"The Barefooted Hitch Hiker Part 2"

Hurry and get down to the campgrounds”, Heather said after the most remarkable foot sex I had ever had.

We were still sitting in my car at the side of a deserted road on our way down to my friend’s campgrounds. I was still naked from the waist down and Heather still had her blouse wide open exposing her perky breasts to the hot summer air.

I pulled off my T-shirt and looked over at Heather. I said, “Hey... looks like I am only the totally naked person here!”

Heather laughed and said, “I can fix that!” With that Heather unbuttoned her cut off jeans and pulled them down to her ankles. I watched as she slid out of her jean shorts paying close attention to her cum soaked dirty feet. Like me, it was apparent Heather wasn’t wearing any underwear either! Her brown pubic hair glistened with a mixture of sweat and her own orgasmic dew. Heather tossed her jean shorts into the back seat of the car and then pulled off her blouse. Her breasts and tight stomach was dotted with beads of sweat. “So, how is that?”, she inquired.

“Nice!” , I replied and then continued, “We must be crazy getting naked and driving down to the campsite!”

“What’s the matter, Bob? Doesn’t the thrill get your hormones raging?”, Heather asked.

“This is a real rush!”, I replied.

The car engine was still running and I pulled back onto the two lane black top. The hot air blowing in the car windows felt almost cool against my sweat laden body. I looked over at Heather and could see the air had chilled her nipples into an even greater hardened state.

It was only a short time later that we arrived at my friend’s campground. I pulled my car off the main road and headed down the last 2 miles of dirt road to a beautiful open field. All the property along the dirt road we were on was private property owned by my friend and completely secluded. My friend lived up in the city and I knew he had no plans of coming down here until next week so Heather and I had the land all to ourselves. I pulled off the road into a grassy area at the edge of the sunlit field and turned off the engine. I sighed a sigh of relief that no one had caught us driving naked down the paved road, though the thrill of it was intoxicating!

“Here we are!”, I announced to Heather

“This is BEAUTIFUL!”, Heather said. “Let’s go check out the place!”

We both got out of the car and I could feel the hot mid-day sun beating down upon my naked skin. I looked over at Heather and took in the beauty of her naked flesh. It was the first time I got a good look at her firm round ass and I could only envision burying my tool of love deep within her.

My revere was broken as Heather said, “Is that a creek down there?”, as she pointed beyond the open field.

“Yes, it is. I forgot to tell you about that.”, I replied.

“Let’s set up our tents.” , Heather said

I replied with, “All right, but why don’t we just set up mine to save time and effort? My tent is a large one room tent and there will be plenty of room for the both of us in it.”

“OK, that sounds really cool to me!”, Heather replied.

Heather and I quickly set about putting up my tent. As Heather bent over to place one of the tent stakes I could see her firm ass cheeks with her pink womanhood gloriously visible. I could feel myself getting aroused again. Heather got on her knees to drive in the stake and I could see her beautiful dirty cum stained soles, and the fur covered lips of her love tunnel. I could feel the blood rush to my semi-hard manhood bringing it to full erection.

Heather turned to look back at me and say something when she caught sight of my erect cock. “Oooo!”, she purred. “Looks like someone is pitching a different kind of tent!”

We both chuckled at her comment and then Heather said, “I hate to see a perfectly good erection go to waste! Come down here with me!”, she demanded.

I dropped to my knees and crawled over to Heather. Still on her knees with her ass in the air, I crawled up behind her and began to gently run my tongue over her ass and then slowly down to her wonderful womanhood. Heather let out a slight moan as my tongue began to explore the folds of her cunt. Heather rocked gently back and forth as I continued to lick her. My tongue dove deep into her tunnel of love as she screamed with pleasure. Heather turned and pushed me down upon my back. My rod stood erect as I felt her tongue travel from my knee up to my inner thigh. She took my cock into her mouth and began to slide her hot lips slowly up and down my shaft. Suddenly she stopped. She looked at me playfully and said, “Bet you can’t catch me!”

With that, Heather began running in the direction of the creek with me close behind her. Her breasts bounced playfully as she ran towards the creek. Heather entered the creek with a slash with me close behind her. The water was refreshingly cool and was only a couple of feet deep at the point we had entered it. Heather sat down with a splash and then laid back to allow the stream to flow over her hot, sweaty body. I did the same and the cool water running over my body felt wonderful.

Kicking water at me, Heather said, “You still haven’t caught me!”

Heather rose to her feet and ran back towards the shoreline. Before she reached it I caught up with her and grabbed her around her waist. She giggled and then turned to face me. Placing her hands on either side of my face she began to plant a deep wet kiss on my wanton mouth. We took turns burying our tongues into each other’s mouth. Our tongues entwined in a passionate kissing session. Heather reclined backwards into the creek pulling me down on top of her. My hard cock slid between her legs and I could feel the heat of her womanhood on the head of my cock. Heather moaned as my manhood teased her pink vaginal lips.

“Make love to me here!” , Heather begged.

Heather parted her legs as my hardened manhood slid easily into her moist womanhood. I could feel the heat of her interior in contrast to the cool creek water. It was a wonderful contrast between her hot hole and the cool creek water flowing past us. Heather moaned as I slowly pumped her velvet lined tunnel of love. Heather placed her bare feet on my chest and then brought them up to my mouth. I grasped her right ankle and slowly began to lick her beautiful sole. I carefully ran my tongue between her toes as I continued to slowly enter and exit her wet warm hole. Heather’s body stiffened as I began to lick the sole of her left foot. Heather screamed as her body shook with the first wave of orgasmic delight. “Harder! Fuck me hard!!”, Heather demanded.

