"Foot Challenge - Pt 3"
By Kessler

I was back in the fest tent again. For the past two days and nights I could not get Sue's magnificent legs and feet out of my mind. I had to see her again. I had to feel her feet on my cock again. I got me a stein of Hofbrau beer and sat down at the same table we were at that first night. I listened to the band for a while and after my second stein I decided she was going to be a no show.

As I got up ready to leave a voice behind me said, "Hey mister, you sit right back down there." I turned around to be greeted by a big smile from Sue. We sat down together and Sue apologized for being late. She explained that Gymnastics practice took longer than expected and she needed to get a good shower in before coming here. She had hoped to meet me here and was so happy that I showed. She appreciated my waiting for her.

I told her I missed her badly.

She laughed and said, "You mean you missed my legs and feet badly."

I laughed saying, "Okay, you got me there. Honestly, I could not get them out of my mind just thinking about what you did to me gives me an instant hard on. However, I would like to get to know you better as a person. I think you are amazingly beautiful."

That was the first time I had seen her blush. Sue is a very beautiful young woman with wispy sandy blonde hair, olive skin tone and a knock out body of which mostly consisted of her legs; legs that went on forever, very strong and slender. Sue was definitely the athletic type. We talked for several hours and I found out she had just turned 18 and I knew from our conversation two nights ago that she would be heading back to the states in the fall to start college. As a military dependant she had enjoyed her stay in Germany.

We had gone through several steins of German beer and felt pretty tipsy. This resulted in both of us becoming more open and forthright in our conversation.

I asked her what she enjoyed the most about using her feet to get guys off. She explained that she learned several years back that some guys were attracted to her legs and feet. She began to notice how they stared at them constantly.

I looked at her legs and said, "I can definitely understand their desires."

She laughed and said, "Oh you can, can you." She kicked her shoes off and raised her feet up placing them on the bench between my legs and scooted up close to me. Her long legs pressed against my chest. I felt her ankles pressing against my already hard cock. I bent my head down and kissed the tops of her smooth knees.

Sue was wearing tight cut off jean shorts, which I have heard some guys call "Daisy Dukes". They definitely accentuated the best part of her body from her ass down. She continued answering my question, "…I began to tease guys with my legs and feet just to see them get hard. I realized then that I had a certain power over them. One of the best places I found to pick up guys was at the pool. It allowed me easy access to their cocks through their swim trunks while I was in the water with them. At first I would start out innocently by poking them with my toes or legs. Once I could feel them getting hard I rubbed on them even more. Before I knew it by the end of the day I had them begging for it and it never failed I would get asked out on dates…"

Her talking about this was getting me even harder. I knew she could feel my dick pushing out against her ankle through my shorts. She started to rub her ankle against it smiling at me saying, "I see my talking about this is making you hard."

She continued on further, "…One time I had this guy so wound up I decided to take it a step further. Usually the guys who I got hard would stay in the pool until their hard-on went down in order not be seen walking out looking like a tent pole was stuck in their trunks. Well, this one guy who I had teased to no end was doing just that. Sitting on the steps at the shallow end of the pool with the water up to his chest waiting for his hard-on to go down. I had already left the pool and walked up and sat down behind him straddling my legs around his waste. He tilted his head back and smiled. I worked my toes under the elastic band of his shorts. I heard him clear his throat and look around to see if anyone was watching. Since he did not stop me I slowly pushed his swim trunks down to his knees. I felt his hard cock spring out. I locked his shaft between my toes and began to jerk him right there. All he could do was sit there and try not to look so obvious. Watching him struggle to maintain his composure so as not be noticed was exciting and funny. I really worked his cock hard and feeling his body go tense and tremble as I jerked him really excited me. I had complete control of him. I even got him to push his swim trunks down to his ankles so he could spread his legs even more. When he did this I really could get my feet into his crotch and after several minutes of this I could tell he was ready to cum. As hard as he tried he could not help but thrust his cock into my jerking feet. I reached around and placed my hands on his chest and could feel his heart racing. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear telling him over and over again to cum into my toes. Eventually that pushed him over the edge as I could feel his entire body shake and tremble reaching that final point of ecstasy as he griped my calves and shot his load. With each of his thrusts I watched as glob after glob of his cum floated to the surface. I stroked him a few more times with my toes feeling his body go limp between my legs. I heard him sigh, "That was amazing," as he floated out into the deep end pulling his swim trunks up. I was only 18 then and that was the first time I felt a guy's body shake like that between my legs. It was an amazing feeling and the first time I truly realize the actual power my legs and feet had over guys. Ever since then I have made more guys than I can count cum using my legs and feet. I have practically turned it into a study in trying to find every possible erogenous spot I can in the males crotch. I have found out that every guy is different and what makes one guy hot may not work on another. That is what makes it so interesting and exciting.

