"The Perks of the Job"
By rhombus

so there i was, just two years out of college and eight months into my first job as an adjunct english teacher in a local junior high school. it was mid-april, and spring fever was alive and well on the premises, certainly a welcome change of pace from the blistering winter that had just recently blown over. adjusting to my new job and surroundings was somewhat challenging initially, but the burden was eased considerably by the presence of one very special teaching adjunct i had met that past september.

her name was tara, and she was a 23 year old art major who had just transferred over from sacramento that same year. she was the kind of woman that every male student at some point dreams about as having for their teacher, if not for more than that. she stood at about 5'4", had long straight bleach-blond hair with darkened roots, tanned skin, and a figure that the other female instructors in the building would have paid handsomely to attain. being the avid foot-fetishist that i am, i can vividly recall peeking down to inspect her tootsies when i'd first been introduced to her. her feet were size six, a pefect compliment to her shapely thighs and calves. i noticed that she would frequently wear open-toe flat sandals in the nicer weather which showed off her ever-so-sexy toes beautifully, which were always polished and matching the polish on her fingernails at all times.

over the course of those first eight months that i'd been there, tara and i had developed a casual friendship between teaching classes, and exchanged many a passing flirtation all in good fun. on this one april wednesday in particular, the passing flirtation did not pass me by. the clock rounded 12:05pm and i ventured down toward the second floor teacher's cafeteria after dismissing the english class i'd just taught the preceeding period. it was customary for me to meet lisa for lunch every wednesday at this time, and we'd often head over to the bagel store and then bring lunch back with us. tara showed up by the doorway of the teacher's cafeteria just moments after i arrived there myself, and we headed off to pick up lunch together while sharing stories about our day thus far.

once we purchased lunch, we arrived back at the school grounds and walked up to the art classroom on the third floor where we'd always eat together, seeing as how no classes were being taught there during that period. it was a fine place to enjoy lunch without the monotony and politics which enveloped the teacher's cafeteria on a regular basis. while we ate, we continued chatting about work and injected light-hearted sexual innuendos here and there throughout the conversation. tara sat there wearing a white pleated skirt that came down to just below the kneecap, a short-sleeved button-down cranberry blouse, and a pair of white leather open-toe sandals with flat soles. throughout the course of our chat, i'd periodically glance down and admire the soft pastel pink nailpolish on her toes, and the way the slim gold figaro chain on her left ankle made her tanned feet look so incredibly sexy.

at some point during our discussion, we'd gotten onto the issue of school dress codes in some educational institutions. i remember boldly joking to her, "you know, they really shouldn't let you teach in here dressing like that." she replied laughing, "why, what's wrong with how i'm dressed?" i responded, "just look at you, walking around showing off those sexy toes of yours, you're liable to distract a few people!" "why, are my feet turning you on right now?" she asked seductively as control of the conversation shifted in her favor. i smiled and said, "you're damn right you are!" mockingly, she grinned and retorted, "awww, why don't you come over here and kiss them for me then?"

whether she had seriously expected me to take her up on it or not, i didn't need to be asked twice. still smiling at her, i put my bagel down and walked around the desk, kneeling in front of her and instinctively taking her right foot into my hands and sliding her sandal off. she wiggled her toes around and continued speaking to me all the while, joking about how she'd love to rent me out for home use. i took her beautiful foot in my hands and began firmly pressing my thumbs up against her sole in small, concentric circles. she commented on how she enjoyed the way it felt, so while continuing that motion, i bowed my head down and simultaneously kissed the top of her bare foot several times, moving from the ankle down toward the toes, covering her sweet size six foot with small kisses while i massaged it. aware that i was being given a green light, i allowed my tongue to slide over the tops of her sexy toes, licking all along her tantalizing tanned skin and her pastel pink toenails.

once facing the realization that she was thoroughly enjoying herself and not about to stop me, i went all out and rested her bare foot down against the crotch of my pants. i immediately took her left foot in my hands and slid her other sandal off, placing it on the floor by the other. as i sucked thoroughly on those heavenly toes of hers, i could feel my stiffening erection pressing firmly against the soft sole of her right foot through my pants. she could feel it also, and remarked with intrigue in her voice, "ooh wow, you're enjoying yourself there!" i pulled her big toe from my mouth and said laughing, "you have no idea!" "well i have *some* idea," she said humorously.

she hadn't removed her foot from my crotch by this point, so i knew she was really being good-natured about it and was having fun with it all. holding her left foot in my hands, i slid her big toe back into my mouth and sucked on it passionately, while undoing the zipper on my pants with one hand. i didn't take them off, just opened them such that she'd have plenty of access to everything. and then i went for the gold, stretching the waistband of my boxers out and enabling her sexy bare foot to wiggle down inside. her sensual sole pressed up against my hard cock right away, and i could hear her giggling a little with excitement as she ran her toes over the length of it, all the way down and then back up again. she repeated this motion over and over, while i licked and sucked each toe on her left foot with increasing pressure. my tongue darted in between each of her toes as her other foot fondled my solid penis inside my boxers.

this carried on for several minutes which went by in what seemed like the blink of an eye. i realized that i wouldn't be able to stretch this out nearly as long as i'd wanted to, as we both had classes to teach very soon. so once we were both good and worked up, it was climax time. i placed the big toe of her left foot in my mouth and sucked hard on it while lowering my hand down to my cock. i held the ankle of her right foot firmly in my other hand and began jerking myself off furiously inside my boxers, just inches away from her erotic little foot. i circled my tongue around over and under her big toe as she moaned softly. and then without further restraint, i allowed the cum to well up in my testicles. positioning my firm penis directly above her toes, i stroked until the thick cum came violently, spurting out and spraying all over the top of tara's foot, which was still writhing about in my boxers all the while. by the time it was over, her entire foot was soaked, arches, toes and all.

we'd gotten together a few times since that experience, but ultimately we ended up moving on to other places and other things. the last time i saw her, she was working behind the perfume counter at macy's. needless to say, i let her spray some cologne on me to even the score. :- the end.

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