"The Barefooted Hitch Hiker Part 3"

Heather and I lay back on the sunlit grass for several minutes to catch our breaths. Heather’s soles were still mud and cum covered from our last intimate encounter a few minutes earlier. After catching our breaths, Heather headed back into the stream to wash her fantastically talented feet. I remained laying on my back when Heather returned from the stream. Stopping even with my chest, Heather took her left clean foot and ran it down my chest. Her foot felt icy cold from the stream compared with my sun warmed naked flesh. Heather had the sexiest feet I had ever seen and she had a body to match.

Heather looked down at me, smiled, and said, “We better finish getting your tent put up so we have a place to sleep tonight!”

“I think your right!”, I replied.

Both of us were still completely naked but it didn’t matter since our location was so remote. The exhibitionist in me secretly wished we would be seen. Especially engaged in the middle of more heated sex. There is something about the thrill of getting caught that always makes the excitement worth the risk!

Returning to our tent, we continued to assemble it in short order. Every chance I got I would do my best to check out Heather’s tight ass, firm tits, and perfect feet as we worked together to get the tent set up. Once the tent was up we moved our supplies into the tent and I set about setting up a stone fire ring in which to make a campfire for the soon approaching night. Heather and I decided to explore the nearby woods and get some firewood for the night.

As we gathered firewood, Heather spotted a nearby tree that had fallen. It was laying parallel to the ground and at a height of 3 feet. Heather grinned that sexy grin of hers at me. She jumped up to sit directly in front of me and facing me on the downed tree. Heather raised her feet so I could clearly see the soles of both her feet. Heather wiggled her toes and giggled. I could feel adrenaline once again flood my system at the sight of her beautiful bare soles. Heather bent her knees and brought her legs up so that the sole of each foot rested on the tree trunk. Heather spread her legs widely apart and her beautiful pink wet pussy glistened in the sun. She tossed her head backwards and pushed her pelvis towards me. I knew what she was wanting and I didn’t hesitate to drop to my knees between her open legs.

As my tongue lightly traced across her wet womanhood, Heather brought both of her hands to rest on the top of my head and said, “Ooooh, yes!!” I teased her with my tongue for a couple of minutes and she started to beg me to bury my tongue into her hot interior. Not yielding to her request, I continued to first tease her inner thighs and then quickly and lightly glance across her wet pussy. Heather dropped her right foot down between my legs and I could feel the top of her warm foot under my balls. I could feet her toes spread and encircle my fast growing hard on with her toes.

As I began to play with her clit with the thumb of my right hand, I grabbed her left foot and brought it to my mouth. Heather’s right foot and toes continued to caress my fully erect tool as I began to run my tongue over the top of her left foot. Heather let out a groan of pleasure as my tongue began to explore between each of her beautiful toes and my thumb continued to gently rub her hot hard button of pleasure. The earthy scent of her feet drove me wild with lust.

Leaving my harden manhood, Heather brought her right foot up to my mouth and I began to lick her right foot as I had done to her left one. Heather moaned as I began to run my tongue across the soles of both her feet. The earthy scent and taste of her soles made my manhood pulse with excitement. I grabbed each of Heather’s ankles, one in each hand, as I began to wildly lick the soles of her feet. Heather’s right hand slid between her legs and I could she her rapidly rubbing her hard clit and wet pink lips. As my tongue began to once again began to explore between each of her toes, Heather began to moan louder. Starting with each big toe, I began to suck each of the toes of her feet in order from the largest to the smallest. As I gently sucked each of her toes I would caress each toe with my tongue. Heather moaned the loudest when I sucked the second toe of each foot so I began running my tongue between the big and second toes of each foot. I began to pulse my tongue in a sexual rhythm between her toes which caused Heather to start sobbing in ecstasy. Heather wildly rubbed her clit and then inserted a couple of her fingers deep into her dripping wet womanhood. Heather’s body tensed and as my tongue kept a sexual thrusting rhythm between her toes. Heather screamed and sobbed loudly as the first wave of orgasm overcame and passed through her body. Heather’s body writhed in ecstasy as she came in wave after wave of orgasm. The trunk of the tree was drenched with her love nectar. As my tongue thrust one last thrust between her toes, her body shook and tensed with one last massive orgasm. I looked up at Heather’s face. Tears of pleasure streamed down both of her cheeks as she continued to gently sob..

