"A Kept Promise Pt. 2"
By Kessler

I came out of my brief slumber to the voice of Diane saying, "Kristen, I think he is waking up."

I could also feel my dick being fondled into semi-hardness. I had passed out with my legs still spread both Kristen and Diane seated between them. Nothing had changed they were still there. Both sets of their beautifully tanned legs were still shimmering with baby oil. Kristen had scooted in closely resting her bent leg on my groin in such a way that she had my dick locked behind her right knee, sandwiched between her calf and the back of her smooth thigh. I could see the head of my cock peeking out. She was slowly rotating her ankle at the end of that leg causing her calf muscle to flex and gently massage my cock back into a state of semi hardness. It was a soothing and wonderful sensation.

It was obvious that both these two young women knew what I liked and new how to turn me on in an instant.

Kristen smiled at me when she saw I was awake and said, "Morning sunshine, its about time you woke up, your dick has been up for several minutes now, I enjoyed watching it slowly rise up through my leg as you were sleeping. Your dick does seem to have a mind of its own. You moaned and squirmed in your sleep as I gently pumped your cock."

Diane laughed, "I made a bet with her that she could not get you fully hard before you woke up. Looks like I won."

Kristen argued, "I did get him half hard at least."

I watched as Diane rubbed more oil into her hands and on her feet and legs. Her legs are amazingly long and slender. The skin on her legs is so smooth young and fresh. Her feet are just as great with a high arch. Her toes are long and slightly curled down. After applying the oil she positioned herself along the outside of my right hip. She faced in towards my groin and threw her long left leg across my chest and slipped her right foot in between my legs. I watched as she leaned to the right searching for access to my nuts. I felt the tips of her toes slip underneath them and gently lift them up pulling them out and away. She kept her toes there and slowly wiggled them around. The sensation of her toes digging and prodding in my nut sack caused me to slightly shiver and squirm with excitement.

Kristen said to Diane, "I can tell he likes that. Your toes just made his dick grow at least another inch."

Diane said, "My toes like being there. His sack is so warm and soft."

Diane looked at me and smiled as I felt her prod her big toe between both my nuts and then circle it around the left one and then the right one, alternating between the two.

It had become obvious to me that the conversation they were having between the two of them was part of what they had planned and designed to add to my excitement.

I said to them both, "I love it when you guys talk this way."

I threw my head back and could only say, "Oh my God, Oh my God, that feels so good Diane."

Diane and Kristen laughed and Diane said to Kirsten, "See what did I tell you he definitely likes my big toe in his nuts."

Kristen said, "No kidding, I felt his dick just grow another inch or two, he is almost fully hard just by what you did."

She wiggled her toe more quickly and said to me, " I put my leg on your chest should you need something to hold onto Justin. Your gonna need to because we are gonna make you cum real hard."

She then turned her foot toward my face slowly rubbing the top of her foot against my left cheek. I turned my head and kissed the top of her foot. I grabbed the lower part of her leg with both my hands and held on.

Seeing me do this to her foot Diane giggled saying, "Justin you are a kid in a candy store."

I began to feel Kristen slowly pumping my cock with her leg. As she did this Diane reached over and grabbed the head of my dick between her thumb and index finger softly pulling up and down on the head while Kristen continued to pump my shaft. Diane's toes did not stop their relentless wriggling in my sack as I felt them probe even deeper.

All these different sensations they were doing to my groin area caused me to thrust and writhe. Each time Diane's two fingers squeezed and pulled on the sensitive head of my cock I could not control myself from thrusting up hard. Diane realized what her fingers were doing to me. Each time her fingers caused me to thrust I saw a smile cross her face.

Kristen said, " I can feel his cock growing bigger now, he is almost completely hard. I feel it throbbing. I can't wait to see his cum all over my leg." With that she started to pump my cock even harder with her leg. I could feel her powerful leg pounding into my pelvis with each down stroke creating a slapping sound. Her calf felt smooth and slick against my cock, it made a squishing sound with each stroke of her leg. Each time her leg would slap into my pelvis Diane's thumb and index finger squeezed just below the head of my cock. Then as Kristen's leg stroked up the shaft Diane would pull up on the head just before it would disappear between Kristen's calf and thigh. The sensation I was feeling was two strokes in one.