I said, "Wow, what a lucky guy."

Sue said, "He thought so. For weeks after that he followed me around at school like a lost puppy. He told me he was a virgin until I busted his cherry with my feet."

Sue and I both laughed. I noticed that an older German couple sitting a few tables down was giving us dirty looks so I asked Sue if she wanted to go for a stroll.

She smiled wickedly and said, "I know just the place."

Sue took me back to the same room we were in last time. It was located in back of the roller rink. After we entered she turned on the light and locked the door.

She smiled and said, "Well what are you waiting for, you know the routine."

That was all I needed to hear her say. I quickly got my self undressed and laid down on the floor butt naked. While I was undressing Sue was busy getting the stopwatch, baby oil and chair from behind the desk that was located on the other side of the room. Sue walked over to me and placed the chair between my spread legs. She looked down at me and smiled saying, "I love to see you laying there like that." Then she walked back over to the desk to collect the stopwatch and baby oil. Sue sat down in the chair between my legs and kicked off her shoes. She then scooted the chair in a little closer toward my groin. Her legs looked fantastic as usual. She held her bare feet above my rigid member and began to rotate her ankles, flex her toes and arch her feet.

She saw me watching her do this and smiled saying, "I have to get them stretched out, they are sore from gymnastics practice."

I was rock hard as I watched her stretch and warm up her feet and toes. After a few minutes of this she stopped and squeezed out some baby oil onto her feet and toes. She leaned over and squeezed some onto my stiff cock.

Sue picked up the stopwatch and looked at me and asked, "Okay Justin, are you ready for round two?"

I smiled and said, "Ready and willing."

Sue began to rub the oil into my cock using her feet and toes and said, "Okay lets see how long you last this time." And started her stopwatch.

Sue went straight to work on me using the tips of both her big toes. She leaned forward in a relaxed nonchalant manner placing her an elbow on each knee and resting her chin in the palms of her hands with her fingers extending on either side of her face. It amazed me how long her legs were as her knees angled up just high enough for her to do this.

I watched as Sue slightly raised her right leg and pointed her toes downward over the head of my cock. She then placed the very tip of her big toe directly on to the "V" shaped sensitive area at the underside of my cock's head. She began to apply pressure to this area flexing her big to up and down in short strokes concentrating solely on the head of my cock keeping my cock pressed against my lower abdomen. Feeling the smooth soft tip of her big to rubbing the head of my cock immediately caused me to tighten up and rise up on my elbows. I started to breath in shallow breaths. Her beautifully shaped calf hung loosely as she continued to work her toe on me. I reached up and stroked her leg with my hand feeling the loose heaviness of her swaying calf in my hand.

Sue watched me do this and said, "mmmmm, I see you like this a lot. You're breathing hard already. I am gonna make you cum so fast this time it will make your head spin but I want you to try to hold on as long as possible."

Sue then put the big toe of her left foot to work and pressed the tip of it into the very base of my shaft catching the loose skin at the top part of my nut sack as well. I felt this toe make contact with the vein along the underside of my shaft as she began to apply pressure there flexing her toe up and down and side to side. This also caused my nut sack to pull up into the balls of her foot with each flex of her toe. As her toe continued to press and move there I could feel the vein rolling beneath it causing it to slide from side to side Feeling this definitely added to my excitement.

