"Mix and Match"
By Raymond D

I had been dating this girl for about six months now, her name was Catherine, she was 5"10’ and had long brown hair that trailed down her back. She had beautiful skin evenly tanned, and an hourglass figure. Her breasts looked as though they had been sculpted by a master craftsman, but to my knowledge they weren’t implants. Despite all of this, her most outstanding feature was her legs and her feet.

We had been sleeping together for about three months now, and I had introduced her to the concept of foot-sex which she seemed to enjoy. Like most women I think she liked the idea of me showing affection to her feet, it turned her on mentally if not physically, and it certainly made me cum pretty hard.

Like a lot of women nowadays, Catherine talked about what we did together with her friends. She never admitted this to me, but I could tell that her friends knew about my foot fetish by some of the things they said to me. Nevertheless, this didn’t really bother me as I had come to grow used to it, and she was so good in bed that it bothered me even less.

Anyway, it was the middle of summer and the sun was beating down on the grass as me and Catherine sat there. She was barefoot which was really turning me on, and she knew it. Catherine kept stroking my leg with her foot, and looking at my pants to see if there was any reaction, inevitably there was, but I managed not to get too aroused because I didn’t want to look like a flagpole when I stood-up.

"Could you do me a really big favour?" Catherine suddenly asked. "What’s that then?" I enquired. "Well I’ve got a friend who’s really interested in this foot fetish thing you’ve got, and I was wondering if you could show her a little about it?". At first I was shocked, what did she want me to do with this girl. "Which friend is this then?" I replied slightly concerned. "It’s Shelly, you know, the one who works at the bank". I was relieved that it was one of Catherine’s more attractive friends, in fact Shelly was probably the most attractive friend Catherine had. "What do you want me to do with her?" I replied. "Nothing special, just show her what it’s all about…. I’ll make it worth your while if you do", those last few words were said in that seductive little voice that Catherine knew could make me do anything. "OK, but nothing too sexy… I want to save myself for you later". With that myself and Catherine got up and went back to our house, on the way back Catherine discussed when I would meet Shelly, she said that I would go around Shelly’s house at about 6.00pm and would then meet Catherine at a bar later that evening at about 9.00pm. I was a little nervous about this meeting, Shelly had a fantastic body, come to mention it her feet weren’t too shabby either so I just hoped that everything went well.

Arriving at Shelly’s house I was instantly treated to the sight of Shelly’s gorgeous feet, she was barefoot as she answered the door, and as I went inside she nimbly walked into her living room and laid herself across the sofa. She was wearing no more than a tight fitting white T-shirt, and a pair of shorts that displayed her stunning legs quite adequately.

"What do we do now?" Shelly asked me in a slightly unsure tone of voice. "Well" I replied, "My understanding is that you’ve never done this before, so what I thought I could do is show you the usual sort of stuff I do to Catherine, and then see how it goes from there". Shelly agreed with me and smiled nervously as I ran my right hand over her feet whilst I crouched at the end of the sofa. I admired how the soles of her feet looked so soft and delicate, I could not resist this anymore so I started to kiss her feet. I started with her left foot, kissing along its outside while I stroked her sole with my hand. The top of her foot was soft as I had expected, and as I continued to kiss her foot, she let out a small hum of satisfaction. With this I proceeded to kiss and suck her toes, starting with her big toe. The taste was amazing; a gentle hint of sweat was apparent as I sucked her toes and this really turned me on. I began to suck more passionately now, letting myself become a little more adventurous. I sucked each of her toes individually, greatly enjoying this experience my pants were bulging prominently. Shelly continued to utter sighs of satisfaction as I orally worshipped her feet, she watched my actions closely as I sucked her toes, occasionally I would look up at her and see her grinning wildly at me, I knew this was turning her on.

"Do you want to take your pants off?" Shelly asked me, sounding more comfortable with the situation now. "Uhhhhh…." I replied. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but I wasn’t sure that Catherine would want me getting that intimate with her friends. "It’s alright" Shelly exclaimed, "Catherine said she didn’t mind if I brought you off, she said she didn’t mind what we did as long as we didn’t have sex". I was a little surprised at this, I didn’t think Catherine was quite that kinky, nevertheless; I liked the idea of ‘not having sex’ with Catherine’s friend, so I took my pants off, and resumed sucking Shelly’s toes.

My cock was fully erect, it stood to attention whilst I sucked Shelly’s toes. I examined the soft underside of Shelly’s foot; it looked so warm and tempting that I just had to taste it. I raised her foot to my face and ran my tongue across her arch. The taste was the same as her toes, however it was more intense, and desperate for more I continued to lick her sole. I concentrated my efforts around her toes, running my tongue along their underside and up in-between them. This made Shelly wild with excitement, her breathing quickened as she continued to give me signs regarding her enjoyment of the whole situation.

After licking her feet for quite some time, Shelly began to stroke my cock with her toes. I was so close to cumming that I wasn’t going to take much of this before I exploded. Shelly slid her feet up and down my cock, they slid quite easily due to the considerable amount of moisture I had transferred to them from my tongue. Her strokes weren’t as professional as Catherine’s, but then that was to be expected.

I was near to orgasm when suddenly, Shelly slid off the sofa and pushed me back onto the floor; she crawled over where I was laying, and kneeling on the floor, placed one leg either side of my waste effectively pinning me to the ground, she then said, "OK what’s it to be?…. sex or no sex?". I wasn’t in a position to reject her offer, and so I allowed her to slide her shorts down and put ‘me’ inside her.

The movements she performed with her feet may not have been as professional as Catherine, but when she was on top of me she was VERY professional. She slid up and down my cock rapidly, then backed off when she thought I was about to cum, most of the time she was right; she continued this little sadistic act for almost twenty minutes before saying, "Do you want to cum?". "Yes!" I replied hastily. "Then say that we’ll do this more often… say that you’ll be my foot-boy and I’ll make you cum". She looked at me sternly, and I realised that I had no choice; if I disagreed then she would tell Catherine that we had sex, and that would be the end of us, and if I agreed at least I would have somebody’s feet to worship, plus the fact Shelly seemed to be pretty good at sex, so I couldn’t turn her down.

"OK" I replied, "Anything you want". "that’s good" replied Shelly, "as long as you obey me, I think we’ll have quite a lot of fun together…… now, getting back to business". And with that Shelly resumed to slid up and down my cock, within a minute I was at the point of orgasm and Shelly knew this. She started to work faster, and I erupted violently inside her.

The orgasm virtually paralysed my entire body; my breathing was erratic and my head pushed back hard against the floor as I came. Shelly watched the expression on my face as she continued to pummel my cock, knowing that she had me totally at her mercy, and that I would do whatever she told me to.

After several minutes of this pure ecstasy, Shelly got-up and said that we had better be going; she was right, it was 8.00pm and I had to go back home and get cleaned-up to meet Catherine. We exchanged phone numbers and Shelly said she’d call me soon; she did a week later, and we met that week for more of the same.

We‘ve had many other encounters since this one, but those are a whole other story; needless to say I am still sleeping with both Shelly and Catherine, but if I had to choose I couldn’t.

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