I began to groan and thrust even more as Diane and Kristen quickened the pace. I could hear Diane's fingers on the head of my cock created a slick snapping sound with each quick jerking motion. I watched her purse her lips as she concentrated on what she was doing to me. The pace of her fingers jerking over the sensitive area of my head was so quick now that my thrusts were not able to keep up. Instead I could only quiver on occasion. My muscles ached, and remained locked up the whole time they both worked on my cock.

Diane leaned over and placed her left hand on my chest. She turned to me and said, " What we are doing here really has you tense and shaky. Your heart is pounding."

My cock was completely hard by now and I was worried because I was not feeling the sensation of having to cum yet, I knew I was in for a long night. The plan that the girls had of getting me off quickly the first time worked and now they were able to do with me what they will. They learned quickly that because I was a leg and footman they had the advantage and getting me hard would not be a problem.

I grabbed the ankle of Diane's left leg and began to lick and suck her toes. She commented, "mmmmm, I like that Justin."

Kristen, all business like, said, "Okay, I think he is as hard as he is going to get."

Diane finally stopped what she was doing to the head of my dick and I was able to relax my body.

Kristen unwrapped her leg from around my cock and moved from between my legs and sat on the bed along side my left hip facing Diane.

This brief respite from their actions offered me the opportunity to relax and catch my breath, but it was only for a few seconds.

They both saw me do this and laughed.

Diane looked at me and lifted up her long leg from my chest and rubbed the bottom of her foot back and forth across my chest. Seeing her lovely calf muscle sway to and fro as she did this excited me further. Then she said, "Okay Justin catch your breath because it is time for you to cum now."

She removed the toes of her right foot from my nut sack and locked the base of my shaft between her big toe and second toe. Diane did the same with the toes of her right foot placing them directly above Diane's toes.

Kristen said, "that's a nice looking toe sandwich wouldn't you agree Justin?"

I replied slightly out of breath "absolutely beautiful."

It certainly was as I could see the shiny contrast between Kristen's black toe polish and Diane's cherry red. Their toes held my cock straight up and down, keeping it perpendicular to the rest of my body. Kristen continued to rub the bottom of her left foot across my chest, stomach and down to my pubic region at the base of my cock.

Kristen lifted her left leg and applied a heavy coat of baby oil onto the calf. Then she extended her foot out towards Diane who cupped the heel of it in her right hand.

In this position with Kristen's foot resting in Diane's right hand Diane guided Kirsten's calf towards the head of my cock pressing it against the sensitive underside of the swollen head. The view I was taking in now was incredible, nothing but long luscious legs, feet and toes all over me.

Kristen smiled at me and said, "This is it, and you know what's coming now don't you."

Diane giggled and said, "I think it is more appropriate to say, you know who is Cumming now."

Diane reached over with her left hand and gripped the upper part of my shaft just below the head with her fingers and began to slowly pump my shaft while at the same time pressing the underside of my cock's head into Kristen's smooth calf. As she did this she also slightly raised and lowered Kristen's heal causing her calf to rub against the sensitive skin area. As if this was not enough stimulation they both used the toes they had locked around the base of my shaft flexing them up and down in unison. The kneading sensation caused by their heels pressing into my groin area as they did this started the early rumblings of bringing fresh cum up.

Feeling this I sighed, "Yes, finally. Please do not stop that feels so good what you are doing."

Diane heard me and asked, "What part feels the best Justin?"

I said, "It all feels good but your heals feel so good pressing into me down there."

Diane smiled and said, "Oh yeah. Well let's make it feel even better."

She told Kirsten to push harder with her heal and she did the same with hers. Then she reached over with her left hand and began to massage her fingertips deep into the soft pubic area around the base of my cock and around the heels of their feet.

I responded immediately to what they did, "Yes, Oh yes, I feel it Cumming up. Feels so good don't stop Diane Keep pushing there."

Diane laughed loudly saying to Kristen, "I think we struck oil here, whoooohoooo. Look at him go. Hahahahahaha."

Their toes continued to pump me faster now and I said, "Push harder Diane make me cum."

I felt Diane's heel push harder and her fingers dig deeper in answer to my request. Kristen did the same with her heel.

I was thrusting hard into the air as they push, prodded and jerked my cock.

Kristen told Diane to stop, telling her its' too soon.

She said, "Lets make him last longer. I want to keep him going."

Diane said, "You're right" and stopped her massaging fingers and wrapped them around the shaft again as she resumed stroking and rubbing the head of my cock into Kristen's leg.

I groaned as the feeling slowly subsided I was almost there but I could feel that my cock was slightly gorged.