I looked up at Sue seeing a smile on her face as she sat there relaxed with her chin still resting in her hands occasionally she would tilt her head from side to side to get a better view of what her two toes were doing to me. We had just started and already I was in a state of bliss and she was so at ease.

Both tips of her big toes began to flex in perfect unison one concentrating on the head of my cock and the other on the vein at the very base of my shaft.

With both toes in place I heard Sue say, "There we go it won't be long now. Are you ready to start humping for me Justin?"

I looked up from her toes into her smiling face, Her chin still resting in the palms of her hands she raised her eyebrows expecting a reply from me. I said, "Yes make me hump."

She laughed saying, "Okay, here we go."

Immediately I felt the pressure of both her big toes increase as she flexed them faster. I started to pump my hips up into her toes and in so doing her calves began to sway. I sat up and cupped each swaying calf in my hands stroking and kneading them. They felt so soft smooth and powerful. This further added to my excitement as I began to pump my hips more. Sue recognized this and increased her toe flexing continuing her toe assault on just those two highly sensitive areas of my cock.

Sue said, "That's it Justin pump that cock for me. I know you want to cum for me but you have to hold on cause this feels so good."

Sue's toes were no joke. She obviously knew what areas to stimulate on a guys cock. I thought about the conversation we had earlier and how she had made a study of this.

So far I was doing pretty good but I knew I was approaching the point of no return very quickly. In an effort to take me further Sue leaned forward and grabbed the shaft of my cock between the Thumb and index finger of each hand lifting my cock straight up and down. With each of her thumbs pressed firmly along the vein of my shaft she began to squeeze and stroke me there as well. Feeling and seeing this caused me to grip her tight calves more firmly and thrust my hips faster. Sue had wasted no time on me. That was all it took as I began to feel the early stirrings of cum rise up from inside me. Sue saw the reaction she caused in me and increased her toe flexing and finger jerking. Feeling this I threw my head back gritted my teeth and Groaned.

No with her head close to mine she whispered to me, "How does this feel? It is something new I thought I would try, don't hold back Justin, and tell me how it feels. You're the first I have tried this on. Does it make you feel good?"

I brought my head forward and said, "My God. Oh that feels incredible, your toes and fingers."

Sue laughed and said, "Your not the only one who feels this way. Your cock thinks so too."

I looked down at my cock and could see my precum was beginning to ooze out. I watched as it dripped out from the head of my cock onto the tip of her toe and dribble onto the toenail. I said, "Oh God that looks beautiful."

I saw Sue smile as she whispered to me, "It feels so hot on my toe. Your warm cock feels good in my fingers. Lets get some more to come out I want to see it pour out of you."

She added to an already great sensation by twirling the tip of her big toe in tiny circles at the base of my shaft causing that part of the vein to roll around even more while she simultaneously squeezed the upper part of that vein with her thumbs pumping it faster. This caused me to thrust my hips up and I released my grip on her calves and threw my body down onto the carpet. I dug my fingertips into the carpet and arched my back groaning loudly, "Aaaaaaaaarrrggggghhhh"

I heard Sue giggle saying, "eeeewww that did something. You like it when I twirl my big toe down there, I can feel that big vein pressing and sliding against the tip of my toe. It won't be long now before your cum starts flowing through it. Now come on give it up. I want to see more of your precum."

Sue continued to twirl her toe more quickly into the part of my vein near my nut sack and squeeze her thumbs more firmly in an upward fashion attempting to milk out more precum from me. I could feel my nuts tightening as the twirling of her toe caused them to jostle against the balls of her feet. The friction of her other toe against the sensitive underside of my head was causing me to twitch uncontrollably. My breathing was now in shallow pants. I managed to rise up onto my elbows to take in all of what Sue was doing to me. She remained bent over my groin. Her long sandy blonde hair fell forward draping over her shoulders surrounding my groin area like a silk blanket. All her efforts were concentrated on my cock. Both her beautiful big toes were working on the top and base of my shaft, one rubbing against my swollen head and the other twirling into the base. Both her thumbs firmly pressed into the vein along the underside of my shaft and continued to milk my precum upward towards the head.

