"A Trip of Sexual Ecstasy"
By Kessler

My Secretary and I were scheduled for a business trip to Austin Texas. Our company was to put us up in a three star Hotel courtesy of the Velvet Turtle. It was to be a very nice trip. Conferences were scheduled throughout the three weeks as well as meetings with perspective clients held on the side.

To this day what happened to me on this trip is unbelievable.

My secretary Cindy asked if her younger cousin, Jamie, could come along and stay with us for the trip.

I told her no problem but her cousin would have to take care of her own expenses. The company covered our expenses. She had no problem with that and seemed very excited that I agreed.

Anyway, we got there a few days ahead of schedule to get settled in and take in some of the sites that the city of Austin has to offer. We met Jamie there that afternoon and the two of them decided to share a room. Since the rooms ran 330.00 dollars a night it only seemed appropriate.

The next morning I woke up early and went out to the pool for a swim. I like doing that, it wakes me up and gets me going for the day. I saw Cindy lying out by the side of the pool. Cindy is a very attractive woman and I was lucky to have her as my secretary.

Cindy is blessed with long shapely legs which no man could help but find sexy. When I am having a rough day at the office it's those legs that get me through. Although she never really said anything to me, after years of working together I am sure she knows I am attracted to them. It did not take her long to figure out I am a leg man. Many times she has caught me staring at them and on those occasions she would look at me and smile and sometimes tease me. She would show them off by dangling her shoe on the end of her toes. But that is as far as it has ever gone. Anyway, back to my story. I approached the edge of the pool waved at her and jumped in. After a few minutes Jamie came out. She looked gorgeous in her swimsuit and let me just say that her legs are amazing as well. Genetics is a wonderful thing.

Jamie waved at me saying, "Good morning."

She is much younger than Cindy. I found out later she is 22. Her skin tone is a golden tan and her hair is sandy blonde. Cindy is a bit fairer. Her skin is a creamy white and she is a brunette. They did not enter the pool but instead sat on the edge with their legs hanging in the water at about mid calf level. I swam over next to them. I had to get a close up of their legs. I crossed my arms on the edge resting my chin on my arms.

As they playfully kicked the water with their legs we talked about what to do that night. I could not keep from taking quick looks at their legs and how the water glistened on their skin. Let me tell you I became aroused. Looking back now I think Cindy must have told Jamie about my leg/foot fetish because they kept exchanging knowing glances between them with an occasional whisper. At the time though it really did not register with me that they had planned this.

I was just happy to be there at that moment. I could feel my heart racing a bit. After an hour or so we decided to get cleaned up and catch a movie after which we planned to check out the city of Austin. When I got out to dry off it was apparent that I was excited. I saw Cindy and Jamie glance down at the bulge in my swimsuit. Jamie giggled and whispered something to Cindy.

I Heard Cindy reply back to her, "I told you."

I was glad we were the only customers at the pool that morning.

We went out to dinner that evening. I got to know Jamie better. She was attending college and I was impressed with her intelligence and wit. I was very proud to be out with such attractive and smart women. I told them this. Needless to say we turned some heads at the restaurant. I must admit I was definitely living it up. Both Jamie and Cindy could probably have most any man they wanted. Yet they directed all their attention to me. Not once did I feel slighted. They are very classy.

The swim pool ritual continued on for a week. I would have been perfectly happy if it would have stayed that way the whole trip but the girls wanted to take it further. One morning I went out to the pool for my early morning wake up swim. I usually got out there earlier than the girls. After a few laps I took my normal position to catch my breath resting my head on my arms along the side keeping the rest of my body in the water.

The girls came out. I could hear them whispering to each other. They each took a position alongside of me. This was different, and I liked it. Here I was sandwiched between two pair of gorgeous legs.

I said, "Morning ladies."

They both replied, "Good morning."

I saw Jamie look at Cindy, expecting her to say something more.

Then Cindy looked at me and said, "We are feeling a bit frisky this morning and would like to play some."

As she was saying this I felt her toes begin to rub against my already hard cock. I gasped. Not knowing what to say.

She raised her eyebrows and asked, "Do you mind?"

I looked around the pool to see if anyone else was present as she continued to rub my cock with her foot.

I said with gasping breath, "no I don't mind."

Jamie giggled,"We did not think you would object. While we both play footsy with your cock all you have to do is hold on and not drown."

Cindy said, "Untie the knot in your suit"

I untied it, my hands shaking. They then both pulled down my shorts using their toes down to around my knees. I felt Cindy lock the base of my cock between her big toe and index toe. Jamie did the same with her toes just below the head of my cock. I heard Cindy ask Jamie if she has got it.

Jamie said, "yes its a nice fit."

They both slid close together almost side by side. Jamie told me to rest my arms on top of their thighs. So here I was, my cock locked in between the toes of each of their feet. They began to stroke my cock slowly with their toes. Between the stroking of their toes and the sensation of their smooth legs rubbing against my chest and stomach my breath became very short. They both leaned back on their hands looking up into the morning sun catching the rays and smiling.

Cindy spoke up saying, "Oh it is going to be a wonderful day today."

Jamie said, "It already is. "Then she looked down at me and said, "Wouldn't you agree?"

I just moaned in pleasure and said, "Oh yes."

They both laughed together. The way Jamie worked the head of my cock between her two toes, felt incredible. The overall sensation of my cock between their toes combined with their legs against my torso created a very queasy feeling in my gut. At one point it was so intense I became very heady and felt I was going to pass out. This feeling passed quickly as my blood continued to race. In the beginning the head of my cock on occasion would slip out from between Jamie's toes. When this happened she would say "ooops". The sensation of my cocks' head slipping out caused me to almost lose it right then and there. Cindy would stop what she was doing with her toes on the shaft of my cock until Jamie locked back on. Thank God she did because had she kept stroking I surely would of cum and I wanted to hold on to this wonderful sensation as long as I could.

Jamie made the comment to Cindy, "You got the easy part, this takes practice."

Cindy laughed and said, "Yes. but your part gets the best results."

