"Gina - Part I"
By GeorgeH

I had known Gina from a local topless club for about a year. She was an Asian dancer, about 25 years old, 5 foot tall, a petite 100 pounds, and very, very cute. She was one of my favorite dancers at this particular club. This club was fairly strict, providing only fairly modest table dances, no hanky-panky like some of the nude club. However, I enjoyed coming here because they had the most beautiful dancers in the city, and many of them did private sessions outside the club, where they could get a little more intimate. Most of the regular dancers new that I was a foot man, and they found it interesting, a refreshing change from the grab-ass guys that they usually danced for. Gina was always intrigued by it, and had promised to give me a private session, but I could never pin her down to specific date. She had been doing table dances for me for about an hour that afternoon. She enjoyed teasing me with her feet when she danced, lightly rubbing the top of her foot over my bulge. I asked her if she would be interested in giving a private session when she got off work that evening. She hesitated, but surprised me and agreed. She wanted to clarify that I only wanted her feet, not sex. I agreed.

I met her at her apartment around 8:00 PM. She was dressed in a short, bronze, satin robe that came down to about mid-thigh. I immediately noticed her sexy feet in the beige high heeled sandals that she was wearing. The heels were not extremely high, but enough to show off her lovely feet and enhance the curves of her naturally shapely legs. All in all, she was looking VERY sexy. We sat on the sofa, and talked for a while. "I am curious," I said. "Why did you take so long to finally get together with me? We've know each other for a year." She answered, "I was a little afraid, but always curious about this foot thing. I guess my curiosity won out." "Well, how does this work? I have never done this before." She asked. I explained, in general, how my "foot thing" worked, telling her that I was totally into footsex, and was not looking for any other, "traditional" forms of sex. She seemed OK with my explanation, and reassure that I was not going to have "traditional" sex with her.

I started by lifting her legs onto the sofa, dropping to my knees, and worshipping her feet (still in those sexy sandals) with my lips and tongue. They were so cute and tiny, size 4, with little short, round toes. Her arches were moderately high and very graceful. The sandals exposed most of her foot to my sucking lips and licking tongue. With my tongue, I probed between the toe straps on her sandals to licked the tops of her toes and into her toe cleavage. Her open-toed sandals allowed me to lick under her toes, inserting my tongue between the underside of her toes and the toe of the shoe. She giggled softly, letting me know that this was a sensitive spot. My tongue darted wildly around the underside of her toes, savoring the slightly salty taste. I, then, moved to her graceful arch, licking between her foot and the sandal. Again, she giggled, letting me know that I had found another sensitive spot, so I focused there a little longer. Her feet were so soft and smooth, and because of their tiny size, they appear more like the feet of a child, than a sexy 25 year old woman. I continued worshipping her lovely feet in those sexy sandals for several more minutes.

After removing one sandal, I kissed the tips of her toes, sucking each one individually. She emitted a barely audible moan, showing her enjoyment of my ministration. Placing all five toes into my mouth, I rolled my tongue over, under, and between them, sucking them passionately. As I looked up at her face, I saw her watching me intently as I orally made love to her tiny bare foot. "Oh, that feels SOOOOO good," she said, "and it looks so sexy." I removed the other sandal, and gave that foot the same attention.

My cock was rock hard and bulging tightly in my pants. I asked her if I could "get a little more comfortable." After confirming that we were not having sex, she agreed. I removed all of my clothes, and sat on the end of the sofa. As I put her feet in my lap, and continued tending to her them with my lips and tongue, she looked down at my throbbing manhood, smiling with satisfaction. Her satin robe opened, exposing her cute, petite, nude body. As I sensuously massaged and licked her feet, she started stroking her love nest with her fingers. As I lifted one foot to my lips to suck her toes, her other foot was in my lap, teasing my throbbing cock. She rubbed her sole slowly back and forth over the sensitive tip, sending chill through my loins, as I passionately made oral love to her other foot. She ran her foot back and forth over the underside of my dick and teased the head with her toes. From the way her toes slipped over my cock head, I could tell they had become wet with my pre-cum fluids. That excited me, and I lifted her foot from my lap and sucked her cute, wet toes, tasting the slightly salty juices that had emerged from my engorged cock. "Ooooooo," she said erotically as she watched me suck my pre-cum from her toes, "That's nasty. I love it."

