"Fantasy Motel pt. 2"

As Connie and I walked across the parking lot to our room, I noticed that she was holding my hand and rubbing my fingers between her's. That simple little act of affection was as much a turn on as any thing else that had happened so far. I was realizing that the affection, and getting to know each other was really enhancing both the emotional as well as the erotic feelings I was gaining for Connie. I also knew it was genuine, and not put on. She gave me the key to the room and I unlocked the door and we entered it. The room was really pretty nice. It was very clean and had a much better appearance than the outside of the motel. It had the bathroom to the left of the entrance door and the double bed and night stand was beyond that. There was a little sitting area with a love seat and a coffee table at the end of the room, and a 21 " television was sitting on the dresser.

Connie told me to make myself comfortable and then went into the bathroom. I noticed that there was a small refrigerator sitting on a stand just inside the alcove by the bathroom. There were 2 bags of chips and pretzels next to it. I opened the door to the fridge and saw a 12 pack of Coors Draft and a chilled bottle of blush wine cooling. I opened myself a beer and found a wine glass and poured Connie a drink. About that time she came out of the bathroom. She had changed out of her clothes and put on a lounge outfit. She was wearing a ivory colored crushed velvet robe. It was a short robe that came just above her knees. The neck was low cut and show cased her ample size breasts. She had on a gold necklace that had a gold charm shaped liked cupid. Her perfume was still present and the allure of her looks and the fragrance combined was a very exciting and sensual experience. Connie had slipped a pair of black high heel bedroom slippers on her feet. They were made from a shiny fabric and had 3 inch heels. They were basically high heel mules with open toes. Connies's dark red nail polish looked great peeking out from the toe of her slippers.

She sat on the love seat as I handed her the glass of wine. She asked me to turn on the television, and we found a channel that played middle of the road videos, so the TV was used as back ground music. I sat next to Connie as she crossed her leg over the other one, and dangled her heel. I could hear a faint swishing sound as she bounced it up and down on her foot. She told me that we had all night and she wanted us to take it as it came and let things happen naturally. Dinner had been that way, and it was way beyond what I had expected. Her demeanor had calmed me beyond belief, and I felt like I was being swept up in an emotional ride that I would remember for the rest of my life. After a few minutes, Connie uncrossed her leg and tucked it under her buttocks. She placed her other foot on the side of my leg.Her toes curled down over the top of my thigh. This wasn't an act of seduction, but a natural reaction on her part. After a few minutes, I picked her foot up in my hand and started to massage it. I guess I looked at her for approval, but she just gave me a (that is nice) smile. As we continued to talk and as I massaged her foot, I found myself raising it to my mouth. I leaned over and very gently kissed the top of her toes. I could tell that it pleased her. She slid down in the love seat a little more so her foot rested higher up towards my face. She was still talking to me, but as I continued to kiss her foot, I noticed that Connie had closed her eyes. She was apparently enjoying this as much as I was. Now as I kissed her toes, she raised her foot to my cheeks and stroked them with her toes. They felt like velvet flames shooting across my face. I was also aware that my penis had become fully erect, and so did Connie. I felt like I was in a trance. Connie asked me if I wouldn't like to get more comfortable and change into something more appropriate. She told me that there were a few things in the closet. I found a terry cloth wrap and put it around my waist. I walked over to Connie and held her in my arms. She looked up at me and I leaned down and kissed her with passion. As we embraced, she leaned down and removed her slippers. She took one of them and rubbed the underside of my engorged penis. As we continued to kiss and embrace, I could feel the satin like fabric slidding across my cock. I could feel the first signs of an orgasm. Connie told me to let her know before I came. She didn't want me to cum like this, but it sure felt great. As we continued to embrace and kiss passionalty, I could feel the sole of Connies slipper bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. I told her she better quit or I would stain the sole of her slipper. She laughed out loud and said she had a better idea anyway. With that said, she took me by the hand and led me to the bed. She had me sit up with my back resting against the head board. She sat across from me and rested her back on an upright pillow used for watching television. By instinct, I put both of her feet on my lap and masaged them. After a few minutes, I lifted her right foot to my face and started to explore. I was getting a little bolder than I had been so far. As I kissed her toes, I let my tongue now taste Connies flesh. I slowly snaked the tip between each toe ever so gently and very slowly. I wanted to savor every minute. Her flesh had a clean yet slightly salty taste to it, and I could detect a faint leather odor left over from her heels. For the first time, I sucked her little toe into my mouth. My tongue totally explored every inch of it as I started to suck it like a breast. I then moved on to the 4th toe and sucked on it for a few minutes. As I was sucking on it, I looked up and saw Connie lean back with her eyes closed again. Her finger tips were touching her closly shaven vagina, and I could detect her breathing getting faint. I had never in my 22 years been this aroused. As I slipped her third and second toe into my mouth, I felt Connie's other foot slip under the wrap I had on.

My cock was fully erect, and Connie found it without even opening her eyes. She stroked me up and down with her foot with the very same rhythm that she was fingering her vagina with. I slid a little further down as I sucked her big toe for the first time. As my tongue rolled around it, I could detect three senses at work. I could feel the warmth of her flesh, I could taste the unique savory foot taste, and I could smell the senuous odor of her foot. It was all I could do to hold my orgasm back. As we continued, Connie scooted closer to me and took my hand in her's. She guided it to her vagina, where I without thinking inserted 2 fingers in her. As I penetrated her, she never missed a stroke with her feet on my cock. Her cheeks were all flushed and her breathing was short. I was also breathing very irregularly. Connie quickly got to the point of orgasm. As she was entering into the first stages of oragsm, I felt each stroke of her toes on my cock become more and more sensative. After another 20 or 30 seconds, we both erupted at the same time. I felt her warm thick cum saturate my 2 fingers I had up inside her. At the same time, The hardest, longest orgasm I had ever had about paralyzed me. It seemed that I must have shot a large amount of semen all over her foot. It was running between her toes and off onto the sheets. While still humping my fingers, Connie took her other foot and stroked me a few times more. She than sat up and wiped us both off with a towel hanging close by. After we calmed down, we layed in each others arms. I stroked her hair and cheeks as she kissed the side of my neck. We held each other tight like we never wanted to let go. After a few more minutes, she suggested we rest a little, but not too long. We still had several other explorations to accomplish before dawn.

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