Needless to say, I was in heaven, and I could tell Jamie was getting the hang of it because she noticed my bodies reaction brought on by her toes hitting the sensitive part of my cocks head. I would quiver slightly each time her toe rubbed across that area.

On one such quiver she remarked, "ooh I can tell you like that. I will be sure and concentrate my efforts on that area more."

With that she shortened her strokes even more increasing the rhythm on that area of my cock's head. As she did this she leaned in closer allowing her leg to get more of an upward pumping action. I looked down and could see her tan knee raising out of the water causing the water to splash. She really had it going. I could feel the length of her smooth shin rubbing up and down against my stomach and part of my chest. Her leg was amazing and what her toes were doing really started to lock my entire body up. At one point during this episode I looked up at her face which was right next to mine. Her mouth was slightly opened.

With a half smile she said to me, " You are really enjoying this I hope you can hang on a little longer."

She continued to do this for what seemed an eternity and I found after a while I was unable to control my body's reaction as muscle fatigue was setting in. I realized that there was no way my little cock could withstand the onslaught that their toes were performing to it. Jamie's toes were causing my body to involuntarily spasm with each of her quick strokes. All the while Cindy's toes kept the slow rhythmic stroking action on my shaft.

Jamie liked this because she laughed and said, "My you're really flopping now."

Cindy told her to slow it down a bit. Thank goodness Cindy said this because I don't think I would be able to take much more of what Jamie was dishing out. Her right leg pumped like a piston and it was at a constant pace not slowing down one Iota. Finally she slowed it down and I was able to relax my body some, catching my breath. They continued to stroke me like this and I relaxed into a state of bliss. My body was electric. I had to reach down and feel their wonderful calves. The sensation of their muscles flexing with each stroke added to my arousal even further. By this time I was resting almost completely on their legs. I was literally riding on them.

Cindy kept a stern toe -lock on the base of my shaft. I realized that if she were to release I was sure to explode. Her toe grip was keeping me in check with firm pressure on the vein. Jamie continued to jerk the head rolling her index toe underneath then back up to the tip. With each stroke finsihing at the tip of the head. my body quivered. She was becoming quite adept at this, able to hit that spot during each up stroke of her toe. After some time I found I was shaking uncontrollably due to the expectation their legs caused by their sensation against my torso: knowing that with each movement of their legs, their toes were soon to deliver pleasure to my cock.. I wanted to stay here all day.

I told them, "This felt so good and I was desperately trying not to cum."

They both laughed.

Cindy said, " I don't think there is any hope in you holding back dearie. All you can do is try your best, but it is obvious you are going to have to give it up in the end."

Jamie said, " I am gonna pick up my pace for a little while, I like to watch him spaz again."

I told them that I don't think I can hold on much longer.

Jamie ran her fingers through my hair and said, "Sure you can, just let us hold you up with our legs."

I laughed, "No you don't understand. I mean I am about to cum."

They both laughed.

Cindy said, "Well, would you like to cum? I mean we are having such a good time and don't mind doing this for a while longer. "

Jamie continued to run her fingers through my hair, not missing a beat with her toes.

She said, " You are really shaking uncontrollably, are you gonna be okay?"

I said, "Oh yes, please do not stop."

She said, "don't worry I can go on doing this forever, you just relax and let it cum. Are you cold or are you just shaking with excitement?"

I managed to utter the word excitement.

Cindy said, "okay then, pick up the pace I want to see his cum float between your toes all the way to the top."

That's all it took for me. That description she gave started the rumblings down below. Cindy started to pump my shaft faster and with long deliberate strokes. Jamie concentrated her efforts by jerking the head of my cock with quick strokes. I was numb with excitement. I felt their leg muscles tighten against my stomach as they proceeded to pump faster. Jamie's toes were magnificent digits of pleasure. The head of my cock felt like it was a round ball. Her toes must have gradually over time numbed the nerve endings on the head to cause such a sensation. At this point I was moaning with pleasure. Each time Jamie's toes would pass over my cocks head my moan would raise an octave higher. I turned my head to look at her face and she smiled realizing that what she was doing to me caused this vocal reaction. By now I was just holding on for the ride waiting to release.

I guess Jamie noticed the look of utter release on my face because it was at this point she said, "Come on. I want to see feel your hot cum ooze between my toes."

When she said that I heard Cindy say,"I think he is cumming, I feel his cock throbbing."

I felt Jamie lean over and say, "I have to see. This is a first for me. Making a guy cum with my toes. This is exciting!"

I felt Cindy squeeze my shaft and give me two extra long strokes with her toes causing her knee to break the surface for the first time; her toes running the full length of my shaft. It was as if she had milked all the cum from the bottom of my shaft To the top of my cock's head where Jamie's toes were waiting. Those two strokes combined with what Jamie said was all it took. The next instant Jamie's toe hit that spot under my cock's head I felt myself cum very hard. I felt every muscle in my body go taught. I just clamped my arms around each of their legs threw my head back and let out a huge grunt! Amazingly Cindy and Jamie kept a grip on their respective parts of my cock, working their relentless pleasure throughout this incredible orgasm I was having. I knew this because while I was cuming I could still feel their leg muscles contract and relax against my stomach as they worked their feet and toes. Eventually, My body went limp as I collapsed onto their legs. I felt them rubbing my back, shoulders, neck with their hands.

I heard Jamie say, "Wow! That was really intense."

Cindy said, I have never seen a guy lock up in orgasm like that before."

They still kept a grip on my cock with their toes. gently stroking it dry until it went completely limp.

I heard Jamie say, "look at all that cum." I turned to see her lift her leg up out of the water catching some of it onto the shin of her leg. Cindy did the same only with the top of her foot. I must admit the contrast of my white cum against their skin was pretty awesome. Especially against the golden tan of Jamie's skin. I flopped back into the water pulled up my trunks and kissed both of their legs for several minutes. They both laughed at me. I said, "You ladies just made my complete year, these legs are so fine they are sinful."

It was at that time I noticed Jamie had a silver ring on her index toe.

I said, "that's what it was and pointed to it."

She smiled and said," I got the idea from a girlfriend of mine in school. So when Cindy and I planned this I thought I would give it a try. It seemed to drive you a bit crazy. I felt you loose it a little every time it rubbed under the head."

