"The Barefooted Hitch Hiker Part 1"

Though it was early morning I could tell it was going to be another very hot summer day. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue without a cloud in sight and the sun was quickly bringing up the temperature. It was time for me to start out on my trip from the city to the country for a day or two of camping near Silver Creek. It was a wonderful remote campground that a friend of mine owned and let me use whenever the camping bug bites.

Having packed up a couple of days supplies and the camping equipment I tossed a pair of sandals into the car on the outside chance I would need them. I stay barefooted all summer and driving is always more comfortable that way. I hopped into my car and started driving to the campground. Rather than drive the main highway I thought it would be a lot more fun to take it slow and drive the less traveled side roads. It was an idea that would prove to be one of the best choices I had made in a long time!

The campground was about an hour drive by regular highway and I figured taking the back roads may add an hour to the trip. I had been driving about 45 minutes when I entered the main street of one of the small rural towns I would be heading through on my journey. Hardly anyone was out on the street since the heat of the day was already making itself felt. The speed limit through this particular small town was a painful 20 mph. Since my car’s air conditioning was broken, I was already sweating up a storm. Suddenly, my eyes caught sight of woman walking on the sidewalk and heading in the direction I was traveling. She was a couple of blocks up ahead and as I came within a block of her she suddenly turned around to glance at me over her shoulder. I could see she was wearing a tight fitting gauze type material top, faded cut off jeans, and barefooted. She had shoulder length brown hair, well proportioned body, and a face so beautiful that I thought I must be dreaming! Slung over one shoulder was a medium sized green backpack. As she turned and glanced at me again she smiled and without hesitation walked out between two parked cars and raised her thumb in the air to indicate she was looking for a ride. I pulled up along side her and stopped. She was even more beautiful close up and I guessed her age to be in the early twenties.

“Hello!”, she said, “Can I catch a ride with you?”

My heart was in my throat as I choked out, “Sure! Where are you heading?”

“You may not be going that far, but I am heading down to Silver Creek.”, she replied.

I couldn’t believe it! Silver Creek was only a mile from where I was heading! Finding my voice and some degree of composure I said, “I am going camping a mile from Silver Creek!”

“Fantastic!”, she replied.

She opened my passenger side door, placed her backpack into the back seat, and slid into the front seat next to me.

“I really appreciate the ride”, she stated and then continued, “I plan on doing some camping too... where did you say you were going camping?”

“About a mile from Silver Creek”, I replied as we started off down the road.

From the corner of my eye, I scanned her from head to bare toe trying not to be obvious in my checking out her beautiful body and pretty bare feet. She had nice high arches, extremely dirty soles, with toenails painted with a white pearl polish. Both the polish and her toes showed a nice sexy trace of dirt as well. She was sweating so much her hair was wet along her neck line and her tight fitting top looked like she had been a contestant in a wet T-shirt contest. The wet gauze like material of her top had become translucent and I could make out the perfect outline of her firm breasts. Her nipples were almost completely visible as they stood erect against her sweat drenched top. I could tell her faded jean shorts were the kind made by cutting off the legs of a regular jean because they were complete with the fringe.

“Are you going camping by yourself, or are you meeting someone down there?”, she inquired.

“I am going by myself, how about you?”, I inquired back

“Oh, I am going alone as well”, she replied.

A moment of silence passed as we both waited for the other to say something. Finally I broke the silence.

“What is your name?”, I asked

“Oh no!” she responded. My heart stopped for a second and then she continued, “You tell me your name first!” she said playfully.

“Oh... my name is, Bob”, I replied, trying to be cool and not show any of the alarm I had just felt.

“Pleased to meet you, Bob! My name is Heather”, she responded and then followed with, “So, do you like camping alone?”

Spotting an opening, I answered, “Sometimes I like camping alone but it is also great to have someone along to share the experience.”

“I know what you mean.”, she said. “While I enjoy camping alone at times it is always more fun to have someone with you. None of my friends were available to go with me so I said the heck with it and decided to head out on my own. I was just thinking...”, her voice trailed off. I swallowed hard as I waited for what seemed like a long time for her to continue. “Go on, what were you just thinking?”, secretly hoping she was going to suggest camping together.

“Well”, she continued, “ This is a bit embarrassing, but you are a cute guy and well... I was just wondering if... if you would mind if we go camping together?”

Mind!!? You have got to be kidding, I am thinking to myself. Keeping my composure I replied, “That would be really cool! You want to camp where I am going?”

“Sure!”, she said. I noticed her eyes were now scanning me from head to toe. “I see you are barefooted too”

“Yeah, I hate wearing shoes. Looks like you do too!”, I stated hoping she didn’t notice the huge erection in the front of my blue jean shorts.

She replied, “Walking around barefooted all the time just makes me feel so... well... energized and sexy I guess” She crossed her right leg over her left knee exposing the extremely dirty sole of her right foot. She wiggled her foot and I tried my best not to make it obvious that I was staring at that wonderfully dirty bare sole but she caught me staring. She smiled at me, uncrossed her leg and without saying a word slid up against me. My heart began to race as I could feel her body so close to mine. Her hardened left nipple rubbed against my right arm. My eyes wandered down to the floor of the car and I kept looking at those perfect, shapely, dirty feet of hers. Once again she caught me staring at her feet. “You like my feet?”, she inquired, wiggling her toes playfully.

