"Krystal's Wish"

Was a Friday afternoon when my girlfriend, Kim, and I decided it would be nice to invite Kim’s younger sister over for supper that evening. Kim’s sister’s name is Krystal and she is drop dead gorgeous. Krystal is single, 21 years old, and has a great sense of humor.

Kim gave Krystal a call and Krystal said she would love to come over for supper that evening. I set about getting started on cooking the dinner for that evening since I really like to cook. Kim tidied up the house while I got busy in the kitchen. I decided to make one of Kim’s favorites, chicken in white wine sauce topped with mushrooms. I figured I would round out the meal with an herbal rice, steamed vegetables, and a few bottles of chilled white wine.

Kim had been running around all day barefooted as she always did and the sight of her dirty soles was really turning me on. As Kim came into the kitchen to see how supper was progressing, I grabbed her affectionately around the waist and started kissing her. Kim giggled and looked up at the clock on the kitchen wall. “Ummm... I don’t think we have time for even a quickie. Krystal will be here in 5 minutes!”, Kim said.

Kim sat on one of the kitchen chairs next to where I was cooking. As I turned around to go to the sink, Kim brought her right foot up to my crotch and started to massage my cock through my pants. I immediately got hard as a rock at the feel of her wonderful feet on my manhood. Kim reached for my belt buckle and just as she did, the doorbell rang! I was about as wound up as I could get but Krystal was ringing the doorbell. “We will take care of that later tonight.”, Kim stated as she rubbed my swollen cloth bound cock and went to answer the door.

Krystal was right on time and supper was just about complete. I could hear Kim and Krystal chatting away in the living room and soon both of them were in the kitchen. My manhood had thankfully gone back to normal size so as not to betray what Kim and I had been doing just a moment before. Krystal said, “Hi, Bob! You are looking cute as usual!”

I laughed and said, “Cute? I know you don’t mean me!”

Krystal laughed and went back to talking to Kim about the great deal she got on her new shoes. As they chatted I had a chance to check Krystal out in visual detail without looking obvious.

Krystal had really long, straight, brown hair that hung to her shapely waist. She had pretty green eyes like Kim. Krystal was wearing this tight fitting top, blue jeans, and her new shoes. Krystal’s new shoes consisted of a strappy black sandal dress shoe with high heels. The high heel of her sandals really accented her high arches. Krystal wasn’t wearing any nylons so her naked foot was exposed through the small narrow straps of her sandals. The balls of her feet looked very sexy in this style of sandal. Her white toe nail polish was perfectly applied and I struggled not to betray my excitement with a lump in the front of my pants!

Krystal knew about my fascination with female feet because Kim had told her all about it. At first I was embarrassed when Kim told me that she had told Krystal about my foot fetish. Kim told me that Krystal thought it was “really cool”, which allowed me a sigh of relief. Then Kim told me Krystal was envious of Kim since her feet got all the attention!

Well Kim and Krystal were chatting up a storm and Kim asked if the wine was chilled yet.

I replied that it was and Kim got out three wine glasses. Kim opened the first bottle of wine and poured all of us a full glass of wine. We all took a drink of our wine and Krystal said, “Wow! This is great wine!” Kim and Krystal started chatting again and headed back into the living room.

I finished making our supper and walked into the living room to get Kim and Krystal. Kim had her bare feet up on the coffee table, her dirty soles taunting me seductively. Krystal said, “I have to get out of these!” and slowly removed her sandals. The tops of her feet had strap marks from her sandals and I could see her wonderfully high arches as Krystal rubbed her naked feet.

“Oooo... that feels a lot better!”, Krystal commented as she looked at me for a reaction.

Krystal smiled a seductive little grin and I squirmed a bit trying to stay looking cool and unaffected.

“Supper is served, ladies!”, I announced.

“It’s about time!”, Krystal playfully quipped. “You know how hungry I am”, Krystal said with a wink. I immediately caught the double meaning and apparently Kim did also.

Kim laughed and said, “Krystal... you are such a slut puppy!”

We all laughed and headed into the kitchen for our meal. Kim sat directly across from me at the table and Krystal sat to my right. We poured ourselves more wine and started eating. The conversation was lively and fun and I think all of us were beginning to feel the affects of the wine. We finished our meal and I opened the second bottle of wine. We all sat there for quite a while drinking and laughing. As the wine took more of an affect the conversation became more wild and free.

“So,”, Krystal began, “I hear you are a foot man!”

I almost choked on my wine. I think I may have blushed a bit at the directness of Krystal’s comment. Before I could say anything, Kim said, “ Oh yeah! Bob REALLY loves feet... especially dirty bare ones! Don’t you, Bob?”

I think the wine was beginning to loosen my inhibitions and I said, “Yep! I think dirty female feet are extremely sexy. Heck... all female naked feet are extremely sexy!”

“Do you think I have sexy feet?”, Krystal asked point blank.

