By Raymond D.

Probably the wildest time I have ever experienced at a women’s feet, came when I was 21 years old. This happened with a women whom I had worked with for the past two years, after starting my new job as a teacher of Science at a newly built school.

Suzanne was a petite 5"3’, with beautiful size 7 feet, and unpainted toenails; and had short shoulder length black hair, which she usually wore in a pony-tail. She was significantly older than me, by about 15 years; although her exact age had never been apparent to me. Many times since starting the job had I admired Suzanne’s feet, but obviously had never brought this up in any conversations that there had been. Suzanne tended to wear fairly concealing shoes, in the sense that it was usually quite difficult to get a good look at those beautiful slender feet. I used to sit opposite her in meetings, so that I would have the opportunity to steal subtle glimpses at her feet, as she sat discussing the terrible lesson she had just had.

I had always thought of Suzanne as quite a sexual person; sadly for me she was already married with children, so the idea of anything developing between us was somewhat hampered; however, there was a certain quality about her which fascinated me; it was difficult to describe, but there were many little things which contributed to it; the way she used to sit cross-legged flicking her foot from side to side, occasionally rolling her foot from the ankle as if she wanted to draw attention to it. I remember when I first joined the school, and I was sitting at the back of one of her lessons, as is normal for all new teachers wishing to see how the teaching was conducted; I was not really paying a great deal of attention when I noticed underneath her desk , she had removed one of her typically concealing shoes, and was stroking her naked, perfectly proportioned foot, against the side of the table, flicking it up and down, and from side to side occasionally, in a definitely authoritative manner. As I grew to know Suzanne better and more closely, I felt she conveyed the impression of being very feminist in her beliefs, and the thought of Suzanne dominating me with her body and her feet, was too exciting to even comprehend.

Nevertheless; the incident of which I speak occurred on a Wednesday afternoon, just before lunch-break. I had to meet Suzanne to report on the progress of my class; Suzanne being my superior was required to conduct these meetings every fortnight. I looked forwards to these encounters every two weeks, as it gave me 45 minutes in which to try and get as many peeks at Suzanne’s delicate little feet as I could. The meeting has already addressed the formalities, and was nearing the end, "There’s just one thing I’d like to know" said Suzanne in an inquisitive sort of tone, "Yes" I replied cautiously, "I’ve noticed this over the past couple of weeks, and was just wondering, is there was any particular reason why you keep looking at my feet ?", I was startled and embarrassed; I thought the attention I had paid towards her feet had gone unnoticed, or at least I hoped it had. " Uhhh, um" I said coyly; I could feel my cheeks burning through embarrassment as I tried to think of a reasonable excuse, but there were none to be found; "so why does it matter if you tell her ?" I asked myself; surely she’s got to take it as a complement if I say I think she has nice feet, same as any women would if you complemented her on her hair, or clothes; so I decided to take the plunge, and tell her. "Well; I sort-of have a thing for women’s feet" I said, still blushing from the embarrassment of her last question. At this point I think for some reason Suzanne felt a bit sorry for me, and said "It’s OK, there’s no need to be embarrassed about it; I think it’s kinda cute", her words were little comfort to me, although her reaction had not been as defensive as could have been expected. "Well look" she said in an attempt to break the silence that had developed, "We’ve still got quite a few things to sort-out concerning your class, and I’ve got to go home quickly to pick something-up, but why don’t you join me; it will save us time in the long run". I was intrigued; so I hurriedly agreed to come home with her.

Upon arriving at her house, Suzanne seemed rather urgent to get inside, however, I paid little attention to this. She told me to make myself comfortable in the living room while she put the kettle-on; "We’ve got lots to get through" she said in a strangely alluring sort of manner.

