"Dirty Sole Adventure"
By S.C.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day. Realizing I needed to get some cigarettes, I headed out the door barefooted and jumped into the car to head to a local convenience store. As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a beautiful blonde woman just entering the convenience store. She was about 5’ 6” tall with waist length blonde hair. She was wearing a blouse tied in the front, blue Jean pants, and barefooted like myself. Her body was shaped like she had walked out of a centerfold. Firm breasts, shapely ass, and about 20 years old. As she entered the store I caught a glimpse of her soles. I could tell by her blackened soles that she must be an avid barefooter. My heart raced at the sight of such a barefooted beautiful young woman.

I could feel my stomach tighten into a knot as adrenaline surged through my body. Getting out of the car I could feel my hands trembling slightly. Trying to regain my composure I quickly entered the convenience store. My eyes quickly scanned the inside of the convenience store looking for the goddess that had just entered before me. At the rear of the store near the beverage section I spotted her blonde hair. Forgetting the reason why I had come here in the first place, I headed immediately in the direction of the blonde beauty.

She was reaching into the refrigerated beverage section to retrieve a soda as I walked up to stand next to her pretending to be waiting to get into the same section. My eyes scanned her from head to barefooted toes. As she reached into the cooler to get a soda I noticed that the cold air had coaxed her nipples into a magnificent hardness. She was obviously not wearing a bra under her thin blouse. I could almost make out the outline of her firm breasts that lay just beneath the thin fabric of her blouse. Her firm ass was pointed in my direction and my imagination filled in what such a beautiful ass must look like without the jeans. My eyes reached her bare feet and my gaze became fixed upon them. Her toenails were painted a delicate shade of pink and I could see that her nail polish was old since some of her toe nail polish had come off. Her foot was shapely and fantastically sculptured. Not finding what she wanted on the bottom shelf she reached up to an upper shelf. As she did so she lifted her right foot for balance and I could see her dirty soled foot. My heart raced hard as I surveyed her high arch. Having retrieved a soda from the upper shelf she turned and our eyes met for the first time.

“Oh!, Sorry!”, she proclaimed as noticed me standing right behind her. She smiled at me and looked down to see my bare feet. “Wow!”, she said. “Looks like you like going barefooted too! ”.

I struggled to find my voice and then replied, “You bet!”. Not wanting the opportunity to pass me by I said, “It isn’t often I find someone who likes going barefooted like yourself”.

“How can you tell I like going barefooted?”, she questioned with a coy grin.

“I noticed you soles are really dirty and figured you must be a fellow barefooter.”, I stammered out.

Lifting her right foot to show me dirty sole she said, “My feet have gotten pretty dirty, haven’t they?” Without waiting for a reply she said, “Let’s see you soles.”

As I lifted my right foot to show her my dirty soles I said, “See? Looks like we both have something in common.”

“Cool!”, she replied. Drawing closer to me she whispered, “I think barefooted guys are very sexy!”. I could feel my cock growing hard as the implication of what she had just said took effect.

I said, “I think barefooted women are extremely sexy!”

Noticing the obvious bulge in my pants, she smiled another coy grin and said, “I am sorry, my name is Cindy. What’s yours?”

I said, “My name is Bob.”

“Pleased to meet you, Bob.” she replied. “Well, I better go pay for this soda before it gets warm.” , she said.

“Yeah”, I replied, “I need to grab a soda and pay for it as well.” As Cindy walked towards the checkout counter I quickly grabbed a soda from the cooler and got behind her in line... totally forgetting whatever I had really intended to get.

“So, we meet again!” she quipped. “So, where are you headed after you leave here?”, she inquired.

Having no real plan, I came up with, “Well, I was going to head down to the park to enjoy the day. How about you?”

“Oh, I am not doing anything today. The park sounds like a nice idea.”, She said insinuating an invitation.

Not wanting to pass up a golden opportunity I said, “Why don’t you join me?”

Expecting a polite excuse, I was amazed when she replied, “I would love too!”

Having paid for our sodas we headed out the door together. My eyes once again scanned her body from head to beautiful toe. My heart was still racing a mile a minute as my imagination started running wild at the possibilities.

As we reached my car I opened the passenger door for her and she got into my car. The front of her blouse was seductively unbuttoned I glimpsed her firm, naked breasts. I rushed to the driver’s side and slid into the driver’s seat. Cindy slid across the seat and up against my body. She place her left hand on my right knee. I could smell her lightly scented perfume and my cock was straining hard against my jeans. Noticing my hard on, Cindy began to slide her hand slowly from my knee up to my crotch.

“Ooooh”, she purred seductively. Her hand began to massage my swollen throbbing member though my jeans. “Let’s head down to the park”, she said.

My hands trembled as I nervously inserted the car keys into the ignition and started the car. I was speechless!

As I drove to the nearby park, Cindy took her hand from my crotch and said, “So, do like feet?”

I was caught off guard by her sudden blatant question and could only nervously reply, “Definitely!”

“I thought so.”, she said. “I could tell by the way you are staring at my feet.”

“Does that bother you or do you think that is weird?”, I asked

Without answering, Cindy leaned back against the passenger side door and slowly began to run her barefoot up my right leg until it came to rest in my lap. Her toes pressed hard into my crotch and I thought my cock would explode as she wiggled her toes playfully against my throbbing prick. “Answer your question?”, she inquired.

I struggled to keep control of the car and my composure as we neared the park. Taking her bare foot from my lap, Cindy once again slid up next to my body. I could feel her hot breath on my neck and I suddenly felt her warm wet tongue start to explore my neck. Her hand once again traveled from my knee up to my crotch as she whispered, “Hurry up and get to the park so we can explore this foot fetish of yours.”

