"Foot Challenge - Pt 2"
By Kessler

I was trying to hold on. Not for the record but because I was truly enjoying the pleasure her toes were giving me and I did not want it to end. I was shocked at all the precum I had released. So much of it was covering the tops of her toes and foot. Her index toe continued to milk out even more with each upstroke. I lay back down and watched her face. I saw how on occasion how she moved her head from side to side to get a better angle on what she was doing.

All her efforts, physical and mental, were concentrated on my groin area attempting to make me cum.

I was so glad when she finally removed the tips of her toes from my nut sack. They were beginning to become a bit uncomfortable creating that slight sickly sensation a guy gets in his abdomen when he has been "racked" but not to the point where it was painful.

She then slid the head of my cock back between her big toe and index toe and raised the toes of her free foot directly above the head.

When she did this she looked at me and said, "I call this next move my toe tap."

She began to jerk the head of my cock once again while at the same time gently tapping the tip of my cock with the bottom of the toes of her other foot flexing her ankle up and down. Seeing how the muscles in her lower leg flex as she did this was amazing. She really had long beautiful legs.

The assault of her feet and toes upon the head of my cock began to turn it purple. All the nerve endings were throbbing. Her toe tapping combined with the jerking of my cocks head caused me to grit my teeth as I vocalized a gut wrenching, "Noooooooo."

Her reply was, "Oh yeeessss. I love this. Squirm Justin, C'mon, I want you to cum."

Finally, after what seemed an eternity she relented her toe tapping.

At this time she scooted her chair in closer and stole a quick serious glance at the stopwatch on the floor. She briefly lifted her feet from my cock to wiggle and stretch Her toes.

This brief respite gave me a chance to catch my breath and gather myself a bit.

She saw this reaction from me and smiled as she pushed her hair back from her face and said, "Okay, here we go. I am gonna take you for a ride you will never forget."

She sandwiched my cock between her soles and began to pump my cock in full length from base to head. The softness of her wrinkled soles was absolutely incredible. My cock felt like it was in a velvet sack. I could also feel the power generated from her legs to her feet. The feeling of this power as my cock was being vigorously pulled with each upstroke caused me to pump my hips even harder, raising my buttocks inches off the carpet. The velvet feel of her soles and strength of her feet filled me with mixed emotions and caused me to let out a loud Moan, "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!" Her feet were pulling so hard I could feel the skin around the base of my cock stretching.

After hearing the verbal reaction that her feet coaxed from me she said, "Oh yes, moan and groan as loud as you want, no one will hear you but me and I like that." She quickened the pace and continued, " You are holding on pretty good Justin. I've had guys lose it by the time I bury my toes in their nuts and some guys even before that."

The sides of her feet pounded into my pubic area creating a slapping sound.

I knew I could not last much longer. My cock, which was now throbbing and twitching, was no match for her wonderful feet. I raised myself up leaning on my hands and began to thrust my hips up harder. My fingers gripped the carpet like claws.

Much to my amazement Sue pumped even faster. Her legs moved up and down like pistons. My thrusts could not keep up with them. I could feel my body beginning to shake out of control. I tried to squirm from side to side but the strength of Sue's feet and legs kept me in line forcing me back into an upright position. She obviously sensed I was reaching the end and said, "That's it let it cum, I am NOT gonna let you go. C'mon and shake baby, shake for me."

By now her legs were pumping madly. Her feet squeezed my shaft even tighter than before and I felt my cum beginning to rise to the head of my throbbing cock. I released a loud, "Arrrrrrrrrrgggghhh!" Trying desperately to hold on to my juices. I sat completely up and grabbed the front two legs of the wooden chair in each of my hands.

I heard Sue laugh, "ha, ha, haaah, you are really trying hard aren't you. I love this. It is so intense. But I am sad to say I have one more thing to try and you will be through."