Five minutes later I was sitting at her rather large dining table with my notes concerning my rather disruptive class laid out in front of me. Suzanne handed me a cup of tea, and sat down on the opposite side of the table. Reading heavily from my notes I began to tell her of several students whom I thought were somewhat uncontrollable; I must have been reading for about three minutes before looking up at her. When I did look up, she was staring at me, in a rather enticing way; she made no response about what I had just said for several seconds, although it seemed like an eternity; eventually she said "So… women’s feet then ?"; "yes" I replied in an uneasy tone of voice. "What is it about women’s feet that you like so much then ?" she inquired, "Do you just like to look at them ?" she added quickly. My previous impression of Suzanne had been that she was not unfamiliar with foot worship, and so I reasoned she was purposely being humble because she enjoyed making me feel uneasy about the situation. "No" I proclaimed boldly, in an attempt to seem at ease with the discussion, although it was obvious that I was not, "I like to do all sorts of things to women’s feet", "Like what ?" Suzanne said seductively. At this point I decided I had played her little game for long enough, and so I said all the things that I loved to do to women’s feet; "I like to kiss, lick, and suck women’s toes, and feet…. OK", I said in a defensive sort of tone. Suzanne sat back and looked me straight in the eyes; I stared back at her, not wanting her to know that she had unsettled me a little; a moments silence passed, before she replied with, "That’s interesting… I’ve always been the sort of person who likes to be in control; you know… not one to bow down in the face of opposition", she said this in a curious way; a way in which I found it difficult to take any sort of meaning from the words. However, the meaning of these words became more apparent when I felt her foot running up, and down my shin; caressing it with elegance and care; I felt it trace lines up and down, from side to side, as she sat there grinning at me in a provocative way. She then brought her foot higher up this time, so that she was rubbing the flies of my pants; occasionally catching the head of my cock which was already getting pretty hard. This sent waves of excitement through my body, as I literally shook with anticipation and excitement. "You like that, don’t you ?" asked Suzanne; it was obvious that the question didn’t require an answer. "Come upstairs… if you think you can handle me"; not being one to reject an offer like this I rapidly replied "I think I can just about take you"; "We’ll see, won’t we ?" she replied in a dominant tone.

Suzanne escorted me up her stairs, holding my hand as we walked up there slowly; turning to me and looking at me in a tempting sort of way which just heightened my desires, and thoughts of what I wanted to do to her perfect little feet.

Entering Suzanne’s bedroom, I suddenly realised what was actually happening; how far was this going to go?, was this just some sort of cruel game she was playing with me ?, so many questioned were spinning around in my head, but in my excited state, I was not fit to answer any of then, or even care what was right and wrong.

Suzanne sat on the edge of her king-sized bed; the site of many scenes of orgasmic excitement between herself and her husband, I thought to myself. She was wearing black trousers, which were just longer than ankle length, these partially obscured my view of her feet. She wore a black sandal, with a leather strap that crossed over the middle of her foot, covering about one-third of her skin. As she sat there on the edge of the bed cross-legged, and shook her foot from side to side, in the same authoritative manner that she always did, and just looked at me.

I stood over the other side of the room; my eyes transfixed on her foot as it swayed from side to side. Eventually she said "Come over her"; I did as she instructed, still concentrating on the fascinating motion of her foot, moving left, then right continuously. "Get on your knees" she said in a definitely dominant tone of voice. I did not respond as I was still besotted with the movement of her foot; "Now !!" she exclaimed, seeming somewhat annoyed with me; this time I did as she commanded. "Now.. I want you to take my shoe of… just the one", I followed her instructions, and slowly removed the shoe from her right foot; this was by far the best view I had ever had of her feet; they were so perfect in every way, the scent from her foot caught my nose as I placed the shoe on the floor; it was delightful.

My cock was bulging prominently in my pants, but Suzanne paid little attention to that at the moment. "Now… I want to see you kissing my foot" I instantly did so; the feeling of my lips on her soft flesh was delightful, I began by kissing the top of her foot just below her ankle, and slowly worked down towards her toes, savouring every delicate odour, and taste of her heavenly foot. As I continued kissing she said, "that’s good; I like seeing you worship my feet, it gives me an element of control over you", I said nothing, but knew that she was enjoying her dominance as much as I was enjoying worshipping her foot.