Diane saw my frustration and said, "Oh poor baby, don't worry you will cum soon and it will be good."

They were both set up in such a way that I could feel their big toes squeezing the large vein along the underside of my shaft, Diane's thumb, closer to the head, milked that vein as well. The pressure of my head being pressed against Kristen's tan calf was beginning to cause stirrings in my groin again along with the continued pressure of their heels in that area.

After a few moments of this Kristen said to Diane, "Can you feel his cock beginning to twitch between your toes? That is so neat."

Diane said, "Yes I feel it too. I think he is getting ready."

Diane then slid her left foot down into my pubic area at the base of my cock and began to press her toes heavily into that area kneading the soft skin like bread dough, slipping her toes underneath the flexing toes of their other feet. Her foot and toes were now doing what her hand and fingers had done earlier.

That was all it took to get me started again. Feeling the pressure of her toes as she did this caused me to thrust my hips upward.

Kristen laughed, "Oh yes, and he is off to the races again"

Diane laughed, "What can I say, my toes are magic." Pressing her toes in even deeper as she said this."

Kristen said, "Lets pick up the pace."

With that I felt Diane quicken the short strokes of her fingers as well as moving Kirsten's calf. Their toes still locked around my shaft flexed even more. I watched Diane's fine long calf muscle of her left leg flex as she kneaded her toes deeper into my pubic region.

They both were working me over good. My heart was racing and my blood was pumping. My breathing was giving me away as my breaths were coming in short gasps. The sensation and pressure of my cock's head into Kristen's calf was almost unbearable. It caused me to rise up and I could see the head of my cock was turning a light purple. I groaned and grabbed the closest thing to me, Diane's long left leg. I bear hugged her knee and pulled her leg into my chest. Sitting up hunched over with her knee pressing against my throat I continued to grunt and thrust my cock into their feet and Kristen's leg.

Both girls seeing the reaction they caused me began to laugh and giggle. All the while they continued to stroke me this way. Kristen laid back onto the bed running her fingers through her hair and teasingly said, "Oooooh Justin, cum hard into my leg."

Diane exclaimed, "There it is, he starting to precum. Look Kristen. He is really breathing hard also. I hope he does not pass out on us."

Kristen sat up excited and said, "Good it won't be long now."

Kristen's tan was a bit darker than Diane's who was more golden colored. I watched as my precum glistened nicely on her leg. I squeezed Diane's leg even tighter feeling her calves flex each time she dug the tips of her toes deeper into the base of my cock forcing what cum was left down their up into the shaft.

Seeing the precum oozing more freely from the hole of my cock Kristen asked Diane to smear it up and down the length of her calf. Diane complied by slowly rubbing the head of my cock along Kristen's ankle and up to her calf leaving a silver shinny stream along the way.

The sensation was incredible and caused me to buck madly as I threw myself back down onto the bed and then came back up. The head of my cock was tingling now and all I could feel was their toes and Diane's fingers squeezing out more precum onto Kristen's leg as if my cock was a tube of toothpaste. Each time she saw a bead of precum drip out onto the head she would smear my cock's head along Kristen's calf. Each time she did this I thrust my hips up harder than ever lifting my butt completely off the bed. Their young legs and feet rose up with each thrust and did not miss a stroke. The toe grip they both had on my cock was like iron. I watched as the head of my cock pressed deeply into Kristen's loose calf muscle leaving sticky precum stuck to her leg. Diane continued to relentlessly guide the head of my cock along Kristen's leg. Closely watching the head of my cock for the next available drop of precum.

As they pumped me with their toes they continued to pass instructions back and forth between the two of them. By this time I was in a different world, as I could not make out their voices, which came to me only as a low mumble. My only world now is that world between my legs and what they were doing to me down there. I could make their giggles and the occasional smiling glance given in my direction. Then Diane did something amazing that would throw me over the edge. She scooted herself closer along side of me with her back slightly turned to me. She never released her toe lock on my cock and kept Kristen's foot in her hand. She released her left hand from my cock and pushed me down onto the bed smiling and saying, "I think you are going to like this." I felt Kristen grip my dick and she picked up where Diane had left off by stroking me and pressing the head of my cock against her calf.