“Oh, lover!”, Heather said in a sobbing voice, “You drive me so wild!!” With that, Heather jumped down of the fallen tree and patted the tree to indicate it was my turn.

I jumped up and sat on the fallen tree trunk. I could feel the smooth bark of the tree that was wet from her love on my naked ass. Dropping to her knees, Heather took my throbbing cock fully into her mouth till her lips met my balls. The head of my throbbing cock could feel the muscles of her throat tighten around it. Heather took her right hand and began to play with my balls. Her mouth and lips glided smoothly and softly up and down my shaft from it’s tip to its base. For several minutes Heather continued to deep throat my turgid tool as I moaned softly at the wonderful sensation of her hot mouth. Taking my throbbing hot cock in her right hand, Heather began to gently lick my balls as her hand began to stroke the length of my hard cock. Heather then took both my balls into her warm mouth where her tongue began to work it’s magic. The sensation was nothing short of fantastic! My cock and balls were thoroughly wet from her oral attention.

Suddenly, Heather leaned back and brought both her feet up to her mouth and began to lick the arches of her feet. The sight of her licking her own feet excited me even more! Leaning back, Heather brought her pre-moistened arches up to my well lubricated cock. Her arches encircled my hard shaft and she began to slide her feet up and down the length of my throbbing manhood. Pre-cum began to ooze from my member adding additional lubrication to her feet.

From my position on the felled tree, I could see Heather’s pink glistening womanhood, her firm perky breasts, and the sight of her beautiful feet stroking my cock from it’s head to it’s base. For a few minutes, Heather rode my cock with her warm wet feet then she stopped and patted the ground in front of her. I knew where she wanted me.

I jumped down from the tree log and sat directly in front of her. Heather scooted closer to me and again wrapped her arches around my shaft but this time she leaned forward and again began giving me head. The feel of her feet encircling my cock and her mouth gliding up and down the length of my shaft drove me wild! Deep within me I could feel myself nearing orgasm. My balls tightened and I could feel myself nearing the crest of no return. I groaned loudly as my pulsating manhood began to deliver yet another hot load into Heather’s hot mouth.

Heather opened her mouth slightly to allow my hot cum to flow down onto her fantastic arches which still encircled my cock. One side of my mind wondered how much more cum could I possibly deliver after a day of wild sex, while reality showed I apparently had a lot left to give! I tossed my head back and delivered a final flood of hot cum.

I looked down to see Heather’s arches coated in my hot cum. Without saying a word, Heather pulled me even closer to her as she planted a deep wet kiss on my mouth. I could taste my cum that still lingered in her mouth My body felt weak from the last release and Heather and I continued to kiss until we finally realized it was getting dark.

We returned, naked, to our campsite with the wood we had gathered. Just prior to nightfall I got a nice fire going inside the ring of stones and it wasn’t long before we cooked up some of the food I had brought along. As we cuddled together in front of the fire, Heather laid her head on my naked chest and pressed her breasts into my right side. Her naked flesh felt divine pressed so closely to mine. Heather ran the sole of her right foot up and down my right shin. I could feel her warm foot on my leg and the feel of her soles caressing the hairs of my leg. It was getting late and we decided it was time to get into the tent for the night.

I opened my sleeping bag as Heather spread her sleeping bag out next to mine. “What are you doing?”, I inquired. “Aren’t we sleeping in the same sleeping bag together?”

Heather looked at me and said, “What? You want me to sleep with you?”

I was puzzled for the moment, then Heather began to laugh... probably at the silly expression on my face. “Silly, I am only kidding!! I thought I would spread out my sleeping bag as our cover!”, Heather said. “I want your hot body pressed hard against mine!”, Heather exclaimed.

Heather lay next to me and covered us with her sleeping bag. Heather pressed her hot naked body next to mine and soon we were both fast asleep.

Morning came quickly and I opened my eyes to see Heather still sleeping pressed closely against me. She looked like an angel as she slept... a wild angel... but an angel none the less. Heather stirred and rolled over onto her left side. I rolled onto my left side and put my right arm over her. Heather responded by bringing her firm warm ass up against my slumbering tool. The sleeping midget between my legs suddenly began to wake and grow until it grew long and firm. I could feel my shaft slide between the cheeks of Heather’s ass as she pressed her ass hard against me.

