"Party Time"
By Raymond D.

It was incredible; and it all started when I was at a party on Saturday night. I had been chatting with this girl for quite some time, and stealing glimpses at her absolutely gorgeous feet since arriving here. Chatting to her, I found out that her name was Kelly and that she was twenty-five. This girl was so hot Iím surprised that she hadnít set-off the smoke detectors hours ago. She sat crossed legged in-front of me, there were quite a few people at the party and space was a little scarce, this meant that she frequently knocked her foot against my leg as she moved about, she apologised the first couple of times but it kept happening, so she didnít bother from then on. It didnít bother me in the slightest, I was besotted with her overall beauty, but most of all her feet.

The girl wore a close fitting black dress that ended at her knees. Her shapely calves were displayed elegantly, and their lovely tanned complexion made them so irresistible. She wore a pair of black mules; her tanned feet looked so sexy as she sat there oblivious to the fact that her feet were really turning me on.

We had been casually flirting for quite a while now, and she had been slowly getting closer and closer to me. I was feeling brave tonight so I made a move on her. I reached down and began to stroke the top of her right foot with my hand. She looked at me to begin with and I feared that her reaction was going to be hostile, but after a couple of seconds she smiled at me and sat back allowing me to continue. She watched intensely as I caressed her beautiful foot with my hand; I ran my fingers along her instep and against the side of her sole, it was soft and warm. By this time I was already getting turned on and my cock had begun to bulge in my pants, she noticed this and said, "Oh my god, is that turning you on?", "Yes" I replied a little timidly, still not totally convinced that she knew what I had in mind. I decided that it was now or never, so I placed her right foot on my lap and began to kiss the top of her foot, the feeling of her soft silky skin on my lips was amazing, I heard her mutter a little groan of appreciation as I continued to gently kiss her foot, I moved onto her toes and kissed each one individually, I could see that she was enjoying this.

Kelly leaned over to me and said, "Do you want to go upstairs?". "You bet!" I replied enthusiastically, so we both got-up and went upstairs.

Kelly was quite a tall girl, about 5"8í, and she had gorgeous dark-brown hair that extended over her upper back. She closed the door as we entered one of the bedrooms and turned the key that was conveniently situated in the lock. "No one will disturb us now" she said in a seductive voice. I stood in the middle of the room as Kelly walked over to me, looking at me with a devilish grin on her face, She beckoned me to follow her as she sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. She moved her foot from side to side knowing that I could not resist her charm; she was right!. I followed her over to the bed and knelt at her feet, she smiled at me as I looked at her as I slowly began to remove the shoe from her right foot. This was so arousing, her feet were absolutely perfect, they were a lovely tanned colour as were her legs, and her delicate shapely arches sent waves of excitation all over my body. I held her foot in my hands for a while, admiring the intricate detail of how one part of her foot blended effortlessly into the next. "You can kiss it if you want to" she said, "I really liked it when you did that downstairs". No sooner had she said those words than I was down at her feet, kissing her foot wildly and fondling in with both my hands. My hands ran over her heel and cradled her ankle as I relentlessly kissed every inch of her foot that I could. I was lost in the moment as I placed her toes in my mouth and began to suck them wildly, caressing their underside with my tongue as I experienced the delightful flavour of her foot. She looked at me seemingly enjoying what I was doing with her foot, and laid back on the bed as I continued to suck her toes whilst playfully running my fingers along the bottom of her foot.

Kelly asked me to take her other shoe off which I did willingly, and then went about administering similar attention to this foot. Once again I kissed the top of it before sucking her toes with even more passion than I had previously. Kelly drew her right foot across the bulge in my pants as I began to lick the sole of her left foot. I ran my tongue over her sublime arches before exploring in-between her toes. She giggled as I did this and said that it tickled but it was nice, I continued to please myself by kissing around her left ankle as I massaged the sole of her foot which was still moist from my previous explorations.

"Come on baby" she said, "Take your pants off and come and join me on the bed". I did this quickly, and as I slid my pants down, my cock sprung out with great force. I noticed a look of excitement in Kellyís eyes. "Wow!" she said under her breath, "Did kissing my feet really make that happen?", "Yes" I replied.

I shuffled onto the bed where she was laying, Kelly shuffled back a little in order to make more room and so that her feet rested in my lap. She used her right foot to trace lines up and down the length of my cock, and then lifted her left foot from my lap and wiggled her toes indicating that she wanted me to suck them again. I took her foot between both of my hands and proceeded to suck her toes once again; this time was even better than the last, the combination of her physical stimulation of my cock, as well as the mental stimulation I derived from sucking her toes was bringing me close to cumming.

"Wait here" Kelly said in an excited tone of voice. She left the room in a hurry but returned promptly bearing a bottle of some sort of lotion. "HereÖ rub this on my feet", I did as she proposed and sensually massaged the lotion onto her feet. Here arches were so soft and smooth; I could feel the sexual tension inside me as I caressed her heavenly feet. When Kelly was satisfied with my efforts, she tipped some of the lotion into her hands and began to stroke the entire length of my fully erect penis. The feeling was amazing, I wanted her to quicken her movements so that I could cum, but she did something even better; she placed the soles of her feet together and slid them down my cock. "Oh yes!" I exclaimed as she proceeded to caress my cock with her soft tender feet. "Do you like that?" Kelly enquired, the question obviously needed no answer so I just closed my eyes and leant back on the bed. Kelly continued to tease my cock with her progressively rapid strokes, I opened my eyes again so I could watch her beautiful feet moving harmoniously up and down my dick.

I was close to cumming now and Kelly could tell this; she began to work faster on my cock, her strokes were more concentrated around the head of my cock, and every stroke sent waves of pleasure racing through my loins. "Not long now baby" she said to me, watching my cock intensely as her feet once again travelled itsí length. She completed her movements several more times before proclaiming, "OK darling, I think itís time for you to cum now". I was pleased about this, and even more pleased when Kelly finally made me cum, she held me on the point of release before applying rapid strokes to my cock as it wriggled between her feet.

Finally I erupted; cum was propelled violently from my cock and the feeling of this was very intense. I watched as my first load of cum was deposited on Kellyís feet, it trickled over the tops of her feet and glistened in the light. The second delivery of cum met a similar fate, it ran between her toes while she relentlessly continued the movement of her feet up and down my cock. There were several smaller spasms that sent small amounts of cum onto her feet, and then my cock began to shrivel back to itsí normal size.

Kelly placed her feet in my lap offering me he opportunity to admire my work. Her feet were quite well coated in my cum. I took her right foot in my hands and ran my tongue along her sole, the taste of my cum on her feet was amazing. Kelly looked a little shocked when I performed this act; "Oh!" she said surprised, "I didnít know you would do that". I looked at her momentarily and then ran my tongue over the balls of her foot. "You donít mind do you?" I enquired, "No.. not at all; in fact I think itís quite sexy!". Here words encouraged me to continue, and I slowly removed all the cum form both of her feet.

After we had regrouped from our little adventure, Kelly and myself went back downstairs to the party. At the end of the evening Kelly gave me her phone number and said "We have got to do that again sometime!", I agreed, telling her that I would call her in about a week.

Iím going to call her tomorrow to arrange another Ďmeetingí.

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