After kissing her foot for several minutes she said, "OK; now I want to see you sucking my toes", I did as she said; she was being deliberately dominant, and making the whole process slow because she knew I was really turned-on, and desperate to devour her feet. I began by placing her big toe in my mouth; it felt so good as I caressed it with my tongue; taking time to savour the delicate salty taste; Suzanne muttered "Hmmmm.. that’s it; that’s really good"; I moved to her second toe; once again the taste was so good; and I was rock hard by this time; dying to get down to something a little more stimulating for my cock; but still she sat there and watched me orally worshipping her feet.

Suzanne pulled her foot from my mouth, and rotated it anti-clockwise in front of my face, "What shall I do with you now ?" she asked in a devious tone of voice. "I think it’s about time you took those clothes off.. don’t you ?", I got the feeling this was not a question, but more of an order. I stood-up, and rapidly removed my clothes; carefully removing my pants, so as not to bend my fully erect cock. As I stood fully naked in-front of Suzanne; my erect cock jumping with every beat of my heart; she smiled and said, "I see my feet have quite an effect on you", this was more a statement of the obvious, than an astute observation; nevertheless, I was already preparing myself for the delights that I hoped lay ahead. "OK" said Suzanne, "get back on your knees then; we don’t want that boner you’ve got there going down, do we?"; I sure as hell didn’t, so I did as she said.

Suzanne crossed her legs, with her left leg on top, "Now take my other shoe off", I moved my hands towards it, trying not to show her my obvious excitement of what was happening; but she pulled her foot away suddenly, and said "with your teeth… take it off with your teeth", I lowered my head towards the front of her shoe, just where her toes protruded from the front of the leather sandal she was wearing, and bit the only available piece of her shoe that would allow me to remove it. I could feel my top lip pressing on the underside of her toes, as my nose rested just above her tantalisingly beautiful digits. I pulled the shoe away from her foot slowly, taking time once again to appreciate the heavenly aroma of her bare foot next to my lips. I removed the shoe completely, and dropped it next to my right leg. Suzanne shook her foot from left to right several times, as she had done so often; obviously in an attempt to tease me (it was working) but I tried not to look too desperate. "OK now darling" she said, "You can carry-on begging now", this statement confirmed my belief about Suzanne’s dominant nature; she obviously saw what I was doing as begging (although I think she knew that it wasn’t in any sort of way a punishment, but I think she liked the idea of being able to control every movement I made with her feet). This didn’t really bother me, because the thought of being at Suzanne’s mercy, was not at all displeasing to me; in fact, it was very arousing. So I continued to ‘beg’ at her feet, kissing the top of her foot once again, occasionally licking it, so as to get a better taste. I started to move towards the outer-side of her foot; kissing around her ankle, and licking the side of her heel all the way along to her little toe. Suzanne evidently liked this phenomenon, as she uttered little hums, and groans of appreciation.

About ten minutes had passed when Suzanne said "OK, now I think we’ve established who’s in control, you can come up here on the bed", This was what I had been waiting for all day; with her words I leapt to my feet, and laid on my right side at the foot of her bed. Suzanne shuffled on towards the centre, and began to trace lines up and down my engorged cock with her right foot. She paid particular attention to my throbbing head; stroking the underside of it with her talented toes, still slightly wet form my oral worshipping. "You’ll probably think is silly" said Suzanne, trying purposely to sound coy, "But I think it’s really sexy when a guy begs at a women’s feet". There was that word again; ‘Begs’; this woman was a control freak, and it made me so horny. "I usually have to force my husband to do what you just did; you know, on your knees and stuff; but he’s never complained about it; so I must be doing something right". And there it was; Suzanne had been humouring me all along; she knew exactly what foot fetishes were about, and no doubt she had done this sort of thing thousands of times. I was trembling with excitement, and hoped I would get my reward if I did as she said.

