"Harley Heaven"

As I walked down the street from my house I could hear behind me the approach of a motorcycle. The sound was loud, the ground vibrated underfoot, and I could tell it must be a large Harley-Davidson that was approaching. Turning to see if my assumption was correct, I spotted the huge Harley roaring down the street in my direction. Expecting to see a bearded male biker wearing colors, I was surprised to see instead, a lone female rider. She wasn’t wearing a helmet and I could see her long blonde hair being kissed by the wind that rushed through it. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses. She was wearing what looked like a black leather bra and black leather pants. A glance down at her feet revealed that she was barefooted with black nail polish that matched her other attire! As she approached me I could hear the her downshift to slow down her speed. As she passed me I could feel her eyes hidden behind the mirrored sunglasses sizing me up. She smiled a pretty smile and then made a right turn down the street that was in front of me.

“How cool”, my mind thought. A beautiful barefooted blonde on a Harley. Certainly one of my favorite fantasies has always been a beautiful girl on a motorcycle. To actually see one, and a barefooted one really got my heart and mind to racing. Before I had time to start fantasizing about what I had just seen I could hear the Harley once again coming up behind me. Once again I could hear the Harley downshift and slow up behind me. I turned to see the same beautiful barefooted blonde rider. This time she had slowed almost to the pace of my walking which really caught my attention. I glanced over at her and she smiled at me again. This time I smiled back at her. She puckered her lips into a kiss, then smiled and quickly drove off ahead of me. If she wanted my attention, she certainly had it! My heart sank as I seen her make another right turn at the next street and I could hear her race off loudly down the street.

I figured that was the last I was to ever see of her. I began thinking of what I could have done differently to at least get her to stop and talk to me. I resolved that if I should be fortunate enough to get another chance I would make every effort to get her to stop and talk to me. “Fat chance”, I thought. Besides, she was probably only teasing me, I consoled myself.

As I continued walking down the street I took notice of the warm feel of the sidewalk beneath my bare feet. It was a nice warm spring day and I enjoyed being out in as close to nature as one can get in the city. As I continued down the street I once again heard the roar of a Harley coming up behind me. “No way!”, I thought, “It couldn’t be her again.”

As I turned to look behind me I was thrilled to see that it was indeed the barefooted, leather clad beauty approaching once again. This time I was determined not to let her ride off without at least talking to her. “How in the world could I get her to at least talk to me?”, I thought. Almost without thinking I stepped to the curb and stuck my thumb in the air to show I was looking for a ride in the direction of the Harley beauty.

The Harley slowed and stopped even with me and the barefooted blonde beauty smiled at me as she said, “Hey! I was hoping you needed a ride barefoot boy... where are you headed?”

“ I uh... uh... where are you headed?”, I stammered out.

“Nowhere special... I am just out for ride. Why don’t you hop on and you can decide where you are going later?”, she said.

I hopped on the bike behind her as she continued, “You better wrap your arms around me tight... I don’t want to loose you on a curve!”

No argument there as I gladly wrapped my arms around her firm mid-section. I could feel her sun warmed skin on my forearms and I looked down to see her shapely bare feet with the black toe nail polish and I could feel a familiar stirring in my loins as my cock started getting hard. The vibration of the bike and her firm leather clad ass pressed tightly against my crotch brought me to full erection in mere seconds! I know she could feel my hard cock through her leather pants because she looked back at me and smiled a wicked smile.

“Hold on tight!”, she said as she brought the bike back to full life. As we roared off down the street the sound was almost deafening but the vibration of the engine, her warm skin, and leather clad ass pressed hard against me was incredibly erotic. My cock throbbed with excitement as her blonde hair blew back into my face.