"Hell yes" I said, "That was an amazing sensation."

Cindy winked at me and said, "Next time I get to wear the ring on my toe"

I looked up and said, "Praise the lord there is gonna be a next time."

We all laughed and got out and cleaned up to go to our business meeting.

The pool thing happened a couple more times during the trip. I think the girls enjoyed it just as much if not more than I did. My favorite one occurred late at night in the pool. During this occurrence I positioned myself backward between Jamie's long tan legs while she sat on the edge. She wrapped them around my waist crossing them in front of me. It was then that I realized just how amazingly long her legs really were. She gripped my cock between the big toe and second toes of each foot. One set of toes stroking the shaft and the other set masterfully working just beneath the head. The one working my cock's head had the toe ring of course. This was neat because we both could watch from this vantagepoint. I got to see just how neatly my cock fit between her toes. She enjoyed vocalizing as well and I like that. She would lower her head placing her lips next to my ear and whisper what she was doing to me with her toes.

While she did this, Cindy was in the water with me and she was working my balls with her fingers. I told her about holding the right testicle so that it would not crawl back up inside. By doing this it would allow me to last longer. She agreed to do this and worked it amazingly. She has really long fingernails and noticed how this allowed her to grab well into my nut sack and surround the nut with the tips of her fingernails holding it in check keeping it from moving up. She was very careful and did this without causing me any pain asking me if I was all right. Had she simply just grab the nut and squeezed it she would of racked it, hurting me. I was glad she was aware and took the time to do this with care. It was an incredible sensation. Especially while she worked the nailtips of her other fingers into the other side of my nut sack gently wiggling them around scrambling that particular nut loosely in her fingertips. This go round I swear was the best. I actually thought I was going to pass out with ecstasy. Jamie talking dirty in my ear describing every detail she was doing to me with her toes while I watched and listened. She continued to stroke up and down the full length of my shaft with that wonderful toe-lock while the other toe with the toe ring constantly rolled over the head. She had that ring on her toe set perfectly so that it ran directly under the V part of my cock's head and then up into the opening at the tip. She already knew how my body would react to that and she hit it with every stroke. Just the sight of her bronze shapely legs wrapped around my waist was bliss enough. While her cousin Cindy worked my nuts over like marbles ever so gently. Cindy observed how my right nut would try to creep back up into my stomach every so often.

She described how she could feel this because my nut would move up against her fingertips only to be trapped between her long fingernails, which she brought together preventing the nut from going up any further. She also felt how the skin of my nut sack would tighten around her fingers. She said it would happen every time Jamie would run her toe over the head of my dick.

Jamie said, "that makes sense because when she ran her ring toe from under my head up and over the top that it would cause my body to quiver and my hands would grip her legs a little tighter."

It was amazing the way these two were playing my body like a finely tuned instrument. They were hitting me with all kinds of sexual sensations at once. My mind was unable to take it all in at one time. From visual, physical, to verbal, it all pertained to what they were doing to me. I was at the peak of sensory overload and they were holding me there at a sustained level. My body was at their mercy.

Jamie's lips and voice next to my ear were so exciting. The way these two talked to each other like I was some kind of experiment was exciting. They were so into how my body reacted to what they were doing.

As Jamie worked her toes at my cock's head she would say stuff like, "up over you quiver and shake and dooowwwn, take a few breathes relax aaaannnd up over you quiver and shake and dooooownn then relax."

Then she would quicken the pace even more. I was really getting scared this time. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack the way these two were working on me so relentlessly, especially Jamie. She is a young one and probably could of gone all night. I think Cindy noticed I was starting to have a rough time of it She understood that Jamie had found that precise area of complete arousal for me and how she exploited it by holding my body in periods of excited tension longer than she should. There needs to be more breaks between tension brought on by sexual arousal and Jamie was not giving my body the breaks it needed in order for me to catch my breath. My body was turning to mush with the occasional involuntary response evoked by Jamie's toes. Her toes were the only thing keeping me from going unconscious.

I later found out that Jamie told Cindy My body was totally like Jell-O at this point when It was not quivering. She told her she could of sworn I was dead had my body not reacted to her ring toe when she ran it over my cocks head causing me to shake. she said she was holding me up completely with her legs. That was when she told me her gymnastic practice at school paid off. He leg strength allowed her to hold me up. It made sense to me the way her legs were shaped that she was a gymnast.

During this magnificent escapade I kept my head down, my chin pressed to my chest watching Jamie's feet work over my cock along with her play by play description in my ear while her cousin's fingers continued to fondle deep into my groin. Then without warning, Cindy finally let go of my nut and I splooged all over Jamie's toes and feet.

Jamie responded with a childlike "darn! That was quick. I was just getting started and he was really getting into it."

Cindy replied, no Jamie, the guy is not that young you know. Besides the way he was drooling at the mouth and his eyes rolling back in his head I think it was time we stopped."

Jamie laughed and said, "Oops you're probably right we don't want to kill him."

I mumbled something like,"Kill me, Kill me, Please! What a way to go."

they both laughed. That whole episode was pretty quick it maybe lasted 10 minutes but man it felt like forever. Cindy reached down and grabbed my legs wrapping them around her waist as she stood between my legs. Then she reached up and grabbed my shaft with one of her hands and finished milking me off. Jamie unwrapped one of her legs and laid her calf on the tip of my dick and slowly moved it back and forth. Watching and feeling them do this, all I could do was simply let out a long moan laying completely back into Jamie's lap.

Jamie said, "Finish him into my leg."

I was basically floating between the two of them with just the head of my cock breaking the surface of the water. The sensation of Jamie's smooth tan calf over the head of my dick was almost unbearable. The strokes of Cindy's hand up and down my shift worked the remaining cum from my now shrinking cock. What little remained of my cum spread like thick butter onto Jamie's glistening tan calf.

Jamie replied, "Aaaaahh that's very good. I knew you had more left in you to give. We aim to please."

I could only watch as my dick slowly shriveled in size beneath her beautiful calf. My cock was giving up its remaining life juices. Cindy diligently stroked my shaft to the point where it shrunk so small that she had to switch from her palm to her fingers. I was completely finished. Drained for lack of a better term.