After what seemed like an eternity Sue raised her head and smile saying, "Ahhhh, there we go. You are flowing nicely now. Nice and shiny stuff."

I rose up further and could see my precum ooze out with each stroke of her big toe and milking thumbs. Each upstroke of her thumbs forced a generous amount of my clear precum to flow over her toes and across the top of her foot. After several strokes like this it began to flow more freely along the side of her foot onto her soft wrinkled instep.

After seeing this all I grunted, "Uuuuuh" and fell back down."

Sue giggled saying, "I love this stuff."

After several more strokes Sue released her fingers from my cock and sat back into her chair saying, "Okay, lets see how you do now."

I sat up and watched her feet as she removed her left toe from the base of my cock and slid that foot around my cock lifting it straight up supporting it on the back of her foot along it's high arch. From my vantage point I was able to see the soft underside of her foot and toes, the head of my cock barely peeking over her toes. I looked up at Sue as she threw her hair back behind her shoulders and lift her right foot up placing the soft curled underside of her toes over the head of my cock. She began to squeeze and relax her toes clenching the head of my cock in a gripping fashion. With each squeeze she tugged on the head. The sensation of this caused me to lurch up completely forward. Being able to see the bottom of her soft toes and simultaneously feeling the softness of the toes on her right foot as they gripped the head of my dick really got me going. Once her toes had a firm enough grip on the head of my cock keeping it held up straight she moved her left foot around to the side and clamped the base of my cock between her big toe and second toe. She began to press the tips of those toes into the soft pelvis area surrounding my cock and began to firmly knead into my pelvis with them. Feeling her toes press deep into my pubic region combined with the squeezing and tugging of her other toes on the head of my cock caused me to squirm more. With each prodding of her toes into the area surrounding my shaft I could begin to feel my cum rising up again. As she did this I began to groan each time her toes kneaded into my groin area forcing my cum up and I was unable to hold it back.

Sue saw this and said, "Ohhh, I see you are really enjoying my toes pressing into you down there. I pumped a guy dry doing what I am doing to you right now. Eventually he could not hold back and each time my toes pushed into him he would shoot a load. It was like my toes were pushing down onto his cum filled bladder deep inside and every time I pushed down on him with my toes he would let out a loud grunt and squirt out a load of come all at the same time. Talk about a feeling of control and power, I really felt it that night. Then she laughed and said, "He was gruntin and cumin. That was the most fun I had in a long time."

I looked down and could see my precum oozing out between her clenched toes at the head of my cock as it continued to run down the top of her foot. I pumped my hips watching her toes rise up with my cock and then back down as I lowered my hips. Her toes never released my cock's head from their grip. Her legs in this position looked amazing as I watched the muscles in her calves move and flex while she worked one set of her toes over my cock's head and the other set into that bladder she spoke of. Incredible as it sounds that is exactly what it felt like to me. It was as if her toes at the base of my cock were pressing heavily into my cum filled bladder forcing my cum up into my shaft. Sue reached down and sensually stroked both calves of her legs with her hands as she continued her relentless foot assault into my groin. Seeing how she caressed her beautifully toned legs and feeling what her strong toes were doing to me, I understood that there was no way I could will myself to hold on. My body would eventually give itself up. With each passing second I felt my will being chipped away by her toes.

I began to illicit groans each time her toes pressed into my bladder at the base of my cock. Hearing what her toes evoked from me Sue pressed down even harder and faster. I watched as her calf tightened each time she pressed her strong toes into me and I started to push my self up into them feeling my body beginning to shake as I did this.

She felt this as well and said, "mmmmmmmmm, I see you really like this. I like the way your silky little hairs feel between my toes."

Then without warning she spread open her toes at the head of my cock and began to rub them back and forth over the tip. The feeling of the soft underside of her toes rubbing across the hole of my cock caused my entire body to lock up.

