"Love In"

It was maybe the late 60’s or early 70’s. You know what they always say about that time period... if you remember it, you weren’t there! Well, there are some things you simply can’t forget about that time period and some of my fondest memories relate back to that lost era of history. Especially that all those bell bottom jean, barefooted women!

Like I said, it was probably the late 60’s or early 70’s and the hippie movement was still alive and well. Barefooting was a way of life and guys had hair so long that it was the envy of many women. War protests were common place and everyone had a “cause” they were supporting. It was barefoot women heaven for guys like me that harbored a secret foot fetish for female feet because barefooted women were everywhere!

I was one of the zillion hippies of that era with hair down to the middle of my back, bell bottom jeans, balloon sleeved shirt, and barefooted like most of us in that generation. My story relates to one of the many ‘free love’ adventures I had during that time... a time when the battle cry was, “ Make love, not war”.

I can still remember the first time I saw Pamela. She was hanging out with a group of friends of mine at a local park we always used to just about live at. Pamela was 20 years old, a natural blonde (we will get to that!), about 5’ 2” tall and about a 120 lbs. She was wearing a bandanna around her forehead with baby’s breath flowers and daisies tucked into it on the side. A tie-dyed T-shirt, wide flared bell bottom jeans, and the cutest bare feet your eyes had ever seen.

As I approached the group, Pamela turned to look at me. Our eyes met and I could feel an instant attraction between us. It was almost electrical. Pamela sized me up from head to naked toe as I did the same to her. Pamela was one of those woman who melted your heart with her outward beauty before you ever heard her speak. As I joined the group Pamela said, “Hey, man... I dig those threads... you really look groovy!”.

“Thank you, love”, I replied and then continued, “What is your name? I don’t think I have ever seen you before.”

“My name is Pamela, my friends all call me Pam; what’s yours?”, Pamela inquired.

“My name is Bob, and my friends all call me, Bob”, I quipped.

Pamela laughed, probably out of politeness since my joke wasn’t all that funny. Jim, John, Sue, and Heather made up the rest of our little group that was standing there in the park. It was a warm summer day and sun was blazing though a cloudless blue sky. Jim and John both said, “It is about time you got here, man... Pam has been waiting to meet you... we told her you were a hip, groovy guy that she had to meet.” Sue and Heather smiled and Heather said, “Pam is a friend of mine and I told her all about you.” Pam blushed slightly as no doubt I did too at all the undo attention.

As I looked at Pam my eyes always wandered down to her bare feet. She had perfect feet... shapely toes, high arches, and extremely dirty soles. My heart raced at the sight of such beautiful dirty feet!

My stare was interrupted by John who said, “Hey, man... let’s all go to my pad. My parents are out of town for two weeks and we can make the best of things! We can all have a ‘love in’. You guys commin’ ?” No argument from any of us as we all headed over to John’s house. Now Heather was John’s woman and Sue was Jim’s steady ole lady, though sometimes love was shared between all of us. Pam was destined to be my lady and neither Pam or I protested about that! The walk over to John’s house seemed to take forever though he only lived a few blocks from the park. As we walked, Pam slid up next to me and wrapped her arm around my waist. I slid my arm around Pam’s waist. As we walked side by side, Pam laid her head on my shoulder and said, “Oh, baby... would you like to share your love with me when we get to John’s pad?”

“Only for forever, love.”, I replied. Pamela smiled and kissed me gently on my neck. I could smell her flower scented blonde hair as I kissed her on the top of her head.

We finally arrived at John’s house and walked up the steps in front of his house. John opened the door and all of us went inside. The air inside John’s house was heavy with the aroma of Patchouli incense. We headed down to the basement where the heady scent of Sandalwood incense mingled with Strawberry incense.

John’s room was carpeted in a plush shag that felt delightful under our bare feet. A couple bean bag chair were scattered about the floor along with what seemed like a zillion plush pillows scattered about. In the center of the room was king sized canopy waterbed with mirror in the canopy. Heather and Sue stripped naked almost immediately as John fired up his stereo turntable with the soundtrack from Woodstock, taped a couple years back and pressed into a nice three volume album set.

Heather was a brunette with a shapely figure cute little toes. Sue had blonde hair but her dark roots and brown pubic patch betrayed her as a true brunette. Sue had the most incredible breasts with nipples that always seemed to stay hard. Sue had wonderful feet like Heather... but neither had the beautiful feet that Pamela had!

There had been many ‘love ins” at John’s house in the past since his parents seemed to be gone more than they were home... which was very cool to us! I remembered back to when I was dating Gail. All of us... John, Jim, Heather, Sue, Gail and I would all climb on John’s waterbed and it often became one wild orgy. All my friends knew of my foot fetish and once Gail, Sue and Heather all converged on me with their dirty bare feet. Gail, Sue, and Heather all made bets that they could be the first to make me cum with their feet. I have to tell you that there is no greater pleasure than having six dirty bare feet probing and stroking your manhood all at once!! It was hard to tell who won the bet since I buried my hardened tool between all six of those beautifully dirty feet and came like a race horse as all those talented toes drove me over the edge!

John and Jim stripped naked like Heather and Sue which left the only two people still dressed.... Pamela and myself. “This is really groovy!”, Pamela said at the sight of the four naked people. With that, Pamela pulled off her tie-dyed T-shirt, exposing her perky firm breasts with hardened nipples. Pamela glanced over at me and said, “Come on, man! Get naked!”. With that, Pamela stood up and pulled her bell bottom jeans down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She pulled down her panties and I could see her blonde bush. She was definitely a natural blonde!!

