"The Plumber"
By Calvin T. Phoenix

As a plumber, I get to see a lot of interesting things. Toys stuck in toilets, items dropped down the sink, botched do-it-yourself jobs, and a whole host of things you'd never think of. Probably the most interesting thing happened one day when I got a call on my cell phone. It was the dispatcher.

"Cal, what're you working on?"

"All-you-can-eat KFC. What's up, Betty?" I asked.

"I have an interesting job for you. Some lady has her toe stuck in her bathtub faucet." She gave me the address. "Go in through the garage, since she can't open the door for you." She gave me the code for the keypad.

"And Cal; don't do anything I wouldn't do!" she added with a laugh.

"Well, don't expect me back soon!" I answered. Betty had a reputation in the office for her wild behavior.

How interesting, I thought. Lady stuck in the tub. One of those "wet dreams" that all us plumbers have. With my luck, however, it was probably some old lady. You never know, however. This could be my lucky day!

I kept this thought in the back of my mind as I neared the address. The code worked as promised, and I entered a well-furnished house.

"Hello" I called out. "I'm the plumber'"

"I'm in the bathroom. Can you find me?"

"I'll follow your voice." I said.

I worked my way around the halls and walked into a beautiful white-tiled bathroom. There was a double sink with golden faucets that was backed by a large, steam-covered mirror. There was, on one side of the room, a large whirlpool tub three-quarters filled with water. You could tell that there were bubbles in at one time, long since popped.

The most striking thing in the room was the occupant of the tub- a somewhat large, but very beautiful woman. She had dark hair, flattened by the wetness. Her eyes were a remarkable shade of blue. The majority of her voluptious body remained hidden under the surface of the cloudy bathtub water.

She pointed to the opposite corner of the tub, where a matching golden faucet stuck out from the wall. Sticking out of the end of the faucet was her big toe, leaving her entire foot exposed to the ankle.

"I'm stuck here. Can you help me?" she asked.

"Let's see what I can do." I said.

As I neared the tub, I could make out the dark triangle of her pubic hair, a stark contrast to her white skin. Her arms covered her nipples, much closer to the water surface. What I could see caused a stir in my pants. I tried not to be too obvious in checking out her body, but her slight smile told me it was alright. I could tell she was giving me the once-over as well.

I leaned over the tub to check the faucet, but my reach fell about 1 foot short of the faucet.

"Um, I'm having trouble reaching. Pardon me if I fall in." I said.

"Why don't you just take your clothes off? That way, if you fall in, they won't get wet?" she suggested.

Not being one that needs to be asked twice, I quickly stripped to my underwear. When I caught her looking down at the growing bulge in front of my underwear, I must have blushed.

"Don't be embarrased" she told me. "I'm flattered! Why don't you take all your clothes off? After all, I am not wearing anything!"

So, I stripped off my underwear. By this time, my dick had reached most of it's 9 inches in length. I climbed into the tub with her, boner and all, careful not to step on her. When I reached over and began to work her toe from the faucet, her left leg brushed up against my dick. I turned slightly red as she grinned. Returning my attention to her toe, I realized it was jammed in there tight!

"We are going to need some lubricant to get you out." I looked into my toolbox, but realized I left it in the truck. "Damn!" I said.

"What's wrong?"

"We have some lubricant we use to unstick things that get stuck, and I've left it in the truck. I don't really want to go out and get it like this" I said, refering to my boner.

"Well, I know of a lubricant in here that we could use." she said.

"Most people think soap will work, but it just isn't slick enough" I said.

"I wasn't thinking about that" she said. "Cum on my foot, and use your joy-juice to free me from my prison!"

"What?" I asked.

"I know you want to! I have seen how you look at my foot. Jack that cock off on my toes!"

Again, not needing any encouragement, I got up on my knees so the tip of my cock was rubbing that beautiful foot of hers. It was a dream come true! I have always had a thing for feet, and now, here I would get the chance to shoot my load all over her foot!

"Jack that cock on me!" she said, as I began to masturbate. "I need to feel your hot jism shooting on my foot! Faster, faster! I need you!" she encouraged.

By this time I didn't need much encouragement. Very shortly I shot a wad all over her foot, and nearly bent double with the spasms of love. When the waves of pleasure subsided, I opened my eyes and saw her foot, covered with sticky cum.

"Rub it over my toe before it drips off, lover!" she told me.

I began to massage her foot, rubbing the cum toward the trapped big toe. I worked the cum up to the faucet, and slowly, her big toe started to come loose, and finally pop free.

"My hero!" she said, looking lovingly into my eyes.

"Aw shucks. It was nothing!"

"How can I repay you?" she asked me.

"Well, just lie back, and I'll show you!"

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