"My Roomate's Mom and Her Incredible Bare Feet"

Several years ago I shared an apartment with a really cute female roommate. Her name was Nancy and she was in her late 20’s. She not only had a knock out body, but a pretty face with long brown hair. She had the very pretty feet and I stayed in a constant state of excitement since she always went barefooted in the apartment. Needless to say we had explored a few nights of foot sex though we tried to keep our relationship mainly platonic rather than romantic.

Anyway, after about a year of living together, Nancy’s mom was planning on flying into town to visit Nancy. I had never met Nancy’s mom in person though I had seen pictures of her and even talked with her from time to time when she called to talk to Nancy.

It was mid-summer that year when Nancy’s mom flew into town. Nancy picked her mom up at the airport but before Nancy left we had discussed where her mom was going to stay. Our apartment was a large one and Nancy asked if I would mind if her mom stayed with us for the week she would be in town. I told Nancy I certainly didn’t mind and her mom was more than welcome to stay with us.

Nancy arrived back from the airport with her mom and the two of them were chatting away as they entered the apartment. Nancy’s mom was even prettier than Nancy! Her mom’s name was Cori and she in her mid 50’s but looked as young as Nancy!

Cori came up to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Hi, Bob! It is nice to finally meet you in person!”, Cori said.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Mrs. Smith!”, I responded.

“Please, just call me Cori! Mrs. Smith sounds so formal!”, Cori said.

Cori kicked off her sandals she was wearing and my eyes became fixed on Cori’s cute bare feet. Cori caught me staring at her feet and said, “Oh... I am sorry... is it OK if I go barefooted in the house?”

“Oh.. Sure!”, I replied as Nancy shot me a sneering grin.

“Bob is a foot man, mom.”, Nancy said.

I blushed at Nancy being so upfront and telling her mom my “secret” passion. Before I could say anything, Cori looked at me, winked and smiled. Nancy didn’t she her mom wink and smile at me. I wasn’t sure what Cori meant by that but I was certain she didn’t have any objections to me checking out her feet!

Nothing more was said about my foot fetish and Nancy, her mom, and I settled in for the day. I figured the week would be pretty average but I was certainly wrong!

On Wednesday of that week I got back to the apartment to find Nancy and her mom not home. On the refrigerator was a note from Nancy saying she was going to have to work extremely late on a project she was working on at her job. That explained where Nancy was but I had no idea where Cori had disappeared too.

I decided to take a shower and afterward I walked out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around my naked body. I heard the key go into the lock of our back door and by the time I got to the kitchen I was shocked to see Cori walking through the door. Cori had her right arm filled with shopping bags and she had her sandals in her left hand. I looked at her barefeet and could feel a rush of excitement fill my body.

“Hi, Bob!”, Cori said without looking up at first.

“Hi, Cori!”, I said feeling a bit embarrassed to be dressed in only a towel.

As Cori tossed her sandals onto the floor and placed her shopping bags on the table, she finally looked up to see me wearing only my towel. Cori smiled and said, “Oh...I like your outfit!”

I blushed and started to apologize, rambling like an idiot about just getting out of the shower and not knowing she was coming home so soon, etc.

Cori waved off my apologies and said, “I like to see people comfortable so there is no need to apologize.”

“Thanks” , I responded.

Cori sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and propped her beautiful bare feet onto the chair next to her. I could see a hint of dirt on the soles of her bare feet and I could feel myself getting sexually aroused. Since she was wearing a pair of shorts I could see that Cori’s legs were as nicely tanned as her arms and face. Cori wiggled her toes and said, “Geez... my feet really hurt after walking around shopping all day!”

This was a prime opportunity for me and I immediately said, “I bet you could use a good foot massage, huh?”

Cori said, “If that is an offer, than I sure won’t turn you down!” Cori took her feet off the kitchen chair where she had been resting her feet and pushed the chair back a bit and said, “Have a chair, I am ready for good foot rub!... you really don’t mind, do you?”

