"A Kept Promise Pt. 1"
By Kessler

PREFACE: Needless to say the relationship between Diane, Kristen and I is established and understood per our previous engagement in "Twice as Nice" which is also posted on This site.

That day at work I received an email from Kristen stating that it is her turn tonight and that she and Diane wanted to play again like they did last weekend. I started to get that queasy feeling in my stomach knowing exactly what she was referring to. Last weekend Diane and Kristen found out about my fetish for women's legs and feet. They went to town on me satisfying my fetish. They had a good time doing it and I had a good time as the recipient. Diane is the younger of the two at 19. Kristen is 21. They both have amazing shapely legs and very pretty feet, not to mention tight bodies due to their workout habits. Diane's legs are longer but not by much. I have often fantasized about feeling Diane's smooth soft legs against my cock. For that matter Kristen's as well. At the conclusion of that night I instructed Kristen to jerk me off using her toes on the head of my cock and her fingers fondling my nuts, while I came onto Diane's calves. Kristen made me promise afterwards that next time it would be her legs that I came on. Needless to say I responded to her email immediately inviting the both of them over to my place that night at 7:30.

They both promptly arrived at my place dressed in tight spandex shorts, flip flops, and baggy T-shirts. Kristen entered holding a bottle of baby oil in front of her and smiling big. Diane twirled in the dining room after entering saying, "What do you think Justin, I believe we are dressed accordingly." I laughed saying, "You two look great, but your crazy." As they walked in I checked out their legs. As it was summertime they definitely took advantage of the season, both of them had a healthy deep tan. I imagined what my white cum looked liked against the bronze skin of their legs.

Without warning Kristen gave me a big hug raising her knee up and rubbing it against my cock as she whispered into my ear, "C'mon lets get on with it, I want to feel you squirm when my legs make you cum."

Diane took my hand and began to lead me upstairs to the bedroom saying, "Yes lets get started my toes are aching for some cock and balls."

The three of us got on the bed and I began to undress completely. I watched Kristen and Diane pass the bottle of baby oil between them as they applied a good amount to their legs and feet. I asked them what they thought about doing this?

Diane said she likes the way my cock feels and the sense of control she has on me when she touches it with her feet and legs. Kristen said she feels that way also and that it is fun.

It was at this time I noticed Diane was wearing a silver band toe ring on the second toe of each foot. I commented on how attractive it made her toes look. She smiled and said, "Thanks, I want you to tell me how it feels on your cock, I am hoping it will add to your pleasure." She gave me a wicked smile and wink.

Watching these two leggy vixens before me already had me standing at attention. Diane immediately applied some oil to my cock slicking it up good. After several strokes she said, "Looks like he is ready Kristen."

Kristen said good, and told me to sit back against the headboard. Then she looked at Diane and said, "Okay lets do him like we talked about."

I replied, "Oh, I see you guys got this all planned out."

Diane smiled and said, "Yep, we talked about what we were going to do to you."

Diane positioned herself so that she sat facing me placing her feet between my legs and slowly forced my legs open into a straddle position by pushing on the inside of my knees with her feet. As she did this she smiled and said, "Open wide Justin I want access to all of your privates"

When she did this I truly could see just how long her legs were. This woman was ALL legs. Once she had my legs about as far as they could spread she scooted up between them and then with a sly smile she placed both her feet into my lap on either side of my waiting cock. She then grabbed my cock with her slender fingers and slipped the shaft between the big toe and the next one of her right foot, sliding it just below the head. Then she did the same with the toes of her left foot keeping it at the base of the shaft. She placed both her hands on top of her feet slightly squeezing her toes around my cock and began to slowly jerk me with her toes. The pressure was amazing! After several strokes I felt the toe ring on the toe of her right foot rub over the sensitive area at the head of my cock. I was forced to lean forward and grab the calves of her legs. Feeling the loose muscles in her shapely tanned calves as they tightened and relaxed with each stroke of her feet excited me even more and elicited a groan from me, "Oh my God."

Diane giggled saying, "I knew you would like me doing this." Then teasing me even more she said, "Ohhh Justin your cock feeeeeels sooooo good between my toes." She saw what her toes were doing to me, particularly the added sensation her toe ring caused. I watched as she concentrated the efforts of that particular toe by rubbing the ring ever so slowly over the sensitive area. Each time she did this I threw my head back and groaned. She did this Several more times torturing me by slowly and deliberately running that slick toe and ring over my cocks head and down onto the sensitive area. She stared at me smiled and winked each time she did this.

Then she said, "Hmmmm, I guess the toe ring is a hit."

I let go of her legs and slammed back down onto the bed writhing my body from side to side groaning each time her toe ring rubbed over the sensitive area.

After about the fourth time she stopped and resumed her normal toe strokes. Still each time I saw and felt that shiny toe ring hit that sensitive area I jerked. Each time Diane saw and felt me tense up in preparation to this she would giggle.

I could tell I was going to lose it and we had just gotten started I told Diane she had to stop because what she was doing was too much to soon and I was ready to explode.

Diane smiled and said, "that's okay just let it cum."