Afterwards we sat on the edge of the pool together and talked. We talked about what Cindy was doing to my nut sack and how important it is to know how sensitive a guy's nut sack is. Fondling a guy's nuts can be very sensual to him but if not handled gently can ruin a night of good sex. Had Cindy not been there playing with my nuts and delivering just the right amount of pleasure and pain I would of cum in two minutes flat. Jamie could not believe that. I explained to Jamie that had it just been her and I, and all what she was doing to me would have brought me to a state of complete arousal, I would of cum much more quickly and that no way could a guy last long with all that. I told her she needs to be aware of what turns a guy on and use it accordingly.

I could tell Jamie liked what I had to say. I believe she took a certain pride and excitement in it.

These two women were incredible. Even now I cannot believe what was happening to me. It was amazing. I never had two women like this in my life, ever! This is stuff I have always read about happening to other guys. A couple of days before we had to head back we had a dinner engagement with two associates from another company. We went out to a trendy restaurant. Cindy and Jamie were dressed to kill. Both showing Off their legs with some expensive hoseiry. They wore low cut dresses but not too low as to appear slutty. Very Classy. After dinner we had a few bottles of wine. I guess the wine went to their heads and right there at the table (underneath) the table they both took off their shoes and started to fondle me with their toes. Our guests were right there and did not even notice. The girls were smart enough to even make comments about what they were doing to me below the table in such a way that only I would understand. They were slightly tipsy, giddy and really enjoying what they were doing to me. Looking back it was fun but I must admit I was taken back initially. I had seen this done in movies before but never thought in a million years it would happen to me personally.

When we all got up to leave Jamie whispered in my ear, "I see you have a wet spot down there. I wonder what could have caused that?"

I quickly looked down and sure enough there was a dark wet spot about the size of a quarter. In recognition I looked back up at her and she winked at me and gave me a wicked smile.

I smiled back at her shaking my head as we proceeded to walk out.

It was later that evening when Cindy confided in me about her cousin. She said Jamie was still a virgin and she would like to stay that way until she met the right guy. I was shocked!! Cindy said she appreciated what I was doing with them. She wanted Jamie to learn about a man and how to have fun with sex. She said that she herself even learned a thing or two in our get togethers. She especially liked learning about the thing I showed her with my nut. I told her I do not know if that affects every guy but I do know it works on me. She knew that a guy's testicle would move up just before ejaculation because she felt it before with other men when she held their nuts in her hand during ejaculation. She did not know that she could postpone it by preventing it from moving up. She thought that was the coolest thing. She did ask one more favor of me and that was to have them both in bed with me. She wanted Jamie to feel and touch my cock. She also wanted to show her about the nut thing. All this of course if I was up to it. She finished by reiterating there is to be no intercourse.

Jokingly I put my finger to my lips as if I was actually contemplating whether or not I wanted to do this. There was a long pause and then I finally Replied, "hmmmm, okay I guess! I could do this for you."

Jamie laughed and punched me in the chest saying, "Like there was anything to consider huh."

I laughed also and threw my arm around her shoulder as we both walked out of the hotel bar and up to our rooms.

That last night after dinner we all went to my room and crawled into bed. Jamie immediately started to grab my cock to feel it. I said wait a minute Jamie. First thing you have to realize is that a guy should please the girl first, but since your cousin explained to me about you wishing to remain a virgin I cannot do that. Now second thing you must know is that a guy lasts much longer the second time around and if I am going to show you some things then you should make me cum quickly first then when I get hard again the second time I will last longer and will be able to show you a few things. Now I said what do you know about me that will make me cum fast and furious. The cousins both looked at each other and smiled. Jamie quickly positioned herself to where she was about to lock her toes (with toe ring) around the head of my cock. I quickly spoke up and said NO! NO! NO! not the dreaded toe ring again. That will kill me. I am not yet fully recovered from the Last episode two nights ago. I tell you what; do this: You both Know I am crazy about your legs so...and I reached for some Vaseline that I had placed there earlier before their arrival and told them to grease my cock up as well as their legs from the knees down. then I had them both sit on either side of me by my waist, in such a way as they were facing each other while I lay on my back. I told Cindy to place her feet on my lower abdomen sandwiching the shaft of my dick between her calves allowing the head to protrude out. By now the thought of all this was making me very hard. I then told Jamie to place her lovely calves on top completely sandwiching the head of my cock between her calves. I knew that Jamie being more athletic and in shape than her cousin, she would be less apt to stop due to muscle fatigue in her legs. So she had the more difficult positioning of her legs. I have never done this before but fantasized this after meeting these two and new that I would quickly blow my load. They did not need any coaching after this setup. They immediately began to go to work on my already stiff cock.

I propped my head up against the head board and watched as these two leggy cousins Jerked my cock off with their beautiful legs. Jamie commented on how fun this was and that sex like this is a good way to keep her legs in shape. Cindy was all concentration and asked me how it felt. I smiled and said, "like heaven." I watched as the smooth muscles in Jaimie's calves glistened with each short stroke. Cindy's calves looked great also. After a few minutes they started to get the rhythm down between the two of them. I could not help but join in as well. Their actions on my dick caused me to start pumping as well. Every once in a while I caught a glimpse of my cock's head as it peaked out from under Jamie's bronze calves. Cindy told Jamie to grab my nut that was closest to her and she would grab the other one on her side. I told Jamie just to be gentle and roll it easily between her fingertips. She did not have the nails like her cousin but it still felt very pleasing.

She said," it felt like a marble in a velvet sack."

After a while Jamie looked up and said, "Look Cindy he is cumming already, he must really like this."

I told her "That it is just pre-cum and acts as a lubricant. You can tell because it is clear."

A curious look came across her face when I told her this and she lifted one leg. I could see a string of pre-cum stick to it, connecting from her calf to the opening in my now purple swollen head. the sight of this really turned me on. She smiled and rubbed the bottom of her calf back and forth across the opening of my cock's head in an attempt to gather more of the sticky substance on her leg. The sensation of her smooth calf across the head of my dick caused me to moan in surprised pleasure. I jerked my head back bumping it against the headboard. I looked back at her and saw a wicked smile on her lips.

