"On The Road Again - Pt 2"
By Kessler

She verbalized what she was doing to me throughout this whole ordeal. telling me that she could not wait to see me cum all over her leg, teasing me by saying she could do this all night and will not quit until I would cum. I continued to watch her tan leg flex and move up and down in relentless fashion. Watching my purple head appear and then disappear beneath her tan calf.

My blood was racing and I started to feel heady again. I began to feel a queasiness in my lower abdomen while Stacy continued to jerk me to ecstasy. I felt I could go on forever at this point and did not want it to stop. After 10 minutes of just her leg Stacy added to it my probing the area around my cock and balls using all her fingertips. In erratic fashion she would run the fingers of her right hand through my pubic hairs while lightly probing her other fingertips into the soft fleshy area surrounding the base of my cock. After 5 minutes of this my whole groin area felt electric. All the while she maintained the pounding of her calf around my cock. I was being taken to another level. I laid my head back, covered my eyes and let out a moan.

Never taking her eyes off me Stacy said,"ooooohhhhhhh I see you are enjoying this."

"Now watch this", she said.

I watched as she rubbed her thumb and index finger against her calf to gather some oil. she placed them above the head of my cock and as her leg rose up she gently squeezed the head between her fingers. This caused me to jerk my hips up involuntarily. I was no longer in control of my body functions at this point. She must of saw the shocked look on my face as she responded with another squeeze of my cock's head.

Laughing, Stacy said, "Whoooohoooo ride em cowboy, I love that reaction."

That was all it took for Stacy, she was having fun now. With my cock trapped in her leg she continue to squeeze my swollen cock head with each up stroke of her leg evoking an uncontrollable thrust upward from me. As she did this she increased the speed and pressure of her probing fingers into the area around the base of my cock. Stacy was laughing and having a good time I was becoming exhausted quickly. Finally I could take no more I had to beg her to please stop. She kept on a few more times and then she removed her fingers but still maintained the pumping of her leg.

Stacy even took a gasp of air, "Wheeeewww! Your whole body was twitching and shaking like crazy! I never saw that before. It was like you were locked in a state of orgasmic rush!! I kept getting precum from you and just waiting for you to explode. I thought if I picked up the pace that would do it, only you just kept thrusting and shaking faster. Look!, Look at all this precum on my calf, that's all I could get!!!, you never would cum. You want to try again? that was amazing!!"

I opened my eyes and looked at her pumping calf around my throbbing cock. Small streams of my precum rolled down her smooth calf across her shin.

Upon seeing this a released a deep heavy sigh.

I quickly replied, "NO, no, no, lets try something else." Stacy thought for a while, "Okay lets work it from the bottom up." She put her hand on my chest to push me back down and noticed,"hmmmm, your heart is racing, you going to be alright?" I replied, "Oh yes better now."

Stacy said, "Let me just stroke you with my leg for a while to calm you down, you lay back and enjoy it, and then we will get started again."

She continued to stroke me with her calf gently and slowly all the while lightly fluttering her fingertips around my nuts and shaft. She commented gently, "My fingers are butterfly kisses."

This was really getting me aroused more than anything. I was worried I would start to ooze precum again while she was doing this and she would notice. I did not want this to stop. She saw my face and said, " I see you are enjoying this, good." When she said that my body gave it up I felt it and she saw it.

"What is that?", she asked, "Looks like wonderful precum to me." I watched as she bent down, never taking her eyes off me stuck out her tongue and with the tip of it licked the clear pearly drops one by one as her leg pumped them out from my aching vein. When no more would come. I watched as Stacy wriggled the tip of her tongue into the opening of my cock's head. saying, "Just making sure I got it all."

Stacy went back at it knowing that I was primed. She brought up her other foot placing it above my nut sack and began to work the big toe at the root of my member. Kneading the vein as she flexed her toe up and down. Just as she had done earlier. Amazingly like some insane machine her calf continued to pump around my cock. A constant relentless up and down stroke. I was so glad her skin was soft and smooth and combined with the oil made for a soothing excitable state of pleasure. Perhaps one of the few times she took her eyes off me I watched as she leaned back and looking between my legs with the finger tips of her left hand she began to probe my nuts.

She raised back up, the tip of her tongue peeking out between her lips. She looked as if she was trying to solve a complex math problem. After several seconds of her finger probing I felt her grab my left nut between her thumb and index finger. Once she accomplished this she smiled at me saying, "All right! I got it now. I'm going to tug and gently roll this nut massaging the cum from your nuts into your cock then push it up your shaft with my toe and pump you dry with my leg. I bet your white cum will look so good against my tan leg."