At this time I leaned forward again holding on to Diane's flexing calves for dear life. I felt Kristen move in behind me propping herself up against my headboard. She slipped in so that my back rested against her chest and I was seated between her long legs. She then wrapped her legs around me on either side and placed the bottom of her feet onto my lower abdomen rubbing her toes through my pubic hair and applying a gentle pressure with her toes as Diane maintained her double toe lock on my cock and continued to stroke me.

Kristen whispered into my ear, "its okay let it cum. This is part of the plan. We want you to cum fast the first time and then once you're ready again that's when it is my turn and you will enjoy it even longer. Let it go Justin, cum into Diane's toes, she wants you to, I want you to."

I leaned back into Kristen's arms and began to rub her calves. She continued to whisper into my ear as she soothingly ran her fingers through my hair, "That's it, lay back and relax, let it cum, then we can get on with the good part."

So that was the plan. Get me off quick and then work me up for a second go round. It made sense, as I would last longer the second time around, if they don't kill me first. A part of me wanted to hold on as long as possible. What 39-year old man would not want to keep this 19-year-old leggy bombshell working on his cock for as long as he could? Kristen continued to talk dirty in my ear, her beautiful legs wrapped around me and her amazing toes running through the pubic hair around the base of my cock.

Feeling Kristen's hot breath in my ear and her strong smooth calves cupped in my hands began to cause the cum to rise up from inside me. I felt myself beginning to lose it.

After a few more strokes of Diane's toes I heard her exclaim excitedly, "That's it! he is starting to precum. "

I looked up to see droplets of precum beginning to form at the head of my cock. Her toes had done the job and as if in reward the drops of my precum were swallowed up with each upstroke of golden toes.

Kristen replied, "Excellent work, it won't be long now Diane."

I felt Diane remove her hands from her feet as she said, while wiggling her finger out in front, "hey Justin! Its time for me to play with your little nutsies."

I watched as she threw her head back clearing her blonde hair away from her angelic face. Her toes continued to pump my shaft at an even faster rate. I watched each time the toes of her right foot passed over the hole at the end of my cock. Drops of precum slowly oozed out and dribbled down her golden tanned toes onto her foot. Little puddles of my precum began to collect in the skin area between her toes.

I watched as she reached down between my legs and then felt what must have been all ten of her fingertips gently probe into my nut sack. Upon feeling this I could not help it as my body slightly tensed up. Kristen felt my body do this as well and clamped her strong legs, squeezing me. She whispered to me, "Don't worry, she knows to be gentle down there."

Diane noticed my reaction to this as well and smiled.

After a few moments of feeling Diane's fingertips moving in my nut sack I felt reassured and began to relax again. I was amazed how she gently rolled each nut through her fingers and how she dug them in even further without causing me any pain.

Upon feeling me more relaxed Diane commented, that's better just relax I am not going to hurt you down here, I just want to stir up the pot a little to get more out of you.

Feeling all this and seeing my precum oozing rivulets that by this time reached as far as the top of Diane's right ankle, was incredible. Kristen saw this as well as she raised up a foot and with her big toe swiped some of my precum off of Diane's ankle.

At the site of all this going on I could not help it and began to thrust my hips upward.

Seeing what her fingers and toes were doing to me Diane stated, "That's it keep pumping move those hips. I want to feel more of your warm seed running through my toes. It feels so hot.

Her fingertips continued to work in erratic fashion inside my nut sack. At one point I raised my hips high into the air at the same level as Diane's chin and held it there for several seconds. Amazingly she continued to dig her fingers into my sack and kept her toes locked and pumping on my shaft. I dropped back down to the bed.

Seeing me do this they both laughed and Kristen said, "Wow! Down boy, down."

Diane's toes began to pump the length of my shaft even faster. She then removed one set of her fingers from my nut sack and swiped up droplets of precum from the tip of my dick with her fingertips and wiped it between her toes.

Kristen raised her foot up and ran her big toe over the hole of my cock. All the while Diane continued to pump me faster and fondle my balls. The slick sensation caused by Kristen's toe mixed with my precum against the head of my cock caused me to move even faster.

I responded with, "uuuuuuuuuggghhh, what you both are doing feels soooo good."

Kristen raised her lips from my ear and said, "Hey Diane, he is really starting to tighten up now, I think he is about to blow, its time."

With that Diane slid her toes down to the base of my shaft and placed her hands back on top of her feet squeezing her toes more firmly around my shaft. She then pulled herself in closer to my groin area and lowered her head forward placing the head of my cock into her mouth firmly locking her lips around it. While she did this Kristen unwrapped her legs and rose up so that the back of my head rested in her lap directly between her thighs. Her legs rose up over my shoulders she placed her feet back onto the area at the base of my cock and continued to run her toes through my pubic hair. This allowed for a better vantage point to watch what Diane was doing as well as having Kristen's lovely calf muscles in sight swaying beautifully close to my head.

Seeing all this I said, "This is why I love women with incredibly long legs."

They both laughed at hearing me say this and Kristen responded by saying, "Yep there is nothing that our legs can't do."

Diane increased her strokes with her toes, running them up the full length of my shaft up to her lips. The feel of the head of my cock in her warm mouth with the added pressure of her hands squeezing her toes along my shaft was amazing.

