"How We Met"
By Ken W.

She had this look about her: All golden, fresh and breezy, like she.d just stepped out of a fucking tampon commercial. She was 5-9, curvy and had Jenna Elfman.s blonde hair and impish grin. She dressed like Jackie O-cool, casual and elegant.

Of course I wanted her, even though I felt like Quasimodo standing next to her. I especially wanted her feet. The thought of kissing those smooth tanned legs, those lovely ankles and plump pink heels was always enough to bring a lump to my pants.

We.d make small talk when I ran into her in the hallways, or when we saw each other outside at lunch. She even came to a party I threw at my house. I remember the terror I felt one Friday morning when-compelled by forces I could not understand-I sent her an email asking her if she would be interested in having coffee with me that afternoon.

Twenty sweaty-palmed minutes later (an eternity!) I received my reply: Of course she would! I was just imagining what colors I.d be wearing at our wedding when I got another message. She.d have to cancel-one of the servers had gone down and her group would have to deal with all the confused and possibly angry customers. Damn!

I spent the next hour mentally kicking myself for getting my hopes up. Then later that afternoon another message arrived. The server had been fixed and the mini-crises over. Would I care to join her for a drink after work? I was so excited I could pee!

She was waiting for me outside when we got off work. I.d made sure I had put on my sunglasses before I hit the front doors so I could drink in the sight of her surreptitiously.

She had on white slides, a white knee-length skirt, white tank top and a white sweater with a gold clasp fastened over her perfect breasts. Her sunglasses were pushed back into her hair. She smiled at me as I approached.

Goddamn, was all I could think. We headed for the bar across the street. Somehow I managed to keep my wits about me, even though I was practically beside myself with lust. She laughed at all my lame jokes and told some herself. I felt I was being sized up-but for what?

We talked about work, art & her passion for fashion. Time flew. It was 9:30 PM and getting pretty dark when we decided to go. I knew she.d recently moved into a place pretty close to work, but I offered her a ride anyway so that I could spend a few more minutes with her. To my surprise, she accepted!

As we were pulling up in front of her house she turned to me and asked me if I like to come check out her new place. I readily agreed.

It was a struggle maintaining a cool exterior as she showed me around the house. I tried to stay behind her as much as possible so I could 1.) Burn the memory of that incredible body into my brain and 2.) Catch glimpses of her lovely soles and heels.

After the tour was over she excused herself and went into the bathroom, returning wearing sky blue man-styled silk pajamas. Finally, I got to see her pretty bare feet!

She plopped down on the sofa. Even though she looked as sexy as ever, I could tell she was tired.

As I stood up and got ready to go, she smiled up at me told me I didn.t have to-she just wanted to get more comfortable and could I do her a favor: Rub her feet? Time slowed. There was a buzzing in my head and chest and a roaring in my ears.

I looked at her feet directly for the first time: Size 8, no nail polish, perfectly proportioned. Tan on the tops, slightly pudgy with straight perfectly formed toes. Sure-I said and sat next to her on the sofa. Thanking me, she swung her legs around and her feet were resting in my lap, mere inches from my rapidly swelling cock.

I grasped her right foot and began rotating the ankle, then went to work. >From her soft sighs and moans I could tell she was really enjoying herself. I glanced at her-Her face was suffused with pleasure, her eyes almost closed.we locked eyes and she smiled, and told me how good it felt. I felt something snap inside me-I.d decided to go for it. Grasping her foot, I planted a kiss in the top. She giggled, but didn.t pull away.

I plunged my tongue between her third and fourth toes and began licking away. She sighed and said nothing until I licked between her second and third toes-God, that feels good... I continued on for several minutes, sucking each one of her toes. I couldn.t believe my luck, she was enjoying this as much as I was! Suddenly, she pulled her left foot back and started stroking my cock through my pants with it. My cock felt like it was going to rip through my pants.I got up and told her to turn over.

I knelt at the edge at the sofa, unzipped my pants and attacked her tender, soft soles, while jacking myself off. She shifted and I looked up to her that she.d jammed her left hand into her pants-She was jilling off! I kissed and licked the backs of her knees, ankles and heels. Ran my tongue over her insteps and when I returned to her toes, she spread them wide, guiding me to where she wanted me to lick. She shuddered to orgasm just a few seconds later. My God, was all she said.

-Wait! I moaned and moved around to the end of the sofa. Placing my cock on her soft, bare feet, I fucked her soles until I came like a porn star! Weak kneed, I staggered off to the bathroom to clean up and regain some composure. I brought her a towel to clean off my come.

-That was great, she said. -How did you know I had a thing for feet? She kissed me on the nose.

-I had a boyfriend awhile back who had a foot fetish. He was always stealing glances at women.s feet and when I saw you checking out mine I know what I had to do! Sorry-but you are so shy, I thought you.d never make a move!

We.ve been together ever since.

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