Wondering what Diane was going to do next, I raised my head and watched as Diane slowly slipped her left foot under the footbridge created by their flexing toes. She slid her toes in placing the very base of my shaft between her big toe and second toe. Then she began to flex her toes up and down I could feel the silky bottom of her toes pressing against the top of my swollen nut sack. I could also feel the pressure being applied by the rest of her foot pushing into my pelvis area, as it forced more cum into my shaft.

I screamed, "Oh my God! I am Cumming now! Your toes are amazing! I can feel them pressing my balls."

The sensation of the bottom of her toes simultaneously pressing against my balls and into the soft fleshy area around my shaft was all I could stand. When she heard me say this she once again reached down with her left hand as she had done earlier and began to knead my pubic region in a deep, deep massage fashion. This combined with the pressure of her foot as she flexed the bottoms of her toes against my nuts forced me to groan, "Oh yes, Oh yes! You're doing it to me. That's it."

I grunted again and rose up to the site of Diane's beautiful swaying calf as she was flexing her ankle up and down with my cock locked between the toes of that foot as well as her right foot. Her whole body rocked back and forth as she continued to massage my pubic area with her fingers, her long blonde hair moving in rhythm to her movements.

Seeing all this pushed me over the edge. I leaned forward and began to kiss her smooth knee and flexing calf.

She smiled and laughed as she saw the reaction this evoked from me and she said to Kristen, "He is done! You better grab his nuts now. They should feel nice and tight."

I saw Kristen turn her head and look between my legs. Then I felt the fingertips of her left hand probe into my nut sack. She pushed my nuts up from underneath and began to wiggle them as she pressed them up rolling them against Diane's flexing toes.

Diane turned to me and said smiling, " See I knew you would like this. Your nuts feel so good against my toes."

Kristen said, " I am pressing his nuts against your toes Diane. Wiggle your toes some more while I wiggle my fingers."

I could feel Kristen's fingertips deep in my nut sack.

Diane said to Kristen, "Keep doing that Kristen. I can feel his nuts against my toes even better now."

They both laughed and that was all it took for me. Like Diane said I was done.

Precum was flowing freely now from my cock and Kristen continued to smear her leg up and down creating more shiny rivulets along her bronze leg.

Diane exclaimed, "Look at all that precum, he is gonna blow any second now."

Kristen giggled, "I know it makes my leg look so pretty, don't you think?"

I said, " Oh, oh, oh, I am Cumming now!"

With that they both started to increase their toe stroking and Kristen probed my nuts even faster. She removed her hand from my shaft and they both maintained their toe lock and proceeded to stroke the full length of my shaft with the toes of their right feet. This allowed even more access for Diane, as she raised the heel of her left foot and angled the tips of her long toes further down into the top of my nut sack with the base of my shaft still locked between her big toe and second toe.

I laid back, my body completely exhausted as I began to feel my cum being milked up my shaft by their toes. As she did this she looked down at me for any response. Instead she pushed heavily with her fingers into the soft skin surrounding the base of my cock. Then I felt Kristen reach underneath my nut sack with her fingertips and pull my nuts away from my body. Diane felt Kristen do this as she slipped her long big toe and her second toe further into my nut sack and began to flex her toes up and down. I could feel each of my nuts rolling along the cherry red smoothness of her toenails as she flexed them. My right nut was resting on her big toe and my left nut on the other with the base of my shaft locked between them as well.

I moaned when I felt her toes do this and Diane asked if she should stop not knowing if that was a good moan or a bad one.

I said, Oh God know that is the greatest feeling having your toes do that to my nuts.

She smiled and said, "Oh good I thought I hurt you"

Kristen removed her fingers from my sack and said, " that is so cool, your two toes are lifting his nuts up, and jerking his cock all at the same time. I can feel his cock twitching each time you raise your toes."

Diane said, "I know his whole body is shaking now he is having a long orgasm. I can tell because I feel his nuts are tightening against my toes in little spasms. "

Diane continued to flex her toes in my nut sack while her other toes along with Kristen's stroked the length of my shaft each stroke and flex forced me to shove my hips up. Each time I expected to cum hard with each thrust but only released little spurts that sprayed across Kristen's calf.

Diane saw what her toes were doing and laughed again as she threw her blonde hair back, "This feels sooooo nice. Justin is having a orgasm."

Each time she flexed her toes I felt each of my nuts press against the top of them and watched as tiny spurts of cum shot out of my dick.

Finally, I leaned my head up and watched as their tanned toes squeezed my shaft starting at the base and then all the way up to the head forcing a knot of cum towards the head of my cock. It spurted hard into Kristen's beautiful calf.

