By Kessler

We agreed to meet halfway at a McDonalds fast food stop. I took a two-day vacation and made sure that my time off coincided with your schedule.

When I pulled into the McDonalds parking lot I recognized you by your picture on your web site. We must have gotten there about the same time because you were just getting out of your car. You did not see me pull in yet so I remained seated in my car so I could watch you and take you all in; Adding to my excitement.

You looked just as I pictured you would in person. You were wearing shorts and when I saw your shapely legs I felt my manhood begin to rise. they are very nice just as I had imagined them to be. I would like to think you wore the shorts because you knew it would arouse me. Your Ass fit snugly in them and as you walked from the car to McDonalds your ass cheeks tightly moved in poetic rhythm to your stride. Your stride was long and self-assured as your silky hair flowed behind you. I watched as your shapely calves quivered with each step and felt my member grow some more.

I whispered to myself, "You are incredibly sexy."

I felt the excitement swell in my stomach and got out of my car to meet you inside. I approached you from behind while you were standing in line waiting to order. You did not see me come in. I moved very close to you and leaned my head in to catch a whiff of your hair. It smelled very clean with a small hint of your sweat from the hot drive. This aroused me even more.

You still did not realize I was there. I noticed you were concentrating on the menu overhead. I could not wait any longer.

I leaned in from behind and next to your ear I whispered, "Nice Ass." squeezing both cheeks with my hands.

Obviously startled you jumped and turned around to face me. Once you realized who I was you smiled and rose up on your toes and kissed me. We stood there in line kissing for several seconds. The other patrons must of thought we were crazy. You grabbed my hands and turned back around to the front forcing me to cross them in front of you keeping me pressed up against you from behind. Hugging you like this, your ass pressed firmly against my cock, I noticed that by raising my chin a bit I was able to rest it on the top of your head. I stand six foot one inch in my stocking feet and thought to myself what a wonderful fit we make together. You wiggled your fine Ass slightly back and forth and I felt my dick get hard inside my shorts as it pressed up against your Ass cheeks. I was not wearing any underwear and realizing that should we separate our bodies it could result in an embarrassing situation for me. I leaned in next to your ear and said, "Peggy, My cock is hard and if you keep this up I am going to look like a walking flagpole in front of all these people."

I saw a smile cross your face as you playfully said, "Exactly my intentions, you deserve this for scaring the shit out of me earlier. Now relax and enjoy this while it lasts."

I took a deep breath and felt myself grow with each movement of your ass.

After a few seconds you turned your head back to me again giggling, "You know this is making me hot too feeling you grow against me. So what do you think about my Ass now? Is it still nice?"

I laughed saying, "In a seductive sort of way...the nicest Ass I ever felt."

We reached the counter and we both ordered coffees. You grabbed my hand and led me to the nearest table.

We sat and drank coffee getting to know each other better. It was already late in the day and before we knew it, it was dark outside.

You had mentioned that there was a Holiday Inn about a mile from here and recommended that we get a room there for the night. Without hesitation I agreed to get the room and adding we could run out for a bite to eat afterwards. I wanted to take you out to some place other than McDonalds to eat before we settled in for the night. I followed you out to the Holiday Inn and we checked out a room. We agreed to take my car out to eat. Once inside my car as I started the ignition you reached over and began to play with my cock through my shorts. You found the head and began rubbing it between your thumb and index finger.

You said, "You don't know how long I have been wanting to feel your cock."

I put the car in reverse and started to back out.

You said, "Pull your shorts down I have to see it."

After hearing you say this I immediately put the car in forward and parked it again, shutting off the engine.

I heard you giggle and say, "What's wrong can't drive while someone is playing with your cock."

I said, "Nope, I would hate for us to get in an accident before we made love."

I pushed the seat back as far as it would go and put the steering wheel all the way up. The car is like a boat; a 76' Plymouth and allowed us plenty of room, basically turning the front seat into a couch. I proceeded to slide my shorts down to my ankles and you took your shoes off making yourself comfortable. You then grabbed my cock in your right hand and continued to stroke it. I reached back over the seat into my gym bag that I had sitting in the back and pulled out a handy-dandy jar of Vaseline.

I handed it to you saying, "Here, use a little of this, it makes the going a lot easier. I got a feeling I am gonna need it."

