By GeorgeH

I am writing this story from the plane, returning from a business trip to Singapore, while the events are fresh in my mind. This was my first trip to Singapore. Though I was there only a few days, I did get a chance to experience some of the pleasure that it has to offer, including some of its erotic nightlife. In general, Asians are more tolerant of the "sex business" than Americans. There are clubs designed for men to meet "professional" ladies. Last night, I went to one of them near my hotel. All of the women were "professionals," and the guys were mostly Western businessmen, either there to get laid or out of curiosity. There was no pretense there. I checked out the stock of ladies, all of them from different parts of Asia, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

One particularly attractive lady caught my eye. She was about 5'4" 120 pounds. She was dressed completely in black, a black dress, with black high heeled pumps. She had a very sophisticated look about her that I found very stimulating. I asked her to sit at my table, which she did. I found out that she was 26 years old, from Thailand, and had graduated from UCLA in business administration. She came to Singapore looking for work in business, but found that she could do much better as a "lady of the evening." She was very attractive, with a model figure, long, luscious legs, and, from what I could see with her pumps on, gorgeous feet. They were very high and fairly skimpy, which exposed her pronounced arches and toe cleavage very nicely. She asked me what I was looking for that evening. I have learned that it is best to be frank in these situations, so I told her all about my attraction to feet. My preferences did not surprise or shock her at all. She said that she had many clients that had foot fetishes, and it had become one of her specialties. She quoted an hourly price, I agreed on two hours, and we left for my hotel.

When we arrived in my hotel room, she instructed me to undress completely, and told me that she was going to bathe me. As I removed my clothes, she ran a bath. I sat in the warm bath, while she bathed me completely (a first for me). After the bath, she dried me and requested that I lay in bed on my stomach. I complied. She removed all of her clothes and started giving me a massage.

She took some scented oil from her purse and began massaging my back. She rubbed very slowly and sensuously from my back to my butt, down both legs, and then massaged my feet. After massaging me for about 15 minutes, she sat on the bed and began rubbing her feet over my back. Her feet retraced the spots her hands had been, my back, butt and legs, a massaging them with her toes. Then, she sat at the foot of the bed, and began running her feet up and down the inside of my thighs. This was really turning me on, but when she put her toes between my butt checks and wiggled them, I almost jumped out of the bed with excitement.. One foot slipped under my crotch as she teased my balls with her toes, while the other probed between my butt cheeks, just tickling the orifice. Within seconds, this erotic stimulation caused my cock to become rock hard. She continued massaging my butt, and inner thighs with her feet and toes for several minutes, and, then, instructed me to turn over on my back. I did so with anticipation.

As I laid on my back, my rigid cock pointed straight up, throbbing with each beat of my pulse. Sitting on the side of the bed, she ran her feet over my chest, under my chin, and over my face. When her soles brushed over my lips, I licked them passionately with my tongue. She giggled a little, and left her feet over my lips for a while, letting my tongue savor her soles and toes. Being an inch from my nose, this was the first time I got a good look at her bare feet. I had picked a winner this night. She had perfectly formed feet, about size 7, medium width, with fairly high arches, and long, slender toes that looked like they could easily stroke me to ecstasy. I licked the soles of her feet affectionately, and sucked her lovely, long toes. She moved her feet down my chest, to my stomach and finally to my crotch. She began rubbing her feet over my rigid cock. First, she teased the tip with her toes, then she placed my engorged dick between her arches and stroked them up and down the full length of my cock. She added a few drops of her scented oil to make her feet slip easily over my throbbing manhood. Her feet were like hands on my cock. She gripped either side of my throbbing member with the toes of both feet, first stroking its full length, then focusing on the head, wiggling her toes rhythmically over it. She moved to the foot of the bed, and jerked my cock with her feet from that position. Then, she gripped my testicle with her toes and squeezed making them ache wonderfully, just short of being painful. She was definitely a pro at this, and I loved it immensely.

