"Duane Schneider"

I had this one tenant, ya see, named Trisha. Boy what a dish. Trish the dish I called her. As you can see, I have a way with words. Anyway, she moved into my apartments in the summer of 1969. The summer of love. I was only 20 years old, but was extremely wise for my age, although I hadn't been introduced to the female gender foot. Trisha took care of that. She had some friends move her into her new apartment. As the new chief engineer, I naturally felt it was my duty to be there just in case she needed some help with the technical stuff. You know, like the plummin' or electricity. I pride myself in making sure I'm around when new tenants move in. Particular the ladies. They don't know about that kind of stuff, and of course I do. Anyway, I remember the day well.

It was the first Friday in July. Boy was it hot that year. I went to her apartment and opened it up before she got there. When she and her friends arrived, I was there waiting. You see, I was in the rental office when they signed her up. Boy what a knock out! YOW! Anyway, knock out or not, I felt it was my duty to be there and I was. When she and her friends arrived, I had the place open and ready for her. She thought it was strange I was in her apartment, but when I explained who I was, she was glad I was there. To tell you the truth, I think she was ecstatic, but she just didn't let it show. Go figure the mind of a broad. Whoops, sorry Janet, Female. As she and here friends started moving things into her apartment, I couldn't help notice the beauty of this dish. I guessed at the time she was about 30, probably 5 foot 7 inches tall, around 120 lbs, long blond hair all teased and standing up on the top of here head, and legs? They just kept going and never seemed to quit. It was a hot day for that early in the summer, and Trish was dressed in Capri pants, with a white blouse with the tail tied around her waist. She had a pair of red flats on her feet. Her skin was well tanned for that time of the year, and for the first time in my life, I noticed those tan feet with the dark red flats and I must say, it was quite stimulating. Of course with a virile specimen of a stud like me, so is a fence post. Ha! Anyway it took about four hours to move her into her new digs, so shortly after lunch, we were through and her friends had a beer and a sandwich and left. I told her I would be glad to stick around and help her decide where to put pictures and stuff. She asked me why I hadn't done much lifting of the heavy furniture, but I set her straight. I was there for technical expertise. A highly skilled engineer like me doesn't lift.

Well after a few minutes, she finally found her manners and gave me a beer. I explained that I don't normally drink on the job, but due to the festive occasion, I would have one with her. As we sat on the couch and talked, she crossed her right leg over her left leg. Her red shoe on the right foot came loose at the heel, and she proceeds to flex her toes up and down, so of course, the shoe is slapping the heel of her foot. I never thought about the sound of a shoe slapping a foot as a sexy sound, but you know what? It was. So were sitting on opposite ends of the couch having our brusky and I'm listening to this slap slap slap. All of a sudden, she looks at me and I know I've been caught. I was frozen like a deer in a head light, staring at her foot and shoe. She didn't say anything, but this shit eatin' grin comes on her face, and wouldn't you know it, her shoe drops off. Well, being the gentleman I am, I went over to pick her shoe up off the floor. As I was fixin' to put it back on her foot, she lifts her foot up to my face and proceeds to pinch my nose between her big toe and second toe. Now just what the hell do you do when that happens? I was frozen for a minute, but I got my wits back about me and took her foot and put her shoe back on her. Only thing was, my man hood woke up and just how do you hide that? You don't. Especially not mine. I sat back on the couch and wondered what do I say now. Her foot was warm and had the smell of leather and some kind of perfume, and I must say contributed heavily to my erection. I can remember to this day that sensation, but I digress. As I sat back on the couch, Trish told me that if I wanted to help her out, what she really wanted was a foot massage. She asked me if I had ever given one, and I told her I must admit I hadn't.

Well anyway, she raises her foot to my lap and told me to knock myself out. I guess nature must have taken over, because the next thing I knew, I had these soft warm sexy feet in my hands playing them like a fiddle. I guess I was a natural. I took my thumb and kneaded the bottoms of her foot and all of a sudden, I hear her purr like a kitten. This had some potential. I than proceeded to take my thumb and forefinger and rubbed each of her toes one by one. By now she was heating up, laying back on the couch with her eyes closed, although she would open them once in a while to see what I was doing. After a few minutes of this, she proceeds to raise her foot to my face again, but this time she doesn't pinch my nose, but puts her toes on my lips. Her big toe is now playing with my bottom lip. She rubs her whole foot up and down on my mouth like she's trying to scratch an itch on the bottom of her foot. I grabbed her foot and placed my mouth to the bottom part of her toes and kissed her feet.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! What a turn on. By now we are both starting to pant, and I notice Trish had her fingers on her crotch, rubbing it hard and fast, like when I put a coat of polish on my Dodge. She opens her eyes and says in this real sultry voice, you might as well take your pants off and get comfortable. Well I proceed to drop my tool belt, jeans, socks and shoes and sat back on the couch. Trish immediately takes her other foot, that still had the red shoe in it, and rubs my john henry through my skivvies. Well I want you to know that my six and a half incher must have been at full throttle at this point. I'm massaging her bare foot and sucking on her toes. I'm still massaging her foot between toe suckings and her other foot is working me over like crazy. As her foot moved up and down on my johnnie, I could feel the sweetest sensation arising deep with in my loins. I'm thinking to myself, if this feels this good with her shoe on, what would it feel like with it off? At that exact moment, she pulls her feet back and stands up and removes her Capri pants and panties. She takes my fruit of the looms off and than sits back on the couch. She than tells me to get on my knees between her legs.

Once I got there, she takes both feet, now both bare, and wraps them around my dick. She than proceeds to wet her finger and starts to work herself over. Now I'm on my knees with my hands on Trisha's knees, humping her feet like crazy. I swear I don't know to this day how she did it, but she formed an opening by putting the toes of both feet together. She spit on my dick to lube it up and I'm now screwing this chicks feet while she is fingering herself. This went on for about 5 minutes and like all good things, it came to an end. But not before we both had the wildest orgasm in Indianapolis history. I shot a hug hot load all over her toes which she promptly rubbed in with her toes, and she brought herself to head with her wild fingers. When it was over, she put her cloths on, as did I and we sat down and had another beer. The incident never came up again, and it was never repeated. Well not with her, anyway. That was my first lesson in foot sex. Trish is still around, although 29 years older, but you know what? She still has feet to die for. Telling this to you all has worn me out, but I'll come back in a day or so and tell you of another of my exploits. Sayonara

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