Although the park was only less than a mile from the convenience store, it seemed like forever for us to get there. As we pulled into the park entrance, Cindy began to unbutton her blouse and untie the front of it. Taking my right hand off the wheel, Cindy guided my hand into the front of her open blouse. I could feel her firm hot breasts and my hand glided over her hardened nipples. Cindy moaned slightly as I played with her rock hard nipples. Her pretty toes dug seductively into the deep nap of the carpeting.

Being familiar with the park I knew of a nice secluded location and headed to that area. Turning the car onto the dirt road that lead to the secluded section of the park, I brought the car to a stop and shut off the engine.

As I turned to look at Cindy it was apparent that Cindy had wasted no time in removing her top. Her naked breasts were even more beautiful than I had imagined! Her nipples were still hard and perfectly shaped. Before I could make a move or say anything, Cindy began to unbutton her jeans. My mind raced as I could only imagine what visual treasures awaited me. Cindy stopped after unbuttoning her jeans and pressed her body hard against mine. I quickly removed my shirt and I could feel her nipples pressing hard into my naked chest. Her lips met mine and she began to deeply kiss me with passion. Her hand reached my crotch and she unzipped my jeans. Her hand reached inside my pants and she began rubbing my throbbing cock through my underwear.

“Oooo”, she purred, “ We are going to have some fun!”. Removing her hand from my pants, Cindy peeled off her jeans. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her naked ass was even more beautiful than I had fantasized about earlier. I could see her blonde pubic hair glistening and there was a noticeable wet spot in her jeans as they lay on the floorboard of the car. Cindy tugged at my jeans and I quickly stripped off my jeans and underwear exposing my hard throbbing cock. Cindy ran her barefoot up my leg and spread her toes to grip my hardened member. She ran her spread toes up and down the length of my shaft and grinned.

Before I could make a move, Cindy opened the car door and stepped outside the car stark naked. I hesitated for a moment and then followed her lead. The possibility of someone seeing us only heightened the excitement.

“Come on!”, she said playfully as she ran towards a sunny clearing a short distance from the car. Upon reaching the clearing she stopped and laid back upon the velvety soft grass. Her dirty bare soles faced me and I could she her wet blonde womanhood.

I ran to catch up with her and reaching the clearing sat down next to her reclining body. Cindy sat up next to me and pressing her sun warmed body next to mine began to run her tongue down my neck to my chest. I could feel her hot tongue encircle my nipples as she licked and teased them. Slowly she slid down my chest until she reached my erect manhood. She playfully began to tease the head of my throbbing cock with her tongue and then took my entire shaft into her hot wet mouth. I groaned in pleasure as I felt her mouth glide slowly up and down the length of my cock. Suddenly she stopped and shifted her position.

Sitting directly in front of me, slowly, Cindy began to run both her bare feet up both my legs at the same time. As her beautiful dirty feet reached my crotch she slid her left foot under my balls as the toes of her other foot began to slide rthymically up and down the length of my shaft. I could feel the toes of her left foot gently massaging my balls. I gazed down at her toes and they worked their magic. Her pink chipped toe nail polish looked incredibly sexy as she teased my throbbing member. I could feel the excitement building within me as I felt myself getting close to cumming. Sensing my excitement, Cindy stopped and said, “Oh no... not yet!”

Cindy got onto her knees. Her beautiful naked ass and wet blonde pubic hair faced me. I could see that even her thighs were wet with excitement. Beginning at her ankles I slowly ran my tongue up her long shapely legs until I reached the hot wet lips of her pussy. She tasted fantastic and the scent of her sexual perfume drove me wild with passion. Cindy moaned as my tongue explored every fold of her womanhood. I could feel her warm juices flowing on my tongue. As I continued to gently lick her into a frenzy I could once again feel her feet and toes exploring my rock hard erection. The dirty soles of her feet cupped my balls as her dirty toes gently and rthymically massaged my balls and shaft. I could feel Cindy’s toes curl as she let out an orgasmic moan. Her juices flooded my tongue as her body quivered with each wave of orgasmic delight.

Still on her knees, Cindy said, “Now it is your turn! I want you to cum on my dirty soles!”

I began to rub my throbbing cock across the dirty sole of her right foot and then her left foot.

“That’s it.”, Cindy said, “I want to feel your hot cum on my soles and toes!”

My pre cum glistened on her soles as it began to mingle with the dirt on her naked soles. The sensation of the slippery feel of my pre cum mingled with the slight grittyness on her soles felt fantastic! I could feel myself nearing climax as I stroked the length her soles. The sight of her beautifully dirty soles wet with pre cum drove me over the edge. I could feel every nerve in my body explode as my body tensed and my balls tightened. White streams of hot cum splattered her heels as wave after orgasmic wave gripped my body. Cindy moaned in delight as the streams of hot cum began to run down her dirty soles onto her toes. To my delight, Cindy let out another orgasmic moan as my cum ran between her toes and I pumped one final load onto her filthy naked soles. There were cum cleaned streaks on her shapely soles. Cindy began to rub the bottom of each foot with the tops of her toes of the opposite foot.

“My, that feels Sooo good!”, Cindy purred.

Recovering our composure we headed back into the car where we quickly dressed. Cindy passionately kissed me and said, “Let’s to this again REALLY soon, OK?”

Gazing down at her dirty cum coated toes I could only reply, “You bet!!”

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