"Game Set and Match"
By Raymond D

I remember the first girl who I ever had a casual foot-sex relationship with. Her name was Donna, she was tall, about 5"9’, with long dark-brown hair, and beautiful deep brown eyes. She looked outrageously sexy when she dressed-up to go out in the evening, although most of our sexual antics did not occur at this time of day. Generally we would meet on Saturdays to play tennis down at the park on the newly refurbished courts. I played a little better than her, but usually let her win a few games, as it made her more amicable when it came to foot-sex. We would usually play tennis for about two hours, and then go back to her place for one of our usual sessions alone. She lived in the country so there were no distractions, and the house was very secluded, hidden by many trees, which made the fun we had with one-another more intimate. The main scope of this story revolves around one particular session we had.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon, and we were driving back from our tennis match. We always used her car, and I usually stayed-over on the nights we performed our little ‘routines’. Her slender golden legs glistened in the afternoon sunlight, accentuated by the tight white shorts she was wearing, I watched her feet as she drove along the road; ‘harmony in motion’ I thought to myself as she turned right, taking the usual route home. She wore clean white trainers, and short little white socks, scrunched-up at the top of her shoes, she knew how much I loved to taste the sweat from her feet, and this was primarily the reason we conducted these sessions after playing tennis. The whole thing about liking to taste her warm, slightly sweaty feet came about one day when she had run home from work, to my place in order to surprise me. We had one of our usual foot sessions and she commented on how passionately I had kissed her feet this time. After explaining the reasons for this, we rescheduled our Monday sessions, after work, to Saturday afternoon. I think she attained a kind of kinky thrill from seeing me taste her delicately moist feet, and although she teased me occasionally about being her little foot-slave, it didn’t bother me as it was all very good-natured.

We pulled-up into the driveway of her secluded house, after driving through what I considered to be a forest for some fifteen minutes. We left our tennis gear in the boot of her car and rushed inside the house, to begin an afternoon of immense sexual pleasure.

Scampering up the stairs to her rather large bedroom, in which was a luxurious king-sized bed, she sat down in one of the two modestly padded chairs in the corner of the room, and crossed her legs. I followed some way behind her, entering the bedroom to see her in the seated position. Her right leg crossed over the left, as she shook her right foot up and down in an erotic little fashion she had perfected. I walked over to her and dropped to my knees, her eyes following my every movement as I began to untie her shoelaces. I slid her shoe off, revealing her delicate white sock. Her feet were about size 6, and beautifully tanned much like her legs. I lowered my head further and gently bit the toes of her right foot, still covered by her sock. She giggled playfully; smiling at me to show her satisfaction at what I was doing. Slowly I pulled the sock off with my teeth; it slid-off with relative ease, and provided me with access to her lovely fragrant feet. I began by kissing the top of her foot, kissing around her ankles, and over her toes; she made little hums of satisfaction as I did this. I started to undo her left shoe, and once this had been removed, she reversed the way her legs were crossed, and I slid the sock of this foot off. I began for the first time today, to suck her toes; they were ever so slightly moist from her exertions during our tennis game; this was what I loved about doing this on Saturday afternoons. I caressed the underside of her toes with my tongue, savouring the taste as she continued to watch me. I proceeded to probe in-between her toes with my tongue, this brought greater pleasure to me, and I knew that she loved having this done as well.

My cock was rock-hard at this time, pushing violently against the inside of my pants as I continued to worship her feet. "Go on then baby" she said to me, in a devious little voice, "get it out". With these words I slid my pants off, revealing my engorged love-stick to her. I saw her eyes grow wide with excitement as she began to play with it; stroking the underside with her right foot, and teasing the head as she wriggled her toes up and down my shaft. This continued for several minutes, until she stood-up and walked over to her bed, laying herself across it, and beckoning me to join her. As I walked over to her she leaned over to her bedside table to retrieve some lubricant. "We’ll be needing plenty of this for what I’ve got in mind for you"; her tone of voice was very arousing, and the way she laid there playfully grinning at me made her advances too good to refuse.

I laid down by her feet and lifted her right foot to my mouth, with great passion I began to lick to underside of her foot; the delicately salty taste was so invigorating to me, and I could feel my heart beating faster still, as I began to negotiate my tongue across her lovely soft arches. She wriggled her toes as I did this, possibly because it tickled a little, but most likely in an attempt to encourage me to suck them. Her encouragement was all I needed, and I once again placed her toes into my mouth and began to tease them with my tongue. I devoted equal time to each toe, taking care to savour the taste of each one, and also appreciate the delightful aroma that rose from her delicately moist, perspiration-covered foot.

After my initial urge to taste her feet had been satisfied, she once again stroked my rigid cock with her right foot. Whilst doing this, she slowly applied a small amount of lubricant, and brought both her hands down to assist her foot in stimulating me. She used her right foot to tease the underside of its’ head; concentrating the attention of her toes all around this area, and watching as my cock wriggled as a result of her stimulation. Her hands compensated for her neglect of my shaft, and soon rectified this situation by generously caressing the whole length of it.

I laid on my back, supporting the upper half of my body with my arms, which I placed behind me. Donna continued to play with me, adding more lubricant when necessary. Eventually she decided that it was time for a change of tactics, and she removed her hands from my shaft, but continued to stroke my head with her foot. She applied a generous amount of lubrication to her hands, and simultaneously used her left hand to make short concentrated strokes on the head of my cock, whilst using her well lubricated right hand to play with my balls. I loved it when she did this, her right hand was so talented at this operation, and she repeatedly squeezed my scrotum between her first three fingers and thumb. As she did this, it allowed my balls to slide up and down and in-between her fingers, the sensation was very sensual and made me want to cum very quickly.

