"Gina - Part II"
By GeorgeH

Gina and I met for dinner at a really fancy Japanese restaurant in town. We were taken to one of their traditional Japanese tatami rooms, where you sit on the floor at a low table. We removed our shoes, and sat across from each other on at the table on the floor. Gina was wearing ankle socks that night, so I did not get see her pretty little feet. After the hostess seated us, she left and closed the sliding door to the room. The room was very private, with the traditional wood and rice paper wall separating us from the rest of the restaurant. Gina mentioned that she liked this restaurant because it was very authentic, reminder of the restaurants in Kyoto, Japan, where she had lived for 2 years as a teenager with her family. This was my first time at this restaurant, but so far I was impressed.

As we continued our conversation, a very pretty Japanese waitress came to take our order, in traditional Japanese dress. We ordered a sushi appetizer for two, and told her we would order dinner later. She bowed gracefully, and left the room, closing the sliding door behind her. As she was leaving, I instinctively glanced at her feet, which were small and dainty. Too bad they were covered with those awful socks and thong sandals that all of the waitresses wear at that restaurant. Gina immediately chuckled quietly, saying "I noticed that you always look at a woman's feet when you meet them." I guess was not being subtle enough. "It's a habit," I explained. "Too bad she was wearing socks. I bet she has pretty feet..." I said, "...almost as pretty as yours," I added politically." We laughed. She explained how traditional Japanese women always covered their feet out of modesty. In traditional Japan, as well as some other Asian cultures, a woman's foot was considered to be a very sexual part of her body, and was covered in public, for the same reasons Western women cover their breasts. We discussed the differences in the sexual preferences between Asia and the West, which I found intriguing.

I was sitting at the table with my legs crossed, and Gina sat across the table from me with her legs under the table. As we continued our discussions about the sensuality of feet in Japan, I felt her tiny foot rubbing my leg. I reached under the table, and massaging her toes between my fingers and thumb. Her toes responded to my touch by wiggling sensually against my fingers. Her foot soon found its way to my lap, and began teasing me between my legs. As I looked down I saw her tiny foot, her toes wiggling seductively in her ankle socks against my crotch. We looked at each other and exchanged smiles; mine from nervousness of being aroused in a public place, hers from the satisfaction she was getting from making me nervous. What a little devil she was! My obvious nervousness urged her on, as she shifted her body forward to position her foot further in my lap. As her toes alternately curled and flexed, the tip of them probed my, now swelling, bulge. I uncrossed my legs, and extended them in front of me, spreading them slight so my feet straddled her. As I reached down with my hand to give her toes a little squeeze, the door slid open and the waitress served our sushi appetizer. Gina moved her foot from my crotch, but kept it inches in front of me, under the table. The table was too low for the waitress to see what was going on underneath unless she overtly bent down and looked under it. After serving the appetizer, she bowed, left the room, and closed the door.

As we ate the sushi, I felt her foot slip into my crotch again. Pretending to ignore her foot, rubbing back and forth over my cock through my pants, I continued enjoying the sushi and our conversation. I almost choked on a piece of sushi, when she pressed her toes firmly against my testicles. She smiled and said, "I just want to see how long you can ignore this." "Not very long," I said as we both felt my cock grow larger and firmer under the touch of her lovely foot. Through my pants, her toes found my balls and began toying with them, shifting them back and forth in their sac. I enjoyed watching her little foot in its cute ankle sock, squirming between my legs. She was such a tease, and enjoyed seeing me get turned on like this in a public restaurant. I had had a couple of exciting footjobs in restaurants before (check out the other "restaurant" stories), and the risk of getting caught added to the excitement. She retracted her foot just before the waitress entered, and asked for our dinner orders. Gina was facing the sliding door and could see the waitress' shadow through the translucent rice paper panels as she approached, giving her a few seconds to remove her feet and compose herself before she opened the door. Afterwards, the waitress bowed and left, and Gina kept her foot away from my crotch, as we finished the appetizer and continued our discussions.