Diane and Kristen placed their free hand on top of their feet squeezing their toes tighter around my shaft and stroked me the full length again forcing another load to spew forth. I watched as the toned muscles in their legs tightened and relaxed with each stroke.

This sensation caused me to groan loudly as I thrust my hips off the bed. I watched as another load slammed into Kristen's calf. She began to slide her leg along the head smearing the gooey cum from her ankle to the back of her knee. Yet again they squeezed their toes down to the base of my shaft and then slowly back up causing me to groan again and thrust my throbbing head into Kristen's calf. All the while Diane continued to flex the tips of her toes into my spent nut sack while Kristen joined in again and did the same with her fingers, probing the outside of my nut sack. As their toes reached the head of my cock I spewed another load not as much but it still went into Kristen's leg. The whole calf portion of her leg was now covered in my shimmering precum and pearl white seed.

As they continued to perform this milking act on my cock Kristen commented, " This stuff is whiter and thicker than the first time. Don't you think?"

Diane said, " Maybe because we had to coax this load from way down deep."

They laughed at what Diane said as yet another upward stroke of their strong toes caused me to come out of my skin. This time only a small amount eeked out of the hole.

Diane responded to this with a sad, "Awwwwwww, looks like he is starting to run dry." Diane move her toes up to the very tip and slowly squeezed out my cum. I watched as it dribbled between her golden toes. She reached over and wipe up the puddle with her finger and rubbed it onto Kristen's leg, saying, "Can't let it go to waste."

It was obvious they were enjoying themselves.

Kristen said, "One more stroke I think he has a little more left."

I groaned, "Oh my God, Please no more, no more."

Diane laughed saying, "Yes I think he has got a teeny bit more left, come on just hang in there for one more."

Kristen lowered her cum soaked leg and said, "Lets use our hands for this one." I felt their toes leave my cock and Kristen's fingers leave my nut sack. They both kneeled down between my spread legs and grabbed the shaft of my cock in the fingers of both their hands. I watched as they smiled and placed their faces inches away from the head of my cock to coax out what little cum I had left. Slowly and deliberately they began to squeeze and massage the shaft starting from the base and working their way up towards the head. Feeling their fingers knead my cock and feeling their warm breath on the head of my cock as they talked about what they were doing to me kept me hard for this last moment of pleasure. Kristen lay stretched out on her stomach keeping the lower part of her legs bent up in the air. The sight of her cum soaked leg added to the excitement, as they worked their fingers up to the head causing a clear milky substance to ooze out. Diane took her thumb and rubbed it over the sensitive area of my cock. With each rub of her thumb I jerked forward responding, "Oh, Oh, Oh."

Diane smiled and said, "Sensitive aren't we."

Her thumb even got more cum out of me but not much

Diane said, "See, I knew you had it in you."

I watched as she smiled at me and said, " I love the way you taste." She lowered her head and swallowed up as much of my cock as she was able while never taking her eyes of me." I sighed and fell back down closing my eyes feeling the secure comfort of my cock inside Diane's warm soft mouth. I lay there feeling my cock slowly shrink inside her mouth as she gently stroked my shaft. This felt so good after what they put me through earlier. Kristen rose up and slid over along the left side of me. She raised her cum soaked leg across my chest resting her foot on the other side of the bed so that her leg arched above me. She then ran her slender fingers through my hair and looked down smiling at me and said, "I want you to watch me as I rub your cum into my leg like a lotion." I watched as her beautiful long shapely leg soaked up my cum. By this time my cock was completely flaccid inside Diane's warm mouth. She was rolling it with her tongue as she ran her fingertips through my pubic hair. I closed my eyes and passed out for the second time that night to the sounds of Diane's gentle sucking and moaning. The last thing I remember hearing before I was overtaken by sweet oblivion was Kristen saying, "Thanks for keeping your promise. You are a good friend." She continued to run her fingers through my hair until I fell asleep.

I slept the remainder of the night and woke up late the next morning. My cock and balls were aching something fierce. Diane and Kristen had left sometime during the night. I sat up and on the nightstand was the bottle of baby oil. Attached to it was a not that read: "Keep this handy. We are going to need it next time. We had a GREAT time!" Signed with Love, Hot legs, Kristen and Diane

I smiled and rubbed my aching groin thinking to myself, "Those two crazy women are going to be the death of me yet."

©2001 by Kessler and may not be reposted without his written permission.

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