A full night of sleep had allowed me to recuperate from the intense sexual experience of the day before. I reached my right hand around and down to Heather’s sleepy womanhood. As I was about to move my hand to Heather’s breast, her hand caught mine at the wrist and pushed my hand down again to her fuzzy womanhood. Heather purred sleepily and whispered, “Make me wet!”

I ran my tongue across the back of her neck and then began to nibble her ear as my right hand began to gently tease Heather’s womanhood into a waking state. I could feel a flood of warmth as Heather’s love dew formed on her hot cunt.

“Oooo, yes!” , Heather whispered as my fingers continued to tease her clit and lips. Heather turned her head towards me, licked my face and whispered softly, “Fuck me! Please fuck me... I want you to fuck me hard... I want to feel your hot, hard cock deep inside me! I want you in me NOW!”

I slid my cock from between the cheeks of her hot ass and into her velvet lined tunnel of love. Heather gasped as I penetrated her from behind. She was SO hot and wet!

“That’s it!”, she cried. “Pump me hard!”

My cock and balls still ached slightly from all the activity the day before, but it was an erotic ache. A mixture of pain and pleasure... more pleasure than pain. I began to pump Heather hard from behind. Heather reached her right hand over my side onto my ass pulling my ass hard against her in an effort to maximize the depth of my thrusts.

“Oooo..!”, Heather purred. “Harder!”, she cried.

I took long hard strokes penetrating her as deeply and as hard as I could. I could feel the muscles of her interior tighten and pulsate around my shaft as continued to pump her furiously from behind. Still with me within her, Heather rolled to her stomach and then to her knees without me missing a stroke.

“I am cumming!”, Heather cried and she let out a scream of pleasure as my hard rod brought her to her first orgasmic release. Her hot juices of love flowed down my thighs as she came hard again and again. Her body quivered as I thrust deeply and completely within her. I felt like I could continue this all day as I had new found stamina!

On a deep penetrating stroke, Heather collapsed onto her stomach and my hot wet cock slid from her flooded womanhood. Heather quickly re-positioned herself onto her back and slid her head between my kneeling legs. Her hot mouth found my hardened shaft and she once again began to take me into her mouth fully and completely. Heather spread her legs wide and bending over on top of her I placed my mouth upon her hot wet womanhood. It was the classic 69 position. I quickly began to tease her hard clit with my tongue and began to explore the wet folds of pink lips. I drove my tongue hard within her as I could hear muffled sounds coming from her mouth which was full of my throbbing cock. The harder I licked her the harder she rode my shaft with her warm wet mouth. Muffled moans of ecstasy came from Heather’s mouth as her womanhood flooded with love nectar. My face was wet with her love as she swallowed my shaft down to my balls.

Heather drew her feet up to her wet womanhood and I turned my attention to her wonderful feet. I began to lick and suckle her toes, then to wildly lick her soles as her moans were muffled by my cock deep within her hot, wet, mouth. I took the big toe of her right foot into my mouth and slid up and down it in rhythm to Heather’s rhythm on my shaft. Heather was cumming again... hard! As my shaft lay deeply within her mouth, I could feel Heather’s teeth on the base of my hardened shaft. Not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to know she was at the peak of orgasm!

Wave after wave of orgasm flooded through Heather’s body as I continued my oral assault on her toes and then her beautiful soles and arches. I could feel myself getting ready to cum. Heather sensed I was close to orgasm and once again began to swallow my entire shaft from tip to base. She began to furious suck and slide up and down my shaft until I could no longer hold back. I buried my tongue between the toes of her right foot I moaned loudly and began to cum. Heather began to lick and suckle my balls as cock twitched and then hardened. Heather ran her hot tongue up the base of my cock to it’s tip as I exploded letting out a moan of sheer pleasure. As cum began to shoot from the head of my shaft, Heather licked the first drops of cum then took my shaft completely into her mouth once again. I could feel cum blasting from my cock as Heather continued to furiously suck and swallow every drop from my exploding manhood! Drained dry my cock began to shrink, yet Heather continued her oral assault.

My cock was becoming super sensitive but Heather continued to give me head. The feelings of sensitivity began to convert to arousing me and soon I could feel my shaft filling once again to a hardened state. Once re-aroused, we continued our love making well into the morning!

It was one FANTASTIC camping trip! Heather drained me dry and I couldn’t get enough of her... or her of me! Needless to say we plan to spend quite a lot of time together again in the very near future!!

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