She instructed my to lay on my stomach, in the middle of the bed. She sat next to me on the bed, and started rubbing my butt with her feet again. Then, she put both feet under my crotch from the side, found my dick and began playing with it with her toes. Chills went through me when she put both feet under my hard cock, and wiggled her toes vigorously. The feel of her toes wiggling under my pulsating cock was uniquely stimulating. She moved one foot down a little, so her wiggling toes teased my balls. This was driving my wild. I rotated my hips, humping her feet madly. She moved one of them from my crotch to my face. I grabbed it immediately, and started kissing and sucking it like a mad man. The tops of her toes were wet with my pre-cum, mixed with the scented oil, which I discovered was, also flavored. The taste of the combination heightened my excited, as she continued stimulating my cock with the wiggling toes of the other foot.. She returned her foot from my mouth to join other one under my cock. With one foot on top of my cock and the other underneath it, she sandwiched her feet around my dick, so my shaft was between the top of one foot and the sole of the other. As her wiggling toes drove my crazy, I thrust my dick in and out between her bare feet. It was an incredible experience, unlike any I'd had before. The sensations were exquisite, and my body was reeling from pleasure.

I was seconds away from bursting all over her feet when she stopped and told to lay on my back again. Still sitting next to me on the bed, she began stroking my ready-to-erupt penis between her soles. She added some oil for lubrication, and began pumping my cock rhythmically. I could tell that this woman had the talent to get me off with her feet alone, which was rare for me. Usually, I had to help, by stroking my shaft with my hand while the lady finished me off with her feet, but she could do it all by herself. She spread her knees far apart so that her soles were flat against each other with my pulsating cock between them. She pumped her soles up and down the length of my shaft, titillating the tip with her toes. She knew when I was ready to explode, and she used her hands to press her feet tightly together around my cock. I felt the passion swell in my loins, as her feet pumped my cock with a slow steady rhythm.. With every stroke, the tip of my cock pushed in and out between her arches. I think I screamed, if not verbally, I did inside. Every muscle in my body contracted, as I spewed creamy love juice over her arches. She continued the slow, steady rhythm with her feet. Rather than causing a powerful blast, her slow, steady rhythm made my cock issue a long, even flow of cum over her arches, sustaining the surge longer. The first spasm seemed like it lasted forever. Then the next wave hit, almost as strong as the first. Her pumping feet milked out another steady stream of cum onto her soles. I loved watching it fill her arches and dribble over the tops of her feet. She kept pumping me with that same steady rhythm. She knew how to sustain my orgasm as long as possible. Her slow rhythm kept the third surge swelling in my groin for such a long time, holding me at the pinnacle of excitement. After what seemed like forever, the third surge came, not as much as the first two, but still depositing a substantial helping of hot, milky cum on her feet. She pumped my dripping cock with her feet until the last drop had be milked onto to her arches, leaving me panting with exhaustion. When she removed her feet from my spent cock, I laid on my stomach with my face over her soaked feet, admiring what I had done. Most of the cum had flowed between her arches and dripped over the tops of her feet, leaving them soaked, but some of it has crept up the inside of ankles. I kissed her toes, running my tongue over the tops of them and between them. Then, I licked over the cum-soaked tops of her feet, and her ankles. The taste of my juices, mixed with the sweet taste of the oil aroused me, as I licked and sucked the cum from her feet.

Within a few minutes, my cock had become erect again from the excitement of licking the cum from her feet. As I laid on my stomach, sucking one foot, she slid the other under me from the side, and began teasing my newly erect cock with her toes. I was reeling with excitement all over again. Soon, I felt the other foot join the first. Both were under my stiff cock, her toes wiggling madly. I humped her wiggling toes, thrusting my dick back and forth. She clamped my cock with her feet, as she had done earlier, with my thrusting member between the sole of one foot and on top of the other. I thrust my throbbing dick in and out between her lovely feet. The mixture of my pre-cum juices, and remnant of oil and cum from the last episode, made my cock slip easily between her feet. She shifted the position of her feet slight so my cock thrust between the top of the toes of one foot and the bottom of the toes of the other. I was literally fucking this woman's long, sexy toes. She added further stimulation my wiggling them on my dick as it forced in and out between them. I began cumming again. My thrusts became more forceful, as I felt her toes tighten around my spurting cock. I was delirious with pleasure as the first spasm forced another load of cum on this beautiful lady's toes. I pumped between them wildly as another two surges of love fluid coated her precious toes. After I finished I went down to have a look. The tops of the toes of one foot and the bottom of the toes of the other foot were covered with my milky cum. I was surprised that I had some much cum to give. She spread her toes, allowing me to see the cum that had seeped between her them. I loved looking at it. I sucked her toes one by one until the juice was cleaned from them. I laid there complete exhausted, with her laying with me for a few minutes before she took a shower, dressed, and left me alone in my room. She was expensive, but well worth it. This ranks as one of my best footjobs ever. Too bad I will probably never see again.

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