I leaned completely forward and grabbed the front two wooden legs of the chair and released a scream of, "Oh my GOD!!!!"

I involuntarily slid my pelvis back about six inches in an attempt to move away. The head of my cock was so sensitive now. Sue's toes had struck a nerve.

Upon seeing me attempt to move away Sue scooted her chair in closer to me saying, "Oh no you don't, you can't get away that easy."

Grimacing, I gripped the legs of the chair more firmly determined not to move away. My body shook involuntarily as Sue continued to dance the soft underside of her toes back and forth across the tip of my cock. I looked up into her face and could see how she remained focus on what her toes were doing to me.

Smiling she said, "Mmmmmmmmm, that's better hang in there it won't be long now." She placed her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands as she had done in the beginning, looking down smiling at me.

She then said, "I love this part. My toes making you squirm like this. My soft little toes rubbing your sensitive head making it feel so good. I could tell you were about ready to cum when I was pushing my toes into your bladder. Your cock was throbbing and you were starting to shake. This little toe rub will bring you back down. I want to make you cum in a different way."

Then as if she knew I could not take another second of this she stopped. My body went limp immediately. I released the death grip I had on the chair and sucked in deep gasps of air. Feeling my muscles relax I remained hunched over staring down at my twitching erect member. She had me right on the brink of Cumming and then stopped me.

Sue laughed at the sight of me and said, " Now its time to assume your favorite position, time for you to go for a ride and cum." As she said this Sue began to apply more baby oil to her feet, toes and powerful calves. I took this time to pull myself somewhat together. Then she scooted her chair in even closer to me.

She reached down and lifted up my limp arms placing them around her calves saying, "C'mon baby, hug my legs into your chest and hold on tight so I can feel it when you shake against my legs."

I responded by locking my wrists around the backside of her calves and squeezing her legs into my chest. My heart was racing and my blood was rushing through my chest and head. Everything appeared to be moving in slow motion. I was completely exhausted and felt like a wet dishrag. I knew what was coming now and welcomed it.

Throughout all of this Sue continued to whisper to me, "That's it sweetie, you're doing fine now, just hold on while my legs and feet take you for a ride. Let me do all the work." I laid the side of my head onto Sue's smooth thighs, feeling them rise up as she gently placed her feet on either side of my throbbing cock.

She ran her fingers through my hair and said, "I am going to wrap all my toes around your cock now."

I felt all ten of her digits wrap around the shaft of my cock. The big toe of her right foot touched my sensitive head and caused me to flinch.

Sue felt me jump and said, "I can feel your ready."

Teasingly she tapped the head of my cock several times causing me to twitch. After she had her fun with this she stopped and started to slowly pull on my cock with her toes, saying, "Here we go sweetie, buckle up now."

My god her toes felt great! I held on to her legs feeling all the muscles in her calves tighten against my arms. I looked between her knees down into my lap and saw how her toes interlocked around the sides of my shaft. My cock was tightly nestled inside the sandwich of her soft toes. The balls of her feet could almost but not quite touch together. I felt the sides of her feet press down heavily into my pelvis area stirring up my cum from below with each down stroke and then back up again where her toes traveled the length of my shaft up to the head. Each of her big toes rolled over the tip covering the hole and causing my body to shake. Sue kept this going, up and down, up and down. First slowly and then picking up the pace. She noticed I was watching what her toes were doing and she asked, "So you like what you see?"

I nodded my head.

Sue picked up the pace and began to pull more strongly; I felt the skin at the base of my cock being pulled taught with each up stroke. The outside of her feet pounded more firmly into my groin area pushing up cum into my shaft. I pulled her legs in tightly feeling her shins rubbing up and down against my chest as she stroked me. I continued to watch her toes milking my cock. I was amazed at the dexterity of her toes, and how at the end of each up stroke her big toes would roll over the tip. Sue's leg strokes became more powerful as time went on. I could tell she was building me up. Her legs were practically lifting me off the floor. She had moved her hands underneath her thighs for added leverage. I turned my head to the side again and saw beads of sweat forming on top of her thighs. I could feel the flexing of her thigh muscles against my cheek. I could hear the increased slapping sound of her feet against my groin as she continued to quicken the pace. Each of her strokes caused me to moan in rhythm to the pounding I felt. I was becoming weaker with each stroke.