When I placed both of her feet back in my lap, she immediately began squeezing my throbbing cock between them, rubbing her soles up and down the shaft. Her fingers probed deeply into her pussy, as her hips rotated with passion. With her right foot, she pressed my rigid member flat against my stomach while she stroked it under her toes. She rubbed her tiny toes up and down the length, as she pressed it firmly against my stomach. Then, using both feet, she rolled the shaft back and forth under her soles. I was reeling with excitement. Her lovely soles became slippery from the pre-cum, issuing from my pulsing cock, allowing them to slide easily over my firm shaft, as it remained pressed to my stomach. I placed a few drops of hand lotion on her soles and toes to facilitate the stroking of my throbbing cock by her feet even more. Her feet concentrated on the sensitive head, while I began stroking the rigid shaft with my hand. First, she grasped the tip with her toes, massaging the head as I continued stroking the shaft. Her tiny toes were too short to get a good grip on it, but when she wiggled them over the tip, my whole body shuddered with excitement. She, then, put both feet together, and rubbed my cock head between her arches. She alternately rubbed one foot forward, while the other one rubbed backward over the tip, occasionally allowing the head top press between her arches. The fabulous feel of her silky arches rubbing sensually over my sensitive cock head, titillated me to the peaks of lust. My hand pumped feverishly. We both knew that I was ready to explode, as she continued to vigorously massage the tip of my cock with the soles of her precious little feet. Just as I hit the pinnacle of excitement, she sandwiched the head of my cock between the toes of one foot and the arch of the other. My hand stroke the shaft wildly as I exploded in glorious orgasm. The first spurt bathed her graceful arch with hot semen, as her wiggling toes continued kneading my ultra-sensitive head. It trickled over the sole of one foot, and oozed between wiggling toes of the other. She, then, gripped the spurting head on my manhood between the toes of both feet, and alternately curled and flexed them, further stimulating the tip of my spurting dick. The second orgasmic spasm hit, almost a strong as the first. A thick stream of my milky juices erupted from the tip of my cock, spurted between her toes, and flowed slowly from her toe cleavage over the top of her feet. Her creamed toes kept massaging my pulsating cock head, sending intense chills through me. I could barely stand the intense sensations that her feet were imparting to my throbbing manhood. The sensations that her toes were giving me were more than I could tolerate. I was reaching sensory overload; every nerve in my body was firing at once. Clenching my teeth, I forced myself to endure this intense, but wonderful titillation a little longer. Another spasm seared though my groin, squeezing another small spurt of sperm onto her squirming toes. How much longer can I take this! I held on for a few seconds more as her toes milked the last drop of cum from my collapsing cock. I immediately remove her feet from my cock head, unable to withstand any more stimulation. I sat there, panting from exhaustion, my entire body tingling from sensory overload. Her cute face displayed a broad smile, showing her enjoyment of what she had done, and a little pride in reducing me to a helplessly, exhausted mass of flesh she saw before her.