You smiled saying, "Always prepared I see. Well I got a treat for you. Something you been wanting to have done to you for a while. Remember sweetie through our little talks on-line I know exactly what turns you on. "

You greased up my pole and then leaned back against the passenger door bringing your feet up. You placed them in my lap and proceeded to beat me off with your toes locked around the shaft and head. I watched as my shaft now locked between your big toe and index toe swelled and throbbed with each stroke, while my swollen head was caught between the same two toes of your other foot.

You looked at me and smiled saying, "Just like in your story wouldn't you say?"

All I could do was throw my head back and moan, "Oh yes."

As your feet and toes continued to bring me bliss you said, "Relax and enjoy, let my feet do the work, this is only the beginning. I got some major plans in store for your cock."

You started to talk dirty to me telling me how good my dick felt between your toes. How you could feel it throbbing with each stroke. How pretty the purple head looked as it dripped out small drops of my pearly cum. How the warm feel of it as it dripped across your toes made you feel in complete control and how amazing it was that they were able to coax the cum out from deep inside me.

I looked down as your toes milked the life juices from the head. With each stroke of my shaft between your toes a drop would ooze out only to be quickly caught by one of your toes on your foot that is working over my head."

This continued on for a few minutes, but felt like an eternity to me. I watched as all your digits were slowly being covered, glistening with my cum. Several times throughout this I felt I was about to cum. My body would begin to tighten. You noticed this and When it occurred you stopped and said, "Not yet sweetie cakes." and lifted the foot that was working my cock's head. You placed the heel of that foot directly on the tip of the head and slowly, slid your body forward so as to run the head of my cock ever so slowly, inch by inch along the underside of your leg from your heel, across your calf and to the back of your knee. I watched as it continued to ooze pre-cum the whole slow torturous length of your leg; then all the way back down again as you traced it back down to your heel. The sensation this caused was actually slightly painful and caused me to grit my teeth and groan. You continued this procedure until my urge to cum subsided and my cock shrunk a bit achieving the goal you intended.

Amazingly I found this sadistic act somewhat pleasurable.

After you did this you looked at me and smiled saying, "Now shall we begin again." and proceeded to work my cock with your toes some more. Several times you brought me to the brink of climax this way only to bring me back down again using the same method as before. We were fortunate the windows were rolled up because the last several times you brought me down from climax I was practically screaming through my teeth. It was becoming painfully obvious that I was at the mercy of your toes. As I watched them work my cock, your foot now completely glistened by my pre-cum, I struggled not to reach a state of climax. I did not want to feel the friction of your leg again rubbing against my now swollen purple head. However my efforts of concentration were in vain. Repeatedly your toes would achieve their goal and bring me to the inevitable state of climax.

Your response to this, with a wicked smile was, "OOPS, I'm gonna have to bring you down again. "as you teasingly for a moment held your leg up. Your heel poised momentarily above the purple head giving me enough time to take a few quick breaths in anticipation of what was about to occur. I notice the complete underside of your leg was now covered with shiny rivulets of my pre-cum from heel to calf. There was just enough light from the parking lot lights to reflect this. You giggled watching me prepare myself in this manner for another onslaught brought on by your leg and said, "Oh come on its not so bad. You know your loving this." and brought your heel down once again. After bringing me down one final time. You again brought me to near climax with your magnificent digits.

While you were doing this you said, "My, my, my, smelling all this pre-cum and feeling your heat is heaven to me."

Needless to say this was really turning me on and you knew it. My breathing quickened and I was starting to shake. I reached down and started to rub your legs feeling how your muscles moved with each movement of your feet.

You told me how you enjoyed doing this and that you could not wait for me to cum because you knew later on it would be your turn and I would be able to last that much longer having cummed all ready once tonight.

After a few more minutes of this passed you began to notice that I was on the edge of exploding. You stopped what you were doing with your feet and scooted up closer along side me. Keeping both your feet in my lap you locked your toes around the base of my shaft. You placed your legs so that your knees were just below my chin with the lower part of your legs resting against my stomach and chest. You then reached with two fingers into the still opened jar of Vaseline that rested on the dashboard and proceeded to lubricate my shaft some more saying, "The lube is wearing out."

As you started to jerk me off with your hand you said, "I love catching a guys cum in my hands and watch up close as the cum shoots from his dick I think its so sexy."

Your legs felt good against my torso and as you jerked me off I bent my head down and kissed the top of your knees.