I was just about to cum when Donna removed both of her caressing hands from my cock and balls, and said "Now, now, now darling….. I’m not ready for you to cum yet". I begged her to finish me off, but she replied "Oh no… I want to see you squirm a little more before I give it to you". She slid her left foot along my body, over my chest until it rested on my lips. I began to lick it wildly, hoping that my efforts would encourage her to bring me off quickly. This had the reverse effect in fact, she sat-up and positioned herself on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs once again. "Come over here" she said to me. In my highly aroused state I was not in a position to argue with her, so I did a she said. "OK baby……I want to see you at my mercy". "OK" I replied; still highly erect, and desperate to cum I was willing to do anything she wanted me to, regardless of the consequences it had for my credibility. "Now take your clothes off, and get on your knees".

I obliged, and dropped to my knees, stroking her left foot which was crossed-over her right, gently with my right hand. I took this one step further and began to firmly massage the underside of her foot with both of my hands. I started by rubbing across her arches, and slowly moved onto the balls of her feet; her instep was my next area of interest, to which I paid particular attention. I wanted to try and relax her a bit; maybe then she would be more willing to bring me off quickly. I found that massaging her foot almost naturally led me to my next move; I lowered my head and licked the top of her foot, it tasted slightly salty, obviously I had missed this are in my previous oral worship of her feet. The taste stimulated me to continue, and I ran my tongue down in-between her toes. She giggled, a sign that she was obviously enjoying my efforts to please her, so I continued. Next I laid down, on my back, so that my head was just underneath her suspended left foot. She lowered her foot closer to my face, and I ran my tongue along the bottom of her sexy little foot. This was really good, her foot was superb to taste, and licking it brought my senses to new states of arousal.

My rigid cock was pointing up in the air as I lay on my back licking her foot, it was still slightly wet from the lubrication applied earlier. Donna moved her feet away from my caressing tongue, and placed her left foot on my abdomen, and her right at the base of my cock. She slowly stroked her big toe up against the bottom of my cock, and watched my face, as I laid there with my eyes closed hoping that this was going to be it.

I felt her stop caressing me, and opened my eyes; by this time she had joined me on the floor, sitting between my legs as I laid there helpless. She had the bottle of lubricant in her hands and she squeezed some out, placing it into my hands. Donna then extended both of her legs so that her feet rested on my chest. "OK, now I want you to give me a really good foot massage….if you do it right, I’ll bring you off".

I rubbed the lubricant equally between my hands, and began to massage her beautiful feet. They were so soft to touch, and as I firmly ran my thumbs up and over her arches I wondered how long she intended to play this cruel game with my body. My sexual desire had reached levels unknown to me, and I needed release.

After massaging her feet for about five minutes she slid them down to my cock, placed then sloe to sole, and began to stroke them the entire length of the shaft. She added more lubricant to her hands, and once again fondled my balls in the same manner she had before. I laid my head back on the floor as she continued to play with me, her efforts were undoubtedly pleasurable, however, my sexually expectant body found them almost painful. It did not take long before I was ready to cum; she realised this and began to stroke my shaft faster, paying more attention to the head of my dick as it wriggled between her feet. "There’s no escape now baby" she said, slightly out of breath, "You’re going to cum, and then you’ll be totally under my control". Her frantic work on my dick, brought me close to orgasm. I felt it building-up inside me as she continued to pound my love-stick; I could feel it flowing towards my cock, trying to escape, and eventually I bowed -down to her efforts and began to cum.

The first expulsion of cum was caught by her still frantically caressing feet; it dribbled over the tops of her feet, and between her toes as she continued to fondle by balls. The action of her hands on my balls as I came, made the whole experience far more intense. As the next load of cum was expelled it was once again trapped by her feet, it ran over her ankles, and along the side of her heels. My head was forced hard-back against the floor throughout the entire experience, and I could do noting but erratically breath, and emit groans of absolute ecstasy as she relentlessly played with my spewing dick.

Her feet continued to stroke my shaft and head until I had completely stopped spewing cum, and was nothing more than a limp wreck laying upon the floor. "Was that what you wanted ?" she asked me almost rhetorically. "Oh my god…", that was about all I could say as my heavy irregular breathing consumed my body.

Donna removed her feet from my groin and rested them once again on my chest. I admired how my cum ran over her beautiful soles, emanating from her toes. "Come on baby… you know what to do" she said to me. Sure as hell I did, and I cradled her right foot in my trembling hands, and began to lick my fluids from the bottom of her foot. There was quite a bit of cum on her right foot, and similar amounts on her left foot, both of which I cleaned thoroughly with my tongue, making sure I removed all the juice from between her toes.

She helped me up onto the bed, and I laid there naked. It was a good thing I had Sunday to recover for work, I thought to myself, and another week to recover for our next session. I spent that night at Donna’s house before returning home as usual the next morning.

Donna drove me to my house as usual. "See you next week ?" she asked. "You bet !" I replied enthusiastically. "Just wait to see what I’ve got in store for you next week" she said seductively.

I can’t wait for next Saturday to come !

©2000 by Ray D and may not be reposted without his written permission.

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