We traveled down the street to a highway on ramp. Turning the bike onto the on ramp she fully opened the throttle and I grasped her tightly. I wondered where we were headed but at this point I really didn’t care! We traveled south for what seemed like a long time until the cityscape faded to a rural environment. We traveled a good many miles down the highway until we reached an exit with a sign that said, “State Forest, this exit”. The bike slowed as she downshifted to turn onto the paved road of the exit. Accelerating down the paved road I wondered if she planned to head to the State Forrest... I hoped that was her intention. The bike once again slowed as the entrance to the State Forrest appeared and she turned left into the entrance to the park. I could feel the excitement building at the thought of what possibilities may lay ahead.

The road into the park was winding and hilly. It was an exhilarating ride in and of itself. As we reached the peak of another hill I could feel the bottom of her warm right bare foot on top my right foot! Her foot traveled from the top of my right foot, up my ankle and slightly up the cuff of my jeans. Her toes teased the hair on my leg and my cock once again sprang to life as adrenaline flooded my system. As we began the decent down the steep hill I could feel butterflies in my stomach from the near weightless feeling you get when traveling down a steep hill.

She took her foot from my leg as we headed up the next steep hill and down around a sharp curve. The engine slowed as we reached an area with a sign that read, “ Primitive Campgrounds.” She turned the massive bike onto the road in the direction of the primitive campgrounds and within a few minutes we were deep within the campsite area.

The bike slowed and stopped as we reached a heavily wooded section of the campgrounds. She turned off the bike, the heel of her barefoot reaching back to lower the kick stand of the bike. She pulled the bike onto the kick stand and for the first time there was a haunting silence filling the air. My ears still buzzed and my body still vibrated from the long ride. I dismounted the bike followed by the blonde barefoot beauty.

As we stood facing each other she removed her mirrored sunglasses and for the first time I could see her beautiful blue eyes. “Looks like you are mine today”, she laughed. “My name is, Jennifer. What’s yours?”, she asked.

“My name is, Bob”, I said. “This is a beautiful place.”, I commented.

“Yeah... it’s is a cool place”, Jennifer replied.

There was a moment of silence as each of us sized up the other from head to naked toe. Jennifer was stunning. She had plump firm lips, high cheekbones, and beautiful blue eyes. Her blonde hair hung to her waist. I could see the outline of her nipples beneath her leather bra-like top. Her tight black leather pants were so tight as to be almost painted on. I gazed down at her feet that were as perfectly proportioned as her hard body. Her toes were long and her glossy black nail polish looked even sexier now that I got a really good look at them. Her feet were incredibly dirty and she had the most perfect high arches I had ever seen! My eyes were fixed on her feet for a long time and as I finally looked back to her face our eyes met and she smiled that wicked grin again.

“So, Barefoot Bob... why were you staring at my feet for so long?”, Jennifer asked. Before I answer she continued, “I bet you are into feet, aren’t you?”, she inquired.

For a minute I didn’t know what to say. Would she think I was some nut case if I admitted to loving women’s feet or was she asking because she liked guys who were into feet? As I fought to find an answer to her question she raised her right foot to expose her filthy shapely sole to me. I could feel my crotch bulging as her eyes gazed upon my cloth imprisoned hard on.

“That answers that question!”, she commented with that wicked grin.

She grabbed my hand and we began walking towards an small sunlit clearing of emerald green moss covered rocks. I could feel the warm green soft moss beneath my feet as Jennifer suddenly stopped, let go of my hand, and then jumped up to sit on one of the moss covered rocks. “Come here”, she said as she extended her arms out to me.

She spread her legs as our arms met and she pulled me tightly between her legs. The height of the rock was perfect in that my crotch slammed hard against her leather clad womanhood. Jennifer wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me even tighter against her. My cock throbbed against my jeans and her leather pants. Her hands reached down to my waist and she pulled my T-shirt up and over my head exposing my naked chest.

