"Senior Year"

Yeah, my senior year was the greatest. I was popular, which was something I wasn't in my earlier years of school. But there is one thing that was never different about me. I LOVE feet. There's nothing like the look of a soft wrinkly sole to get me all hard. I have had plenty of foot rondezvous because all my real friends - anyone who I have mentioned my sex life to - knew I suck toes. One day in class, my girlfriends friend Gloria was asking me about my fetish. She told me she wishes she had one. I explained to her exactly how much I liked feet. "Wow, you can actually get off to feet? That's actually cool!" Boy did I have the greatest friends. I was exceptionally horny this week, it was just one of those weeks. To this day, these words still ring in my head-"So when will you seduce me and play with my feet?" My heart jumped when I read this in a letter me and her had going between each other in class. I looked at her and smiled the best I could, as I felt a tingling in my loins. From my pereferal vision, I could see her small nyloned foot slip out of her shoe as she grinned at me. My cock quickly filled my underwear. She flexed her toes for me, and after a couple seconds, she sat on her leg so that her sole was facing me (I was sitting right next to her). I remember my teacher babbling on just a few minutes ago (we were watching a movie) about the research paper he assigned.

Nows my chance i thought to myself. "Gloria, do you have to go to the library" I wrote. She said she did, and and hour later, right after school, I found myself looking for her in the library. She had just got there. I went and got a book as and sat down with my notecards sprawled in front of me. She sat down right in front of me, on the other side of the table. I was writing down something when I almost jumped at the feel of something on my chair. Something warm, right between my thighs. It did not take me half a second to realize what it was. I looked up at Gloria, who smiled, as I felt the warm object touch my thigh, its five little parts gripping my jeans. I looked down to see the object of my recent fantasies inching toward my dick, which was growing quickly. I felt my palms getting sweaty as my pencil slipped out of my hands. Her toes grabbed my "Mark Twain" (and inside joke between us relating to a movie about steamboats) and released it giving me quite a thrill. She pressed her foot into my cock and I shivered, I could feel just a tiny drop of precum seep out onto my thigh. I could not believe she was doing this, she is such a tease. She continued to stroke and press and rhythmitically grab my dick for about 10 minutes. I was close to cumming when I grabbed her foot. I looked at her uneasy, because I was starting to get hot. She smiled and said "Whats the matter Jo Jo? Is little Joey losing control?" I smiled back and gave a slight laugh. I was rubbing her tiny sole with my thumb as I decided that I could not do my work with her playing with me. "I think I like this foot fetish thing. I have known a couple of people with one, but they were all too shy to do something about it. Now I know why LaRisha (my girlfriend) likes you. Would you like to come to my house... or should I say come at my house?" She laughed as she finished the last sentence.

My dick stayed hard the whole way back to her house. When I came in, she led me to the couch and beconed me to come to her. Her shoes fell right off and my cock pretty much busted through my pants. As I stood in front of her, her feet found my dick and begand rubbing it. I pushed them away long enough to grab the armchair that was close by. I pushed it a couple of feet so I could sit down as she worked me. "I've never done this before" she said. "Just keep going, its beautiful" I said. Her nylons felt wonderful against my dick, but I was dying to see her naked soles. I grabbed her foot and ripped the nylon open and she giggled. I bought the foot up to my face, I could see her smile, and sucked her toes with a passion. "Oooo, thats nice" she exclaimed. I sat her foot back down to my cock and I could feel her naked toes grab me and stroke me. I was loving it. She was rubbing up and down with the front part of her sole, pressing it in to squeeze the precum out. I could feel my body begin to feel different, I was gonna cum. "I have been dying to do this my whole life" I said, I never got the chance to do this... "Turn around and bend over, exposing your soles" I said. She kneeled on the couch, her nyloned and bare soles looking at me. I rubbed my cock on the naked sole and then began to pull at my dick like there was no tomorrow. She knew I was going to cum, and was anxious to watch, as she had never seen anyone so excited about feet. I felt the cum well up inside me and I exhaled deeply as the first shot flew out. The second shot was twice as powerful, as it flew over her entire foot and onto her calf and ankle. The other shots landed nicely aimed right on her two soles. I loved the look of my cum rolling down the wrinkles of her lovely soles.

After we cleaned up, I hugged her and thanked her for being such a good friend. We said bye to each other, and she asked if I would tell my girlfriend. "Of course, she likes hearing these stories!" and I left to go tell her about my day's fortunate events....

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