soft warm foot was exhilarating, I could fell myself becoming harder and harder with every passing moment. "What about my other foot?" Suzanne enquired, "Aren’t you going to kiss that as well?". This was once again my cue to switch to her other foot, the feeling of her foot on my lips sent my heart racing as I continued to grovel at her feet.

Suzanne took several steps back and sat in a chair positioned in the middle of the room. She crossed her right leg over her left, and shook her foot from side to side as she gave me a devilish grin, and a look that suggested she was thinking what to do with me next. " Now sweetie" She said, "I want you to crawl over here and suck my toes". I did as she said, and slowly crawled over to her on my hands and knees. I stopped when I reached her right foot which was dangling below my face. "Suck my toes!" Suzanne commanded in a dominant tone of voice. I did as she said, and lowered my head to meet her suspended right foot. As I placed her big toe into my mouth I, for the first time today, tasted and smelt the lovely aroma that turned me on so much. Her toes tasted slightly salty, and her feet had a very delicate aroma, it was possible to just smell the exertions of her day’s work. As I continued to suck each of Suzanne’s toes individually, I felt my manhood, now fully erect, jumping a little as my heart beat faster and faster.

"Now turn around" she said, "and then lay on your back…. I want you in a position where I can humiliate you". I turned around, and as I did so Suzanne uncrossed her legs, and placed her feet on the floor about 12 inches apart from one another. I laid on my back and scooted along until my head was positioned between her feet. As I looked up at her I saw her smiling uncontrollably, she loved having me in this position, when I was here she could make do whatever she wanted.

My rock-hard cock pointed upwards, and Suzanne admired how she had caused me to be this aroused. She once again looked down at me and raised her right foot which she slowly placed over my face. Her toes rested on my chin, and her heel on my forehead, she then said, "Now taste my foot and tell me if it needs cleaning". I ran my tongue along the underside of her toes, and also in-between to give me a really good taste, it was that lovely salty flavour I loved so much. "Well?" Suzanne enquired, "Do they taste good, or do they need cleaning?", before I could answer she said, "Oh well, seeing as you’re down there you might as well clean them for me". I once again ran my tongue in-between her toes, savouring every delightful flavour that I encountered, as I continued to clean the toejam from her feet.

Suzanne slid her right foot across my face a little to make room for her other foot, she then placed her left foot on my face and just sat there for a while. "Now breath in deeply, I want you to smell my feet as they rest upon your face" I took this opportunity to appreciate the lovely smell of her left foot, still untouched by my worshipping tongue. After Suzanne was satisfied that I had been humiliated sufficiently she removed her right foot from my face, and moved her left foot so that it rested in the centre of my face. "Now, I think this one needs cleaning as well doesn’t it?" she asked in a mischievous voice, I did not reply verbally, but I started to lick her left foot; the way in was positioned allowed me easy access to the base of her toes, and also in-between her lovely toes. As I caressed her soft skin with my tongue, Suzanne stroked her right foot around my chin and neck; it was still wet for my earlier worshippings, and the feeling of her soft toes gliding effortlessly over my skin was very arousing.

After I had licked Suzanne’s left foot for several minutes, she got-up and walked around me; looking at my solid cock with excitement and an evil grin. Eventually she walked towards my head, and stood to the right of where my head rested on the floor. As I laid there looking up at her, totally helpless, and completely at her mercy she raised her right foot over my face and lowered it. She dangled it there momentarily before demanding that I lick it once again. I did as she said, and began to lick across her sexy arches, moving slowly towards her heels before rapidly retreating to the balls of her feet. She rotated her foot erotically whilst I did this, showing her approval of my submissive position by smiling, and seductively running her tongue around her lips.

I had come to learn that Suzanne enjoyed making me clean her feet with my tongue more than any other form of foot worship, that is not to say that she didn’t also love seeing me on my knees whilst I sucked her toes, but having her feet licked was what she really loved.

I repeatedly licked the whole of her right foot as she held it above my face, then it was the turn of her left foot, this she presented to me in a similar manner, as she demanded that I clean it, I willing obliged, enjoying the taste of her feet as she once again rotated her foot, allowing me access to all areas.

After I had finished this act, Suzanne returned to the chair and sat down again placing her feet either side of my head. Suzanne raised both her feet simultaneously and placed them on my face, rubbing them all over my face as I laid at her feet. They were still wet from my oral worshipping, and she knew this. Suzanne continued to rub her feet on my face, leaving it slightly wet, and with a gorgeous smell of her feet all over it. She continued this until her feet would slide no more, at which point she would demand that I lick them again; I willingly obliged. Suzanne repeated this act several times before returning her feet to the floor. "Kneel in-front of me" she said. I was in no position to argue with her so I did as she said.

Kneeling in-front of her with my fully erect cock pointing straight at her obviously excited Suzanne; she grinned at me, looking almost embarrassed to have me in this position. She reached into her pocket and retrieved a bottle of oil. Leaning forwards she liberally spread some of the oil in my throbbing cock, stroking the entire length of it as she did so. "I’m going to give you what you’ve been waiting for now" she exclaimed. "I want you to stay on your knees and remain perfectly still… if you move whilst I’m doing this, I will make you suffer!". I nodded at her showing my acceptance of what she had just said.

Suzanne placed her soles together and slid them over my engorged cock, teasing me, and watching how I struggled to remain still as she worked her magic on my cock. Her strokes were slowly and deliberate, she didn’t want me to cum too quickly as that would spoil the fun, instead she delivered tantalising stimulation to my manhood, knowing that it was insufficient to cause me to cum. "How are you doing?" Suzanne asked in her most seductive voice. I did not respond verbally to her, instead I exhaled a deep breath to show my pleasure at what she was doing. I was caught between agony and ecstasy; her soft gentle strokes played with my body causing me to shake occasionally although never bringing me close enough to orgasm. So close yet so far I thought to myself, wishing that Suzanne would take pity on me, and finish me off.

Eventually Suzanne tired of her little game and said "Are you ready to cum baby?", "Ohh yes" I replied, reaching for breath a little; "OK baby, lie on the floor with your dick below my feet". I did this quickly and slid my legs underneath the chair so that my cock was positioned below Suzanne’s feet. Suzanne remained seated, and slid her feet down the shaft of my cock, this time caressing me more rapidly; this time she DID want to make me cum, and she wanted me to cum REAL hard. Her stimulation did not take long to bring me to climax and I exploded at her feet. The first load of cum was sprayed over her feet with considerable force, and oozed between her toes and ran over the tops of her feet, as she continued to caress my spewing cock. My second spasm sent cum flowing once again over the tops of her feet, as she sat there watching how here efforts brought me to a state of ecstasy, but at the same time almost prevented me from moving. The feeling was so intense that it was almost painful, and as I laid at her feet as she continued to pummel my cock, I realised that I was truly at her mercy, and there was nothing I could do but lay there as she relentlessly stroked her feet the length of my cock, keeping me in this state of pleasure/pain for as long as she could.

Suzanne ceased her actions only once my dick had shrunk to a size that made it difficult to continue. At this point Suzanne slid out of the chair, and sat on my abdomen extending her feet so that they reached my head. I admired her cum soaked feet as she wiggled them and demanded I clean up the mess I had made. I did as she said, and licked and sucked all the cum from her feet. Suzanne loved watching me do this, I don’t think it was the physical act that she enjoyed so much, but more the thought of being able make me eat the liquid that moments ago brought me so much pleasure.

I’m going to see Suzanne in a week’s time. I hope this meeting will be as exciting as the last.

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