My heart pounded in my chest. “Mind???”, I thought to myself... not hardly! Trying not to look excited I sat across from Cori and she brought her bare right foot up into my towel covered lap. I took her right foot in my hand and began to gently massage the sole of her foot. As I did so Cori placed her left foot up into my lap and smiled.

“So... whatcha wearing under that towel, Bob?”, Cori knowingly asked.

I started to answer something dumb but before I could speak Cori’s bare left foot found my rapidly swelling cock through the cloth of the towel.

“Oooh... I thought so, but I was just making sure!”, Cori said with a wicked grin.

“Make sure all you like!”, I commented quickly without thinking.

“Nancy told me how you like foot sex”, Cori commented still smiling. “I like having my feet given a LOT of attention... special attention!”

I caught Cori’s meaning and said, “You don’t think it weird or something?”

“Oh no, not at all, Bob”, Cori said. “I like warm, creamy, man ‘lotion’ all over my feet!”

I could feel myself blushing a bit again as I said, “I think I can help you out there!”

As I continued to rub Cori’s right foot, I could feel Cori’s left foot slipping up under my towel. Cori’s warm toes found my semi-hard manhood and I immediately got a raging hard on! As I rubbed Cori’s right foot I noticed how wrinkled her soles were, how high her arch was, and how long and beautiful her naked toes looked. Cori pointed the toes of her left foot and slid her toes under my balls. Cori wiggled her toes and smiled as I let out an excited gasp. The front of my towel had a large lump poking up against the cloth of the towel and Cori was really enjoying working me up to a frenzy.

The sight of Cori’s beautiful bare foot in my hands and her left foot gently massaging my balls was really getting me hot! Not being able to stand it any longer I gently ran my tongue over Cori’s bare right sole. Now it was Cori who let out a gasp of pleasure as she said, “Oooh.. Bob... that feels REALLY good!”

I began to run my tongue between each of her fantastic toes and gently suckled each toe from the big one down the small one. Cori said, “Stand up a second, Bob”

As I stood up, Cori ran her bare left foot further up under my towel to where it was fastened on my left side. Cori worked her foot under the knot and with a little tug my towel came undone and fell to the floor. My throbbing cock sprung free and Cori began to run the sole of her left foot up and down the length of my shaft. “Now.. isn’t that better?”, Cori asked.

“Oh yeah!” , I replied. I began to wildly lick Cori’s right foot and after a few minutes she took her right foot from my hands and replaced it with her left foot. Her right foot now found my throbbing rod as I began to massage and lick her left foot as I had done with her right. Cori’s right foot was wet from all of my oral attention and it slid easily up and down my pulsating shaft.

My tongue worked it’s way over Cori’s left sole and between each of her toes. I then began to suckle each toe as I had with her right foot. Cori had spread the toes of her right foot and my cock slid easily between her big and second toe. Cori pressed my cock up against my stomach and slowly worked her toes up and down the length of my rod.

As I continued my oral attention on Cori’s left foot, I could see Cori starting to unbutton her top. Cori finished unbuttoning her top and took it off. She reached behind herself and I saw her bra give as she unhooked it. The shoulder straps of her bra slid down her arms and I got my first glimpse of her fantastic breasts. Her breasts were firm and her nipples stood erect and hard.

Cori took her foot away from my mouth and reached down to undo her shorts. She seductively slid her zipper down and stood up. Still looking at me seductively, Cori let her shorts drop to the floor. She stepped out of her shorts and then reaching into the waistband of her bikini underwear, slid them down to her ankles. The sight of Cori’s naked brown bush made me even hotter and my cock pulsated with excitement and anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Without saying a word, Cori dropped to her knees and wrapped her right hand around my throbbing cock. She worked her hand slowly up and down my shaft then began to run her tongue over my balls. I moaned slightly at the delightful feel of Cori’s hot tongue on my balls. Slowly Cori began to run her tongue up the underside of my manhood till her tongue reached the head of rod.

