By GeorgeH

I threw a pizza and wine party at my apartment, inviting a few close friends including my cousin, Ellie. Although she was a cousin by marriage, we I had been close since age 14. We had supported each other through adolescence, each of us being an only child. We were both 30 years old at this time, and neither of us had ever married. She was short and stocky, about 5 feet tall, 130 pounds. She was large breasted, with short, somewhat chunky legs, a cute face, and a very effervescent personality. In the past, I had introduced her to many of her dates, and I had set it up for her meet one of my male friends that night at the party. Unfortunately, they did not hit it off.

The party began to break up around midnight. Ellie had drunk a few too many glasses of wine, and we decided that she should stay at my apartment for the night, and go home the next morning, rather than risk driving home. Everyone had left, and Ellie was the only one who remained, sitting on the sofa. She looked a little down, probably because things didn't go well with the guy I had introduced to her. She had dressed very nicely, in anticipation of meeting this guy. She wore a nice, silky emerald green dress, that caressed her body seductively. The top accentuated her best physical asset, from most men's perspective, her shapely, firm breasts. I was never a breast man, and could never really appreciate them. She wore a pair of black high heeled open-toed mules with no stockings. Since my teenage years, I had always been attracted to her feet, which were short and wide (size 5D) with round, plump toes. What made them sexy in my eyes were her extremely high arches, and the mules showed off her sexy, bare arches very nicely. "I hope you don't mind sleeping on the sofa," I said. "It's OK," she replied. I gave her one of my tee shirts, for her to use as a night shirt. She went into the bathroom to get ready for bed, while I stayed in the bedroom, removed my clothes, and put on a bathrobe.

While I was making up the sofa with a blanket and sheet into a makeshift bed, she came into the living room wearing my T-shirt. It fit her like a night shirt, coming down to just above her knees. "There's a Woody Allen movie coming on at 1:00," she said. We both loved Woody Allen, and had watched almost every one of his movies together at some time. "I think it's 'Sleeper'," she added. It was not one of my favorites, but worth watching. Besides, I was not that sleepy, yet. I sat on the floor, with my back against the sofa, and she sat on the sofa, her feet on the floor beside me. I could not help noticing how good she looked in my T-shirt. Her legs, though short, were shapely, and her bare feet brought back fantasies of the past.

Though our relationship had always be platonic, I had fantasies about her feet, since we were teenagers. I had spent many weekends at her house, sleeping in the bedroom right next to hers. On a warm, summer night, she would leave her bedroom door open to increase ventilation. As I walked down the hall past her door, I could just see the foot of her bed. If she was in bed, not covered, as was the case when it was hot, I could steal glimpses of her legs and sexy feet. I made frequent trips to the bathroom, past her room on those warm summer nights. Images of her feet, with those ultra-high high arches, had fueled the fantasies of many of my adolescent masturbation sessions. Sometimes, I would tickle her feet playfully. I am sure she though that it was an innocently playful act, not knowing the erotic excitement it provided me.

I was paying more attention to her bare feet than I was to the movie, making sure she did not catch me staring at them. Her toes were round and plump, looking very suckable. Her unusually high arches and her fleshy wrinkled soles were a big turn on for me. Although I had opened up a lot regarding my foot fetish, we had always had a brother-sister relationship, and I couldn't imagine how she would react if she knew how much I wanted her cute little feet. She rested against the back of the sofa, crossing her legs, giving me a great view of her sexy soles and high arches. She continued watching the movie, not realizing that I was renewing old fantasies about her feet. I am sure had no idea that I used to watch her feet through her open bedroom door when we were kids. She could not have known about the time I masturbated a load of cum in her shoes when I was 16. All of these fantasies were revived in my head, as my eyes drank in the beauty of her lovely feet.

As I had done many times when we were younger, I tickled her soles with my fingers. She yelped and jerked away. "Stop," she said as she laughed. I laugh with her, reaffirming the "innocence" of my actions. My fingers found her soft, fleshy soles again, and tickled them, causing her to squeal again. "No," she protested, laughing as she said it. I stopped for the time being, and began watching the movie. She laid on her side, with her legs extended on the sofa. The floor was getting hard and uncomfortable. "Do you mind if I sit on the sofa," I asked since it was now her bed. "Only if you promise not to tickle my feet," she said, smiling. I sat at the end of the sofa, next to those wonderful feet. Lying on her side, with her legs slight bent and her feet together, she exposed both of her bare soles to me. I could not keep my eyes off them, admiring her high arches. Facing away from me, watching the movie, she couldn't see that my eyes were engrossed in her feet, as I conjured up visions of sucking her pudgy toes, and making love to those beautifully high arches.