She proceeded to repeat the same action rubbing her calf back and forth across the opening in my Cock's head, which was heavily oozing pre-cum with each up stroke of Cindy's calves on my shaft. My pre-cum was starting to really glisten all over Jamie's calf. I watched as it oozed out the opening and stuck to her skin as it smoothed out all over her calf.

While she did this she would look at my cock and then back at me and said, "I found that spot again, who needs a toe ring when I can make you quiver like this."

I saw her look at her cousin and they both smiled.

Cindy looked at me and said, "she learns fast eh"

All I could say was."Oh yah, she certainly does."

So here I was, these two cousins making a calf sandwich out of my prick. And playing with my balls to boot! My fantasy come true.

Cindy continued to stroke my shaft with her calves, milking up what little cum I had left in me. While Jamie worked my head. rubbing her shapely calf across it. The Pre-Cum was amazingly sticky and really looked good on her leg. I could feel myself starting to cum and I think Cindy realized it cause she was experienced enough to recognize the throbbing in my shaft against her legs. She told Jamie to get ready that I was about to cum.

A couple of seconds later I heard Jamie say, I lost it! I lost his nut! Where did it go?"

Jamie laughed then I laughed. My body started to tighten up cause it was time. Jamie rested her calf right on top of my cocks throbbing head stopping the rubbing sensation. She said her legs are getting tired and needed to rest. I could not blame her. Even though only 10 minutes went by, that is a long time to have someone doing leg lifts. Even for a college athlete.

I screamed, "No!!! I am about to cum!!! Don't stop now Jamie."

Jamie responded by lifting her leg up and then setting it back down on top of my cock's head. That was all it took. I shot my whole load onto her calf. It was the most thick and gooiest cum I had ever seen. She slid her tired leg off and Cindy finished jerking me off with her more refreshed legs. Jamie laid her cum soaked leg across my chest and drew her finger through my cum that was all over her calf. It was like she was finger painting with it on her leg.

She said, "this is the first time I ever touched cum."

I said, "smell it. Do you like it."

She said, "it smells unique."

Jamie scooped most of it off her legs with her hands and rubbed it into the base of my cock's shaft directly below Cindy's stroking calves. Then she gently pressed her fingers into the area where my shaft connects to my lower abdomen and started to knead the base of my shaft with her fingertips. All the while Cindy continued to stroke the remaining cum out of my slowly shrinking cock between her calves. Interestingly enough what Jamie was doing with her fingers brought about a little extra ooze of cum. I watched as it oozed out and down the side of my head onto Cindy's lovely calves.

Cindy said, "That's it Jamie, lets make sure we get it all. We don't want it to go to waste."

It was incredible. Even after my dick was shrunk to the point where I could no longer see it between Cindy's pumping calves Jamie would look up and say it was still cuming a little bit, as she continued to knead the base of my shaft with her fingers. Jamie was on her knees to the left of me with her ass in the air and I glanced down at her calf still covered with some of my cum. I reached down and rubbed it in like a lotion.

She glanced back and smiled at me saying, "You like that don't you? The thought of your cum rubbed into my leg."

Finally Cindy leaned over and looked in between her calves and said, "That's it. I think we got it all."

As she removed her cum soaked calves, the cool air hitting my withered dick felt good. My cock was so limp I could tell it was spent. They had done a number on it for sure. I was concerned I might not be able to get it up again for one more go round tonight.

As we rested, both of them along side me, they fondled my limp cock with all the intentions of bringing it back to life, This gave Jamie a good chance to examine it more closely. She sat up and held it in her hand touching the head and running her fingers around the rim. She pointed out the sensitive part underneath that drives me crazy. She said that this part of my dick is her playground. She kissed it and laid back down next to me continuing to fondle me. Cindy explained to Jamie about (what Cindy so wittingly called) "the vanishing nut" Jamie was excited about it and thought it was cool and could not wait to try it. She sat up energetically on her knees and said I know what will get him hard!!! again. I said Cindy, "We have created a monster. She is gonna kill me!!!" Jamie said, "You love it! and what a way to go" I said okay, we will do it my way but you got to be gentle cause you already wore the head of my dick out with your calf, which you were not suppose to do anyway. Because now it is somewhat raw I told her to lay down on her side next to me and put her leg up on top placing my limp dick behind her knee. I then told her to gently bend her leg until it closed around my dick. She knew what to do then and started to stroke my dick by moving her leg up and down. She started to talk dirty in my ear again. Cindy worked her way around between my legs and with those wonderful fingernails and dug the tips of them into my nutsack. I was amazed at this because she really dug them in but managed not to rack my balls. While she was doing this I could almost swear I felt her fingers inside the lower part of my abdomen. Occasionally I could feel the nuts move against her fingers but her nails were deep inside past the nuts. Her nails were moving against the muscles in that region. Providing a very odd sensation that was tingly. I had to look up and watch her. She was in utter concentration almost like a surgeon.

She asked, "Can you feel that?"

I said, "yes, it is very strange."

She said, "Sit up and Look. I have never had my fingers this deep in a guys nut-sack before, but you know I am not racking your balls."

Jamie stopped what she was doing and sat up with me to look. I was amazed all five of her fingers were truly buried in my nut-sack almost up to the second knuckle. my balls were hanging freely around her fingers and as she wiggled her fingertips around, my balls would gently bounce against the base of her fingers.

I said, "I feel the tips of your fingernails prodding against something up there that causes a tingle sensation."

Cindy said, yes I can feel my nails rubbing something there, it doesn't hurt you does it?"

"No" I said, "It feels really good as long as you don't rack my balls."

She said," not to worry, I want you to relax and enjoy this, she said her long thin fingers were meant for this kinda work."

After awhile Cindy really got good at this she put her face expertly close and started to flick her tongue back and forth on each nut while her fingertips really went to work on the tingly nerves she found deep inside.

I told her, "That her fingers had to be inside my stomach because I could feel them there."

She really thought that was amazing.

