"In the Heat of the Moment"
By Raymond D.

I donít know whether itís just me, or whether we all do it secretly; but when Iím out and about, I take every opportunity to admire the feet of any women who is wearing suitably revealing shoes. Iíve had a foot fetish since I was a young teen, and never really knew at the time how common this was. Anyway; the reason for all this is to tell of one particular experience I had last summer; an experience that changed my life.

It was a scorching-hot summerís day, beautiful women were out in force, dressed appropriately for this kind of weather, wearing skimpy little skirts and those Ďsuitably revealing shoesí I do so love. I was just sitting in the park killing time, when I saw a pair of rather attractive legs standing right next to me, more noticeable than the legs though were the feet. Perfect in every way; delicate little toes painted meticulously in a very sexy shade of light pink, tanned evenly a golden shade, and what looked to be beautiful soft skin. The womenís shoes made these observations very easy; they were black leather, with one strap crossing her foot half an inch behind her toes, and the other wrapped around her leg, immediately above her ankle. Somewhat overdressed for a walk in the park I thought to myself; although who was I to complain ?. "Excuse me" I heard the women say; I looked up and to my delight saw a very beautiful blond lady dressed in a short-legged grey trouser suit, her white shirt unbuttoned sufficiently to reveal just a glimpse of her black bra, and quite spectacular cleavage. I stood-up; the lady must have been around 5"8í, and had the most spectacular blue eyes I had ever seen. "Could you tell me how to get to the Grand hotel ?; my sister has booked me in there but Iím not exactly sure where it is". The woman was Swedish; I could tell from her subtle accent. "Sure" I said, still examining her rather spectacular body; I proceeded to direct her to the hotel, although in all honesty my explanation left a little to be desired. "Oh I donít think I will be able to remember all that" she said. This was my chance I thought to myself, "Iíve got to go by there myself anyway" I said, trying to sound convincing "I could give you a lift if youíd like". The woman seemed hesitant at first but agreed out of what appeared to be desperation.

We got into my open-topped sports car and drove-off. I was glad that she had agreed to come with me as it gave me further opportunity to admire her exquisite feet. "Iím giving you a lift!" I said, "And I donít even know your name", "My nameís Ulrica" she said; "So what are you doing over here then Ulrica ?" I inquired politely, "Just business she said; my company have sent me over to present some new marketing ideas to our English branch", whatever this lady did it had to be fairly important judging by the way she was dressed, and the well-spoken manner in which she talked to me. I continued to glance at her feet, admiring how her high arches were accentuated by the shoes she wore.

We pulled-up into the hotel car-park. The Grand hotel was the best hotel in the area; the choice of the movie stars that frequented England. The lady opened the door of my car and got out, "Thank-you so much" she said, "I donít know what I would have done without you ; please join me for a drink, itís the least I can do after youíve been so kind", this was an offer I was not going to refuse; if nothing else, it gave me a little more time to admire those gorgeous feet before I went back to doing nothing in the park.

I followed the lady into the building, not following too close so that I could check-out those lovely shapely heels she had. She checked-in at the front desk of the lobby, and beckoned me to follow her up the stairs to her room.

The room was on the top floor of the hotel; this floor was large, and only had three rooms on it. She opened the door to her room, and I followed her in. The room was massive; and instantly the four-poster bed caught my attention; it looked firm; certainly firm enough to withstand anything I could throw at it.

Ulrica walked over to the mini-bar situated in the corner of the room and proceeded to pour herself a drink, "What would you like she asked politely", I think if Iíd told what I really wanted she would have called security, so I played it safe, "Just a mineral water; Iíve got to drive later", This was a feeble excuse but I didnít drink much anyway, and I feared that if I had a drink, I could doing something that Iíd regret.

