By Anonymous

My first real foot-sex experience was with a hooker. It has been years ago, but I still get a hard on when I think of it. This is how it went.

I had worked late in my Amsterdam office till about midnight. A big job had been finished, so I felt both tired and sleepless. In this kind of mood, I sometimes do not go home to my wife and kids, but cycle past the windows where the famous Amsterdam prostitutes 'exhibit' themselves. This usually makes me horny, so I locked my bike and walked past the windows. It was a summer night, and I enter the shop of two colleague-hookers. I quickly make my choice for the one wearing sandals with bare feet, probably unconsciously still, then.

We go into a room at the back of the building, and she quickly undresses and lays down on her bed, stretching her long, beautiful feet. I try to undress quickly as well, but am wearing more than her, as an office worker... I compliment the look of her feet: "They're beautiful!"

"Don't you think they're a bit large?" she asks somewhat shyly.

"No, the size is lovely, with your long toes" I assure her.

This is all she needed to know.

When I'm completely naked -- I never leave my socks on with hookers -- she slides the condom on my shaft, and shortly afterward her two feet are around my throbbing cock.

What a sight -- and a sensation! This is far better than a blow job or a hand jive, it is beyond comparison. She slowly strokes my shaft until I almost come. Still hanging on to the old way of having sex, I want to penetrate her in the cunt. So we change position, but I want to feel, smell, lick and suck her feet while my prick pounds into her neatly shaved slut. Too soon, I explode in her.

This is the best sex I ever had. So I'm hooked to this hooker and return the next night with double the amount I paid her last night. She asks: "You want me to give you a blow job?" If you pay double the amount you get a blow job.

"No. I just want to give you something extra because you opened my eyes with your soles and toes last night" I explain. "Let's just do the same things as last night, and maybe some more." This 'some more' is activity by me I surprise her with worshipping her feet, putting my big toe in her cunt, and generally act as a boy in love.

This was a Thursday, I remember well. At the end when I have to go, she says: "Have a nice weekend!"

"What about tomorrow night?" I ask.

"I won't be working then."

I decide to come back for more next week to my new infatuation from Puerto Rico (because that's where she comes from).

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