Jamie suddenly piped in, "Can I try it!!"

Cindy and I both in unison said, "No!!"

Jamie got a pout look on her face, which I thought was cute. I know she meant it that way. We explained to her that a guys nut sack is nothing to take lightly. The wrong move could ruin a night of sex. Cindy told Jamie she will get her turn but not like this. She then told Jamie to go back to getting me hard again. Jamie laid back down and started to jerk me again with her wonderful leg and whispering sweet everything's into my ear. After a while Cindy looked up and saw that I was starting to get a rise. She must of felt my nut sack begin to swell and tighten around her probing fingers.

Jamie noticed it also and whispered to me. "I can feel you getting hard again...you don't stand a chance against a nice leg like mine do you?"

When she said that I felt it grow another half inch. She felt it also because she giggled slightly.

She then whispered, "I want my next boyfriend to be a leg man, you guys are easy and a lot of fun."

When she said that it grew another half inch. Again she giggled. Cindy realized the good news and told Jamie to look up but not to stop what she was doing. She told Jamie to watch what she does. I saw Cindy lick her thumb and index finger. She then placed them over the head of my dick and each time Jamie's leg went on a downstroke revealing the head of my cock. Cindy would gently squeeze the head between her moist fingers and slide them upwards, as Jamie's leg came back up. When she did that I about came out of my skin. My whole body jolted. I was really on cloud nine. Cindy was jerking my head with her two fingers while Jamie jerked me with her leg they both repeated this process over and over again. Each time I felt those fingertips jerk up on my cock's head my body jerked uncontrollably. We all watched my dick grow more with each stroke of Jamie's leg and jerk of Cindy's fingers. Cindy never took the fingers of her other hand out of my nut sack this whole time. She told Jamie to lick her thumb and finger and to take over because she wanted to get back to working on my balls. Jamie licked her fingers and proceeded to work my head with them like her cousin had done. She got so she did not have to watch after awhile but could do it by feel. She crossed her other arm across my chest resting her chin on the back of her hand and stared into my face watching my expression Change with every jerk of her fingertips. So here I was, my cock was being pumped by Jamie's left leg between her calf and thigh while her two moist fingers jerked the head in a fluid motion. Her coordination was amazing. I watched her fingers gently squeeze the head and slide to the top finishing above the tip as they touched together. Then as her leg stroked down she would start the process over again, sliding her fingers down and back up in unison with her leg. My body quivered each time her fingers slid up. She said that my face changed everytime she jerked up on the head. And asked me if I liked the feel of her upper leg as it moved against my stomach. Wow! She was really turning me on. My facial expression must have looked funny to her at times because she would giggle and bury her face into my chest.

Jamie licked her fingers every three or four strokes to keep them moist. and as I watched I saw the pre-cum ooze out onto her fingers. I was not going to say anything cause I wanted her to taste it the next time she licked her fingers.

When she did lick her fingers, I saw a look of surprise, she hesitated and then smiled and said, "mmmmmmmmm, finger lickin good."

When she said that I just laid my head back and groaned.

Cindy said, "okay its time. Come down here Jamie" Now I am going to work on his dick. I want you to play with his nuts. However be very gentle and roll them easily between your finger tips. His right nut you have to keep from crawling up inside okay. So as you are rolling it between your fingertips keep in mind that it will occasionally try to scoot up inside. Don't let it okay. The longer you keep it out the longer he will last."

I could tell Jamie was enjoying this, she liked that idea. Cindy was all business, just like she is at work.. She got along side me and started to give me head. She was working one hand on the shaft and her tongue on the head. She was good and I could tell she had done this before. her lips were rolled in over her teeth so they would not brush up against my already over sensitive cock head. I could tell she knew that also because she was very gentle on the head. Both her hands were pumping my shaft and at this rate I was not going to last long. She also sensed this and on occasion would dart the tip of her tongue into the opening of my dick pressing it firmly into my cock holding it there and wiggling it ever so slightly. This caused me to settle down a bit and I could feel my dick shrink an inch or two every time she performed that act.

She turned to me and smiled saying, "That's a trick I learned a while back, we don't want you cuming too soon now do we."

It was up to Jamie now, whom I could tell was having a tough time finding and holding onto my nut. She would have it for a while and then lose it. Oddly enough her digging for it only added to the wonderful sensation. along with the utter concentration on her face was almost comical. After a while Jamie said she was having a difficult time holding it. Cindy told her to use her thumb and two fingers. I could tell it was too far up for her to get at. I told Cindy and she reached over, felt around in that part of my nut sack and I could not believe it, she found it and with two of her fingernails. I could feel her gently pull it back down from its hiding place. That kinda hurt and forced me to bring my knees up and roll on my side into the fetal position. I groaned a bit and could tell that what she did by pulling that nut down was not a natural occurrence. I felt it all the way into my stomach. After a while though it settled down and the pain subsided. She apologized and felt bad about what she had done. I told her it felt like she pulled on something deep in my gut. Jamie sat up on her knees with her hands up to her face and looked like she was about to cry. I guess I made a bit of a scene. I was on my back again and spread my legs. Cindy got between them to check the damage out. She very gently laid my nutsack across her four fingers and with her thumb felt each of the nuts.

She smiled ands said," All your family jewels are accounted for and look to be in good order. She leaned over and kissed each nut sweetly."

Cindy told Jamie to try again and to place the nut in three of her fingers and hold it there. I can tell Jamie felt my being hurt was her fault. I told Jamie not to worry, and forced a smile. I guess it worked cause she smiled back.

I told Jamie to lay down along side me with her legs across my chest while she worked my balls. I wanted to have her calves near by and that would make me happy. She got real happy and said okay, I guess she knew that would make things a little better. I started to give her legs a big hickey right on the meat of her calves while she played with my balls and Cindy continued to give me glorious head. Jamie learns fast because she started to roll the nut she was told only to hold onto. but she kept it in place. I heard her tell Cindy that it was much easier with three fingers. Her other hand rolled the other nut and I winced a couple times cause she got a little rough with it. good thing I had her calf to muffle the moan. I think Cindy realized it though because after each time Jamie unknowingly racked my nut. My cock would diminish an inch or two because of the pain and Cindy would have to work that much harder to bring it back up.