“Mmmm... I love the taste of your cock!”, Cori said and then took all of my shaft into her hot, wet mouth. Cori slid her mouth up and down the entire length of my shaft slowly at first and then began to slide her mouth up and down ever faster. Cori’s lips slid up the head of my cock and my shaft sprung free from her mouth with a slight popping sounds. Pre-cum was oozing out the head of my shaft and Cori licked the head of my cock to catch and taste every drop.

Without saying a word, Cori pushed her shopping bags over to one side of the kitchen table and hopped up to sit on the edge of table top. Wanting to return the attention Cori had just given me, I dropped to my knees and began to run my tongue over Cori’s hot wet womanhood. Cori moaned slightly and tossed her head back as right hand began to massage and squeeze her breasts. “Mmmm... I love the way you taste!”, I said.

Cori didn’t answer but began to moan ever louder. Cori’s breathing quickened and her hips moved slowly back and forth as I drove my tongue deep within her hot interior. I could feel her love juices flowing down my chin, neck and chest! Cori placed both her hands on either of my shoulders and she began to run her fingernails up and down my back. Cori ran her hands under each of my arms and pulled upward to indicate she wanted me to stand up. I stood up and as I did, Cori reached her hands around the back of me so that her hands were on my ass. Cori pulled me close into her naked body and I discovered the kitchen table was THE perfect height because my rock hard cock slid between the wet lips of her hot pussy. We both let out a moan of pleasure as my I began to slide my cock from base to pulsating tip between Cori’s pussy lips.

Cori planted a deep wet kiss on my mouth as my hands began to massage her breasts. I could feel her rock hard nipples on the palms of my hands and I began to massage her nipples between the fingers of each hand. Cori reached down with her right hand and grasped my cock then guided it into her hot interior. My aching cock slid easily and deeply into her wet womanhood. Cori whispered into my left ear, “Fuck me! Make me cum hard! I want to feel every inch of your wonderful cock deep within me!”

Hearing those words I began to fuck Cori with everything I had! I furiously began to pump Cori’s hot hole as Cori began to squeal with pleasure. Cori cried out, “I am cumming!” and with that Cori let out a deep moan of orgasmic pleasure. I slid my cock out and into her wildly as she came again, and again. I could feel Cori’s fingernails digging into my back. I continued to drive her into wave after wave of orgasm until I could feel myself nearing the point of no return.

“I want you to cum on my feet!”, Cori cried out.

I pulled my cock from her pussy and Cori placed the instep of her left foot behind my throbbing cock. Cori took her right foot and spread her toes so that once again my cock rested between her big and second toe. As Cori’s left foot supported the back of my cock, Cori began to slide her right foot up and down my shaft that was slippery and wet from our love. I began to moan loudly as I could no longer hold back. The first shot of hot cum exploded from my cock and rolled down the instep of Cori’s right foot. Cori quickly placed her right foot behind my cock as she continued to pump my shaft with the toes of her left foot. Another hot load rolled down between the toes of left foot and between her toes. Her toes were slippery with cum and she continued to ride my cock until the last drop of white hot coated her left foot.

I sat back onto a kitchen chair to catch my breath as I watched Cori begin to massage my cum into her feet. “Ooooh... that feels Sooooo good!”, Cori exclaimed and then continued, “So hot and slippery!” I watched in amazement as Cori raised first her left, then her right foot up to her mouth and began to lick her own feet clean of my cum. “Oh yeah!”, Cori said. “ It tastes as good as it feels!”

After licking her own feet clean, Cori sat down on the chair next to mine. “Wow!”, Cori said.

“Wow, indeed!”, I replied.

We both laughed and got dressed. Cori said, “I don’t think we should say anything to Nancy about this, do you?”

“I don’t think so!”, I said with a grin.

“Hey... we still have a few days left before I have to go back home.”, Cori commented

“Yes”, I replied. “We can only hope Nancy has a lot more overtime to work this week!”.

Well... Nancy did have to work late a couple of more nights and Cori and I made the best of Nancy’s absence. Needless to say, neither Cori or I ever told Nancy about what we had been up too The day Cori left, Nancy said, “Wow... you and my mom sure hit it off great!”

I could only smile and nod my agreement!

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