“I don’t know... let’s have a look at them!”, I replied.

Krystal brought her legs up and rested both her naked feet in my lap! Krystal’s feet were incredible! Her arches were so high and the balls of her feet drove me into an instant hard on. Her toes were perfectly shaped and her white toe nail polish made my hardened cock start to throb.

“You have great feet!”, I commented.

Krystal turned her right foot to the side to expose the sole of her foot. It was delightfully wrinkled and looked so soft!

“Yeah, but the bottom of my feet are clean.”, said Krystal.

“True!”, I said. “But I will forgive you this time!”

Krystal giggled and removed her feet from my lap and said, “I never had a man that paid any attention to my feet... Kim you are one lucky woman! You probably get your feet and toes licked all time. Not to mention getting to do a foot job! The only attention my feet get is when I lick them myself! I wish I could find a guy who would worship my feet!”

My heart raced and my cock throbbed at what Krystal had just said. Maybe it was just the wine talking, but Krystal was either being completely honest or just looking to turn me on. Either way, I sure didn’t mind!

Kim, feeling the effects of the wine, shot back with, “Yes, I am a lucky woman! I love it when Bob licks my feet and toes. I especially love the feel of his hardened cock between my naked toes! I love it when he cums and covers my feet with his hot load!”

“Kim, you are such a little lucky bitch!”, Krystal laughed.

“Oh, yeah!, well you are such a little slut puppy!”, Kim countered with a hardy laugh.

I just sat there speechless although the hard prong in my pants nodded it’s approval!

Without continuing the line of chat further, we all got up and went into the living room. Krystal said, “Hey! I am out of wine! Waiter... get me more wine!”, and she placed her wine glass between the large and second toe of her right foot. and presented her empty glass.

The sight of her toes wrapped around the stem of the wine glass really got me going! I cradled the sole of her foot in my right palm and removed the wine glass with my left hand. I wanted to reach down and kiss the top of Krystal’s foot, but I thought Kim might get mad if I made such a move on her sister.

I returned with a full glass of wine and Krystal soon had that finished it. “Crap.. just bring me the bottle!”, Krystal demanded with a giggle. She was obviously getting really drunk and Kim and I were not too far behind her.

As the hour got late and the bottles of wine disappeared we were all pretty toasted. Krystal was extremely toasted and Kim and I insisted that she spend the night in our spare bedroom. Krystal didn’t resist and I led her back to our spare bedroom. I turned on the small lamp that sat on the nightstand table. I sat Krystal down at the foot of the bed and even though she was sitting, she was still wobbling. I pulled back the covers from the bed and looked over at Krystal who had pulled of her top already exposing her satin bra. Krystal undid her jeans and stood up. She pulled down the zipper on her jeans and peeled them down to just below her knees before falling backwards onto the bed. Her legs hung over the edge of the bed and she started laughing at her inability to even get undressed. I went to the foot of the bed and tugged her jeans off her legs. Looking down I could see her marvelous bare feet and fantastic toes just inches from my crotch. I could feel myself getting hard at just the mere sight of Krystal’s feet.

Kim came into the room about that time and we both helped Krystal to get under the covers wearing only her bra and panties. Krystal was laying on her stomach and Kim pulled the covers over her up to her shoulders.

Kim and I left the room and headed to our bedroom which was the room next to Krystal’s. Kim peeled out of her clothes and with a sexy look in her eye, came over to me. Kim seductively undressed me and we both stood there stark naked. We both got into our bed on top of the covers. Sitting naked next to one another, Kim said, “You remember earlier this evening when Krystal said her wish was to find someone to make love to her feet?”

“Sure”, I replied wondering what was coming next.

“I talked to Krystal while you were out of the room getting more wine. Krystal was really wound up about someday having her feet worshipped and the fact that you found her feet so attractive. She noticed your hard on by the way. Anyway... well... I have a favor to ask.”

My heart started racing at the possibility of what Kim was about to suggest. “What is it?”, I asked.

“Well... Krystal is my sister and I lover her a lot... do you think you could... well... make love to my sister’s feet?”

My heart was pounding in my chest with excitement at what Kim had just suggested. I said, “Sure, Kim! But Krystal is kind of out of it right now!”

“She is a bit tipsy, but she isn’t as drunk as she let on to being. That was for your benefit so you would think she didn’t realize she was undressing in front of you! Why don’t you go over to Krystal’s room and give her a special surprise.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I sure wasn’t going to turn down the offer!! “Ok, Kim... I’ll go over there right now!” I said.