After the first five minutes though. Jamie got the hang of it and did not rack me she even got to where she could dig in deep somewhat and avoid hurting me. Her long fingers were like her cousins. I liked watching her though cause the kept her face very close and concentrated on what she was doing.

I could hear her say, "okay little nutty, you're not going anywhere till I tell you to."

Hearing her say that was a turn on, I grew on that. I saw Cindy smile with the tip of my cock head on her lips. She told Jamie to keep saying stuff like that because she felt me grow. Jamie was a good talker. Cindy asked Jamie if she wanted to try some head, but said she had to keep holding on to my nut. She showed Jamie how to make her lips and told her the best way was to jerk the shaft with one hand and suck on the head. Jamie did not miss a beat she crouched up on my chest. Straddling me with her back to me. Her knees were along either side of me on the bed and her ankles crossed high on my chest and below my chin. Both her feet lay along side my head. I had an excellent view of her calves and her very, very tight ass. It was so round and smooth. Keeping her three fingers on my nut, she grabbed the shaft with the other and proceeded to jerk and suck. Cindy told her occasionally to circle the tip with her tongue and that she should always cover the complete head with her lips so that they rub against the ridge part of the head. Cindy just sat and watched. I guess she was tired. Occasionally she would correct Jamie, I don't know why, I thought she was doing a fine job. She also reminded her to keep working the nut. I noticed that Jamie would forget about it sometimes, but she would not let go. I told Jamie to move between my legs cause I wanted to see her working it. I also knew that once she did that she would have access to the V spot under the head. It did not take her long, Once her tongue and lips rubbed it I quivered. She raised her head up and gave me that smile, she also said that she felt the nut sack tighten around her fingertips as the nut tried to go up. Immediately I felt her pinch the nut a little firmer and she started to work on my cock's head. I knew she meant business then. Her bottom lip and tongue rubbed against that spot in both the up and down motion. her hand stroked my shaft in rhythm while her fingers, now well practiced, would scramble that nut making me think it was going up but then pinch it off at the last moment. Man I was going crazy tossing my head from side to side. And because I had cum earlier I new this one was going to take a while.

Occasionally while she worked she would look up at me and smile. I could see I was oozing pre-cum like a madman it was all over her lips cheeks nose and bangs. Some of it was running down her hand. I never seen so much before. I had had enough and was beginning to think I had no cum left to give. It all must have turned to pre-cum!! She was like a machine, her head was moving pretty fast now as well as her pumping hand. As she licked and sucked, concentrating her efforts on so small an area of my head she began to moan, and breath heavy. I could not believe it but her efforts were making her somewhat winded causing her to breathe heavily. Her hot breath on my dick's head and the slobbering sounds made me feel good. Obviously her physical dexterity as an athlete enabled her to adapt quickly to performing different tasks at once. By now I could see her whole face covered with cum. Still she did not release my nut. At this point I figured the pressure had built up so much in side me that she was drawing the cum out gradually. It was oozing out a little at a time with each stroke of her hand. It had no where else to go. Jamie looked like a ravenous animal devouring her prey. I could see the head of my cock was completely swollen and purple. With each stroke of her hand a drop of cum oozed out and would stick to her nose or cheek. She was rubbing her entire face against the underside of my cock's head. Her nose, lips, cheeks, chin, and tongue.

Cindy leaned over and whispered, asking if I was doing okay. I saw a slight hint of concern on her face. She had noticed my whole body was completely knotted up and I was gripping the edge of the mattress.

I said, "yes never better."

Then I asked her, "Am I cuming now?"

She looked at me and laughed asking, "you mean you don't know?"

I said, "No I can't tell, it looks like she is covered in the shit, I just can't tell. My cock is so numb right now but my body is racked in a permanent state of spasm. Honestly it feels like I have been cumming for a few minutes now."

She smiled and slid her legs under my neck placing my head in her lap.

She rubbed my forehead and ran her fingers through my hair saying, "just relax and hang in there. You're doing just fine. We will tell you when you finally cum."

Cindy slightly lifted up one of her thighs, raising my head enough so that I was still able to watch Jamie working frantically on my cock. It was amazing it felt like all my nerves was gathered in one spot. In Jamie's hot little hand and mouth.

There I was. Being comforted in Cindy's lap on one end and devoured by Jamie on the other.

I was like a child in Cindy's lap. Her words were soothing to me as she whispered such phrases as, "Shhhhhhh, it will be alright, your doing fine." And "Jamie will finish soon, she is almost done. Just hold on for a little while longer sweetie."

All the while she was saying this she continued to run her fingers through my hair and rub my forehead. Then she held my hand, which was shaking along with the rest of my body.

I continued to watch Jamie who was relentless in her efforts to please me. Her face was completely covered in my cum. I continued to feel her fingers Wiggling in my nut sack as well.

Cindy leaned over closer to me and asked, "How you holding out? You doing okay?"

Then of all things I could possibly ask her to do I asked her to do what she did earlier to me. She smiled and raised the back of her hand to me wiggling her fingertips. I said yes.

At this point I did not know what I was thinking. Maybe that I knew it was the last night and I would never be alone like this with two gorgeous women again. I figured if I was gonna die it might as well be with a smile on my face.

When Jamie saw what Cindy was doing she raised up and shouted in cheerleader fashion, "All right!!! This is great stuff I love the taste and the smell, I ain't never letting go of his nut!!!" And with that Jamie smiled at me and rolled the nut between her fingers. Cindy, replied, Oh yes you will! When I tell you to let go you will. Jamie pretended to ignore her cousin and continued to devour the head of my dick, paying extra attention to the sensitive underside. I was beginning to think that she was a bit of a masochist, or maybe just overly excited. Or maybe I had forgotten the exhilaration of youth in my age and that is just the way they are. Either way I was enjoying this. Knowing that it will never happen again and trying to get the most out of it. I was definitely getting the most. Cindy's fingers were working their magic deep into my sack and the tingling sensation was actually very nice It made me realize that all is not numb. She had taken over the nut that Jamie had so diligently held onto. I was glad they switched. Jamie was starting to get a bit rough with it. It was nice feeling my nut trapped in the gentle thin confines of Cindy's nails. Cindy commented on how tight the skin was around my full nut sack. She was surprised at how full they must be.