Sue heard and felt this in me and said, "I can feel your getting awfully wet and slimy down there. Your juice is all over my toes and feet. You're doing so good Justin. Hold on, don't lose it yet. I know you want to cum, just a little bit longer now."

I felt Sue push her feet further in toward my abdomen causing the tips of her locked toes to rub up and down against my lower abdomen as she continue to pump my cock. The added sensation of her toes rubbing me there was what pushed me over the edge.

Feeling this I mumbled, " Oh my God! Right there! I am through Sue. Your toes, your toes…"

Sue laughed asking, "What about them, are you Cumming now?"

I said, "Your toes rubbing against me feels so good, I am going to cum."

Sue understood and pushed her feet forward even more pressing the tips of her toes further into my lower abdomen as she continued to stroke me harder and faster.

She asked, " Like that you mean?"
I moaned, "Oh yes, God that's it that's the spot."

She laughed and said, "Oh yes I can feel your stomach quivering against the tips of my toes. Hold on Justin."

Feeling this added sensation I could no longer attempt to thrust my hips up I was completely out of strength. All I could do now was hold on to her legs. Sue was relentless in her pounding. I was at the mercy of the strength in her legs and pounding of her feet and toes. I buried my face into the top of her thigh and released moan after moan in time to her powerful strokes.

Sue knew I was done and that it was a matter of seconds now before I would cum. She began to finish me off with the most heaviest and powerful strokes I had ever felt that night. I felt her toes tighten around my cock and begin to stroke me even stronger. All I could do was hold on to her legs for dear life. As she stroked me this way my body rocked up and down off the floor. Sue was becoming a bit winded as well. I could hear her breathing increase. She did not let up one iota as her feet continued to slap into my groin.

Then with her toes still interlocked around my shaft I felt Sue push the tips of her clenched toes even further forward causing them to press deeper into my lower abdomen running them up and down with each powerful stroke. Exploiting this newfound sensation in me.

As she did this she said, "There you go Justin That should do it. Let it cum now, I know you like this."

That was the final sensation as if on her command I screamed into her thigh, "Oh God, I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming!!!"

Sue laughed, "I know, I know. I can feel your cock twitching between my toes." With each powerful stroke of her legs lifting me off the floor I felt my seed being released into her toes.

The First time I spewed forth Sue responded with, "Oh yes, that's a good one. Its so hot." I kept my face buried in her thigh and could only respond with a heavy, "Uuugh".

The sides of her feet pounded down into me again only to rise back up. The tips of her clenched toes dug deep into my lower abdomen as they approached the head of my cock forcing a second spew of my seed.

As this occurred Sue responded with, "Another good one. All of it between my toes, oh Justin please don't stop Cumming." Feeling my second load of cum spew out I again responded with a "Uuugh."

Hearing my response to this caused Sue to laugh and say, "That's okay. You just hold on there and release all your fluids into my feet. I got all the control."

I said, "Oh God yes." As I felt the sides of Sue's feet pound yet again into my groin pumping more cum into my throbbing shaft. Again the tips of her clenched toes raked up into my lower abdomen causing me to moan as I shot another wad into Sue's strong toes.

Sue said, "Oooops! That one shot all over the place."

In complete ecstasy I rolled my head from side to side on top of Sue's thighs as She continued to pound me with her feet. Her powerful legs lifted my body off the floor each time resulting in an orgasmic spew. My body shook uncontrollably against her legs with each orgasmic rush.

