"The Girl In Blue"
By Anonymous

It was Monday evening and I was caught in rush hour traffic, tired, irritated and ready to get home to relax from a hard day at the office. About a mile away from home I turned onto Madison Road and decided that it would be all right to drive 55, however the speed limit was 40.

Madison road was relatively free of traffic and I didn't see anything wrong with putting the pedal to the metal. Anyway I didn't see any police cars around. Well, about a mile down the road a police car pulled out from a side street and quickly pulled up behind me. Just what I needed another speeding ticket, I already had two within the last year and a court judge warned me if I got another before the year ended my license would be revoked.

I pulled over to the side of the road and sat nervously and waited for the policeman to walk up and ask for license and registration. I peeked at my sideview mirror and was somewhat pleasantly surprised. The policeman was actually a policewoman. She looked to be in her thirties and was about 5'11.

I thought of myself as a Casanova of sorts and thought that just maybe I might be able to sweet talk her and get out of the ticket. "Do you realize how fast you were going," she asked in a stern tone. "No ma'am," I replied. "You were driving 60 in a 45, I'm going to need your license and registration," she ordered. I gave them to her and she went back to the squad car to run a check.

For about ten minutes I was sweating bullets and after she accessed my driving record I just knew I would be screwed.

She eventually came back to my car leaned over into my window and said," It seems that you're quite the lead foot and if I write you this ticket your license will be revoked." At this point I decided to beg for mercy and hope just maybe she would let me off. " Please officer, if you let me go I'll never speed again," I pleaded. I gave her a sob story about my financial troubles and tried to appear as pitiful as possible.

The policewoman had this crooked smile etched across her face. It was as if she reveled in having power to control my destiny. " Drive over and park in that alley over there and we'll discuss how we can remedy the situation," she said. I became a bit uneasy at the suggestion, I mean did she plan to use her night stick on me where no one could see, I couldn't figure out what was up. But I had little choice but to comply -I wanted to keep my license.

She got back in her squad car, turned on the siren and followed me as I drove about twenty feet down the road and into the nearby deserted alley. I parked and waited as she seemingly took forever to once again approach my car.

"Get out of the car Mr.. Wilson," she said. " You're not going to rough me up are you," I sheepishly asked. "No, I've decided on a perfect solution that will both let you keep your license and pay your debt to society," she explained.

"Do as I tell you and there won't be any problems," she continued. I nodded. Her patrol car and my car were parked so that the area between the brick wall and both cars was hidden from view. "Get down on your knees," she ordered. I complied. "Now take off my right shoe and sock." I couldn't believe what was occurring this policewoman was not only on a power trip but a badge wearing foot freak.

I looked up at her and got a strange thrill from being submissive to her. She had taken a hair pin from her do' and let her long luxurious blond locks fly in the summer breeze. However she kept on her sunglasses so I couldn't make eye contact.

" Because you can't seem to follow the law you need to kiss my foot and suck my toes," she said. The aroma of her foot was overwhelming, she had been wearing black socks and those black work flats. Surprisingly, she had perfectly pedicured and purple painted toenails, with a gold toe ring on her second toe. I quickly began to kiss her arch, sole and began to suck on her toes. "UMMM, that feels good," she moaned. Several minutes passed. "All right you did a pretty good job on that one but before I let you go you have to also do the same to my other foot," she added.

Now I enjoyed worshipping her feet but at the same time I was beginning to resent her control over me. Hell she could just be putting me through this with no intention of ignoring my traffic violation. I put her shoe and sock back on. "Hurry up, I don't have all day," she shouted. The situation was humiliating but a part of me enjoyed it. I then began on her other foot. "Yes, right there my arch has been killing me lately," she said. I simultaneously was sucking on her toes, licking her sole and using my fingers to deeply knuckle her arch. About five minutes passed and she told me to get up. "I'm going to let you go this time with just a warning bit if I ever catch you speeding again you'll have to pay and I mean dearly," she said with a sly grin of satisfaction. I quickly got back in my car and drove off, now that officer was certainly an officer "friendly."

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