Soon after we had finished the appetizer, Gina's lovely toes were probing my manhood once more. When I looked between my legs, I saw that she had removed her sock, and her bare foot was teasing my rock hard cock through my pants. I touch the top of her foot with my fingers, and rubbed them lightly over the soft, smooth skin. As I grasped her toes with my thumb and finger, massaging them lightly her toes extended, as if to totally submit themselves to my touch. I squeezed and rubbed her toes sensually, as they curled and flexed with pleasure. With my thumb, I massaged her sole from the ball of her foot to the arch, as my fingers caressed the top of her foot. As she began teasing my cock with her toes, again, I pressed her sexy, little, bare foot against my throbbing member with my hand. "Ahhh, you like it!" she said. "Of course," I responded, "but we can't do this here." She smiles, and looked directly into my eyes. "Oh, yes we can," she said slyly, as her other foot, also now bare, joined its partner between my legs. Now, I had both feet massaging my burgeoning shaft. Watching her little toes wiggle between my legs aroused me even further. Moving closer to the table, with my chest almost touching the edge, I positioned my crotch as close as I could get it to her titillating feet, giving her toes easy access to my bulging cock. It was a stretch for her short legs, but she managed it admirably. I unzipped my pants, exposing my fully erect dick to the manipulation of her erotic feet and toes. The sound of the door to our private chamber sliding open startled me, as the waitress entered. Gina saw her a few seconds before and had stopped fondling me with her feet, but kept them against my cock. My body was too close to the table for the waitress to see what was happening in my crotch. I also, leaned forward against the table and folded my arm on top of it to further block her view to the pleasure Gina feet we bestowing upon me. The waitress removed the appetizer plates, served miso soup and sunomino (Japanese salad), bowed and left.

As we started on the soup and sunomino, her feet resumed their teasing, which was now becoming much more effective, bare feet against bare cock. Her talented toes traveled up and down the underside of my pulsing shaft, teasingly ticking the tip along their journey. Holding the shaft with the toes of one foot, she would slide the sole of the other one over the head, back and forth VERY slowly, sending chills of titillation throughout my body. The head was getting very sensitive now, which intensified the sensations that her wiggling toes and sliding sole were imparting on the tip of my dick. Holding the shaft steady with one foot, she grasped the tip with the toes of the other one. Every time she curled her toes over the cock head, the stimulation sent jolts of electric-like sensations that started from the tip, shot down the shaft, and radiated throughout my pelvic area. The pre-cum juices were making her toes feel slippery to my cock head as they continued to massage it. As I looked down, I could see her tiny toes alternately curling and flexing over the tip of my cock, they being too small to cover the entire head. As she continued manipulating me, I could see the tip occasional peek out between her toes when she extended them, only to be covered by their grip as she curled them over it. She stopped in mid-stroke as the waitress returned to bring our entrees. Again, I leaned forward with my arms folded on the tale to hide the madness going on between my legs. She removed the soup and sunomino bowls, and server the main course. She asked if we required anything else (we didn't). She, then, bowed and left.

As we ate our dinners, Gina held placed her feet against my erect, bare cock, occasionally caressing it with her toes just enough to keep it erect and firm. Just the feel of her feet next the my cock kept it erect; the occasional caresses kept it throbbing. We enjoyed our dinner and continued our conversation, while her feet continued cradling my manhood, keeping it at a constant state of excitement. She explained how she viewed our relationship, saying that she did not consider what we had done at our first encounter to be sex, but rather mutual masturbation. To her, traditional sex was a very intimate act, reserved as a demonstration of love. Self stimulation was her way of satisfying her sexual needs, and my foot play was just a way of assisting her in getting herself off. She found my foot worshipping very erotic, and it intensified the sensations of her masturbation and the resulting orgasm. Getting me off with her feet appealed to the teaser in her, deriving satisfaction from seeing me go wild at her feet. Sexual satisfaction without real intimacy was her main reason for starting and sustaining our relationship. Though it had been sexually satisfying for me, I wasn't sure how I felt about being cast in the role as her masturbation assistant. This was probably more an attack on my ego than anything else. I confirmed that I understood her feeling about the relationship, and that I was quite satisfied with the arrangement. Her feet were still resting against my cock, and she gave it a little rub with her toes, just to make sure it was still awake. Its firmness indicated that it was. She smiled sweetly, and we finished our dinner.

