"Adventure On The Interstate"

It was a warm 4th of July weekend and I was off that morning to visit my relatives who live in another state. I wasn't looking forward to the 5 hour drive, but little did I know at the time, it would be the drive of my life! I packed my bags in the trunk, put the top down on my convertable and headed off. I was wearing just my shorts and a t-shirt since it was so nice out and the wind felt great on my body.

The first 2 hours on the road were uneventful with little traffic that early in the morning and I was making good time. Then the dreaded toll roads came upon me! As I pulled into lane 5 I was still looking for the 40 cents required, but out of the corner of my eye something beautiful caught my attention. In lane 6 there was a Winnebago with a very beautiful woman seated at the back window with her bare feet and legs up pressing against the glass! Her toes were painted a neon pink and I could almost taste them! WOW, I was mesmerized by her beauty, but I came back to reality when the cars behind me started to honk for me to move on. As quick as I could I threw all my change in the toll booth and started off to catch a glimpse of this foot goddess.

In no time I pulled along side the Winnebago with her window facing me. God, she was a vision to behold! She was a blue eyed blonde in her mid 20's with a perfect tanned and toned body with such incredible legs and feet. I kept pace with them as I admired her features, glancing off ocassionally if she appeared to notice my stare. It looked as though she just woken up and was relaxing on her trip. After about 15 miles, she began to do something that got me so turned on! She started to flex her toes and then rub them with her long sexy fingers! She did this for about 3 minutes and I thought I was going to die, but then she got up and disappeared. I thought the show was over and was about to pass them when she came back to the window. She had a bottle of lotion in her hand and began to pour the lotion down her legs and then rubbing it into her feet. She looked over at me when she was doing this, but this time I couldn't glance away! We were only 6 feet apart on the highway and she gave me an erotic smile as she continued to rub the lotion between her toes! Once our eyes meet they locked together, she smiled and continued to rub her toes.

My cock was so hard and I began to rub it through my shorts. She seemed to giggle while I was doing this and then she stood up in front of the window. She was wearing white bikini panties and a thin white half top that barely covered her breasts! God she was so hot and then she began to tease me more. She begun to slowly move her hips as her hands went under her top to caress her nipples. I could see how hard her nipples had becomed and I couldn't beleive it! After a few minutes of this I couldn't take it anymore and pulled off my shorts and started to jack off. I could tell she saw my hard cock because she took her fingers and slid them down inside her panties and she was starting to get wet while rubbing her clit.

At this time I was worried about getting into an accident since I was so turned on, but then she turned around and showed me her ass and then left. Within a minute she came back and she looked me directly in the eyes with a smile, while I had my hard cock in my hand. Then she held up a sign she wrote saying, "rest stop 20 mi. ahead." After a wink, she then sat back and begun sucking her beautiful pink toes!!!

I thought this must be too good to be true, but I was so hard watching her I didn't want to cum until the rest stop and pulled my shorts up. That was the longest 20 miles of my life!!!! Finally we're 1/2 mile from the rest stop and I let the Winnebago pass me as we exit. I parked about 4 car lanes away, but I see her still in the window as her parents get out. I waited in the car with such a hard-on you wouldn't believe when she pointed to me and waved her finger for me to come over.

I got out of my car with a huge hard-on and walked todaward the Winnebago. About 10 feet before I got there, she opened the side door with a sexy smile and asked, "would like to come in and join me for a cold drink"? I couldn't say anything except, "sure"!

With that I was in the Winnebago and I introduced myself and she said how turned on she was watching me jack off on the highway while watching her. I told her, "you're beautiful and I couldn't help myself and your feet are so sexy".

She then sat down and said, "my boy friend thinks they're ugly", as she pointed her toes toward me. God, they were so beautiful and sexy and I couldn't help to knell before her and take her foot in my hand. I said, "oh no, your boy friend must be crasy" and I began to rub her feet. She let out a deep sigh and my cock was about to explode! Without a word I started to suck on her big toe and she rubs Mr. happy with her other foot. I was in heaven!!!!!

As I sucked, licked and worshiped her feet in earnest, she begins rubbing her nipples and then her clit! I'm so excited and wanted to cum so bad, but she said, "suck on my toes when I cum"! I obeyed and she was really getting excited now. I could see her fingers go in and out as I sucked on her toes and she was reaching the point of no return!!! I grabbed both of her feet and put both of her big toes in my mouth and sucked them at the same time! That sent her over the edge and she cummed with a loud cry and moan.

After she recovered, she looked at me and told me in a strong voice to take off my shorts and lay down!

There I was, naked before this goddess with my hard cock at her feet and she knew how to play with it!

My pre cum made her feet slick on on my hard cock as she stroked up and down. I was about ready to cum when she moved one of her feet to my mouth. As she began to finger herself again she told me to suck her toes if I wanted to cum! Oh God, I needed it so bad and would do whatever she asked. I sucked on her toes while she gave me a foot job with her other foot. I was so turned on and she knew it! She took her foot from my mouth and put it on my hard cock.

She then said, "Cum on my feet baby".

And within seconds I explode with my hot cum covering both of her feet and toes! I must have cumed the hardest in my life! I felt like passing out, but she told me to lick her feet clean. I did a very good job and found myself excited again!

We saw that her parents were coming back, so we made plans for the next "rest stop"!

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