Suzanne raised her left foot to my face; stroking it under my chin before pressing it against my lips, "Come on… suck my toes again". I held her foot between my two trembling hands whilst I placed her toes in my mouth once again, and rubbed their underside with my tongue. Suzanne gave me a devilish grin as she continued to tease my dick with her right foot. I turned her foot so that the sole faced me, and began to lick it; starting on the balls of her foot, and slowly working down over her arches, and finally to her heel. The skin was so soft; so delicate to the touch of my caressing tongue, as I resigned to the submissive role that she had planned for me since the start of our little session. I continued my worship of her foot by sliding my lips up towards the inside of her ankle, slowly kissing the top of her foot as I traversed it. She seemed to be quite sensitive in the region, so I concentrated my attentions here a little longer than usual. Suzanne slid her right foot away from my highly aroused dick, and towards my mouth to join the other one. She bent her right foot backwards so that the sole of this foot rested over my mouth. "OK darling" She said in a tone which epitomised her control over me, "lick in-between my toes….I want to see you doing that for me", I was breathing quite irregularly in my highly aroused state, desperately wanting her to start work on my cock again. "What’s the matter ?" she inquired, "Proving too much for you am I ?", she said in a satisfied tone of voice, "See…. I said you wouldn’t be able to handle me". This angered me a little, and not wanting to appear defeated, I took her foot in my left hand and started licking between her toes passionately. The whole experience was invigorating; her feet tasted so good it was unearthly, and the way she used them to dominate me was divine.

As I had been licking her foot, Suzanne had reached over to her bedside table and retrieved a bottle of something; I could not tell what it was as her foot obscured my view. However; this became obvious when I felt a slightly cool sensation running down my rock hard cock. Suzanne removed the foot I was licking from my mouth, and brought both feet together around my dick, placing their two soles together, and with one foot on the underside, and the other foot on the uppermost side of my dick, she started to slide her soft arches up and down my swollen love-stick in perfect harmony; simultaneously playing with my balls in her right hand. "Have you ever had a woman doing this to you before ?" she asked; "no" I said in a slightly timid kind of way (sure; I’d fantasised about these sorts of things hundreds of times, and also about her on many occasions, but never had I experienced this before). Suzanne smiled once again, and continued to play with my balls, and showing no sign of relenting on my cock. The whole experience combined with her stimulation of my cock was bringing me closer, and closer to climax. I could feel her manipulating my balls, in an attempt to withdraw all of the fluids that lay within. Her soft tender arches playfully caressed my sensitive head, as she sat grinning at me; knowing that any moment I was about to cum, and she would be in total control of my body.

Suzanne kept me waiting for what seemed like an eternity; taking me to the point of orgasm, only to back-off and make me lick her foot again. The taste of my pre-cum combined with the lightly scented lubricant drove me wild with desire. Eventually Suzanne decided it was time to finish me off, and so replaced her feet on my throbbing cock, and began to stroke its entire length; this simple act was all it took; the first wave of orgasmic contraction sent cum flying from the head of my cock, only to be caught by her still caressing feet; this sent my head shooting back onto the bed as I felt the next wave approach; this once again deposited a similar amount of semen on her feet, as it ran through her toes, her face showed her obvious delight at my orgasm-stricken body, still totally at her mercy. She continued to caress my dick, knowing that every movement she made on my dick was keeping me in a state somewhere between ecstasy and agony. She did not stop this until my dick had shrivelled down to nothing, and all that remained from our hot love session was my heavy breathing, coupled with her cum-laden feet.

She giggled under her breath and once again raised her right foot to my mouth; she didn’t need to ask this time; it was obvious what she wanted me to do. I held her foot with my right hand and began to suck her toes wildly. The taste of my love-juices on her erotic little feet was divine, (I had never tasted this before, but like it a lot). After cleaning the majority of my fluids from her toes, I proceeded to lick the remaining cum from her foot, starting slowly on the balls of her feet, and working down over her arches, across her heel, and finally around her ankle. I could feel myself beginning to get hard again, but knew that we neither had the time, nor did I have the energy, to go at that all again. Suzanne’s left foot required similar attention from my tongue, the taste was even better, as I probed in-between her toe in an attempt to retrieve every last bit of cum that lay between them.

"We’d better be getting back to school" said Suzanne, "Classes start soon". I reached onto the floor, picking up both of her shoes, and replaced them on her feet slowly; smiling at her as I did so to show her my approval of the events which had just passed. Hurriedly I got dressed and retrieved my papers from downstairs. Suzanne gave me a lift back to school, and the day resumed as normal.

Suzanne and I have made had several sessions subsequent to this one; but that’s a whole other story.

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