Not wanting to be the last one dressed I think I about tore off my clothes and tossed them into the corner of the room. There I stood, naked and facing a stark naked Pamela. She was even more beautiful naked. Pamela stepped forward and wrapped her hands around my waist. She pulled me tight to her naked body and I could feel her firm nipples rubbing against my naked chest. I remember the next thing I felt... it was the warmth of her naked dirty foot sliding up my leg to calf level and down again to my instep. I could feel her warm naked sole resting on the instep of my right foot. Pamela tilted her head to the side, her long blonde hair draping across her naked flesh. Our lips met and she began to deeply kiss me as she once again began to run the sole of her foot up and down my hairy leg.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that no one was wasting any time getting down to loving. As Heather kissed John deeply, Sue was on her knees in front of him swallowing his swollen member down to it’s base while Jim, on his knees, began to penetrate Sue from behind.

I could hear Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” in the background as Pamela kneeled in front of my hard, throbbing cock. Pam began to playfully lick and tease my turgid member until taking all of me into her hot, wet mouth. It felt like velvet inside her hot mouth as she glided up and down upon my shaft.

I looked over and saw Sue still on her knees on the floor as Jim pounded her from behind in classic doggie style. John and Heather had retreated to the waterbed. I could see John laying on his back as Heather’s lips slid up and down his pole.

Pamela continued to slide her hot mouth up and down the length of my hardened shaft. Then she paused for a moment and began to lick and suckle my balls. She was driving me wild! Pamela again paused and planted a deep wet kiss on my mouth. She whispered, “I hear you are really into feet... I love it when a man makes love to my feet! I love to feel a thick long cock sliding between my toes and the feel of hot slippery cum covering my toes!”. In 90’s terms, “What more could I possibly ask for!!!”.

Without hesitation, Pamela sat back... her naked blonde bush was wet with anticipation and her nipples were even harder than when she first stripped off her clothes. As I kneeled before her, Pamela brought her right foot up to my turgid tool. She spread her toes and my cock slid between her big toe and second toe. My cock was wet from the oral attention Pam had just given me and I could feel the rough grit of her dirty toes on my throbbing, sensitive cock. As the toes of her right foot slid up and down my manhood, I could feel the dirty toes of her left foot playing with my balls.

I looked over to the waterbed. John, Heather, Jim and Sue had all gotten on the waterbed together now. Sue was kissing Heather as John was running his tongue across Heather’s pink, wet womanhood. Heather had Jim’s cock in her hand as slowly slid her hand up and down the length of Jim’s rod.

Meanwhile, Pam had slid her fingers down to her wet, blonde bush and began to masturbate. Pam’s toes continued to slide up and down my shaft as the toes of her left foot continued to tease my balls. “That’s it!”, cried Pam, “Make love to my feet.... I want you to pump my feet full of you hot love!”.

Pam threw her head back and screamed as she began to cum. I could she her fingers drenched in her own love juices as her body shook with orgasmic pleasure. Her fingers were making wild circles around her clit and she began driving her fingers deep within her wet tunnel of love. I grabbed her foot... the one that had been riding my rock hard shaft, and began to furiously pump between her toes. I looked down at her beautiful dirty feet. Her soles were black from walking barefooted continuously. She raised her left foot to my lips as I began to drive my tongue between her delightfully dirty toes. Pam began to orgasm again as my wet tongue ran across her gritty black sole. I could feel my balls begin to tighten and a slight tickle begin to well up deep within my loins. Pam orgasmed hard as I began to suck the toes of her left foot. The grittyness of her toes and sole felt wonderful against my smooth wet tongue.

I glanced quickly over to the waterbed in time to see Heather giving John’s shaft an oral workout as Sue licked Heather’s womanhood. Jim had his turgid tool buried deep within Sue. John groaned as his hot load shot up and into Heather’s hair. Heather came hard as Sue buried her tongue deep between Heather’s pink lips. Sue let out a muffled orgasmic scream as Jim drove her over the orgasmic edge. I could tell Jim was cumming deep within Sue as he tossed his head backward and moaned in pleasure.

Meanwhile, as Pamela’s body tightened into riding the crest of still another orgasm, I began to cum between her toes of her right foot as I still wildly licked the sole of her dirty left foot. Cum shot between Pamela’s toes and onto her instep. I began to rub my erupting cock across the dirty sole of her right foot and I pumped another hot load down her sole. Pamela purred in pleasure as she could feel my hot love flowing over her right foot. As I emptied my last load on Pamela’s foot I could see my white creamy cum flowing down her dirty sole. Without hesitation I brought Pamela’s cum covered right foot up to my mouth and began to lick her cum drenched foot clean. Pamela began to play with herself again. As I licked between her cum laden toes, she came again. There was a large wet spot under Pamela’s ass where her love juices had drenched the carpeting. After licking her foot almost clean, Pamela gave me a big hug and we once again began to kiss deeply.

John, Jim, Heather, and Sue were all laying on their backs on the waterbed after their intense love making. Pamela and I joined them on the bed as Jimi Hendrix was just finishing “The Star Spangled Banner”. There was still a lot more of the album to hear, the day was still young and I’ll relate the rest of that day’s ‘love in’ in the next story!

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