I stared down into my lap as I watched the head of my purple cock disappear then reappear rapidly between the soles of her soft feet. Each time the sides of her feet pounded into my pubic area I felt my cum move inside my shaft. Then without missing a beat I watched as her feet slid back and she interlocked her ten toes around the shaft of my cock turning it now into a toe sandwich.

She continued to jerk me and the sensation of my cock between all ten of her digits was incredible. It was too much and I knew now I was through.

I released my death grip on the chair and wrapped my arms around Sue's beautiful legs pulling myself into her shins.

She giggled and asked, "You're done aren't you?"

I weakly nodded my head in response. She laughed, "It won't be long now before I feel you're hot cum between my toes. Just a matter of seconds now."

I could feel her slowly running her fingers through my hair as I laid the side of my head on top of her knees in total exhaustion. My body was at the completely mercy of her toes. The feeling of her legs rubbing up and down against my chest and the tips of her toes moving against my stomach was the final arousal that took me over the edge.

Her toes were locked hard around my cock and I could see beads of sweat on top of her flexing thighs. My body began to convulse in spasmodic jerks up, down and side-to-side. I was completely out of control. I pulled her legs in even tighter squeezing them to my chest, holding on for dear life.

I felt Sue place her hands on top of my shoulders as she said, "That's it Justin, hold on tight and just let it cum."

Her toes were pumping my cock at a maddening pace. By my grasping her legs I could feel my entire body moving up and down. Like she said I was being taken for a ride.

I could not hold on any longer. I released her legs and threw myself back onto the floor, covering my eyes with my hands and hollered, "I'm Cumming!!!"

By my having laid back and releasing Sue's legs it afforded her the opportunity to sandwich my cock between her velvet soles again. Seizing the opportunity she initiated the strong upward pull on my cock. This time instead of using quick rapid strokes she used very strong slow and deliberate pulls. It must have only taken 3 or 4 pulls to accomplish her task. My entire body was twitching completely out of control. My attempts to thrust my hips upward were feeble and awkward as my body was a quivering mess. I was helpless laying there at the mercy of her feet as they controlled my ejaculation.

I felt the initial explosion of my cum being pulled from my cock on what must have been the strongest pull from her feet that night.

I grunted loudly the whole time her foot pulled its way up my shaft toward the head.

Sue knew I was Cumming at this moment. Upon hearing me grunting, she said, "Oh yes this is it I feel your cum rising up."

I exploded hard, watching as my cum landed on her calves, ankles and insteps. Her feet slid back down to the base only to begin their slow deliberate course back up pulling even harder than before.

Again, I could not help myself and released another long groan.

Sue laughed, "I love this part. Your body completely out of control as my feet slowly milk your cum out in thick white globs."

She did this several more times before I was through. After my final orgasmic shudder I laid back breathing heavily. Gasping, "Oh my God, oh my God. That was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had."

Sue laughed, " Well I was glad to have been a part of it."

I watched as she slowly ran the tips of her toes through my pubic hair, my diminishing cock flopping over the tops of her feet as she did this, a very soothing sensation.

After a few minutes had passed. Sue remained seated with one leg crossed over the other. Using the toes of her crossed over foot she playfully prodded my flaccid member with an almost bored like expression on her face. She pushed it from side to side and in circles causing it to ooze out remnants of leftover cum. Sue would easily run one of her toes over the hole sweeping up the cum as it dripped out. I lay there watching this leggy young woman, playing with my cock and admiring the dexterity of her toes. I will never forget those pink toenails covered with my jism.

I closed my eyes and began to fall to sleep to while she gently prodded my member. That Completely exhausted and spent I passed out. When I awoke Sue was gone. I quickly put on my shorts and proceeded to leave. Before leaving I noticed a message posted on the door.

"Congratulations, you hold the new record. 13 minutes 48 seconds. You have earned the right for another go 'round. I imagine you will need a few days to recuperate after tonight. Meet you in the same beer line same time two nights from tonight. I will enjoy making you cum in less time."

My feet eagerly await the challenge,

Signed, -Sue

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