"Patsy's Gift"
By Raymond D.

"Ohhhhh yes!!!" I moaned out-loud as Patsy delivered me a fantastic orgasm. She slid up and down my rigid pole, maintaining her movements for quite some time after I had begun to cum. She kissed me on the lips; my hands wrapped around behind her as I traced them up her smooth back.

"You like that baby?" Patsy enquired cheekily as my orgasm subsided; "oh my god!!" I pronounced slowly, placing emphasis of each word. Patsy smiled at me, seemingly pleased that she had brought me so much pleasure. I admired her naked, perfectly formed body as we laid there kissing and cuddling; her firm rounded breasts pressed firmly against my chest as she ran her arms over my shoulders and neck. Patsy’s luscious lips laced the side of my face with kisses as she ran her hands up the side of my body.

"I’ve got to go now darling" she said to me in an almost apologetic way, "but don’t worry… I’ll be back later to give you more….. you’ll be waiting, won’t you?". As if I was going to say no; "of course I will" I replied sincerely, "OK then…. I’ll see you later" said Patsy with intention before rolling out of bed and getting dressed. Even fully clothed she was amazingly beautiful; her long blond hair teased the top of her back, while her divine legs tapered perfectly into her hips and delicate waist.

I laid there alone in the bed for a while, contemplating how it would feel to have sex with her later today. Unlike most women, there seemed to be no limit on the number of time she could make me cum in any one day; the level of arousal I felt when I was with her was unfamiliar to me, and every orgasm she bestowed upon me was better than the last.

I though about Patsy for the rest of the day while she was at the photo-shoot. I wondered what she was modelling today; whatever it was there was a guarantee that it would look fabulous on her. As the time passed I became frustrated; I wanted her right this minute but there was still a few hours to go. The time she was gone seemed like an eternity; it could only have been a couple of hours, still it was absolute torment. I continually fantasised about what I would do to her she got back; I wanted to strip-off those sexy shoes and kiss those gorgeous feet of hers. She seemed to enjoy what I did to her feet, especially before we made-love; it warmed me up for what would eventually culminate into another one of her sensational orgasms.

By the time Patsy arrived home I was rock hard and ready to get it on. Patsy was impressed with my eagerness to make-love, and I swept her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. I put her down in one of the chairs that resided in the corner of the room; she crossed her legs. She was wearing a fairly tight pair of full-length black trousers and the customary pair of black strappy shoes. Her ever so slightly tanned feet looked wonderful in those shoes, and I longed for a taste of those sweet toes.

I knelt before her undoing the shoe on her right foot before removing it; she crossed her left leg over her right so as to allow me to remove her other shoe which I did. She sat there barefooted, her left foot dangled before me, tantalisingly close to me; I couldn’t resist her. I lowered my lips to the top of her left foot and began to smear it with gentle kisses, slowly at first, but increasing in speed and passion as the moment carried me away. My attentions were pleasing for her, so I took a step further; tracing a line of kisses towards her toes I placed her first toe in my mouth and circled it with my tongue. Patsy giggled, evidently enjoying the affection I was showing to her feet. Her heavenly female aroma filled my lungs as I continued to suck her toes, each one more pleasing than the last.

Her eyes watched my every movement as I returned to kissing her foot; she uttered a sigh of pleasure as I kissed around her ankle. I slowly ran my tongue along the top of her foot tasting the delicate flavours that it possessed. Her skin felt soft against my tongue, silk-like and uncommonly fine.

Patsy stood-up and relocated herself on the bed, laying down with her feet at the foot of the bed. I followed her, kneeling at the foot of the bed so that I could continue my worship of her feet. Her smooth soles faced me as I knelt there; her arches looked soft and tasteful. Slowly I began to massage her right foot, simultaneously sucking the toes of the same foot. "Ohhh yes…." Patsy groaned, "that feels so good!", it felt pretty good for me as well, the sweet taste of her foot in my mouth had already made me hard, and feeling her soft skin against my hands was divine. My desire was growing stronger by the second; every taste of her foot brought me to higher levels of excitation; it was too much to resist her any further. I gave-in, passionately running my tongue along the sole of her foot and tasting it’s delightful flavour. Patsy laid with her head back on the bed; her eyes closed as she encouraged me to continue. I did as she wished, using my tongue to explore in-between her toes; patsy loved it when I did this. The heavenly taste of her feet consumed my mouth as I repeatedly licked between each of her toes.

Patsy’s left foot deserved similar attention which I granted to her. I sucked the toes of her left foot individually, before using my tongue to finish cleaning her feet.

Patsy looked down to see her feet totally covered in my saliva; she smiled at me invitingly before saying "OK baby…. Now it’s your turn". I knew what this meant and could guarantee that it was going to feel amazing. Rapidly I removed all of my clothes and stood fully naked at the foot of the bed. Patsy watched me as I undressed, paying particular attention to my turgid manhood. She extended her feet towards my cock as I stood there, and proceeded to tease it. Here saliva-laden feet glided easily up it’s length as I watched the expression on her face; she similarly watched my expressions, teasing me and watching how the expression on my face showed my urgency to cum. She smiled evilly, seeming pleased that she had me on the brink of absolute ecstasy.

Patsy removed her feet from my cock; stood-up and walked towards me, removing her shirt as she pranced towards me in a seductive manner. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately on the lips whist I undid her trousers which fell to the floor.

She stepped back so that I could admire her fantastic figure; her blond hair dangling just above her perfectly smooth and round breasts. She was wearing skimpy black underwear; I removed her bra whist kissing her neck and shoulders; her panties I removed with my teeth as she laid on the bed. I slid them down over her feet kissing them as I passed. Patsy told me to lay down and prepare for the hardest orgasm of my life. She climbed on top of me and allowed my solid cock to penetrate her warm womanhood. Patsy slid up and down my cock, teasing me, and getting me ready to cum. It didn’t take long before I was close to cumming; Patsy could tell I was near, and increased the speed of her movements purposely, knowing that it would make me cum so much harder. Eventually I gave into her efforts; her sensual feminine movements had conquered my body, and now it was time for her to see the results of her efforts.

I felt the pressure building in my loins as she relentlessly negotiated my pole with her heavenly womanhood; one final movement was all it took to finish me off.

"ohhh my god!!!!!" I mumbled out-loud as I began to cum. Patsy continued to work on my cock, ensuring that my orgasm would give her total control of me. "ahhh yes!!" I whispered as I continued to deposit my cum inside her.

Patsy continued until it was no longer possible to milk any more cum from me, at which point she slid ‘me’ out of her and laid beside me.

Never in my life ad I cum so hard. "How was that then?" Patsy asked cheekily. All I could say was "unbelievable!!!". "Just wait and see what I’ve got in store for you tomorrow!" She replied. Needless to say she was right, the next day was even better; I can’t even imagine what next week will be like!!

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