Jamie took a breather for a while and sat up to reposition herself. Cindy was on her Knees beside me on my right. Her fingers working their magic in my nut sack with her right hand. While Jamie positioned herself Cindy took over stroking my shaft making sure it remained hard. I appreciated the little break. It was the first time I had a chance to relax my body.

Jamie said, "Okay this is going to be it. Time to get your rocks off."

With that she sat between my legs scooting herself up close to my nuts but leaving enough room for Cindy to keep her fingers working in my sack. She then crossed her legs around my groin in such a way that her right leg crossed in front of the shaft on my belly button side. Feeling the weight of her smooth calf resting on my stomach brought that slight queasy feeling to my stomach again.

I must have shivered a bit when she did that because Jamie felt it and smiled saying, "I can tell you like that."

Then she rested her left leg across the underside of my shaft. The calf of this leg rested on the top of my nut sack the shin pressing up against the underside of my shaft. She then brought them together sandwiching my cock between them. She slowly licked her thumb and index finger and placed them on the head of my dick. She started to stroke my cock between her legs. The sensation of the shinbone of her left leg rubbing the underside of my cock was fantastic. Her calf of that same leg pressing against my nut sack when she brought it down also felt great. She wrapped her index finger around the head of my cock keeping it stationary while her thumb moved up and down against the sensitive underside. This combined with her legs pumping did not take long for me to start oozing out some more cum.

When she saw the first couple of drops coming out again she said, " There it is. That's what I like to see. Amazing what a little thumb action can do don't you think?"

The cum started to ooze out onto the calf of her right leg creating clear rivulets on her leg. She started to pick up the pace and pressure with her legs and thumb and I could feel myself starting to loose it. I could not help but start to pump my hips in unison with her legs. I started to really shake uncontrollably like never before. I was really pumping hard now and moaning.

I heard Jamie laugh and say, "whooooweeee, it won't be long now. I knew this would open the flood gates."

Then with her free hand she reached under her legs and started to knead the area at the base of my shaft with her fingers. That's all it took. As soon as I felt her fingers there kneading that big vein at the base of my shaft I was completely on edge. She was flicking that big vein back and forth like a bass player's guitar string. As if on cue Cindy let go of my nut.

By now it was just a matter of seconds before I would cum. Cindy knew this as well but she had one more fantastic surprise left for me. She quickly positioned herself directly behind Jamie and brought her legs around her on either side of her. Then she brought her toes up under my nut sack lifting them up and gently wiggling them back and forth as well as pushing them up further against Jamie's calf each time it came down. This was an incredible sensation.

Cindy asked me, "How do you like this now? My toes wiggling inside your nut sack."

But for me it was already too late. I moaned loudly and blew my load.

I heard Jamie say, "I guess you got your answer. He just blew all over the place."

Truer words could not of been spoken. I watched it when I shot my load forever etched in my mind. As soon as Cindy wiggled her toes in my nut sack. Jamie's legs were moving up. I saw her thumb rise up over the head and then I came. My cum hit her thumb then rolled off onto her right calf. When she saw I was cumming she brought her calf up all the way to the top to catch it all. She left her leg there and continued to rub her thumb under the head as well as the shin of her left leg up and down the shaft. With each movement of her thumb and shin I felt my body jerk in an orgasmic spasm. I watched in amazement as rivulet upon rivulet of my cum continued to flow down her calf from the head of my dick. All the while Cindy's toes continued to wiggle inside my nut sack.

Jamie commented, "Whew, look at all this white cum. He is still shooting! Any more and he is gonna shrivel up like a prune."

Her thumb was relentless and continued to cause me to jerk each time it passed over the sensitive area. Her right calf was completely covered in my cum. Finally she stopped her thumb action and finished milking me off with her legs. I was grateful. This felt much more comfortable and slowly my body spasms subsided with each stroke of her legs. I sat up and watched my cock slowly go limp between her beautiful calves. As she was finishing me off she rubbed my love juice into her legs like a lotion.

I told them both that was amazing! They got up and lay down beside me and we fell asleep.

Like most guys the following morning I woke up with a morning hard on. I got up quietly so as not to wake the girls and made my way to the bathroom to relieve myself. Upon my return I found them awake on the bed. They both beckoned me to come with their index finger.

I said, "No way. I am completely drained from last night. I have nothing left."

Jamie laughed and said, "We will be gentle, we promise."

I rested between them and I saw Cindy grab the Vaseline. They covered their calves with it and positioned themselves along side me. Once I saw they were making a calf sandwich with my cock I knew this was going to be wonderful. They started to stroke me; Jamie's Calves working my cock's head and Cindy's stroking the shaft.

Once Jamie saw my pre-cum on her calf she smiled and lifted her leg and said, "Here we go!"

She placed her calf muscle on top of my dick's head rubbing it back and forth.

I threw my head back into my pillow and moaned.

I was history, and right before I came I heard Jamie say, "Cum into my leg baby, cum hard."

On the ride back home. I found out that Jamie and Cindy are second cousins. Up until now I thought they were immediate cousins. I never saw Jamie again after that. Cindy still has fun with it all at work. She still gets a kick teasing me with her legs. One day she brought a picture in of Jamie wearing a pair of shorts. Her legs are amazing! In the same picture she is with her boyfriend. He was smiling looking extremely happy.

I commented to Cindy, "Gee I wonder what brought that smile across his face. Could it possibly be he got a piece of leg right before? "

Cindy laughed and pushed me away saying, "you are terrible!!"

Later that Friday Cindy sent me an email saying that she picked up a toe ring and needs practice using it. She added that Jamie was coming down for the holiday weekend and was hoping we could all get together. Jamie asks that I bring some of that special lotion for her legs.

I immediately replied back with the simple response of; we are closing up shop early today. Early being NOW!!!!

I could hear Cindy laughing in the next room as she read my response.

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