"Footjob After Work"
By C

Hi, I would like to tell you a time when my wife gave me a footjob. It happened last night actually. I was lying in the bed relaxing after a hard day at work. She came home and sat in our chair that was in the bedroom. She and I talked a little about each others day. I noticed that she had taken her shoes off and had them proped up on the recliner. Well, being the gentleman I was I got up and went over to her and asked if she would like a footrub. She said that that would be wonderful. I proceeded to rub her luscious size eights with very high arches. She has what I call orgasm feet.

My wife likes it when I rub my hands over her feet. As I rubbed and caressed her feet she started to moan a little. I didn't hesitate to lick her foot. Before I knew it, I had both her feet in my face. I would suck each of her toes and lick her arch. She said to me.."Baby, I am getting wet" Hearing that, I began to lick even faster. Not to mention I was getting pretty hot in the pants. At some point in my footrub my wife let one of her feet find it's way to my raging cock. She could feel the heat of it as well as the throbs it made as it was straining at my pants wanting to be set free.

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I let my cock free. She really moaned when she saw my cock bouncing around. My wife whispered and said. "Honey, I want you to put that cock in between my feet." I did what she had said. Her feet were soft and had a light scent of foot sweat and leather that really gets me hot. I got down on the floor and she rubber her feet all over my cock. In between the toes, all over her arches. I was in heaven. My wife asked me where the baby oil was. So, I reach in the secret drawer and retrieved it. I poured it on just enough to make a little friction happen. My wife then began to close her eyes and stroke my penis until I couldn't hold it anymore. Not to long after that wonderful massage on my cock, my cock erupted with jets of hot cum all over her feet. My wife was moaning even more now. She loves the feel of hot cum over her feet. She rubbed my love juice all over her feet. I was left in a state of being stunned over what just happened. I couldn't believe my wife just up and wanted to give me a footjob. It was the best footjob I have ever had. I still get hard thinking about that night. Since we have been married, we have encluded the foot ordeal in our sex life. It is amazing what it can do for us. We really enjoy it.

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