Ulrica sat in an armchair situated in the middle of the room, I joined her sitting opposite her in the sister armchair. We both sipped our drinks and made small-talk for a while. Ulrica sat cross-legged opposite me, her long legs and beautiful feet so tantalisingly close to me. We must have been talking for about 45 minutes, when suddenly out of the blue she said, "You know what Iíd really likeÖÖ if we could have sex, that would be fantastic", "SEX" I said astonished that sheíd even consider this with me, "Yes, thatís right Ö.sex", she said the word slowly, stroking my leg with her foot. "Not normal sex though" she informed me, "foot sex". That was the cue I needed; within seconds of her saying the word I dropped to the floor and began to undo the shoe of her right foot, kissing the top of it as I did. Her skin was soft and tender, and the delicate smell of perfume heightened my senses. I held her foot between both my hands and proceeded to suck her big toe; the taste was sensational, so slightly salty but warm and inviting, she uttered hums of satisfaction as I caressed the bottom of her toes with my tongue. "Youíve done this before havenít you ?" she said, "once or twice" I replied, continuing to suck on her other toes, which was equally arousing to me.

My pants were bulging by this point, and Ulrica stroked her other foot across the bulge, catching the head of my throbbing cock with her toes; this was heaven. I continued orally worshipping her right foot, paying particular attention to her silky soft arches, as I licked across the balls of her foot, and down over those delightfully high and sensual arches. She once again uttered moans of pleasure and agreement at what I was doing. She replaced her bare right foot in my hands, with her left still shoed one, and continued to rub my cock, this time with her bare right foot. I proceeded to remove the shoe from her left foot, kissing her toes as I did so. The shoe slid off effortlessly, and I set about administering similar treatment to this foot, running my tongue in-between her toes whilst rubbing the underside of her foot with my hands.

Ulrica leaned-over undoing my flies, so as to gain better access to my engorged manhood. She stroked her naked right foot up and down the full length of the shaft, teasing the head occasionally by wriggling her toes as she passed it. "I love this, donít you ?" she asked, almost in a rhetorical tone of voice, "Do I ever !" I replied enthusiastically, reluctant to removed her foot from my mouth.

Ulrica pulled both her feet from my quivering body and said, "Donít go anywhere; Iíll be back in just a second". She quickly hurried into another room, and left me sitting on the floor. This gave me time to take-in the whole experience, here I was, on a typically boring Wednesday afternoon, with the most beautiful women I had met, and not only that; I was sucking her toes !

Ulrica returned to me and smeared some kind of lotion on my solid cock, and wrapped her feet around it, sandwiching it between her lovely arches. She ran her feet up and down my cock, slowly at first, but quickened the pace as she saw the pleasure in was bringing me. I could feel the cum in my balls building up, to be released in glorious climax all over her beautiful feet. She continued this assault on my body, bringing me to the point of orgasm on several occasions, only to slow down, or remove her feet entirely, say things like, "Now, now; we donít want this to be over too soon, do we ?". She seemed to take pleasure from this little game she played with me, watching as I prepared myself for orgasm, then stopping just before I could cum. Ulrica continued this evil little practice for about ten minutes, although it seemed like an eternity. After seeing me nearly reach climax for about the tenth time, she leaned over and said, "OK darling; this has been fun, but now itís time for you to cum". With these words she began rubbing my manhood frantically, wriggling her toes frequently as she caressed my sensitive head. It did not take much of this before I began to feel a rumbling I my loins again, and within seconds I had an orgasm. The first spurt of cum splayed all over her lovely pink painted toenails, running in-between her toes as she continued to stroke my squirming cock with excitement. The next load trickled down over those soft tender arches that I had so lovingly worshipped only moments ago. After several minutes of this my cock had shrunk quite significantly, and her feet were covered in the juice of my loins. She raised her right foot to my face, and I knew what she wanted me to do. Without hesitation I placed her toes in my mouth and began to suck them passionately, tasting my cum as it ran over her feet was so erotic to me, and as I repeated the procedure on her other foot she looked at me and said, "Weíll have to do this the next time Iím over here. I agreed instantly, although doubted I would ever see her again.

I gave her my phone number and left the hotel swiftly to return to the park; maybe Iíd get lucky twice in one day. Although most of all, I hoped I would see Ulrica some other day.

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