You reached around with your free hand and started to play with my nuts. Fondling them in your finger tips, Saying, "I know how much you like it when I play with your balls." As you jiggled them between your fingers and stroked my shaft you said, "mmmmmmm, I can feel how tight your balls are, they are packed with cum waiting to be released. I can't wait to feel your hot cum in my hands. Knowing it is a special part of you, such a personal part from deep inside your body. A part that I was able to coax out of you and hold it in my hot little hands."

You rested your chin on your knees staring into my face as you continued to stroke my cock and asked, "How you doing?"

All I could do was moan.

After hearing my obvious response of pleasure you added, "Hang in there sweetie, it won't be long now. I know I am doing a lot at one time to your cock but this is the way you like it. I want to make you cum good."

You turned your head away from me to admire the result that your efforts on my bloating , throbbing cock were accomplishing.

You started to knead your toes gently into the pelvic area at the base of my cock saying, "I love the way your velvet pubic hairs feel against the bottom of my feet and between my toes. Then you asked me, "Do you like what my toes are doing down there."

All I could do was moan again, and you giggled saying, "I'll take that as a yes."

I could feel the pressure of your toes kneading the pubic area at the base of my shaft forcing up even more cum into my cock while at the same time your hand continued to stroke and milk my cum toward the head. All the while your finger tips were rolling my nuts in their tight nut sack occasionally grabbing one and tugging on it gently. All these actions being performed on me in one small area of my body all at one time, created incredible sensations that no middle aged man could possibly handle for long. My heart was racing and I could feel and hear my blood pounding in my ears.

You must of felt the cum rising in the throbbing of my shaft as it filled up even more because you began to pump faster. The smacking sound the Vaseline made between your hand and my cock only added to the arousal. Your hand was now a relentless machine, pumping faster and faster the full length of my cock all the way up to the head then back down again to the top of your toes, which were kneading even deeper into the soft area at the base of my calf. Then much to my surprise as if this was not pleasure enough to me; I felt you slide your toes down towards my nut sack. I watched as you probed all but the big toe into the part of the sack connected at the base of my cock and begin to wiggle them up and down pulling the sack out and away from my cock. The sensation this created as my swollen nuts pressed against your toes buried in my tight sack was absolutely amazing. Each time your toes wiggled I could feel how my nuts pressed against them. It was almost unbearable, to the point of being racked but not quite.

Your response to this was, "Your nuts are really hard. I bet they are screaming to let loose. I can feel it against my toes."

With each stroke of your hand sliding up toward my cock's head I saw a tiny spurt of pre-cum ejaculate. Your toes continued to work their magic in my tight nut sack. I realized I was about to cum at any moment now. I could not help myself as my hips started to rise in unison to your stroking hand. It was an involuntary action beyond my control that was now being controlled by you. I locked my arms around your legs squeezing them into my chest needing something to hold onto.

Your pleasure giving efforts on my entire groin area were placing me in a state of ectasy.

Seeing how I was starting to lose control you said, " I like the way your body is responding the way it is trying to keep up with all I am doing to it."

I watched as your hand continued to pump while the pressure of your relentless toes wiggled and kneaded out whatever cum I had left in my groin area.

At this time I heard you say, "Don't hold back sweetie, I have strong hands and can go on for hours, just let it all cum out into my hot little hand."

I watched in amazement as you quickened the pace even more. Your hand was pumping frantically, my hips could not keep up with the pace anymore, my body was shaking uncontrollably now. At this point my entire body was completely at your mercy. I was a wet dishrag in your hands. I saw you smile recognizing this. You realized that by now my body had given out, completely going limp. The only thing that was hard was what you held in your hand and that too will eventually give up the ghost.

Recognizing how my body went limp, you said, "that's it sweetie, Now that you are completely relaxed you are all mine. You put up a good effort. Now I am in control. Stay with me for just a little while longer as I finish you off."

I thought to myself, "You have always been in control from the beginning."

All I could do now was watch like a third person looking in as my swollen head appeared then disappeared into the palm of your hand with each stroke. By now your hand was completely soaked with my pre-cum that squirted out with each up stroke of your hand. The site and smell of it was all it took.

I was through.

I buried my face into your knees and groaned, "I am cumming!!"

I heard you say, "cum baby! cum now!"

I felt your legs move from against my chest. I watched as you positioned your right foot between my legs pushing the inside of the ankle against my nut sack. At the same time you placed your left heel on my outside pelvic so that your calf was poised above the head of my cock. I thought how sexy it looked. Your shapely calf muscle loosely hanging there centimeters away from the opening in my purple head.

