"The Ride"
By Anonymous

While I lived in Austin I was traveling home one night after working out. As I drove through the University district, I spotted the most gorgeous little blonde about 19 years old walking. She was wearing a blouse, short skirt, and sandals and I noticed her toenails were painted a bright red as I drove by. I judged the distance and made a quick left to come up on the next block so I could get a better look as she crossed the street. Little did I know how good a look I was going to get!

I pulled up to the stop sign and waited. Sure enough, within about 10 seconds, here she came. I looked down and lit a cigarette to stall and then looked out my window as she crossed the street. I exhaled and smile at her saying hello and looked down at her gorgeous toes. They were about a size 8, medium width, with long toes.and painted a beautiful bright red.

The young lady smiled back and then came right up to the window and asked for a ride to a nearby bar. I told her sure get in. It was really in the opposite direction of where I needed to go, but I didn't care. I was focused on seeing her feet close up.

She got in and we introduced ourselves. Her name was Laura. She was on her way to meet up with some friends and have a few drinks. She thanked me profusely for the ride telling me that she was on foot for the next few days due to a bad alternator. I asked her if she regularly got rides from strangers and she laughed saying no.she just thought I was cute and looked "safe".

As we began to drive off, I took a long look at her feet and toes.Perfect, absolutely perfect. I felt a familiar stirring in my shorts as my cock grew bigger and bigger with each second. I drove fairly slow and took a longer route than I really needed to. We continued to small talk and I continued to steal glances at her toes. She finally asked me if I liked her feet since I kept staring at them and I told her yes, I though they were absolutely perfect. She smiled and then asked if they turned me on.

Well, let me tell you, every once in a while I get REAL brave. I think I am just hooked on adrenaline but this was a case of I am turned on and I don't care. Austin is a fairly big town and I didn't expect to see this girl again. So, to make a long story short, when she asked me again, I smiled and said yes while putting my hand on my now raging hard-on which was visible through my shorts. She looked down and licked her lips.

She turned side ways in the car and took off her sandals then wiggled her toes on the seat as I looked and said, "Do they really turn you on or are you just saying that?" I didn't say a word, I just slid the leg of my shorts up and showed her my raging hard-on. Her eyes got REAL big and I said, "Are you convinced now?" Her eyes stayed riveted on my 8 " hard-on which I began to slowly stroke. She told me to pull over. I was a little apprehensive, thinking I had just fucked this deal up, and I found a place to pull over. Once I was stopped, she didn't say a word, she just leaned over and began giving me the most wonderful blowjob. After a few minutes, she raised up and asked me what I liked to do with feet. I told her I could show her if she liked and she said yes as she continued to stroke my cock.

I asked her to put her feet in my lap and she did. She started to rub my shaft and balls with her feet and said, "Now what do I do?" I told her that was a good start and she said she had never done anything like this before. I asked her if I could suck her toes and she raised her left foot up to my mouth. As I began to enjoy the taste, sight and smell of her lovely young feet and toes, she continued to rub my cock with her right foot. She also began to rub her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties. I went to suck the toes on her right foot and once they were drenched, I put both feet back on my cock. She started to work my cock over with her toes like a pro. All the while asking me if she was doing it right and she wasn't sure. I told she was doing fine and just to keep going. Her eyes never strayed from the first footjob she was giving and she continued to rub herself which by now was directly on her clit since she had pulled her panties aside.

I felt myself getting close to cumming and asked her if I could cum on her toes. She said yes she wanted to watch it and feel it. I asked her to put my cock between her toes on her right foot and stroke away. She moved her foot back to my mouth and asked me to suck on the toes again first. I did for about a minute and she then placed my cock between her toes. Within about two minutes I was past the point of stopping and I told her I was going to cum. She moaned and kept the stroking going as I began to shoot. The first two squirts hit her on the thigh and side of her face. The next five dribbled through her toes and drenched her pretty red polish. Her toes got a little lube from all the cum on them and she kept going. I felt another orgasm coming on and she just kept going and I started to shoot again. More cum shot out and she put my cock between both feet and slowed down her strokes.

I thought I was finished and then she gave me the ultimate compliment. She spread her feet apart and leaned forward, taking my cock into her mouth and cleaning it completely. She then leaned back and licked her feet and toes clean too. Just the sight of that started to get me hard all over again but I was short on time and I didn't think I could cum anymore that night. She smiled and gave me her phone number and asked if she could see me again soon. I told her sure and we made a date for the weekend. I got her to the bar quickly and thanked her for a wonderful time. She smiled and said, "The pleasure was all mine. My roommate has always told me that footmen are the best lovers and you are the first one I have ever met. I definitely want to experience more! Don't forget to call me."

I had several more dates with Laura.but that's another tale for another day!

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