She was getting me hot just talking about it and I could feel it working. that familiar ache in my balls was beginning to happen. Stacy's fingertips continued to wiggle slowly at random jostling my nuts around. Occasionally I felt my nut sack stretch as she tugged on the right nut. I felt the pressure of her toe against the base of my cock as it moved up and down. I laid my head back down letting her continue to work me over. It was amazing how she could go on like this for this long and not be tired. I closed my eyes thinking about her long legs and sexy feet. As soon as I thought of this Stacy Exclaimed, "I feel your nut sack getting tighter around my fingers. C'mon fill em up I want to see the cum from deep inside you all over my leg. C'mon baby! c'mon Baby!" The sound of Her voice triggered the urge deep inside me again.

Keep on talking I said, "I love hearing your voice."

All sensation between my legs was at its peak. A slight numbing began to over take my entire groin area. I sat up to get a closer look at her tremondous efforts. A very small part of me wanted her to stop. She saw me rise up and smiled at me asking, " how are you holding up? It wont be long now, I feel your nuts getting tighter around my fingers."

I felt her quicken the pace with her leg. I could feel her fingertips beginning to squeeze the cum from my nuts. Gently she would alternate each nut rolling them between her fingertips. Once again she tells me how she loves playing with guys balls. How it is one of her favorite things. How guys normally do not like girls playing with their balls, but she makes believers out of most guys.

All this talk is turning me on, truthfully she only made me wince twice with my balls in her hand. Guess she had to find my pain threshold. She has got me relaxed now gently rolling my balls between her fingers.

"I think your sack is as full as it is going to get it is pretty tight. Time to start Milking the honey out." She continued. "Just so you know, I am sticking my toes into your nut sack now and not my fingers. I Love to feel your nuts wriggling around my toes." Then she asks, "Does that turn you on?"

All I could do was groan in ecstasy as her dirty talk kept taking me to the next level. I felt her toes wriggling in my sack as she wrapped the thumb and index finger around the base of my cock where her toe once and been and began to gently squeeze the vein like a tube of toothpaste forcing the cum up. Feeling this caused me to thrust my hips up into her leg locked around the head of my cock. I watched as Her calf muscle flexed keeping a firm grip on my head as I continued to thrust upward. I turned my head and stared at her flexing foot at the end of her pumping leg imagining those magnificent painted toes digging into my nut sack wriggling out my cum bit by bit. I began to thrust a little harder.

Stacy kept talking, "c'mon you're doing good, keep pumping Justin, keep pumping. This one is going to be good. I can feel it and I ain't stopping, I am going to keep playing with your nuts and cock all night long, Keep pumping, keep pumping." I looked up at her and saw she was staring directly at me as she said this. Seeing me look at her she smiled. My breath quickened as I looked at the fingers of both her hands wrapped around my shaft watching her thumbs squeeze the knots of cum up toward my throbbing head." She saw me watching her fingers work and said," I can feel your cock throbbing in my hands while I push your cum along with my thumbs. The head of your dick feels so hot against my calf. Keep pumping Justin, keep pumping." All I could say was, "Your hands feel good, don't stop." She only laughed and pumped her leg a few times as I watched her hands tighten around my shaft feeling her thumbs pressing in deeper and squeezeing up more of my cum.

Her foot kept me entranced. Each time it flexed I felt her calf tighten around my shaft as it pumped relentlessly up and down. I watched my deep purple head as it rose out from behind her calf only to be swallowed again. I had never seen my cock's head so purple. There was so much to watch I could not take it all in at once.

Stacy saw me staring and said, "You look like you are in another world right now, your eyes are glossed over. what are you thinking? Do you like what I am doing? I know I like it. Watching you twitch and thrust, moan and groan under my legs and feet. I like watching your throbbing dick pump in and out of my leg. It's going to shoot nice pearly white cum real soon."

Stacy quickened the pace even more. her leg was moving fast enough now to create a slapping sound against my abdomen. I watched as her knee rocked up and down as her toes were wiggling out whatever cum was left in my now shriveled nut sack. I felt one of my nuts begin to crawl up inside me. A sure sign I was on the verge of Cumming. One of Stacy's toes would occasionally probe that particular nut causing me to twitch. She did not notice as my body was now beginning to thrust more in unison to her stroking leg and kneading thumbs.

