"Dream Cum True"

It was this past summer, my next door neighbor used to lay out in her back yard. I used to watch her with her cute young little body and sweet little feet. I always dreamed of what it would be like to be with her, but never had the nerve to speak up.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV when my doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was my next door neighbor. She just turned 18 about two months ago. She is a very cute sandy blonde with a smoking little body. She told me she just got home from school and was parking her car in front of my house. She said that she hit my car and put a dent in my bumper. She told me she would do anything as long as I did not tell her parents. ( Her parents were really strict). I said "Anything"? She said "yes just don't get me in trouble". I told her to come in and sit on the couch. She said "are we going to do what I think you want to do"? I told her "I want to do something to you that you probably never had done to you before". She said "what would that be"? I told her to sit back and relax. I removed her tennis shoes that she has been wearing all day at school. I could smell the sweat and her tube socks were a little damp. I asked her if she ever had her feet rubbed by a boyfriend before. She said "of course". I started taking off her socks and she kind of started to move away.

I asked her what was wrong and she said "they may stink a little bit because wearing my shoes all day". I told her not to worry it does not bother me. She had maroon nail polish on her toes and the smell grew a little bit stronger once her socks were off.

They did not smell real bad but had that perfect smell. I started rubbing her feet and toes and she told me that it felt great. I asked her if she ever had her toes sucked on before. She told me "no isn't that kind of weird"? I told her No that she would love it.

I started licking her toes and I could taste the sweat off of them. I could not beleive this was actually happening. I started sucking one toe at a time and noticed she let out a little moan. She said "wow that feels great". I worked on them for about 10 minites and thats when she started taking off her clothes. There she was sitting on my couch now completely nude. Wow what a great sight. I told her to lay back and I took off my clothes as my hard throbbing cock peeped out of the top of my boxers.

She looked at my cock with a big smile on her face. I laid on my back and wrapped her feet around my cock. She started going up and down giving me a footjob. She started rubbing herself in pleasure. I took my big toe and started rubbing her clit. She was moaning in pleasure. I slid it in and out of her pussy a few times and I could feel the wetness and the warmth on my toe. She was working my cock vigorously now up and down with her feet. The smell of my manlyhood and her feet mixed together made such a pleasant odor. I was ready to explode but, was waiting for her to cum with me. She let out a roar "I'm going to CUM". At that point I shot a big load straight up in the air that landed on her belly. The second spew shot about the same distance but landed on top of her feet and toenails. The other little eruptions oozed out all over her feet, coating them with cum. She quit rubbing herself and looked down at her feet and said, "I have never seen so much cum in my life besides in pornos. She lifted her foot to her mouth and licked the cum off her toes. We got dressed and she said, "I am going to have to try this with my boyfriend". I told her if he was not into that she knows where I live. She told me she probably would be back again sometime soon. She also said she has never been with a man my age and that it was great. I happen to be 33 years old. As for the bumper of my car, well it was worth getting it fixed myself because, it PAID off in the long run. All I can say is that It Was A Dream Cum True.

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