"Dual Footjob"
By GeorgeH

I had a friend (we will call her Mary) that I saw regularly for a while. We admitted to ourselves that the relationship was only sexual and would not go anywhere, so it freed us any pretenses. I introduced her to foot sex, which she seemed to enjoy. I have always been amazed (and grateful) how many women like foot sex as part of a sexual relationship. I think they a mentally turned on by the idea of a man showing affection to their feet, but the psychology of this is a subject of another discussion. Anyway, we usually included some foot sex in our sexual activities. Mary's cousin (let's call her Jane) had come in town and was staying with her for a couple of weeks.

I met her one evening and we hit it off immediately. She seemed very open and honest, just like Mary. I had planned to spend the night with Mary and thought it would be considerate to Jane to ask if she would be comfortable with the arrangement. She said she had no problem with it. She would sleep on the couch and Mary and I would take the only bedroom. The three of us were watching a movie on TV. Jane was on lying on the floor, and I was sitting on the couch with Mary lying down with her feet in my lap. I began massaging Mary's feet and I often did. Jane looked up from the floor and said to Mary, "He really does have a foot fetish, doesn't he?"

They both chuckled. Surprised and embarrassed, I exclaimed, "Mary! You told her?!" They both laughed, and Jane said, "Don't be angry. We are close and tell each other everything." " How much did you tell her about my little secret?" I asked. "Oh, just about everything," Mary replied. They laughed again. I was soooo embarrassed, but Jane's openness helped me get over it. "There is nothing wrong with it," she said. "In fact, I think it's sexy." "It's a turn-on," Mary said as she began rubbing my crotch with her bare foot. Her actions excited me; I was a little embarrassed to get into that with Jane in the room. With me, sex (even foot sex) had always been a personal one-on-one thing, not a group activity.

Mary continued massaging my crotch with her feet. Occasional Jane would glance at us and smile. My cock was bulging in my pants so much that Mary could grip the bulge between her feet and stroke my cock through my pants. I wanted to take my dick out and feel her soft, bare feet on it without the cloth barrier, but I couldn't do that with Jane in the room. Jane glanced up to see Mary stroking my bulge and said, "I don't want to be in the way," and she started to get up and leave the room. Mary stopped her saying, "You don't need to go; you're family and we are not doing anything that you don't already know about." Jane laid back down on the floor and continued watching TV.

Mary sat up and began unzipping my pants. "No!" I said. "Don't be such a prude," she said as she proceeded to unzip my fly and pull out my engorged cock. Jane ignored us and continued watching TV. Mary bent over and gave my dick a passionate kiss and then licked the head before lying back down and placing her toes around my cock. Jane continued ignoring us. She manipulated my dick with her toes for a few minutes and then sat up and whispered, "I want you to eat me." She stood up and took my hand to lead me to the bedroom. It hastily put my manhood back into my pants, and followed her. "We are going to bed," she said to Jane. "Good night." "Good night" Jane said, as Mary and I left the room.

We quickly undressed and got in bed. She loved to be orally stimulated and I loved doing it. While I ate her, she slid her feet under me and stroked my cock with her toes. This made my devour her with even more passion. I licked her cunt and sucked her clit until she shook with orgasmic ecstasy. I continued my oral ministration until she climaxed again and pushed my head away, because she could not stand any more stimulation. "That was great," she said. "I know what you want; I will be right back." She got up, put on a robe and left the bedroom. I waited for 15 or 20 minutes. I assumed she had gone to the bathroom, but I couldn't tell because the bedroom door was closed. After another 10 minutes, she returned. To my shock, Jane followed her into the bedroom. I was lying on the bed with absolutely nothing on, fully exposed. I quickly pulled the sheet over me, and with astonishment yelled, "What is going on?!" "Just relax," they both said in unison. "We are going to have some fun with you."

"I am interested in this foot thing" Jane said. "What do you mean," I said huddled beneath the sheet, which did little to protect my dignity. Mary snatched the sheet from me, fully exposing me to Jane. Mary removed her robe laid in the bed next to me totally nude and began stroking my dick, which was now completely limp, with her hand. "I know you are going to like this," Mary said. "Consider it a reward for the great head you just gave me." "Is nothing sacred?" I thought. She trailed kissing from lips, to my neck, to my chest, down to my stomach, and lingered around my cock. She gave me head while Jane watched, smiling. "What does he do to your feet?" Jane asked Mary. Mary said, "Watch and I will show you." She started rubbing her sexy feet on my body. I laid down as she rubbed her feet on my chest. She rubbed my nipple with her toes. Then, she brought her feet to my face and put her toes right over my lips. She knew that I would suck them, and I did. Lying on my back, I sucked her toes and passionately, and licked the soles of her lovely feet. Jane, still watching, began undressing. I was so turned on, I forgot about my embarrassment.