She covered herself with the sheet, hiding those lovely toes from my view. I had gotten so excited from watching her feet, she couldn't take them away from me now. I slowly moved my hands under the sheet, and lightly rubbed the back of my fingers over the tips of her toes. I expected her to jerk away, scolding me for tickling her feet again, but she didn't. I rubbed my fingers across the tops of her toes, grasping them between my fingers and thumb, then lightly massaged them. Still, she didn't react to my touch. I leaned forward so I could see her face to check if she had fallen asleep. She turned her head toward me slightly smiling, letting me know that she had not. Turning back to watch the movie, she turned onto her stomach, and extended her legs on the sofa. She was short enough so her fully extended body still left enough room for me to sit on the end of the sofa. My hand followed her foot, continuing to lightly rub her toes between my fingers and thumb. I began massaging her toes with a firmer touch, her toes slightly curling and extending in response. Though she said nothing, I could tell that she was enjoying my manipulations. The silence became uncomfortable. "I give great foot massages," I said to break the silence. "Really," she answered, "I never had a foot massage?" I was surprised that none of her old boyfriends had taken the opportunity to massage her sexy feet. Well, I guess it's their loss. "This is your lucky night. You are about to get a great one," I said.

I took more of her foot in my hand and began massaging it firmly. I got my other hand under the sheet, and began massaging her foot with both of them. When I rubbed my thumbs into soles, her sensitive foot twitched in my hands. "Does that tickle?" I asked. "A little, but it feels good," she responded. I continued massaging her foot, focusing on her sole and lovely arch. When I saw her succulent toes poking out from under the sheet, I further removed the sheet, fully exposing her feet. It was obvious that she was thoroughly enjoying my foot massage. Her toes were flexing and curling, as I rubbed my thumb up and down the length of her sole. As I release her foot so I could massage the other one, she lifted her feet from the sofa, slid her body toward me, and set them back down in my lap. She must have felt my bulging cock, through my robe, which has already grown erect. My massage became more vigorous, as I squeezed her toes, rubbing my fingers along their sensitive underside. Ellie had long lost interest in the movie, and rolled over to lie on her back, her feet together in my lap with her cute, round toes, pointing up toward my face. I continued the massage, massaging each toe individually, and rubbing my finger sensually in and out between each toes. Her eyes had closed as she became fully involved with my ministrations. A little moan escaped her lips, "Ohhhh No one has ever done this to my feet before," said.. "It feels so good." Her enjoyment of my foot manipulations heightened my excitement, causing my engorged manhood to throb against her heels, resting in my lap. Her toes wiggled erotically in response to my touches. "You shouldn't be doing this," she added. "Why," I questioned. "This is turning me on too much," she explained. "Besides, we are family." "Do you want me to stop," I asked as I sensually massaged the underside of her toes. She hesitated for a moment as if considering the question carefully. "No, "she finally answered.

I leaned over and took the toes of one foot between my lips, and gently sucked them while I rolled my tongue all over them. Her toes curled with tension in my mouth, as she gasped, "Rich, don't!" she moaned. I knew she was she was enjoying it immensely, but I stopped sucking her toes and massaging her feet. I sat motionless for a few seconds. She opened her eyes and looked at me, saying, "What's wrong? Why did you stop?" "You told me to." I said sarcastically. "Oh, Rich. I love it, but it's not right. You are like my brother," she said. "But I am not your brother," I responded, "I am not even your blood cousin." There was a long silence. Then she gently rubbed my hand with her foot, and I responded by continuing my massage.

I lifted her foot to my face, and licked her precious arch, running my tongue up and down the full length of her soles. When I slipped my tongue unto that sensitive spot between the underside of her toes and the ball of her foot, her body tensed with excitement. Her toes curled, gripping my darting tongue. I licked between her toes, and sucked each one. The sensitivity of her feet that made them so ticklish before, was now causing her to reel with passion under the ministrations of my lips and tongue. The sheet still covered her body, excepted for her feet. I could see her hands moving under the sheet, rubbing herself between her legs. Seeing her stimulated herself, drove me to worship her feet with even more passion. I kneeled on the floor. Placing her feet together, I leaned over then, pressing her toes into my mouth, and sucking them with relish as I massaged her soles with my hands. I could see her hands going wild in her crotch under the sheet. She was masturbating wildly, while I sucked her toes. I lifted the sheet, exposing her hands, both madly fondling her pussy. Releasing her feet from my hands, I scooted my body on the sofa between her legs. I kissed the inside of her thighs as her hands continued stroking herself. Then, I moved her hands from her crotch. She resisted until she realized that I was replacing them with my mouth. Her pussy was soaked from passion. I began licking and sucking her swollen clitoris, making her moan with pleasure. She placed both of her hands behind my head, pressing my face into her crotch. I stimulated her more with my lips and tongue. In less than five minutes, she was shaking with ecstasy. Quivering moans of pleasure were escaping her lips. Her hands, caressing the back of my head, pushed my lips more firmly to her, her back arched, and her thighs pressed against the sides of my face as she convulsed violently with orgasmic pleasure. I kept sucking her clit as she continued writhing in ecstasy. After she finished, I released her clit from my lips, and sat on the edge of the sofa. She was still breathing heavily, basking in the afterglow of pleasure. "I have never cum that fast in my life!" she exclaimed. "It has been a long time since I have had sex, and I guess it shows." I leaned over and kissed her affectionately on her lips. I still loved her as my cousin, but I now loved her as a woman, also.