“Nice!”, she said, as she removed my T-shirt. I could feel the back of her right foot travel upward from my calf, then up my inner thigh until her foot reached the front of my bulging pants. I could feel her toes probing my throbbing cock. I looked down at her foot and saw her curling her toes backward to accent her high arch. Her foot was delightfully dirty. She planted the dirty ball of her foot deeply into my crotch. Through my jeans, I could feel my hard cock straddled between her big and second toe as she began to ride the length of my cock slowly up and down.

Reaching behind herself I could see her leather bra give as she undid it from behind. Pulling her arms from the straps her firm ripe breasts popped free from their leather cover. Her firm breasts were at my eye level as she tossed her bra to the ground. I reached up and gently cupped her breasts in my hands. My fingers caresses and gently tugged at her nipples which immediately became hard. I rolled her hardened nipples between my fingers as Jennifer let out a small purr of delight. Her dirty bare foot began to wildly ride my cloth covered cock as I continued to play with her erect nipples.

My mouth found its way to her hardened nipples and I began to suck and tease them. The scent of leather and taste of her sweat flooded my system with sexual adrenaline. My heart raced and my cock throbbed uncontrollably. Jennifer leaned back and began to rub her clit through her leather pants. As I playfully bit and nibbled her hard nipples I could feel Jennifer’s hands slide down to the zipper on my jeans.

My breath quickened as I could feel her hands on my zipper. Slowly she slid down my zipper and slid her hand into the front of my jeans. “Oh!”, she said, “I see someone isn’t wearing any underwear!” as her fingers wrapped around my aching cock.

Jennifer jumped down off the moss covered rock and unbuttoned my jeans. She tugged hard and my jeans slid down to my ankles. My throbbing cock stood upright and hard as a rock as I stepped out of my jeans. My hands shook as I found Jennifer’s belt buckle and undid it. My fingers trembled as I unzipped her leather pants and pulled them down to expose her naked flesh. “Looks like someone else isn’t wearing underwear either!”.

Jennifer stepped out of her leather pants and kicked them to the side. Jennifer grabbed me and we began to passionately kiss. She pulled my naked body tightly to her hot naked flesh. My cock brushed against her wet bush and her hard nipples pressed deeply into my chest. She buried her tongue deep within my mouth as her hand gripped my hardened manhood. She began to rub my steel hard cock against her dew laden womanhood as she began to moan softly. “Eat me,” she whispered as she jumped back up to sit on the warm green moss covered rock. She spread her legs wide as my tongue found her dripping wet womanhood. Her clit stood hard and erect as my mouth encircled it. I ran my tongue slowly over her clit at first... then faster and faster and Jennifer began to moan ever louder. The scent of leather mingled with the heady aroma of her wet womanhood flooded my nostrils. The feeling of primal lust coursed through me and I wanted to lick her into a frenzy of sexual excitement!

I could feel Jennifer’s dirty feet encircle my throbbing cock as it slid between her dirty arches. Pre-cum lubricated her arches as she began to gently stroke my member.

I plunged my hot tongue deep within her flooded hole and Jennifer let out a scream of pleasure. “Fuck my feet!”, she cried as my manhood slid between the arches of her dirty soles. My tongue probed her hot interior as I began to slowly and gently rub her clit with my thumb.

“Cum all over my feet!”, Jennifer begged as she panted hard.

Hearing those beautiful words I began to pump her wet hole ever more deeply with my tongue. Jennifer let out a long low scream as her body shuddered in orgasmic delight. She began to caress my balls with her left foot and toes as the toes of her right foot straddled my slippery cock. I could feel the grit of her dirty foot mingle with my pre-cum as her right foot stroked the length of my shaft. Her toes gripped my tool tightly as continued to pump it relentlessly up and down. I continued to run my tongue in and out of her while I rubbed her clit ever faster.

Jennifer let out another yell as another wave of orgasm passed though her tense body. She shuddered and shook and sobbed gently as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her wonderful body. The toes of her left foot played with my tightening balls as the toes of her right foot slid up and down my near orgasmic tool. I could feel the ball of her right foot gliding the length of my shaft. I could feel the smoothness of her foot yet the sandy dirt on it.