You said,"Now I am going to jerk you off into my leg, just like in your story. I want to make your fantasy come true."

You slowed down the stroking with your hand and slowly but gently rubbed the head against your beautiful calf. I watched and felt the thumb of your stroking hand apply pressure to the big vein along the underside of my cock and squeeze the cum towards the head in an upward fashion with each slow deliberate stroke, as if you were trying to get the last bit of toothpaste from the tube. I watched as the contact with the smooth skin of your calf against the tip of my cocks head opened the hole up oozing drops of pre-cum out making it stick to your leg. Seeing this took me to an even higher level of pleasure I did not know existed. I was at the point of explosion but not quite there. After a minute of you doing this your leg had captured enough of the pearly drops to cover the whole calf area and added to the slick lubrication.

You then said, "I slowed it down because I know how much you would enjoy this part and did not want you to miss it." Then you asked, "So how am I doing so far?"

All I could do was swallow hard and say, "Oh my God, what a fantastic hand job."

You smiled and said, "Okay baby I think its time. Your breathing pretty hard and I want to feel your hot white cum all over my hand and leg."

With that I felt your fingertips in your free hand run through my pubic hair while they kneaded the base of my cock like bread dough. All the while your stroking hand slowly increase the pace to a rapid pump. As you increased the pressure of your thumb along the swollen vein milking more cum towards the head. Your calf continued to move to and fro rubbing gently against the opening at the head of my cock. I could not watch your hand any longer as it pumped in deliberate and stronger strokes than ever before, but I could feel its frantic pace pull and tighten the skin of my cock with each stroke. By the feel of your hand's efforts and the serious concentration on your face I knew this had to be it. I was going to cum now. The way you were working my cock now made it feel like it was 10 feet tall. By this time my breathing was incredibly short and fast. Each breath that escaped me caused a wisp of hair on your head to rise and fall. I concentrated on the head of my dick as it softly kissed against your lovely leg. Each kiss leaving a string of sticky cum connecting it to your leg. Each touch of your leg would result in new string of cum being pulled from its opening. Your fingertips at the base of my cock began to knead even harder and deeper into my pubic area and I could feel them stir what remaining cum I had left there into my shaft. That feeling was all it took and you recognized it as well as you said, "Oh yes! I can feel it now sweetie. I feel it moving in my hand. I can feel the knot of cum beneath my thumb as it moved through your throbbing cock vein like a volcano about to erupt. Any second now sweetie let it go."

I acknowledged this by groaning, "Oh yes! oh yes! I'm cumming!!"

I threw my head back and grunted as you stroked my cum up into the head of my cock with one final monstrous squeeze of your thumb and upstroke of your hand. I felt your thumb slowly push the knot of cum through my shaft up to the head. I watched as your leg rubbed against the swollen head causing my cum to shoot out against it. When you saw this happen you screamed, "Whooooohoooo! That is beautiful."

I watched as the warm cum that was stored inside me creamed onto your lovely calf down my shaft and onto your still pumping hand. Each time your leg rubbed against the opening of the head it caused another stream of cum to shoot out. Amazingly this occurred three times! Where all this cum had been stored, I have no idea. All your pleasure giving actions on my cock had tapped resources deep in areas I never new existed. After the third ejaculation my cum slowed to an ooze as I watched it drip onto your soothing pumping hand. My cock slowly began to shrink in your palm as you finished milking it dry. You did not stop until it shrank so small you had to switch to stroking it with your fingertips. I was completely spent. You huddled against me curling your legs in till your whole body rested completely in my lap, my limp cock snuggled beneath your calves which were now covered with my sticky white cum. After several minutes in this position you whispered in my ear,"Your still shaking all over. It makes me feel good knowing I can have so powerful an effect on you."

Out of breath I whispered back, "Oh my God!! I never came so hard in my life!! I thought my intestines where going to shoot out of the head of my dick!!"

You laughed and said,"I could feel it in your ejaculation. Those first couple shots of your cum hit my leg pretty hard. I could tell it was gonna be a good one for you by the way your cock throbbed and wiggled in my hand right before you shot your load."

Then I said, "When I stop shaking we will go and get a bite to eat. I need to get my strength back. Afterwards we will return immediately back to our room. At that time it will be your turn to shake. I promise you all my efforts will be directed towards making your inner walls come crashing in like never before."

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