Kim gave me a kiss and I walked into Krystal’s room. Krystal looked to be fast asleep. She had left the small light on that sat on the nightstand. Krystal was still laying on her back and the sole of her right foot hung out of the covers. As I got closer I could see the high arch of Krystal’s right foot and her delightfully wrinkled sole. My cock started to swell with excitement as I kneeled next to Krystal’s exposed sole. I cradled Krystal’s right foot in my hands. It felt so warm and wonderful. Krystal stirred slightly but seemed to still be asleep. Slowly and carefully I brought my mouth close to Krystal’s naked sole and began to slowly run my tongue over her wrinkled sole. I could smell the leather from her sandal lingering on her delightfully naked foot. Krystal began to giggle a bit and then began to purr with approval as my tongue ran from her toes down to her heel and back down again to her toes. My cock was fully hard and throbbing intensely as my tongue began to probe the underside of Krystal’s warm toes. I began to gently suck the ball of Krystal’s foot and then to gently suckle each and every toe. As my tongue darted between each of Krystal’s toes, I could feel her stirring a bit as her left foot emerged from under the covers sole side up like her right foot.

I began to lick her left foot as I had done to her right. Krystal turned her head to the side and glanced at me through half closed eyes. Krystal smiled her approval and mumbled into her pillow, “Oooo, yes!” Krystal was mostly asleep but she was waking up a little more the longer I continued. I worked my tongue over every inch of Krystal’s left sole. No wrinkle went un-licked! I slowly licked between each and everyone of her fantastic toes and my manhood throbbed between my legs.

Having finished the bottoms of each of Krystal’s feet, Krystal rolled onto her back and kicked the covers back from her body. Krystal had stripped off her bra and panties and was as totally naked as I was! I glanced over to see Krystal’s bra and panties laying next her on the bed. I got onto the foot end of the bed with Krystal’s feet almost touching my excited manhood. Krystal lifted her head, saw that I was at her feet, and smiled when she saw that my excitement was definitely showing!

I cradled Krystal’s right foot in my hand and beginning with the sole of her foot, I worked my tongue back over every inch of her naked sole, between her toes, and then onto the top of her gorgeous foot. I was on my knees at her feet, my legs spread far apart, and my cock standing fully erect.

Just as I was starting to cradle and lick Krystal’s left foot I felt a pair of warm hands behind me caressing my ass. I turned to see Kim smiling and she kneeled behind me pressing her hot naked breasts deeply into my chest. As I started to lick and suckle Krystal’s left foot I could feel Kim moving behind me. As I glanced down between my legs I could see that Kim was now on her back with her head between my parted legs. Kim reached up and began to stroke my throbbing rod with her right hand as I began to lick Krystal’s foot ever more wildly. I could feel Kim bend my hardened shaft downward and suddenly felt Kim’s lips take my cock between them. Kim began to suck my shaft hard and I took Krystal’s feet, one in each hand and began to run my tongue between Krystal’s toes. Krystal was almost totally awake now and I saw Krystal run her hand between her own legs and begin to rub her fuzzy pink womanhood.

Kim again adjusted her position so that now her head was between Krystal’s raised feet. As I brought the soles of Krystal’s feet down to the level of my cock, Kim placed Krystal’s feet on either side of my aching cock. I began to run my hardened manhood between Krystal’s delightfully high arches. Since Kim was on the other side of Krystal’s feet facing me, with each stroke I took between Krystal’s feet I could feel Kim’s warm tongue lick the head of my shaft. Krystal was moaning with pleasure as she continued to rub her pink pussy lips and clit.

Kim once again shifted positions. This time face up just below my balls. My cock was sliding between Krystal’s wet soles and Krystal was starting to cum. Kim began to lick my balls and then to take them into her warm mouth as I continued to fuck between Krystal’s arches. Krystal was cumming hard. I could see her nipples standing hard on her beautiful firm breasts. I began to run my cock between each of Krystal’s toes as Kim continued to lick and suckle my balls. I could feel myself starting to cum and I began to rub my shaft on the wrinkled soles of Krystal’s feet. Krystal was riding wave after wave of orgasm as I could feel my self about to join her. With a loud moan I shot my first hot load of cum onto Krystal’s soles. The hot, white river ran down Krystal’s wrinkled soles. I ran my cock between the big and second toe of Krystal’s right foot and another hot load shot from my pulsating rod running down between Krystal’s toes and onto the top of her right foot. As I pushed my cock hard between the big and second toe of Krystal’s left foot, another hot load exploded between her toes and ran onto the top of her left foot. Krystal was going wild! She was cumming again and again. The sound of her orgasm, the sight of her naked flesh, the feel of her naked feet, plus Kim’s hot tongue licking my balls drove me to explode with one final burst. My cum rolled down my cock, and onto my balls where Kim licked each and every drop from them. As Kim licked my balls clean, I began to lick Krystal’s feet clean. Krystal started to cum again as my tongue cleaned each and every drop of cum from her cum drenched feet. I sucked each of Krystal’s toes as orgasm after orgasm coursed through Krystal’s body.

Finally, we all lay naked on the bed together. Krystal kissed me on the lips and then Krystal kissed her sister and said, “Thanks Sis! Thanks, Bob!... this was a wish come true!”

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