I thought how amazing this was. I was getting head and a foot job at the same time and by the same girl.

With each stroke and suck all I could do was grunt, "uh, uh, uh,"

Upon hearing this Diane stopped raised up, smiled and said, "Is that all you can say." And continued what she was doing to me.

Kristen commented on how dexterous Diane was to be able to do this.

I felt my blood begin to race faster and my heart pounding in my ears. I felt Kristen's toes press harder into my pubic region as she slowly slid her feet forward and back.

As Kristen did this she asked, "How does that feel? Can you feel my toes pushing all your cum up into your dick?"

I said, "Oh yes it feels good."

She said, "Good, because Kristen wants to feel you're hot cum all over her toes and lips."

I watched as Kristen's calf muscles flexed each time she did this. I began to thrust upward to meet each stroke of Diane's tightly gripped toes. Every so often Diane would remove my cock from her mouth and rub her lips over the head and roll her tongue around it. My precum mixed with her saliva created strings connecting her lips and tongue to my cock's head each time she pulled away.

By now her toes shimmered with the mixture of oil and precum.

On one occasion Diane darted the tip of her tongue quickly in and out of the hole all the while keeping eye contact with me. The sensation of this caused me to groan loudly as I turned my head burying my face into Kristen's left calf, as if to find some solace there.

Diane liked this reaction from me and responded with a muffled laugh of, "Aahhhaaahhhaaa" all the while keeping the tip of her tongue inside the hole of my cock.

I continued to muffle groans of "Oh God" into Kristen's calf.

Kristen laughed, and said, "Diane stop playing with him and finish him off."

With that I felt the warm velvet comfort of Diane's mouth again as she began to powerfully stroke me with her toes like never before.

I removed my face from Kristen's calf and said, "Oh thank God: and began to thrust my hips up faster and harder. I wanted to cum now! I turned my head and began to kiss and suck on Kristen's calf.

I felt Diane's tongue circle the head of my cock while she kept it in her mouth. After several more powerful strokes of her toes I felt myself begin to cum.

I shouted, "I'm Cumming!"

I heard Diane respond with a muffle, "aaaahmmmm!"

Each of her strokes caused me to moan, "uh, uh, uh, uh,"

Kristen said, "That's it Justin, cum. Let it all out into her sweet mouth."

Diane felt me about to explode because she pulled me out of her mouth just far enough to pucker her lips right over the tip so that only the hole was being covered. She then raised the toes of her right foot up clamping them to the sensitive area of the head and began to jerk my cock with them in short rapid fashion concentrating all her toe strokes on that sensitive area. The whole time I could hear and feel her puckered lips sucking on the tip. This sensation caused me to jerk my whole body hard and spasmodically. I tried to raise forward but was held down by Kristen's legs.

Diane continued to moan and suck even harder. Her toes were relentless on the sensitive area never leaving that area as she rapidly continued to stroke me there. Now that there was room Kristen slid her right foot further down and put a toe lock around the base of my cock between the big toe and second toe and began to jerk the lower part of my shaft in powerful strokes.

Seeing and feeling all of this threw me over the edge. The toes of Kristen's left foot buried into my pubic area continued to force every bit of cum into my shaft. I could feel knots of my cum being squeezed up first by Kristen's toes and then Diane's as it was milked up to Diane's sucking lips.

After several seconds of this amazing combination I felt Diane bury her fingertips deep into my nut sack again as she rolled my nuts around. That was it I was done.

Diane must of felt it first as she let out a muffled screeeetch of success at the same time that I threw my hips up very hard.

Kristen said, "Yeesssssssss!!!!" Sensing it as well and jerked up hard on my cock with the toes of her right foot.

I felt myself blow and watched as Diane's head jerked back as the first wad of cum shot into her puckered lips catching her by surprise. She pulled the tip of my cock out of her mouth to quickly swallow the first load. Quickly she lowered her head again leaving only her lips gently kissing the head. As she said, "look at all this lovely cum." I watched as with each stroke of their toes it shot out onto Diane's full lips. Diane's first toe-stroke forced a load that covered her lips and rolled down her chin. The next stroke of her toes shot a load onto her nose and under her left eye. Yet another stroke caused a load to hit her left cheek and some into her hair. The rest she slowly milked out using her toes. I watched as it oozed out between her tanned toes. The whole time she was getting hit in the face she laughed, saying, "whooohooo!"

By this time Kristen had moved out from behind me and positioned herself next to Diane between my legs. I watched in amazement as the remainder of my seed was milked onto their feet and hands. Each of them took turns grabbing my shrinking manhood by the base and wiping the head across their feet and toes and ankles. For several minutes they fondled and played with my shriveling cock and balls. The sensation of their fingers, toes and feet gently moving and prodding my sore and drained genitals was soothing. I lay back onto my pillows and closed my eyes. Listening to their voices as they talked between themselves all the while my cock never left their hands or toes. I eventually fell to sleep to the sound of their voices and fondling of my cock. Little did I know there was more to come, as I was soon to be awaken by these two lovelies and the promise yet to be kept.

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