Sue feeling my body against her legs said; "I love feeling you shake and knowing that my toes have that affect on you." After several more powerful strokes Sue stopped the pounding and placed the shaft of my cock in a firm toe lock between her big toe and second toe. She locked it just below the head and squeezed it, sliding her toes up very slowly and deliberately towards the head. I watched her magnificent toes do this as the soft white milky cum oozed out onto her toes. As her toes made their way over my head it caused my body to quiver again.

Sue placed her hands on my shoulders saying, " I love this part. Keep shaking for me as I milk out every last drop you can give me onto my toes."

She then pressed the tip of her other big toe into the base of my cock, pressing it against the vein as she had done in the beginning flexing it up and down and side to side while still milking the head of my cock with her other toes.

She said, "I bet this will get more out of you."

Each time her toes did this I watched more cum eeek out onto her toes causing me to shake each time. After the third occasion my cum was spent but Sue continued twice more just to be sure. Completely spent I rested my head back onto Sue's moist thighs. I stroked her beautifully toned calves with my hands. My body went completely limp. Sue ran her fingers through my hair and soothingly stroked my shrinking cock with her toes. I remained in this position for several minutes catching my breath.

Sue commented, "I can feel your hot breath against my thigh, that was fun feeling you hold on to me."

I said, "Your legs are so strong and your toes are amazing. God you worked me over. I wanted to cum and then I didn't."

Sue laughed, "Yep, well it all came out in the end."

I laughed and slowly lay back down on the floor.

As I lay there I watched as Sue's toes continued to fondle my flaccid cock. I slowly scanned up her amazing legs and practically gasped at what I saw.

Sue heard me and asked, "What?"

I said, "My God! I shot out that much!"

Sue laughed, " That's not unusual, it happens a lot. Hey these legs and feet don't mess around."

My cum was all over her feet, ankles and legs. I saw tiny globs as high up as the underside of her thighs. My cum had splattered all along the inside of her calves.

Sue smiled and pointed to a tiny spot of cum on the inside portion of her thigh just past the knee saying, "This one was the first time you spoooged. It really surprised me when I felt it hit, because I felt most of it go into my toes. The second time you shot I felt it blow between my toes and it splattered all over my legs. The last two times you came were smaller and went into my ankles and the tops of my feet. You did really good."

Raised up on my elbows I stared at her amazingly long shapely legs as she continued to play with my flaccid cock, flopping it from side to side with her big toes. The scattered spots of my white cum against the olive skin tone of her shapely legs and curved ankles looked magnificent.

I laid back down enjoying this final sensation her toes had on me as they fondled my shrunken cock.

After several minutes of this I asked Sue, "So what was the time."

Sue reached down and picked up the stopwatch. Her expression said it all as she looked at me and said, "Ooooops, I must of hit the wrong button. Its not on."

I laughed, "It doesn't matter."
Sue laughed throwing her arms up in the air saying, "Oh well, I guess that just means you will have to try again."

I sat up and grabbed her legs. Kissing her knees I said, "Oh you can bet on that."

After being treated to the sight of Sue rubbing my cum into her legs and feet I got dressed and we left. We walked back to the fest tent arm in arm. We wanted to get a last minute beer before we called it a night.

Sue stopped me just outside the tent and brought both her hands up to her face taking a big whiff saying, " I love the way you smell on me." I pulled her in close to me staring into her eyes and thinking to myself, "This could turn into something serious."

Sue saw the look in my eyes and must of read my mind and with a serious look on her face said, "Don't even think about it mister. I am leaving in the fall for school and I do not need to be saddled with a serious overseas relationship. Lets just have fun while I am here." Then she smiled and added, "I promise you won't regret it."

I stared at her for a moment and then kissed the palm of her hand and said, "Okay. Lets get a beer and drink on it." Sue must have thought that my quickly agreeing with her was way too easy, because the smile she gave me as we walked into the beer tent was coupled with a lingering glance of distrust. I reassured her with a playful slap on her fine tight ass causing her to jump forward.

She quickly turned around smiling and with a raised a finger said, "Watch it mister or next time I won't be so easy on you."

I smiled at her and said, "Promises, promises."

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