"Fantasy Motel pt. 1"

The story I'm about to relate really happened. It may have happened in real life, or it may have been just in my mind, I really can't remember. Having a strong desire to hold, feel, smell and experience the pleasures of the female foot have been with me ever since I can remember. Today people call this strong attraction to an in-animate object, according to Webster, a fetish. I like to call it a pleasure of life that only a small percent of the population can appreciate and enjoy.

As I was growing up, enjoying the sensual allure of the feminine foot, I was always frustrated at the lack of opportunity to enjoy them in real life. Fetishes in my younger days were considered weird, and we had to stay in the closet so to speak, or experience the cruelty of ours peers as they laughed and made fun of us for being strange. As I went out of state to college some years later, I was still a foot virgin so to speak. You just didn't approach your dates about feet, or they would most likely "freak out" and warn all the other girls on campus about the weirdo that got turned on by feet. Early in my sophmore year, I had the experience of my life.

I was at a frat party one night, doing frat party things. My girl friend was with me and we had already slept together a few times, but I was still too shy to touch her feet, not that I think she would have allowed me to. The girls had to be back in their dorms by midnight, so after we took them back, us guys returned to the frat house and just sat around and drank more beer. By this time of the early morning, we were all pretty well wasted and feeling fine. One of the guys posed the question "If you could do anything with a girl that you wanted, What would it be ? Well I was in the mood to unload, so I told all of my buddies about my love for the female foot. I full well expected them to start laughing at me, or saying something like, real funny Chance, but what do you really like. But they didn't. Tommy Colbert, the President of our fraternity told me that that wasn't any problem. All I had to do was drive over to the next county and go to the Fantasy Motel.

I found out that it really did exist, and it was a place that catered to the not so normal sexual desires, so I called them up and told them what I wanted. I was surprised to find out that having a foot fetish was not so strange and they had a lady that according to the manger, could give you a night you would never forget with her sexy feet. Well I made the arrangements for the following saturday night at nine o'clock.

All that week I could focus on nothing else other than in a few days, I would finally get to experience my dream of really touching and feeling the female foot. That was the longest week of my life, but it eventually passed and saturday rolled around. The little town that the motel was in was about a 30 minute drive from the campus, so at 8 o'clock in the evening, I got in my car and headed that way. My heart was beating fast and I was sweating like a mule as I pulled into the motel. It was old and small and out of the way. Although the guys called it the fantasy motel, the real name was the Isle Of Capri. It looked sleazy and run down, but I could have cared less. I was about to have the night of my life.

I parked my car and went to the office to check in. The manager, a woman in her late forties told me that Connie, my date for the evening was waiting for me across the street in the restaurant. I nervously went across the road and into the diner. Sitting in the booth at the back of this little greasy spoon sat Connie. The manager of the Fantasy showed me a picture of her, so I knew what she looked like. She looked to be about mid thirties. I liked that age. Still young, but old enough to teach me something. I also was a little into the older woman thing. She wasn't fat or anything, but had plenty of meat on her bones, a very pretty face. Connie was in my opinion, very sultry looking. She appeared to be confident in her sexuality, but not trashy. She had on a low cut white satin blouse with 2 gold chains hanging from her neck. As I sat down in the both across from her, I could smell a faint hint of an exotic perfume I couldn't identify, but immediatly fell in love with. The table hid her body from the waist down, so I couldn't see what she was wearing other than the blouse. As we got to know each other over a burger and fries, It dawned on me that we started talking like we were old friends. I didn't feel a bit nervous, and had no problem talking with Connie.

About half way through dinner, I felt her shoe rubbing the inside of my leg. My heart jumped into my throat, and I must have shown it. Connie smiled a little and told me to just eat my dinner and enjoy the night. We would just take it as it came. I looked down and saw that she was wearing a black patent leather pump and had on black slacks. Her shoes were 3 or 4 inch heels and the vamp was low cut. I could see a little of her toe clevage. My heart was racing a hundred miles an hour as I felt my penis stiffen a little. The amazing thing was, that I didn't act like a high school kid the first time he saw a naked breast or something. We simply started talking again, and as we looked into each others eyes and started laughing over a funny story she was telling me, I slipped off Connie's pump, and started to massage her foot. It was warm and it felt like velvet. I laid her shoe on the booth seat beside me and I could detect a very faint odor of leather. The warm feel of her foot and the smell of leather from her shoe increased my excitement, and my penis was growing more and more with each passing moment. I looked down momentarily and saw Connies foot for the first time. It was about a size 8 with long arched toes. Her nails were painted a very dark red that contrasted her olive skin very nicely. Her 2nd toe was a little longer than her big toe, the mark of a dominate woman. The rest of her toes tapered down very uniformly and curved down in a very sexy manner. As I looked back at Connie, and we continued our conversation, I felt her other foot on my lap. She very casually asked me to remove he shoe for her, which I did. I than felt her toes very gently and very lovenly stroke the top of my penis. My pants were of course on, but the sensation was so soothing and electifying at the same time. We continued to talk as I massaged her foot and she massaged my penis with her toes. This was the most wonderful dinner that I have ever had. This is not what I had expected at first. I figured that it would be like seeing a prostitute. She gets paid, I get laid, I go home. But no, we were talking in public as friends, while we pleasured each other. Dinner came to and end, and I put Connies pumps back on her feet. I went and paid the bill and then hand in hand, we went back to the motel room for the rest of the night.

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