“I want to feel your hot cum explode between my toes!”, she cried. I could feel my balls tighten ever more as the first wave of orgasm exploded though out my body. As the ball of her foot reached the head of my cock I could feel the first hot load of cum spray out onto the ball of her right foot. The slippery feel of my cum on her foot drove my orgasm into extreme intensity and I moaned loudly as load after hot load of cum exploded onto her foot. Cupping my exploding rod once again between her arches she pumped my cock furiously to milk it of every drop of my hot cum.

I looked down to see her dirty feet covered in cum. Her black nail polish looked milky white as cum ran between her toes, down her dirty soles and onto the heels of her wonderful feet.

Jennifer moaned in delight as she rubbed her cum soaked feet together. Hopping down from the moss covered rock she planted a lustful wet kiss on my mouth then began to slide her tongue down my chest. Dropping to her knees her tongue continued downward to my shrinking member. She ran her hot tongue around my balls then took my almost limp member into her warm mouth. My body shuddered at first and then she began to lick my rod from the base to the tip of it’s head. Her mouth engulfed my cock as she slid up and down it’s length. My cock was painfully sensitive but the pain gave way to pleasure as she continued her oral attention. As she continued to suck my cock I could feel her breathing new life into my member. My cock grew immediately hard again as she continued her oral attention.

Jennifer rose to her feet and turned her firm ass towards me. She spread her legs far apart and bent over at the waist. Her hands pulled her tight ass cheeks apart to reveal her wet pink womanhood. “Fuck me... fuck me hard!”, she demanded. My wet hard tool of love slid easily and deeply into her. I could feel her hot interior grip my cock. She was wonderfully wet and slippery and my hard cock ached slightly as I began to pump her from behind. “Harder! Faster!”, she demanded.

I slammed my cock harder and harder within her. I could feel my balls slam hard against her as her hot juices began to run down my balls. She was so wet and hot! Jennifer screamed and moaned as wave after wave of orgasm began to flood her body once again. Jennifer dropped to her knees in doggie style as I followed her down, still connected deep within her. I could feel her tight ass cheeks slam against my lower stomach as I plunged my hard shaft in and out of her. Faster and harder I pumped as I could feel her getting still wetter and wetter. My thighs were wet with her love as her body tensed and her toes curled hard against my thighs. Her feet were warm and still slippery wet from my cum. Dirt and cum streaked my thighs from her beautiful soles rubbing on my thighs.

Jennifer’s hands clenched in fists as she came hard once, twice, three times in quick succession! I continued to ride her hard as she began to cry from pleasure. She sobbed, then moaned as pounded her hard. On each out stroke the tip of my dick exited her velvet lined tunnel of love and on each in stroke I drove my shaft as deeply into her as I could. My balls slapped her pink lips. Her ass rippled with each in stoke as Jennifer rode my hard shaft to orgasm after orgasm. Jennifer slid onto her stomach as I continued to furiously pump her. “Cum hard for me!” , she cried.

As I felt myself nearing orgasm, I pumped her hard for several more strokes then pulled my shaft from her deep hot hole. I began to rub my cock on the dirty soles of her feet. My balls once again tightened as I could feel myself cumming again. I rubbed my shaft hard on the soles of her dirty feet and as the first wave of orgasm tickled me from my groin to the top of my head and down to my toes. I exploded the first hot thick load onto Jennifer’s soles. As I rubbed my shaft in the first load of my hot cum I exploded again and again onto Jennifer’s wonderful soles. I moaned as I drenched her soles and toes in cum until my balls felt like they had been milked dry.

Jennifer smiled her wicked grin and said, “You are more fun to ride then my Harley! I think I want to ride you a lot more in the near future!”

I smiled back and said, “Jennifer, I will ride you any time you want!”

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