Jane had removed all of her clothes except her panties and was sitting at the foot of the bed watching me worship Mary's feet. I felt her hand rubbing my leg and then my inner thigh, and finally she was massaging my cock. As I continued making oral love to Mary's feet, I suddenly felt Jane's mouth sliding up and down my shaft. I couldn't see her, because of Mary's feet in my face, but I could feel her lips and tongue gliding up and down the length of my shaft, occasionally stopping at the tip to allow the lips to caress the head. We kept this up for a while until Jane got up and said, "What you are doing to Mary's feet looks so good. Can you do that to mine?" Before I could answer, Mary stood up and said, "He can do both of us. Why don't you lay up here with me, and let him make love to both of our feet." They laid side by side in the bed lengthwise on their backs, while I positioned myself across the foot of the bed, lying on my stomach. I adjusted my position so that both ladies' feet were near my face, and start licking and sucking their feet. I was ecstatic. This was the first time I had ever made love to two women's feet together. I would alternate between Mary and Jane, and between sucking their toes and licking their soles. I became a madman. Any inhibitions that I might have had were overshadowed by the lust I had for these beautiful ladies' feet and toes. I sucked their toes with passion, as I had done this to Mary many times, and she always enjoyed it. Usually it was foreplay prior to me fucking her or eating her to blissful orgasm. This was new to Jane, but the little groans told me that she was enjoying it, too. By the changes in her responses, I could tell what she liked most. She really enjoyed me licking the spaces between her toes. Also, running my tongue along the underside of the toes, just above the ball of the foot, made her squeal with delight. Most women are sensitive there. Because of the newness, I concentrated on Jane more than Mary. Just as I realized this and was afraid that Mary may feel neglected, she positioned her self so she could put her feet under my mid-section such that my cock rested on the tops of her feet. However, it did not rest long. When I felt her soft feet under my cock, I started to pump my hips, causing my dick to slide back and forth over the tops of her feet. All the time, I was still orally worshipping Jane's lovely feet and toes. This was bliss, fucking one girl's feet while I sucked the other's. Mary knew what turned me on. She grasped my cock with her feet, such that it slid between the top of one foot and the sole of the other one. My pre-cum juices made my cock slide easily between them. I could feel her toes wiggling around my cock as I slide it in and out between her feet.

I was seconds away from cumming, when Jane said, "This is making me horny, but I can't get off this way." Mary replied, "He gives great head." Leaning over to me, she said, "Would you get my cousin off the way you did me earlier?" I was so turned on, I would not have denied any request. I removed Jane's panties, laid between her legs with my face in her crotch, and began slowly moving my tongue around her pussy. She was already wet with desire. I found her clit and began licking and sucking it, very gently at first and then with increasing vigor. Her hips started rolling with lust, thrusting her mound into my face, as I kept sucking and licking her clit. Then, I felt Mary's feet slide under my mid-section again. This time she was lying on her stomach, such that my stiff cock rested on her soles. I started humping her soles as she wiggled her toes under my dick. I could not believe the excitement that swelled up inside me. I madly sucked Jane's cunt, while fucking Mary's silky soles. By her wild thrusting of her hips, I could tell the Jane was about ready to explode. She let out a squeal and tightened her thighs around my face. I continued licking her clit and sliding it in and out between my lips. She trembled as the first spasm hit. I could feel her cunt convulsing around my tongue, and it was turning me on as much as it was her. Two or three more waves surged through her loins until she finally relaxed. I still lovingly rolled my tongue around her cunt and clit. Mary's toes were still working my cock. She positioned one foot under my balls and the other under my cock near the head. As I thrust my dick back and forth across her soles, she wiggled her toes on my cock and balls. Her toes wiggling around my shaft and cock head brought me to the edge of orgasm, but her toes alternately squeezing and releasing my balls took me over the edge. I flooded her soles with globs of cum. Several orgasmic waves went through me, causing my swollen cock to spurt stream after stream of juice over the soles of her feet. When the last surge had subsided, I went down to her feet to assess the damage. I always love to see my cum all over a woman's feet, and tonight I had hit the jackpot. Her soles were soaked with my juices from heel to toe. There was a particular large glob of cum on the underside of her toes, just above the ball of her foot. It looked so good as it dripped from her foot and seeped in between her toes. "Let me see," said Jane as she leaned over to see the cum dripping from her cousin's feet. "Wow, that is a lot!" We were all exhausted from the night's activities and soon the three of us we asleep. The next morning we played a little. I ate both girls to satisfying climaxes, and jerked off gallons of cum all over Jane's toes. She was amazed when I went down and licked all of the cum from her toes.

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