I lifted her cum-drenched feet to within inches of my face. Her toes were covered with my love juices, as was the arch against which her toes had pressed my cock when I first erupted. There were little streams of cum, dripping from her toe cleavage down the top of her foot to the top of her ankle. It looked erotic! She swooned with surprised excitement, as I gently sucked her toes, my tongue slowly rolling around and between each one. The feeling this imparted on her toes and the sight of me sucking my cum from them aroused her immensely. The taste of my own love juices from her toes aroused me, also. She began fingering herself in earnest, as I continued sucking her toes and licking her wet arches and soles. Her fingers probed more deeply and massaged more passionately, as her hips rotated with lust. Her feet twitched from the combined excitement of her massaging fingers on her clitoris, and my sucking lips and licking tongue on her feet. Remembering, that her toes were most sensitive, I concentrated on them as I orally made passionate love to her feet. I put all five toes of her tiny foot in my mouth, licking the sensitive undersides with my tongue and sucking them hard. Her moans told me that I had found that sensitive spot again, as her fingers stroked her clit wildly. I sucked the toes of one foot, while I massaged the other one with my fingers, switching her feet occasionally to ensure that both received equal stimulation from my lips and tongue. She absolutely loved it, as her toes alternately curled and extended in my mouth from the excitement. In spite of the intense orgasm that I had a few minutes before, my cock was beginning to grow hard from the erotic pleasure I was receiving from orally tending to her feet, as well as sharing in her sensual excitement. Her fingers manipulated her clit with even more vigor as her hips thrust madly in response to her heightening arousal. My oral stimulation of her sensitive toes brought her to the peak of sexual titillation as the first wave of orgasm ripped through her body. It caused her toes to curl tightly in my mouth and her feet to quivered with tension as I continued to suck and lick them passionately. Little squeals of erotic pleasure escaped her lips as her thighs pressed tightly together around her hands, madly manipulating her womanhood to even higher planes of ecstasy. Her breathing became deep and erratic as the convulsions of orgasm gripped her. As the next wave hit, I saw her thighs twitching, as the muscles inside them convulsed with orgasmic pleasure. She curled her toes even more tightly, and clenched her small feet, causing the sexy wrinkles in her soles to become more prominent. I released her toes from my mouth, and placed my open mouth over her arch, sucking it hard, and rubbing my tongue over her arch and sole. I enjoyed the texture of her wrinkly sole against my licking tongue. Remembering that this was a hot spot for her also, I licked and sucked her arch very sensuously, while she experienced the last waves of climactic ecstasy.

Her intense orgasm finally ended, and she relaxed, putting her feet in my lap. She was breathing deeply from orgasmic exhaustion and sexual satisfaction. All of this sensual activity had made my cock become fully erect, again. I rubbed the tip up and down the length of her soles, probing the underside of her toes each time it slid over them. I began stroking it with my hand and I continued tracing the tip over her soles, leaving little slick streams of pre-cum on them. As I continued to stroke my manhood, she laid on the floor facing me, and rested her heels on the edge of the sofa between my legs, her lovely soles facing my throbbing cock. She fondled my balls with her toes, intensifying my excitement.. Then, her tiny toes gripped my balls, and began kneading them erotically. She toyed with them, using her talented toes to roll them around in their sac, making them ache with pleasure. My hand continued stroking my cock as she pressed her toes against the base of my shaft just above the scrotum. As she wiggled them, they stimulated the underside of the shaft while the balls of her feet pressed into my testicles, balls to balls, so to speak. The sensations that she was producing in me were incredible! I jerked my throbbing member wildly as the pressure in my groin built to the critical point. Her feet kept titillating my cock and balls as my hand continued pumping madly. The pre-climactic ache in my balls, intensified by her prodding little toes, increased to almost the point of pain, as my cock erupted. A stream of hot, creamy cum shot from my cock and landed on top of one foot, her toes still massaging the base of my shaft. I grasped the back of her heels with my free hand and lifted her feet so the next surge spewed a stream of semen over her soles. Pressing the head between the soles of both feet, I pumped the last of my juiced between her arches. I continued to hold her feet, watching the cum dribble down her beautiful soles. Leaning forward, I licked her soles, and toes clean.

She laid back on the sofa, looked at me and said, "I have never had an orgasm that strong in my life! And without sex, too." I found her comment about "without sex" interesting. I considered what we had done to be, sex, great sex, as a matter of fact, but if it made her feel more comfortable about it to consider it not sex, then it was OK with me. As I was leaving, I placed her "tip" on the coffee table. She gave me a disturbed look, picked the money up, and gave it back to me. "I am not a pro," she said seriously. "I did this because I wanted to." I felt so embarrassed, and I apologized profusely. She forgave me, we hugged at the door, and I went home. We continue to have these "non-sexual" encounters often, and are both quite satisfied with them.

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