I sat at the end of the sofa, as she laid on her back, recovering from her ordeal. "You haven't gotten yours," she said with genuine concern. She was right. Although sending her to ecstasy by sucking her feet and orally stimulating her to ecstasy had given me great pleasure, I was still fully erect with desire. Through all of this, I had not removed my robe, though it was laying open, exposing the firm bulge in my briefs. Ellie rubbed the sole of her foot over bulge, and said, "I want to give you pleasure, too, but I don't have any birth control. Do you have a condom?" "No, but I don't think we will need one tonight," I replied. She looked puzzled. "Why not?" she asked. "I will show you," I said as I led her by the hand to my bedroom.

She laid on her back on my bed, completely nude. I finally removed my robe and briefs, and laid beside her. I began kissing her large breasts, concentrating on her nipples. Breast did not turn me on, but I thought that my kissing and fondling them might turn her on. It did. Her nipples became rock hard and I sucked and licked them. I moved down her stomach to her thighs, nibbling between her thighs for a while. My tongue slipped into her pussy momentarily. The wetness indicated that she was getting excited again. I laid my body between her legs, and began orally stimulating her womanhood again. She arched her back to present her clit to the ministration of my lips and tongue. I positioned my body so her right foot was under my crotch while I continued titillating her to heights of passions. I began slowly sliding my throbbing cock over her instep and arch. I could tell she was going to climax soon. Her hips were thrusting wildly as she moaned with ecstasy. I sucked her clit, rolling my tongue all over the it. Then I felt her body tense up as the first orgasmic wave hit. She pressed her crotch into my face, and I once again, licked her to paradise. Her foot flexed under my thrusting cock, exciting me even more. I could have cum on her foot right then, but I waited, concentrating on maximizing her pulsing orgasm now. She finally relaxed, exhausting from sexual stimulation.

After she composed herself, she said, "That was great! I had no idea that you could do this to me." I just smiled, with a certain amount of pride. "The only problem," she added, "is that you still haven't..." "I will," I interrupted. I went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of hand lotion. She watched me curiously as my rubbed lotion over her soles. I put both of her feet side by side, with her soles pressed together. When I spread her knees apart and laid between them, she realized what I was going to do. "Ohhh," she said, now having a good what was going to happen. "I can't believe my cousin is doing this to me." I laid my still rigid cock between her soles, and began slipping it back and forth between them. My swollen cock fit between her ultra-high arches perfectly. As I thrust it back and forth, I could feel her fleshy toes grip its shaft. Oh, it felt soooo good. I had fantasized about this a hundred times, and now it was really happening. In minutes, I began peaking towards climax. I moved to lie across the foot of the bed on my side. I inserted my throbbing cock between her feet, lengthwise from the tip of her toes to her arches. Her toes gripped my cock near the base, while the tip slid back and forth between her arches. With one hand, I squeezed her feet together tightly around my stiff dick, as I continued pumping it in and out between her feet. I loved the way her wrinkly soles felt, rubbing against both sides of my sensitive cock head. Her gripping toes jerked the base of my shaft to ecstasy as I continued thrusting in and out. My hand pressed her soles together more firmly as I began to cum. I shot a heavy stream of juice directly between her gorgeous arches, as I continued pumping madly. The tip of my cock angled up slightly causing the second surge to spurt over her ankles. I started pumping my still throbbing cock with my hand, with the toes of each foot pressing on opposite sided of my cock head. The tip pushed in and out between her toes, as my hand continued pumping the shaft. Her toes curled to grip the head when the final two climactic waves shot my hot, thick cream all over them. After my spent cock stopped spurting cum on my cousin's saturated feet, I still slid it in and out between her toes, loving the feel of them gripping my highly sensitive cock head. When I final stopped, I noticed that she was looking down at my spent cock, lying on her cum-soaked feet, with amazement. "I don't believe you did that!" she said. She didn't know that I had another surprise for her. When I bent down and began sucking her creamed toes, she gasped with awe. "You are absolutely nuts!" She exclaimed. "I had no idea you were....that kinky." After I had kissed and sucked and licked her luscious cum-laden feet to my satisfaction, I laid next to her, and held her affectionately. "There are a lot of thing we have to learn about each other," I said. We were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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