"Foot Challenge - Pt 1"
By Kessler

I had always been a foot and leg lover for as far back as I can remember. My first sexual experience with women's feet was at the age of 15 but this story is not about that time. THIS story is about the first time I actually had consensual sex with a woman's feet. I was stationed in Germany at the time as an enlisted soldier. I had one more year left till I retired at the age of 39 as a SFC. I joined at the age of 18 fresh out of High School ready to see the world. I had always wanted to visit Germany and got my opportunity via the Army. The Berlin wall was still standing and communism was still considered a viable threat. It was an exciting time in my life in more ways than one. I was looking forward to getting out and had a few good job opportunities lined up stateside.

I met Sue at one of the popular German/American beer festivals that are held on the American installations and specifically designed to increase German American relations. They did do that quite affectively. I was there alone and had been enjoying myself for several hours listening to the "Oompa" band and drinking the excellent German beer. I had only been in country for 3 months so after my second stein of beer I had a good buzz going. Anybody who has been to Germany and drank the beer knows that one German beer is equivalent to 3 or 4 American beers.

While waiting in the beer line to order my third beer I felt a tug on my shirtsleeve. There standing beside me was a beautiful blonde.

She looked up at me and smiled saying, "Hi, can you do me a favor and grab me a Hofbau beer." She handed me 4 Marks and 50 Pfennigs in German money.

Upon closer inspection I noticed she was wearing skintight shorts. She had legs that did not quit. She wore sandals and I saw that her toenails were painted pink.

I said, "sure no problem."

After purchasing our beers we headed back to the table and sat down to drink and talk. I found out she was 18 and a dependant. Her father was a full bird Colonel in the Army. She was finishing her last year of high school and was on her way to college in the fall. She was sitting so close to me and by the way she conducted herself I could tell she was just as drunk as I was. As we talked through the night and got to know each other better I could tell she was attracted to me. I could not help but stare longingly at her legs and toes and it must have been obvious to her. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her smooth thigh. When she did this I immediately became more aroused. She smiled at me as I gently began to stroke her thigh. I felt my cock bulging in my shorts uncomfortably and made an attempt to adjust it with my other hand. She saw me do this and threw her left leg over my right so that it hung between my legs. The upper part of her leg pressed heavily against my straining cock. I could not believe this young fresh 18 year old was coming on to me. Almost 40 years old I was no spring chicken. I prided myself in keeping my body in relative good shape but it still surprised me.

It was at this point I saw that she had removed her sandals sometime during our conversation. The sight of her bare foot dangling between my legs was exciting. She wiggled her toes in rhythm to the music of the band. I continued to stare at her leg and foot in such an obvious fashion I hoped that she would notice. Being older I was not into playing games anymore and felt that if anything was going to happen I was going to let my intentions known. If not then no big deal at least I knew I took a chance. After a few minutes it did not take long for her notice and she asked, " So you like what you see. "

I responded, " You have very sexy feet. Your toes are magnificent. "

She laughed saying, " So you like them that much huh. Well I can feel by the rock in your shorts that it shows."

I started to feel myself getting physically hot. I reached down and began to run my hand down her calf and to her ankle.

She responded with, "mmmmm, that feels good." And proceeded to move her leg up and down against my bulging cock.

Then she told me, "It does not take a genius to figure out what you would like."

It was at that time I realized that I had been rubbing her leg and staring at her foot for some time now and looked over to her asking, "Oh, and what might that be."

She grabbed my hand and stood up leading me out of the beer tent carrying her sandals in her other hand.

Sue lead me behind the roller skating rink were it was semi-dark. The area there was full of hedges approximately six to seven feet tall underneath a canopy of trees. I followed her into an eight-foot wide path running between the wall and the hedges. Halfway down the back of the building we walked through a door into a small room.

As we walked in Sue locked the door behind us and turned on the light saying, " I work the concession stand in this rink on weekends and at night. I leave this room in the back open and come here when I want to be alone. It is convenient when I have a boyfriend."

I asked, "You do not have a boyfriend now?"

She laughed, "of course not. If I did would it matter?"

I laughed, "No, not really."

She smiled, as she walked towards and said, "Good, now remove your shorts and lay down on the carpet."

I did as she asked and lay on my back.

Sue walked up to me and forced my legs wide apart with her feet as she stood between my legs and said, "I have had several guys who were into feet and I love using my feet to make them cum."

