"The Flight"
By GeorgeH

I use to fly to Europe on business a lot. My friends are always telling me about some gorgeous woman they met on a plane and the hot and heavy relationships that followed. With as many flights that I have taken, I have never had a relationship with anyone that I met on a plane... except once.

I was flying from New York to Stockholm, sitting next to a very attractive woman who looked to be in her late forties. She was very petite, around 5 foot tall and weight no more than 100 pounds. She was wearing pants, a sweater and a pair of light blue pumps with exceptionally high heels, which made her feet look very sexy. She had the window seat and I had the aisle, with no one in the middle seat. We started up a conversation and found that we were in similar businesses, which gave a common ground for discussion. After dinner and a few drinks, we both decided to try to get some sleep. She asked me if it would be OK if she stretched her legs out on the unoccupied middle seat. I told her that I didn't mind, so she raised the armrest between her seat and the middle one, leaned her pillow against the window, and stretched her legs across the middle seat. I always check out a woman's feet, and hers were beautiful. She had removed her pumps and was wearing no stocking or pantyhose. Her lovely bare feet were within inches of my thigh. They were small, and narrow with short toes, and wrinkly soles. (I love wrinkly soles.) After a few minutes of fantasizing about her feet, she said she was chilly and covered her legs (and those sexy feet) with a blanket. "Shows over," I thought, and reclined the seat and started to drift off to sleep.

Something woke me, probably turbulence, and I felt something nudging the side of my thigh. I looked down and saw that she had stretched her legs out such that her feet, still under the blanket, were protruding under my armrest and pressing against my leg. I raised the armrest to give us both a little more room and her foot slid over even more. Now the tips on her toes were peaking from under the blanket and were resting on top of my thigh. Though the thought of having her feet in my lap excited me I gently pushed her feet back so they were no longer on top of my leg. She was still sound asleep and had no knowledge of what was going on. The chill was starting to make me uncomfortable, so I covered my self with my blanket, and dozed off again. I woke again to find this lady's foot on my leg again. This time she had stretched out so her foot was almost in my lap. I moved my hand down and felt her bare foot under my blanket, resting on top of my thigh. I left my hand on her foot, very still at first and then I started to gently rub it. It was so nice to the touch. I could feel her soft toes, and wrinkly soles with my fingers. I could not see her foot, because it was under my blanket, but I remembered how sexy they looked and correlated my memory of them with their feel in my hand. She stretched her legs out even more, so that both feet ended up in the middle of my lap. Her heel was actually pressing against my cock, which had begun to swell with excitement. She was almost full extended, with her feet in my lap, but no one could tell, because the blankets. All they could see were a pile of blankets, and our two heads. I continued my gentle foot rub, which quickly turned into a two-handed massage. I rubbed very gently as to not wake her. She had not moved in over an hour. Suddenly, she shifted her position. I stopped my massage, but left her feet in my lap. She surprised me by saying, "Don't stop now. It feels good." I was taken aback by this, causing me to hesitate while I digested what was going on. Maybe she was talking in her sleep, or not yet lucid from just waking up. She turned to me, looked my straight in the eyes and said, "Why did you stop just as it was getting good?" That's all of the encouragement I needed to continue my foot massage, and this time I wasn't shy about it. I vigorously massaged her feet with confidence. I massaged each toe, then pressed my thumbs firmly into her arches, rubbing them up and down the length of her soles. She laid her head back on the pillow and fully enjoyed my ministrations. Then, she started wiggling her toes in my hand, and in doing so, her foot began massaging my now erect penis through my pants. Her feet kept squirming in my hands, and at the same time massaging my cock. I couldn't tell if it was in response to my massage or did she know what she was doing to my engorged manhood. I stopped the massage for a moment, but her feet kept squirming over my cock. She knew exactly what she was doing. With one foot, she grasped my cock head with her toes and wiggled them over the tip. I wondered how far she would let this go. I unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock all of the way out. She stroked my bare dick with her toes the same as she had done when it was in my pants. The toes of the other foot had found their way to my balls and were manipulating them through my pants. I undid my belt and unbuttoned by pants to give her feet more access. I slipped my pants and brief down just enough to expose my entire cock and balls to here wiggling toes. She had her back to me all of this time, but then turned to face me, leaned back on her pillow, wedged between the back of the seat and window. She brought her legs up so her feet were again in my lap. Still the blankets covered everything so that our erotic antics could not be seen by anyone. Besides, most of the passengers were sleep. She placed one foot between my legs so that her toes were directly under my balls. The other foot found its way to my cock and began stroking it while to toes of the first foot wiggled wildly under my balls. I was ecstatic. My pre-cum juices were flowing like a faucet, which made her toes slip easily over the shaft and cock head. I started stroking my shaft with my hand while her feet drove me wild with passion. She could tell that her manipulation of my balls was sending me up the wall, so she concentrated on that. She grasped my balls with both feet, so that they were held firmly between the bottoms of the toes of one foot and the tops of the toes of the other. She then alternately squeezed and released my tender balls with her lovely toes, while I jerked my cock wildly. Her toes squeezed my testicles such that they ached, but just short of being really painful. Finding that level of pressure between pleasure and pain is difficult, but she was doing it perfectly. My masturbation brought me to climax quickly, but her manipulation of my balls with her toes greatly increased its intensity. The first spasm spewed cum from my cock with such force that I could hear it splattering under the blanket. She clamped her toes tightly around my balls, causing to ache even more, but I loved it. She kept my balls tightly gripped with her toes until the last of the cum was drained from my cock. I couldn't see where the cum had gone, but I knew there was a lot of it. With my hand, I could feel cum on the tops of her feet and ankles, and there was a lot of it on the blanket. My pants were soaked. I had to figure out how to clean this up discretely, but I didn't worry about it just yet and just enjoyed the afterglow of satisfaction.

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