Stacy said she could feel my cum beneath her thumbs as it build up in my cock. I watched as she slid her leg up higher so as to clamp her calf around the head covering it up completely now. Her leg strokes became ever faster and shorter. My body started to jerk all over the place she really had me going. I felt her thumbs slowly milking my cum even further up the shaft. She kept commenting on how she felt it moving along also. I was going crazy!! I was almost screaming through my teeth begging her to force it up now. She was deliberately holding me back in a state of slow orgasm. I was building up like a miniature volcano and Stacy held the plug.

She realized I was coming out of my skin and in a calm soothing voice she smiled saying, "Your doing just fine, your cumming beautifully. I can feel tiny little spurts against my calf."

she would not relinquish as she slowly squeezed it up. I thought for sure I was Cumming now. I looked at her leg expecting to see cum gushing out in buckets all I saw was more of the precum ooze over her calf.

My whole body was in Knots now. Then without warning Stacy began to jerk my shaft hard and furious with her hands. I shoved my hips hard into her leg with each stroke of her hands.

Stacy was shouting "Cum into my leg, cum hard, cum now!"

I shoved hard into her leg. Her powerful calf was clamped tight around the head of my dick. I pounded into her calf hard again my body nearly coming completely off the seat. Stacy held on with both hands relentlessly pumping.

She was ecstatic, "WhooooooWheeeee! You're like a Bucking Bronco. I am holding on and not letting go. Shoot your load!! shoot it Hard!!!" She continued to laugh.

With every pump of her hands I was coming out of my skin. I must of cum already? yet I felt wave after wave of cum being forced up by her hands. Was this true or was it just my body playing tricks on me. Stacy was tenacious she continued to hold on to me with hands and her leg. I must have pumped several more times before the spasms subsided. Finally I was completely exhausted I laid there while Stacy milked the remaining cum from my shrinking cock now locked between her big toe and index toe of her other foot. Occasional a slow stream of cum would ooze out and she would catch it on her index finger and rub it into the joints of her toes on the same foot Her leg now gently wrapped around the base I watched as some of my cum oozed onto her calf. What felt like a huge ejaculation was not that much. Her leg had caught all of it onto the calf and behind the Knee. While she continued to milk me with her toes the other hand was rubbing in what cum was left on her leg as if it were a lotion. She looked at me during this slow quiet moment and asked, "Do you like?" I smiled back and said, "Oh yes, very much so, this is the very best."

She laughed and placed both of her long legs on my chest. Her feet straddling both sides of my head locking the tops of her feet behind my head. She flexed her ankles to raise my head up and said, "You went completely bonkers on me. You were crazy!! I did not think I would be able to hold onto your cock much longer. You were screaming grunting and everything. I thought you were going to jump through the roof. Every time I stroked up on your cock I felt a shot of cum hitting my leg. You must of shot off 5 times before you settled down. I am glad I pulled my toes out of your nut sack before you started to really thrust because my toes would of torn your nuts off."

I laughed, kissing each of her ankles saying, "Yes that is a good thing."

I felt her wriggleing her toes against the back of my head as she continued her after action review, " I especially enjoyed feeling your whole body quiver when I was slowly rolling the cum up your dick with my thumbs. You were almost screaming at that point rolling your head from side to side. I have to confess I have a secret perversion for doing this. When I was 16 I used that technique on my first boyfriend who was 15 and a virgin. I was the first girl to touch his dick. I had him to the point where he did not know if he was coming or going. He totally lost it and I had him literally in tears and begging for me to let him cum. A hand job he would never forget. The feeling of power was addicting and ever since then my goal was to try and make another guy cry using that technique. I was trying to get you to cry but I could tell it was not going to happen. Every boy friend I have had says I give the best hand jobs and most of them opt for that instead of straight sex. My boyfriend, who is no longer, would rather I do that while sucking on the head of his dick instead of fucking me. One time I held him on the edge of orgasm for so long that I had him squirming around the room with my lips locked around the head of his dick. I literally stuck with him all around the room until I decided he could shoot off into my mouth. I would of held him off longer but my knees were getting sore from the hardwood floor. I guess that was his fetish having me jerk him off into my mouth. He constantly wanted it. "

When she told me this I laughed my ass off. I could not help but picture her on her knees crawling after this guy with her hands clamped onto his rod and her mouth around his dick.

She began to laugh as well.

I said, "Remind me never to piss you off."

She smiled.

Exhausted, I fell to sleep rubbing her legs as she soothingly massaged my aching nut sack. I woke up later on in the night to find Stacy curled up at the other end of the front seat fast asleep. Her feet were in my lap and my limp very, very, sensitive dick was sandwich between the soft insteps of her feet. I could not help but wonder what lies in store for me and little Justin in the morning.

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