As she stood there looking down at me, her toes inches from my stiffening cock, I could not believe how lucky I was. I really got a good look at her long shapely legs. Her thighs were well muscled and jiggled when she walked. Her calves were perfectly formed and well proportioned to the overall length of her legs. It was obvious she kept her legs in great shape. Upon seeing them up close like this my cock began to grow very quickly to its full length.

She noticed this also and laughed slightly saying, "I really do love guys who are into feet. I play a game with them to see how fast I can make them cum using my feet and toes. I time them and if they break the previous guys record they can come back for more." Then she asked me, "Do you think my legs are worth coming back for?"

I said without hesitation, "Oh yes."

She smiled, stepped out from between my legs and walked over to a desk where she pulled out a bottle of baby oil and a stopwatch. She set those beside me and returned for the chair behind the desk. She held the wooden chair above me and stepped between my legs again. Using her feet she spread my legs open again by pushing them against the inside of my thighs, setting the chair down between them. While she did this she said, "Open them up Justin, open them wide." The act of her forcing my legs open with her feet was very arousing.

She sat in the chair placing her feet on either side of my cock on my hip bones and reached over to pick up the stopwatch and oil. As she did this I could tell by the look on her face she was all business.

While she oiled up her toes and feet she said, "One of the best things I like about this is watching you guys struggle and squirm as you try to keep from Cumming. I even had one guy tell me he was doing math problems in his head (she laughed) to keep his mind off of what I was doing to him." After she had oiled up her feet she placed the soles of her feet on my pubic region rubbing her toes back and forth through my pubic hairs. The heavy feel of her feet was amazing. As she continued to rub them I felt my rigid member swaying back and forth between her feet occasionally bumping against her ankles. This caused my blood to rush and I could feel my breathing increase.

I asked her, my voice a bit shaky with anticipation, "What is the record?"

She smiled, "I am not going to tell you. You are just going to have to hold on as long as you can."

She held the bottle above my dick and squeezed some oil onto it.

She pushed a few buttons on the stopwatch and said, "Ready, set, here we go!" and started the watch.

She set the stopwatch down and immediately placed a toe lock around the head of my cock between her right big toe and index toe. She did the same to my shaft with her other toes. She began to pump at a medium pace.

I rose up on my elbows and watched with amazement. It was obvious her toes were well practiced. The oil made her smooth skin glisten and her pink toenails shine. Each time her toes rose up over the head of my cock her index toe would slide up over the hole at the tip and then back down the side just below the ridge to begin the process all over again. Her toes fit very snug and tight. I could feel the friction against the sensitive skin at the underside of my head. I directed my attention to her shapely calves as they loosely jostled from side to side as her feet pumped my cock. The muscles in her athletically toned thighs flexed beautifully. I noticed each of her hands was cupped beneath her thighs as she continued to pump her legs.

Hearing her giggle caused me to look up into her face. She asked, "How are you holding out down there?"

I replied, "This is heaven."

I felt her toes switch position at the head of my cock as she moved the bottom of her long index toe up and down the underside of my head at a quick pace. Feeling this extreme sensation of pleasure caused me to fall back to the floor and groan. All her efforts were concentrated in this one area.

She giggled saying, "that gets them every time. Yesssss! and here it comes that wonderful precum. It won't be long now."

I dug my fingers into the carpet as I began to feel the tight heaviness of my nut sack along with my shaft caught between the toes of her left foot as they stroked it full length. I could feel my nuts being pressed against the ball of her foot with each down stroke it made.

I heard her say, "That's it Justin, your precum is flowing good now."

I could not believe that this young leggy blonde was working my cock over in such a way that I was about to cum in seconds. I had to hold on and enjoy this as long as possible.

I could not help it as my hips began to thrust upward into her toes. It was amazing how much affect that one toe had on my cock. Sue's toe was rubbing the most sensitive and arousing part of my cock. She did this in quick jerks as I watched the tip of her long glistening toe rise up from underneath and over the tip of my cock. The tip of her toe would pause there briefly and push partly into the hole of my cock forcing precum to ooze out all around it.

Sue said, "I knew I could get you to start moving Justin. Lets see what happens now."

With that she released the grip her left toes had on my shaft and prodded the tips of her toes into my tight full nut sack. Wiggling them up and down, side to side and in circles.

This caused me to rise back up on my elbows forcing the response of, "Oh! Oh! OOOOh! Please be gentle down there. Pleeeeeesee."

She giggled, "Hee, hee, hee. I will. Trust me, I know what I am doing. "

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