By Frito

I’ve known Mary for about ten years. She was the girlfriend of a high school chum. I maintained a friendship with her even after she and my buddy broke up. We've always gotten along quite well, as she is a very open and personable young woman. Mary has blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair, she’s very slender, stands about 5 foot 6 and has a somewhat stylish and patrician look about her. We even work together, although in different departments.

Since she’s four years younger than I am, I’ve always made jokes about ‘watching her blossom into a grown woman.’

Indeed, she has transformed from a prudish and clueless suburban teenager into a savvy and somewhat uninhibited adult. We joke about sex quite a bit, especially since she got married and had a daughter almost three years ago. She’s a HUGE flirt, so much so that she and her husband cannot even go out clubbing together! While we’ve never been romantically involved, there is one thing that has always fascinated me about Mary.

Namely: her feet.

Mary’s feet are pale and slender with long pretty toes. She says she wears between a 7 and a 7 1/2 sized shoe. The soles are soft, creamy and lightly wrinkled-like Tigerlily's. I’d been lusting after them for years and although she knew about my foot fetish and had no problem with it, I’d never had the nerve to ask to let me play with her toes.

Last October, we were at the office Halloween Party and after a few beers I decided to go for it. After all, we’d confided a lot in each other over the years and I knew that even if I got turned down that she’d keep the matter to herself.

So after I’d had a few beers and my buzz had kicked in, I took her aside and asked her if she could do me a huge favor. I told her that I wanted her feet. Just her feet. I told her that it wouldn’t change anything between us and that I would do everything I could to make sure things stayed that way.

Mary was a little taken aback, but she agreed to it! I couldn’t believe my luck…or maybe she didn’t really understand what I meant. Later on, I went to visit her at her desk. And let her know I wasn’t kidding.

"Are you sure things won’t get weird?" She wanted to know.

I assured her they would not. I told her that although feet were a sexual turn-on for me, I didn’t view foot play as the same as intercourse and that since I didn’t want to fuck her, she didn’t have to worry about me developing feelings or placing demands on her.

She told me to come by the house on the next Friday when her husband was at work and we were both off.

My god, waiting a week was like torture! Talking to her on the phone, Mary still had some misgivings but I did my best to assure her that our friendship would remain intact.

Finally the day arrived! I showed up around noon. Mary, her daughter and I hung out and watched TV. I wasn’t worried about Mary’s husband, as it was not unusual for me to visit on Fridays. Plus, he knew Mary and I were good friends. I knew things about his wife that he didn’t, that’s for sure!

After an hour or two, it was time for Mary’s daughter to go down for a nap. Mary put her to bed and came back into the room. She looked at me expectantly.

This was it! The moment I’d been waiting for!

‘Come here’, I said.

She sat down on the couch. I moved down to the floor and untied her Keds. I tried not to rush; I wanted to savor every moment. The sight of her socked feet sliding out of her shoes thrilled me!

My cock felt like it would rip through my pants as I gently peeled off her white cotton socks. Her feet were slightly moist and very soft. I took each creamy foot and massaged it in order to get Mary to relax.

She wanted to know what I wanted her to do next. I told her to lay on her back on the couch and just enjoy herself. Since the couch was the middle part of a sectional, there was no armrest to get in way. I could easily kneel there at the end and do what need to be done.

I began kissing her instep, lightly at first. Enjoying the wrinkled flesh there. Savoring the taste of her foot. Then I started rubbing my face against her satiny soles. I loved the way her feet smelled! She’d lotioned them…

Then I started licking her soles. She giggled at first, wriggling her toes. When I asked her if I was tickling her she said no, that it felt a little weird, but she was really starting to enjoy it.

I continued with my ministrations, plunging my tongue between her long toes. I heard her sigh as I explored those soft, tender toes. I sucked each one, holding it with my lips and making little circles with my tongue on the pad of her toes.

At the same time I had to open my pants, I was so inflamed I began to moan softly as I jerked off. I knew I’d have to pace myself, so I tried to distract myself by trying to explore her feet as much as possible. I wanted to remember the way she tasted and smelled, the texture of her soles and the soft flesh between her toes…

When I could wait no longer, I asked Mary to turn onto her stomach.

I pulled the leg of Mary’s pants up so I could kiss and lick her ankles and the backs of her knees. I could feel the tension in her legs and thighs and I hoped she was enjoying herself as much as I was.

I felt so full down below I thought I was going to explode!

After 20 or minutes of kissing, licking and sucking, I grabbed Mary’s feet, applied some lotion from a small bottle I’d brought with me and lay my cock on her soles. They felt heavenly! I started rubbing and pumping at her left sole while sucking the toes on her right foot.

‘Do you know what I’m doing?’ I asked her.

"MmmHmm", was her languid reply. She flexed her toes. Ohhh…

The friction from rubbing my dick on those naked, soft soles was driving me crazy!

"Hold me with your toes!" I gasped.

She did, and seeing those long toes closing around the sides of my cock sent me right over the edge.

Hot come shot out of me all over her soles! I pumped for a few seconds longer before falling over.

After a minute or two I used my T-shirt to wipe the come off her feet. Then I staggered off to the bathroom to clean up. My legs felt rubbery and my dick was so sensitive it stung.

When I came back, Mary was sitting on her knees next to the fireplace. She was smoking a cigarette. I flopped down on the couch.

‘That was just as good as the real thing’, I said.

‘Did you enjoy it?’

She smiled looking a little dazed.


Since then, Mary and I have gotten together more than a half dozen times. Because I still feel guilty about my foot fetish and the things I have to do to get my need met, I’ve asked her several times if she wants to back out. I even showed her this story before I emailed it! Yet he assures me that she’s having a good time!

"It just feels nice," She says.

I’m not exactly sure what she gets out of it, but sometimes you just gotta take 'yes' for an answer!

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