I began to furiously pump her hole as my tongue ran wildly over the soles of both her feet. I began to suck her toes and as I buried my tongue between the big toe and second toe of her right foot.

Heather screamed, “There! Yes! That’s it! Lick my toes and make me cum hard!”

My hard throbbing cock dove deep within her as my tongue continued to explore every wonderful inch of her beautiful feet. Heather’s body shook with pleasure as wave after orgasmic wave rushed over her. I pulled my hard cock out of her and placed my hands under her hips to raise her hot womanhood up to my mouth. My tongue dove deep within her as she exploded in a huge orgasm. My tongue ran across her hardened clit and then deep within her again. Heather’s body convulsed uncontrollably as I relentlessly drove her into orgasm after orgasm... each more intense than the last. Heather lay motionless for a minute then smiled a glowing satisfied smile. I could feel Heather’s warm feet surrounding my still throbbing cock beneath the cool water of the stream.

“Now its your turn!”, Heather said with lust in her eye.

As I kneeled in the stream, Heather’s feet began to caress my aching cock. Her left foot slipped under my balls as she once again spread the toes of her right foot to encircle my hardened shaft. Moistened by pre-cum Heather’s toes slid easily up and down my excited shaft. I looked down at her feet as her toes worked their magic on my tool. Her feet were so beautiful! I could feel myself nearing orgasm as her toes slid up and down my cock and the toes of her other foot caressed my balls.

“That’s it! I want you to come on my feet!”, Heather proclaimed as her right hand began to rub her hardened clit.

Heather’s nipples stood hard and erect as she began once again to moan. “Let’s come at the same time!” , she panted

I could see Heather’s fingers diving deep within her womanhood as she screamed, “NOW!”

Her toes pumped my cock furiously as I could feel my balls tighten. I could feel myself reaching the point of no return and I let out a yell that echoed down the stream bed. The first wave of orgasm filled my body with a wonderful rush as I felt the first hot load of cum empty onto Heather’s toes. My body tensed as I emptied load after load of cum on Heather’s beautiful toes. When the last wave of orgasm had passed though me I looked down at Heather’s cum soaked toes. Then without hesitation I raised her cum drenched toes to my lips and began to lick them clean with my tongue.

The sight and feel of my licking the cum from her toes drove Heather wild. As I finished licking Heather’s feet clean, she let out a primal moan as repositioned herself so as to once again take my cock into her mouth. I shuddered from the extreme sensitivity of my drained cock. At first it was uncomfortable and then I could feel myself getting hard again! Heather stopped for a minute and then smiled as she saw my cock in it’s re-hardened state. Heather rose to her feet and playfully ran back onto the bank of the stream. Her feet became muddy as she moved from the soft bank to the open field, me close behind her.

Heather laid back in the sun warmed grass and waited for me to catch up with her. Heather smiled and said, “I want to drain every drop of cum you can give me!”

With that, Heather once again took my shaft into her mouth as her hand played and caressed my balls. “Oooo...:” , she purred. “You are SO hard again! I want to feel your hard shaft pounding deep inside me as hard as you can!”

Heather rolled over onto her knees and presented her hot wet womanhood to my throbbing member. Without hesitation I dove deep inside her and began to wildly pump her from behind. Heather brought her wet muddy feet onto my inner thighs and I could feel the slippery mud covering her soles.

“You drive me wild!”, Heather cried as I relentlessly pounded her hot wet hole with my rock hard cock. Heather began to moan once again as she neared another wave of orgasms.

I slid my hard wet slippery cock from her wet hole and glided my shaft between her firm ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah!”, Heather cried and then begged, “Put your hard shaft in my ass!”

Slowly and carefully I slid my hard cock into her tight ass. I could feel her muscles encircle and grip my manhood tightly as I began to slowly and carefully glide in and out of her.

“Ooooo, that feels sooooo goood! Fuck me hard... ooh so very hard!”, Heather begged.

I buried my shaft as deeply within her as I could with each inward stroke. Heather screamed loudly as she began to cum again. I reached around and grabbed a breast in each hand and massaged her hardened nipples while continuing to pump her from behind. I lowered my right hand to her hot wet womanhood and began to gently tease her clit with my fingers. Heather’s body convulsed violently as wave after wave of orgasm consumed her. She moan and screamed as her toes curled hard against my inner thighs in total orgasmic pleasure.

Once again the familiar tickle started at my loins and shot though out my body as I could feel myself cumming yet again. Just before I was about to explode I pulled out of Heather’s tight ass and began to rub my pre-orgasmic cock across Heather’s slippery muddy soles. No longer able to hold back I shot a thick wad of cum onto Heather’s mud covered soles. As I rubbed my exploding cock across Heather’s feet I looked down to see my white cum mingle with the wet brown mud on her soles. I plunged my fingers deep within Heather’s womanhood and her body began to writhe in ecstasy as she reached the crest of her most intense orgasm yet. She let out a scream that echoed out into the great outdoors as I too crested the final orgasmic hill. Cum rolled from my exploding manhood onto Heather’s wet muddy soles. The feel of the wet mud and the orgasmic release was extraordinary.

I fell back on my back as Heather rolled over onto her back. My cock and balls ached from so much use but it was a wonderful ache! Our eyes met and she planted a deep wet kiss on my mouth. She looked at her cum laden muddy soles and smiled.

“My!”, she proclaimed, “This is going to be one heck of an exciting camping trip!!”

I could only imagine what might lie in store for us as the camping trip had really yet to begin!

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