Trying not to let my voice betray my excitement I replied, “Yes, you have beautiful feet!”

Suddenly I could feel the bottom of her left foot gently rubbing the top my foot that was on the accelerator pedal. I could feel the grittyness of the bottom of her foot as it slowly and gently traveled from my toes to my ankle and back to my toes again. I could feel the warmth of her foot on mine. “Are you one of those guys who like feet?”, she asked point blank.

My cock was straining rock hard against my shorts and I noticed her eyes looking at my crotch. My voice quavered a bit as I replied, “Yes, I like women’s feet... I think they are incredibly sexy! I hope you don’t think that is weird or something.”

“No... I don’t think it is weird at all... in fact, I love it when a guy plays with my feet... it really gets me hot!”, she replied.

With her foot still stroking the top of my foot I could feel her hand on my knee moving up slowly towards my bulging shorts. When her hand reached the cuff of my shorts she began to run her fingers under the cuff. Her fingers reached the tip of my engorged member and she ran her finger around the head of my cock while her hot wet tongue began to probe my right ear. I almost drove off the road in excitement and I struggled to grasp the reality of the moment. I mean, how lucky can a guy get... a beautiful woman hitch hiker that likes her feet played with, wants to go camping with me, and is teasing me into a frenzy!?

Removing her tongue from my ear and foot from mine, Heather slid back up against the passenger side door. I felt the arch of her warm right foot on my thigh and slowly she slid it upward until her toes reached the cuff of my shorts. Her bare toes slid under the cuff of my shorts and I could feel her hot toes on the head of my manhood.

“Oooooh,” she purred, “Your cock feels wonderful! I love the feel of a nice hard throbbing cock between my toes! I especially like the feel of hot cum running down between my toes! I better quit though and let you drive.”

“No! It is OK! I can still drive with you doing what you are doing”, I squeaked out.

“Well then,” she replied, “Since we are out driving on this deserted stretch of highway I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to do this...”

I could feel her toes unbutton my shorts and gripping my zipper with her toes she unzipped my shorts! Reaching over her hands began to tug at my shorts. Keeping my eyes on the road, I lifted my hips and she pulled my pants down to my knees. My hardened cock sprung free from the cloth cage that had restrained it and I could feel it pulsating with excitement.

“Let’s get these off!”, she stated and she carefully pulled my shorts down, then off as I carefully lifted one foot, then the other. “Now then,” she smiled and whispered, “ Isn’t that better?”

I could only nod my head with excited approval hoping I wouldn’t run off the road naked from the waist down! Before I could say anything or make a move, Heather began licking my stomach slowly inching her way towards my throbbing cock.

“Oooo... your sweat tastes good and I bet this will taste even better!” , she said as she slid her lips around my hardened shaft.

I could feel her sweat dripping on my stomach and thighs as her hot mouth worked pure magic on my member. She slid her mouth ever so gently up and down my shaft and then she began to run her tongue over my balls. Then she ran her tongue up to the tip of my shaft only to take it fully into her hot mouth again. I could feel my cock sliding deep into her mouth and it felt as though I could explode at any second.

Taking her mouth from my manhood, Heather once again leaned back against the passenger side door and I could feel her dirty bare soles in my lap. While the back side of my cock could feel the dirty sole of her left foot she began to stroke the underside of my cock with the dirty bare toes of her right foot. Her toes slid easily up and down my shaft as a mixture of pre-cum and sweat lubricated my aching cock. The sensation was wonderful! I looked down to see those beautifully dirty toes stroking my cock, almost begging to be drenched in cum.

Spreading the toes of her right foot she placed my cock between her big toe and second toe and began to slowly and rhythmically slide her foot up and down the entire length of my member. I could feel the grittyness of her dirty sole and toes as she said, “That’s it, Bob... you know you want to let loose on my toes. I REALLY want to feel your hot cum running down between my toes! Cum for me, Bob! Cum hard!”

I could feel my balls tighten at the sound of her words and I could feel an orgasm welling up from deep within me. I pulled off to the side of the road and I could no longer drive with all my concentration on the feel of Heather’s feet against my throbbing cock and her asking me to cum!

No longer able to hold back I could feel the first explosion of cum shoot onto Heather’s dirty toes. Wave after orgasmic wave came over me and I could feel myself dumping more and more hot cum on Heather’s feet.

“That’s it!”, she cried, “Give me every drop of the cum baby!”

With that I could feel one last huge orgasm spread throughout my body. I moaned loudly as I unloaded one final hot load of cum onto Heather’s dirty feet. There were clean spots on Heather’s soles where my cum had washed clean rivulets as it flowed over her beautiful feet. Her toes were bathed in cum and I could see Heather’s left hand was inside her sweat drenched top massaging her left breast. Her right hand was down the front of her jeans as she massaged herself into an orgasm! Heather screamed in ecstasy as her body shook with the power of her orgasm.

As we sat there catching our collective breaths I could see we both looked like we had taken a shower from sweating so much. Heather slid up next to me again and whispered in my ear, “I have a lot of fun plans for you on this camping trip!”

Heather undid the remaining few buttons on her blouse and exposed her beautiful firm breasts. Her nipples were hard as a rock from excitement. I cupped a hand under each breast and gently licked and nibbled at her firm nipples.

“Ooooo...” , she exclaimed, “Lets hurry and get down to that camp grounds...”

The story of our camping together adventure will continue in Part 2 of the story!!

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