We left the restaurant, and returned to her apartment. I was still excited from her feet manipulations in the restaurant, and I wanted to complete what we had started there. I knew she had same idea when she went into her bedroom and beckoned for me to follow her. "I hope you are as horny as I am now," she said as she began removing her clothes. I followed her lead and started removing mine. "I am probably hornier," I replied. Within seconds, we were both completely naked. She laid on her back, while I sat on the bed at her beautiful feet. As I caressed on of them in my hands, I began worshipping her toes. First, I gently licked just the tips of them with my tongue. Then, I ran my tongue over the sensitive underside of her toes, causing a soft moan to escape her lips. My tongue traced little wet circles around each toe, occasionally sliding between them causing her moans to become a little louder. I did the same for her other foot, as she placed her hand between her legs, and began stimulating her clit. My oral ministration became more passionate as I started getting arouse, my manhood burgeoning. As I sucked her toes more feverishly, she began rocking her hips slowly as her fingers probed deep into her pussy. Her deep, slow breathing, interspersed with little moans of pleasure told me that our combined efforts were elevating her to the epitome of sensual stimulation. Her toes curled in my mouth and her feet twitched slightly as my lips and tongue invoked sensual thrills, complementing the pleasures she was giving her self.

The feel and taste of her toes in my mouth, combined with her reactions, was very arousing to me, as my swelling cock confirmed. My fully erect shaft throbbed with excitement, as she rubbed the sole of her other foot against it. I loved it! I laid on my side with one of her feet in my mouth while the other massaged my stiff manhood. Both hands were now stroking and probing between her legs. Her breathing became deeper and the moans became more frequent, as we continued taking her toward erotic bliss. My tongue lashed her toes wildly, while her other foot fondled my cock and balls. I closed my thighs around her tiny foot, holding it tightly beneath my balls. Its squirming and wiggling toes against the underside of my balls sent thrills of pleasure through my groin. I sucked and licked her toes with even more passion, assisting her in reaching the peak of pre-climactic ecstasy. She emitted a high-pitched squeal, announcing her first wave of orgasmic pleasure. As her loins convulsed in ecstasy, her toes in my mouth curled and wiggled with each wave pleasure, while her toes beneath my balls squirmed, sending electrifying jolts of intense pleasure through my body. She came hard and long, until her sensually exhausted body finally relaxed

My cock was throbbing with excitement, stimulated by her toes in my mouth and under my balls, as well as my empathetic response to her intense orgasmic pleasure. As I laid on my back, Gina sat between my legs, facing me. Gripping my swollen manhood on both sides with her toes, she stroked the entire length, from the sensitive head to the base of the still rigid shaft. With a steady rhythm, her lovely feet began pumping my throbbing member. She would stroke it between her soft arches, and then, switch to pumping it with her gripping toes, and then switch back again. I became delirious with pleasure, as her feet massaged me to the heights of passion. As she continued titillating my pulsating cock between her arches and toes, I could feel the pre-orgasmic churning, deep within my loins. Her feet pumped my rigid shaft with an even faster, but steady rhythm. Her wonderful feet were taking me to new heights of erotic excitement. I was so close to that critical point of no return, but I needed just that extra little boost to carry me over the edge to orgasmic bliss. As I began stroking my shaft to give myself that little boost, she gripped my sensitive cock head with her tiny, wiggling toes. The heightened sensitivity of the head of my read-to-burst manhood caused even the lightest touch to send chills of pleasure throughout my body, but the wild squirming of her toes as she gripped the tip sent jolts of intense stimulation surging through my cock that spread throughout my loins. Within seconds, I began to feel that familiar pre-climactic ache in my balls. My pelvic area convulsed with intense pleasure as I was bathed in orgasmic ecstasy. I could feel a stream of cum surge forcefully through my cock and spew onto her massaging toes. While one of my hands was stroking the base of my spurting member, the other was cupped over the top of her feet, holding them firmly to my pulsating cock. I could tell she felt the warm, flow of my sperm on her toes when she responded by gripping my spurting cock head more tightly. Another wave of intense pleasure surged through my loins, forcing more cum onto her toes. I could feel the warm liquid flow from her toes onto my hand that was holding her feet to me. I held my shaft steady as her squirming toes stimulated the last orgasmic spasms, causing the final few drops of cum to dribble from my cock. Her cum-soaked toes felt so good to my fingers as I massaged them affectionately. I continued massaging the warm, creamy cum over her toes and feet like lotion. We both collapsed from sensual exhaustion.

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